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In the run-up to July 4, with terrorists calling for attacks on Americans on native soil (the term “Homeland” is ultra-creepy), the mainstream media is busy reassuring citizens that America’s anti-terrorist cops stand a good chance to thwart a plot. Or, if they can’t, that American law enforcement will respond quickly and end the carnage. See something? Say something. Good luck with that. No really. Meanwhile, here’s an idea . . .

shoot the bastards. If you, an armed American, see someone (or a bunch of someones) committing a terrorist attack, make sure you’re seeing what you’re seeing, and then shoot them. Repeatedly. Until you stop the threat. Consider it your patriotic duty.

If you’re blown up by a terrorist IED, you’re dead. Deal with it. If, however, there’s some kind of terrorist incident and you and yours have to get away, remember not to go with the crowd. You might be heading straight into a secondary attack. This message brought to you by Americans who realize that shit happens. That is all.

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    • I had to stop for several minutes today while local police blocked traffic so that a couple hundred muslims in traditional garb could cross the street to get to the local mosque. I live and work close to DC, CIA headquarters, the Pentagon, multiple military bases, and more malls and movie theaters than I can count.

      So yeah, my Threat Level will be upgraded to from Code LCP to Code SR9c for a couple of days. And nobody will see it.

      • I understand we have to have to deal with vermin in this world.
        But why in the hell do we have to INVITE THEM INTO OUR HOME.

        • Democratic politicians invite them in hoping that these pockets of immigrants settling into our communities will metastasize into pockets of cancerous Democratic voters. Republican politicians support the invaders because their Chamber of Commerce supporter wants to cash in by providing government services to invaders who are too lazy to work, or who work but draw anyway.

        • Ah yes, the perfect storm. And a perfect storm does not leave improved conditions in its wake.

        • Who do you think we’re “inviting into our home” Bob?

          Could it be that the folks in Virginia’s scary mosque-going group were already home? Could it be that they were Muslim Americans?

        • your last two words present an oxymoron. muslims belong to the ummah (arabic for ‘nation’). they are muslims living in the US. their religon requires putting their sect above any national considerations. if you think people whose belief system demands the murder of homosexuals, demands the crude removal of a woman’s clitoris, demands death of non-believers are americans, then don’t call me when they come to put you in an orange jumpsuit.

        • TK, this area is where a young ISIS recruiter was recently arrested, and the Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center where I was stopped in traffic is where Anwar al-Awlaki used to teach. The place has a history of leadership by people that preach anti-Americanism and extremism and several of these individuals were found to have ties to Al Quaida and the Muslim Brotherhood, among other groups. A 2002 Customers and Border Protection file on the mosque said it is “operating as a front for Hamas operatives in the U.S.”

        • The sooner that we accept that there are forces determined to steer this Republic into the rocks and piece it out to the highest bidders….. the sooner we can wage effective campaigns to expose the treachery and treason of those enemies of Liberty.

          This is why I am in awe that people would call Edward Snowden a traitor. He walked out of an easy life and into a shitstorm of a future to expose the things that he did. That isn’t treason, it is sacrifice for your beliefs.

      • Where I used to live this was a weekly occurrence. Numerous times my wife or I would ask “why is there this much traffic here on a Friday morning, the the other would say “Oh, it’s Friday. Duh. We should have taken the side streets.”

        • If I could get around with my M&P15 in an IWB holster and not walk funny, I might consider it.

      • If they had been Christians in traditional garb, would waiting for them to cross the street have been less threatening to you?

        • Cops would have busted up a gang of Christians and ticketed or arrested them for impeding traffic without a permit. Cops won’t screw with a group of Mulsims because Cops know mohamedians will kill them.

          There would also be a trashing by civil government, bemoaning the fact that somehow a large group of Christians walking to church represents some sort of attempt to force religion down the throats of an uninterested public.

          Bullies never pick on stronger bullies.

      • Every Sunday, police are out directing traffic as mobs of Christians in traditional garb make their way to the church near my home. I carry a 12 gauge and .45 pistol on those days because you never know… We must remain ever vigilant of Christian fundamentalist extremists.

