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  1. I understand that at that level, words carry a weight beyond that which they carry in normal conversation. Peoples’ reputations, careers, and even lives can be ruined by a misspoken word.

    If I’m understanding the situation, Mack could have made it a hypothetical:

    “There is a law that says, ‘You must do X to do Y.’ If you do Y but do not do X, would you be in violation of the law?”

    Is this a gotcha question on his part, trying to get her to answer a question he knows she should not or will not answer? Is she right for not answering without knowing exactly what she is answering, given the weight of words in that setting, or is she dodging the question “with malice?”Is it possible to answer those questions without being political about it?

  2. She was even evasive when asked when she learned of fast and furious. Its her “recollection” she learned of it from the press.

    • from unfortunate experience i had to go through in college people are taught by lawyers don’t answer questions with definitive statements unless you know for sure that your answer cant be contradicted. when the question is when did the state department get notified is an imposable question to answer with out doing an extremely expensive audit of emails, and its better to give vague answer than it is to unintentionally lie.

    • You’re talking about president William Jefferson Clinton, right? Not some other “Bill”, right?

      Bill Clinton was an expert of obfuscation and avoiding the question. For example, “It depends on what the meaning of ‘is’ is.”

  3. So the antigunners are willing to give violent people guns as long as it makes it look like there fake staistics are true? Makes you question there motive, do they want to decrease violence or do they want to disarm the populace.

  4. “If you are the married President of the United States of America and you receive oral sex from an intern in your office, are you breaking the law?”

    • No.

      However, if you lie about it in a Congressional hearing, then that is perjury and that is breaking the law. It also shows a pattern of behavior that indicates that you probably commited perjury (a crime) when you testified that you did not commit sexual assault (a crime) against a woman in Arkansas several years prior.

      What was her name?

  5. During the primaries, Hillary was forced to retract her claim that during Bill’s tenure, while on a diplomatic mission to a dangerous place (Bosnia?), she had come under sniper fire at an East European airport (allegedly in front of hundreds of reporters). It was a big stupid lie that caught up with her. Hillary later used the word that she has “misspoke” while shrugging off her lie. Either Justice is in even deeper sh*t or Hillary has set herself up and State for a bigger black eye later on. Then again, what do any of them have to really fear? Nothing. They are elitists and will be given a presidential pardon if necessary, and go on living in freedom and privilege.

  6. Since when did pleading incompetence and ignorance become not just an excuse to keep you out of jail, but an excuse to keep your job?

    Mass incompetence means mass firings where I’m from. And government officials can’t divine a reason why the tea party movement and occupy movement are garnering so much support.

  7. Bear in mind that Ms. Clinton was one of the first to tout the 90% claim in public. There are also several screen caps. available depicting DOS web statements on the programs associated with F&F.

  8. I bet she’s actually trying to find a way to throw BO under the bus on F&F. She just has to make it look like an accident.

  9. Off subject, but she looks like hell. Time has not been kind. If she provides a primary contest against the POTUS he would win on looks alone.

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