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From the CCRKBA:

The arrest of an armed convicted felon by Seattle Police this week shouldn’t surprise anyone other than those who supported a pair of gun control initiatives pushed by a billionaire-backed Seattle gun control group, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said today.

“When the gun prohibition lobby spent more than $10 million to pass Initiative 594 back in 2014, we warned voters it wouldn’t prevent criminals from getting guns,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “That measure mandated so-called ‘universal background checks,’ but the wealthy elitists bankrolling the initiative didn’t want to admit criminals don’t bother with background checks.

“When the same bunch spent millions more to pass Initiative 1639 two years ago, creating new restrictions on gun owners,” he recalled, “we told voters it wouldn’t keep guns out of criminal hands, we were right again.

“The only thing the gun control crowd in Seattle has accomplished is to make it harder for honest citizens to exercise their constitutional rights, and they know it,” Gottlieb said.

A quick glance at news archives revealed an arrest by Seattle police this past April of another felon with a gun, and in August 2019, yet another case involving a felon with a gun made local news. In July 2019, a Seattle man was indicted on federal gun charges for being a felon in possession of four handguns and eight rifles.

“You don’t disarm bad people by penalizing good people with regressive feel-good laws,” Gottlieb observed. “You don’t make honest citizens safer by making it harder for them to fight back while police budgets are being threatened and good men and women in law enforcement are literally being pushed out of their jobs. And now the Seattle City Council is reportedly considering ways to de-criminalize some crimes, which will only encourage, rather than discourage, people who break the law.

“This latest arrest of an armed felon is symptomatic of a much bigger problem,” he stated. “Utopian wishful thinking is no substitute for genuine common sense, and living in a state of denial doesn’t change that. We challenge the gun prohibition lobby to admit it was wrong so we can all work together on real solutions that focus on bad guys committing crimes instead of good guys exercising their rights.”


With more than 650,000 members and supporters nationwide, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (www.ccrkba.org) is one of the nation’s premier gun rights organizations. As a non-profit organization, the Citizens Committee is dedicated to preserving firearms freedoms through active lobbying of elected officials and facilitating grass-roots organization of gun rights activists in local communities throughout the United States.

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  1. Washington’s, Illinois’, New York’s California’s, Oregon’s, New Jersey’s …..Need I go on. Nothing any person who isn’t addicted to Liberal Koolaid doesn’t know and understand. Even many of the Koolaid Addicts know this to be true because they live it everyday with the Black on Black crime that has destroyed their neighborhoods, towns and cities. And yet they have become SO Addicted to the Koolaid they can’t find it within their existence to Be the Change They Want. They March, Scream, Riot and Loot all the while the very place they want to Change is Burning Down around them. Some will say it’s the Burn Loot and Menace causing all the strife or Antifa, Proud Boys or any number of other groups. All that being said what is the rest of the people doing to Protect the neighborhoods and communities. Waiting of someone or something else to ride in and save the day. The People living in these places regardless of their involvement are the architects of their own destruction simply because they Allow it to happen. Not only do Votes Matter. Choices in Life Matter. Choosing to Look the Other way is No Better than Choosing to Destroy. If a person won’t choose to Stand for whats Right. Then they Must Agree that whats Wrong is Okay… Keep Your Powder Dry

  2. Gun control Law’s is nothing but a waste of money and bullshit can’t these people realize that Criminals Will Get Gun’s regardless of what law’s they pass so go ahead you gun grabbing politician’s spend million’s of tax dollars and at the end of the day it boils down to this, You Fighting A Losing Battle, Fact!!!

    • We need to stop calling it a constitutional right or a 2nd amendment right because in doing so we are accepting that this individual right to keep and bear arms comes from the government and that therefore government has the authority to regulate it, and which is certainly NOT the case. One does NOT need a license or permission from the government in order to exercise a Right, as this is only true for a government granted privilege. The Constitution and the amendments do not grant us any Rights. What these documents do is to place restrictions on the power and the authority of the government. The Second Amendment is a clearly written “command directive” to the government that “the Right of the people to keep and bear arms Shall Not be infringed”. We have a Right to bear arms that is “protected” by the Second Amendment not granted by it! And due to the Constitution being a compact and subject to the same rules of contract law, the terms and conditions and the provisions of an amendment override and “supersede” any conflicting terms or conditions contained in the original document and must always prevail in any conflict with any of the terms or conditions contained in the original document. And so absent a constitutional amendment that specifically addresses gun Rights, the Second Amendment stands as originally written and remains as the Supreme Law of the Land just as Prohibition was after the 18th Amendment and remained so until the passage of the 21st Amendment.