    • Careful now. There are guys on this forum who couldn’t tell the difference between a proud Mexican and an Arab terrorist. If they see something, they might shoot something.

  1. Mayor: Drebin, I don’t want any more trouble like you had last year on the southside. Understand? That’s my policy.
    Frank: Yes. Well, when I see 5 weirdos dressed in togas stabbing a guy in the middle of the park in full view of 100 people, I shoot the bastards. That’s my policy.
    Mayor: That was a Shakespeare in the Park production of Julius Caesar, you moron! You killed 5 actors! Good ones!

  2. Cops are really good showing up en mass, after the initial attack, they make real good chalk drawings on pavement and sidewalks too.

    Within 5 minutes if anything happens this weekend, the alphabet agencies will immediately say this is not a terrorist attack.

    Than the spin doctors take over.
    Nothing to see here folks, move along.

    • Islamic terrorists won’t put your pork, or any other pork, in their mouth.

      They might, however, cut yours off and stuff in in *your* mouth…

      • They will, however, put each other’s “non-pork” sausage in each other’s mouths and other places. We caught them doing it on post in Somalia and Albania… Boys are for pleasure, women are for business and all that rot.

  3. Has anyone heard of the app , I think it’s called UBER , where people who need to go somewhere and other people going same area or same direction will give them a lift for a small fee . Not sure exactly how it works but it’s a new idea that uses smart phone technology and global tracking satellite technology and is making some body rich and I hear reeking havoc on the cabbies unions . Here’s an idea . Lets start UBER militias . When someone is in trouble , don’t bother dialing 911 , just call UBERLITIAS and the nearest law abiding , gun toting , citizen will respond with deadly force . I bet some lawyer could start up a business like this and make a fortune . Just a thought . I like ideas .

      • And those that want to bust a user will get a subpoena to kill their ‘net accounts-cellphone so they can’t sound the alarm…

    • Wow, that’s actually a really great idea! Good luck getting it past the lefties in the App Stores. But a sound concept.

      • Maybe it just needs a gentler name. More PC. We’ll call it the vegan COEXIST rainbow celebration puppy hugging intolerance interupter. I think it’ll work as long as everyone uses lead-free ammo.

    • “just call UBERLITIAS and the nearest law abiding , gun toting , citizen will respond with deadly force .”

      A lethal way to SWAT someone since everybody knows spoofing can’t be done…


      • I swear I’m not a lawyer , you know what they say , ” every bullet put into a bad guy has a lawyer attached ” . Maybe we could just all carry a sign that says stop please . Multi lingual of coarse .

  4. Yeah let’s all do our part-homeland comrade! As I’m watching an episode of “Handguns” on Sportsman channel about home invasion…hope nothing happens this weekend.

  5. Cops shoot the wrong people because they show up late for the party without enough information to correctly distinguish between good guys and bad guys. You don’t want to make that mistake. A few months ago, a woman was observed struggling with a guy in a shopping center parking lot and screaming for help. Another guy, who was legally armed, came to her rescue. Fortunately, no shots were fired. It turned out that the “assailant” was a store security guard in plain clothes and his “victim” was a shoplifter he was trying to apprehend. Be sure you understand the situation completely before taking action.

  6. If the terrorists are intent on causing terror, then they don’t actually have to attack anything. All they really need to do is talk about attacking, and American pvssies will do the rest. Which is exactly what I think is happening now.

    Sure, there may be a “lone wolf” attack. But so what? It’s a lot more dangerous working the graveyard shift at a 7-11 than going to an American mall, yet nobody’s quaking in fear over buying a Big Gulp.

  7. Yes, RF, when you are dealing with Islamo-Fascist a$$holes, shit is bound to happen.

    Good advice and remember that when the police (eventually) show up do not be standing there with a weapon in your hand.

  8. Most likely, given the daily increasing numbers of people carrying concealed weapons, it’s only a matter of time before a Really Bad Thing happens in close proximity of one or more armed citizens. Terrorists and spree killers tend to assume that their intended victims will be unable to defend themselves. But what happens when their victims can shoot back? When we talk about this, the anti-gun polemicists always try to ridicule by claiming we’re either all wannabe Rambos or so incompetent that we’re end up shooting innocent people or ourselves. In this, they are missing an important point.

