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It’s probably not a good idea to pull a gun on a U.S. Secret Service Agent. If you’re within, say, 10 miles of the White House, doubly so. And, so, once again, we have a firearms-related event that will be perceived very differently by either side of the gun control “debate.” Pro-gun rights advocates will rightly point out that the only thing that stopped this bad guy with a gun was a good guy with a gun. The anti-gun rights jihadis will see this incident as more proof that America is gun mad. Mad I tell you! We must stop crazies from getting guns by stopping everyone from getting guns. Or keeping their guns. Or not registering their guns. Or something. And so it goes . . .


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  1. Jesse Oliveri’s entire criminal history in PA is a 2004 DUI that was withdrawn. He has one traffic ticket for careless driving. That’s it. What’s not clear is what had him in D.C at the white house with a gun and what his intentions were.

  2. Oh it was just slow Joe Biden at the big house. Doesn’t he have a double barrel shottie? Barry was standing guard by golfing…it was reported the dude was just going for “death by cop”anyway.

  3. Unimpossible!! DC only allows a select few proles to have permits to carry guns within the city in order to show the competence of government control stop this sort of thing from happening.

  4. Objection! Stating as fact that which is not evidently true. We have no way of knowing if the SS agent was a good guy. Given that he’s working for the SS I’m going to bet no. SS has never been an agency acronym for any group of reasonable, thoughtful, just men.

  5. So someone at the white house shot a home invader? Why didn’t he shoot his gun into the air and scare him off?

    • With all of his secret service training, surely he could’ve shot the guy in the leg instead! But noooo, people with guns are just itching to murder! I’ll bet the poor guy was just wanting to take a TV or laptop, he wasn’t necessarily gonna hurt anyone….

      Ok raise of hands, who has friends or family that sounds like that?

    • The local SS boys qualify at my range and I’ve shot next to them. The ones that I’ve watched seem more than capable of executing a perfect Mozambique at most handgun distances.

      I also have watched Cape Cod LEOs qualify at the old Barnstable range. Let’s just say that they couldn’t shoot a Mozambique if they were in Maputo.

      • Not such a surprise there, seeing how alive and well the gun culture is and has been on old Cape Cod.

  6. I will believe that the “Ban guns and all the guns will be gone!” people believe in their schemes when their gun removal mandates include their protectors.

    Looking at what they do, vs. their convoluted rationalizations and ways they say the world works, in the end they believe that to stop a bad guy with a gun (or at least someone with a gun who wants to shoot you), it takes a good guy (or at least a guy on your side) with a gun. And they believe that whatever they do, bad guys (or at least guys who want to shoot you) will in the end get the guns to do it with.

    When the call comes to “Disarm the Secret Service!” after this incident, I’ll listen to the rest of what the anti’s have to say. Until then, they have nothing to say, really.

  7. It must have been one of those evil gun owners, that are life members of the nra, with their glock brand glocks with 30 caliber magazine clips that shoot 30 rounds in half a second and filled with evil cop killer bullets. Sarc/

  8. The SS strikes again.

    What kind of person spends their lives guarding the literal scum of the Earth in return for a taxpayer funded paycheck?

  9. Strange. Two days later and no meaningful background information about the aggressor. I mean, I know he’s in the hospital and all, but someone has to know him.


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