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Today’s pocked dump comes from Sebastian Addari, titled “Blk EDC” from Everyday Carry.

Unlike yesterday’s CO2 Colt 1911 pistol masquerading as an EDC handgun, this one has a genuine GLOCK 19 (with a +2 mag extension if I had to guess).

I am curious how her performs the levitation trick. Mind over matter, perhaps?

I have to say it’s a pretty Spartan complement, after all, what man doesn’t carry a housekey or a wallet?  Or maybe he does it all with his smart phone. I dunno. Maybe I’m behind the technology curve. Or maybe I’m better prepared for a NORK EMP blast.

I do approve of the tactical pen. It looks just like the one I carry. Personally, I have the tactical pen clipped to my pocket to write with, and so it doesn’t break or get lost in my pocket. And then find its way into my laundry to trash a load of clothes.

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    • The drop shadows lead me to believe glass over wood…definitely helps to highlight the items.

      …yet another Glock graces TTAG (it would be funny to discover that TTAG has it’s own line-item accounting code in Glock’s advertising department’s budget string?)

  1. So many Glock haters…once again proving that Uncle “G” has had more influence on the firearms industry than anyone else. When they be hatin’, they be talking’. F-K-A.

    • …no one here has expressed any hate for glocks but here you are. Me thinks the lady doth protest too much.

  2. One thing at a time. First, it’s a plain vanilla dump, so it’s probably authentic. Second, it still needs a knife, light and spare mag. Last, loose that stupid mag extension. If you have to have one, put it on the reload.

  3. John Boch – The poster does have keys for his car on top of the tablet. He drives a Honda.

    The guys that complain about so many Glocks showing up need to remember that TTAG gets these posts from Everyday Carry. TTAG doesn’t necessarily have control over what is shared with them.

  4. Throw away the watch, the pen, that square thing, and add a knife, a lighter, a holster and a different gunm and his EDC looks exactly like mine.

  5. Yeah I don’t know what’s up with no holster. Does this dude just jam this thing in his pants or what? Not that there’s anything wrong with that, everyone has their own kink.

    I approve of no light and no reload, that’s how I carry. Odds of needing it…basically 0. More simple = more likely to stick with it. I wouldn’t do the tactical pen either but that’s just me, I have a knife instead.

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