    Self reliance has always been a part of our national traditions. Even though statists won’t admit it, our structure of national security, including the police, strongly imply these institutionalized values. In times of acute need, the police are not likely to arrive quickly enough to save you from being harmed or killed. They know it, we know it, and our traditions, which were forged at a time when the sharp ends of potential threats were much more immediate than now, continue to embody those practical realities. The point is not about People Of The Gun being Rambos (although with the large numbers of combat veterans around I’m not ruling that out). No, the point is about having a fighting chance as opposed to having no chance at all. It’s about choosing to not be a victim.

    • You said it Garrison! When I was in college many years ago, studying Criminal Justice, one of the first things we learned about was the first police charter in the U.S. That was for the Boston Police Department. In it was the reason for a need for an organized police force and that was “to assist the citizens in upholding the law”, or something to that effect. I remembered that through-out my entire law enforcement career, and it served me well.

      It seems that society as a whole, and many police departments individually, have forgotten that upholding the law is one of the primary duties of every citizen, and that a police officer’s duty is to assist citizens in doing that. The police forces have never been designed to put officers anywhere instantaneously. It would be cost prohibitive to say the least. It was understood then that citizens would have to “hold their own” until police arrived.

      At what point society forgot that, I’ll never know.

  9. Ah terrorism…The motivator for me to get my carry permit.

    I’m digging your advice, Robert, and I agree completely. Patriotic duty and all that!

    I’m shelving the compact m&p this weekend in favor of the fullsize and a spare mag.

    Not that anyone would mess with my boring piece of America…..

  10. see someone (or a bunch of someones) committing a terrorist attack, make sure you’re seeing what you’re seeing… I took my cars to the dealership for service today and the bill was most certainly a terrorist attack.

  11. Thank God I am not the only one who thinks “Homeland” is a “creepy” title. My immediate thought when the idiots first came out with it was Nazi Germany, but it invokes so much more than that. Did we really need another Department, much less one which brought back memories like that?

    But then again…maybe it is an appropriate name after all.

    • I think the idea of DHS was a solid one. We needed an agency to cordinate with the various agencies of the DOJ, Treasury, Department of Defense, etc. That said I believe DHS should be an agency of cordination…that is just a central command type agency not some extra branch of the military hidden with the “Homeland” title to tap into our patriotism (or at least try). As for the name, its very fitting, unfortunetly it just has a bad rep from past regimes and enemies using the term. Maybe department of public safety would have been better? Not sure. I know a few counties that use the term Department of Public safety to describe the main organization that cordinates with municipal police, county sheriff’s office, municipal fire departments, court security, etc. Some states have a Department of Public Safety too like Texas and that is IMO what the US DHS should be like, Tennessee calls it Department of Homeland Security or Safety if I’m not mistaken, but yeah it is a bit creepy. Just glad its not called something like “The People’s Homeland Defense Security Force”…lol

      • relax. the russians have the motherland, nazis the fatherland. homeland sounds quaint.

        DHS doesn’t work any better than NIA. The in-fighting goes on and the whole is less effective than the individual parts. A coordinating agency can only coordinate what is is given, and the sub-agencies don’t share everything with anyone. the culture of the sub-agencies is to hold back so one can say to the others, “we already knew that, why didn’t you?” (there is no punishment for advantaging your agency over others, even if the result is disastrous for the country)

  12. Be alert and vigilant. Our enemy is ALWAYS plotting, training, expanding, breeding, and immigrating. It is going to happen, sooner or later, but I think a major attack is inevitable. The only thing standing between those wolves and our sheep is us sheepdogs. Never forget that a sheepdog’s teeth frighten a sheep, we look too wolf-like. Be the gray man, stay under the radar. Just like a sheepdog that walks about with his teeth bared, growling may be put down, open carriers put themselves at the top of a bad guy’s threat matrix.

    • “The only thing standing between those wolves and our sheep is us sheepdogs. . . .Be the gray man, stay under the radar. . .”

      And think about Hickok45 hitting 80 yard targets with an LC9 (or any other handgun for that matter). If you didn’t know he can do that, you’d never guess . . . He’s not exactly unobtrusive but nobody would think an old geezer can shoot like that, either.

      • I love how Hickok45 is not tactical what so ever but he can nail the gong at 80yards with a subcompact or a pocket pistol like its his job. If something were to go down tomorrow by him and he was carrying a full size handgun (which I’m guessing he will to celebrate freedom and because of the threats) some terrorist or lone wolf is going to seriously face a good ol’ American armed citizen at his finest!

        • handgun shots at 80yrds (240 feet, nearly a football field), under stress, in a crowd are not going to turn out well for anybody.

        • George with a lower case g,
          are you that dumb that you think Nate suggested a 240 shot into a crowd?
          A normal brain would infer that Nate was simply pointing out Hickok’s prowess with a handgun.

        • and another one rides the bus.

          always enjoy letting people display their crass and troglodyte selves to the world.

        • nope. just a simple declaratory paragraph.

          when it comes to sarcasm, i defer to the pros who regularly show up here, en masse.

      • Agreed totaly….. the “Gong” is what 100yds hits it with a four inch barrel whatever. The ol man can shoot really good.

    • I’ve OC’d for seven years now. I started initially because I can do so without a license here in NM.

      Now I do so because it is a reminder to my fellow citizens that not only the police have a duty to protect our fellow citizens from predators.

      In the last year, I have seen six more people that OC a pistol. The acceptance of OC’ing by the general public is spreading, at least here in NM.

      Would I be the first shot if a bad guy shows up in some public place? I’d say the odds are the same as if I was CC’ing. What are the odds that the bad guy would start shooting while I am in any public place and we would be in the same place at the same time and he would pick me to shoot first? Or that he would start shooting someplace else, even the next space or store over, giving me a heads up and time to respond.

      Yeah, I’ll take those odds, if by me continuing to OC, I remind even one other American citizen of their birth right, their responsibility and their duty.

      • ‘What are the odds that the bad guy would start shooting while I am in any public place and we would be in the same place at the same time and he would pick me to shoot first? Or that he would start shooting someplace else, even the next space or store over, giving me a heads up and time to respond.’

        Interesting idea. Something I think people will slowly begin realizing is that OCing carries with it a very strong agitprop message. If there are significant numbers of people randomly OCing, the symbolic importance of that will undoubtedly have a direct effect on not only terrorists and spree killers, but on common criminals. If someone seeking to do a criminal act realizes that there may very well be armed citizens in their target area the effect will very likely be the same as the presence of armed security guards—they’ll choose an easier target. The difference, of course, is that there is now potentially a substantial population of armed Americans providing a much higher level of deterrence. OCing is bad for the criminal business.

        • Exactly this! I’ve tried to posit this notion to people over the years. I believe that both OC and CC are important. OC serves as a crucial reminder to criminals, ‘terrorists’, would be invaders, anti-liberty types, and potential tyrannical governments that the People are armed while CC keeps them all guessing who else might be armed.

  13. Anyone thinking of donning on some concealable soft armor? Just curious. Probably a bit hot for that but I’ll have a soft armor insert in my backpack just in case, especially since I can’t carry yet >:( (Thanks to NY State’s insanity!). I figure some of you guys with soft armor might wear it on your chest say at night when its cooler. For all you LE officers, fire department guys, and other public safety people be extra vigilant!

  14. Headed for a BBQ tomorrow. Everyone will be carrying. Get to see a lot of nicely done firearms and fancy holsters. Bad guys should probably go and find one of those “gun free” zones, because this wont be one of them.

  15. Another one who thinks ‘Homeland’ sounds too much like ‘Fatherland’.
    To be fair, their functions are pretty much the same. Scary.

  16. I’m actually kinda concerned more than usual today… with the FBI announcements about possible threats… and my little town is one of two that won the contest “Red White and You”. We have a ton of cameras set up above and on our dam for the fireworks show. Tons of publicity and tons of people in the open. Not a good situation. Luckily I will be across the lake watching the fireworks. Lets hope that everything is calm and beautiful today.


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