  3. The intent of these laws isn’t to make a positive difference in keeping guns out of the hands of criminals. The elitist billionaires and their political remoras don’t trust ordinary people – least of all to have lethal means at their disposal – and they intend these laws to make private gun ownership more difficult, and eventually illegal.

    Face it, this Country has devolved into an oligarchy. We are controlled by a very small number of fabulously wealthy people who control the information we see, hear, and read; and they control the political process.

    If Biden wins the election it will just about be the final stake in the heart of our Founder’s experiment.

    • Dennis Sumner,

      Once you realize that “gun control” laws are actually political opponent disarmament and punishment laws, you realize that they are working fairly well. Of course there is room for improvement as far as Democrats (and even many Republicans) are concerned which is why they keep pushing for more.

  4. Spoiler Alert !

    Party Pooper Warning !

    Using the logic of the headline, and arrest for DUI proves drunk driving/drugged driving laws fail. An arrest on an arson suspect proves laws prohibiting arson don’t work. And the list goes on.

    You don’t reduce death and injury from vehicle accidents by penalizing safe drivers with speed limits.

    We need to abandon this whole ““You don’t disarm bad people by penalizing good people with regressive feel-good laws,” meme. Why? Because if “regressive feel-good laws” save even one, they are worth it is the motivation, not overall effectiveness.

    • False equivalency.
      The actions (driving drunk, starting a fire with intent to damage/destroy property) are illegal.

      The equivalency for guns would be brandishing, or negligent discharge. Not ownership / possession.

      • In addition to the above mentioned points, People caught driving under the influence are severely punished for their own actions. Even more so when their actions cause harm to others. The rest of us are not punished unless we are unfortunate enough to have bumped into such a person….

        Speed limits, are a perfect example, felons fleeing from police observe speed limits as well as any other laws….

        • Well, let’s be more clear: any violation of any law proves that such law failed to prevent the prohibited act, and is thus a faillure of said law. Point is, claiming that gun laws don’t stop people from committing crime with guns is just lame. No law is successful in its intent if violations are evidenced after establishing a law. So, where does that get us in the court of public opinion? “Gun laws don’t stop crime” is just as silly as, “If it saves only one, it is worth it.” Makes us look weak and vapid.

          How about, “Gun laws are emotional mental pudding, designed to make people feel good about thenselves while accepting no responsibility for actually achieving anything.” ?

        • Laws are not created to PREVENT crime, laws are created to provide two things (1) REVENUE to finance the operation of the government and allow the opportunity to dream up new streams of revenue i.e. “laws” AND (B) to provide guidelines for punishment (see revenue) in the form of fines and costs…

        • How about “You can’t prevent crime by punishing people who aren’t criminals”?

          Gun control laws are a massive exercise in scapegoating. They always use some jackwad’s crime as an excuse…that guy did something horrible, but he’s dead now, so let’s punish a million people who *didn’t* do it, just to show how much we care.

  5. I understand that there’s laws against rioting, looting and arson, how well have they worked this year?

    • Those laws have kinda been rescinded over in Portland.
      So it’s like “The Purge III” there now.
      The Burn, Loot, Murder crowd knows it and so does antifa.
      Just don’t mess with the federal building and you’re good to go.

        • “Is Antifa still engaging in its nighty antics?”


          Check YouTube for the nightly live feeds.

          Portland is proof the good people will do nothing to stop the destruction of their previously-decent city.

          This will eventually come to where you are…

  6. A politician with a law never stops a bad guy with a gun.
    He merely controls the good guys, which is his true agenda.

    The bad guy with a gun…..or the mentally deficient guy with a gun……or the TERRIBLY DISTRAUGHT FAMILY MEMBER OF A GUN SHOOTING VICTIM…….or the Feelz-Gooder Social Do-Gooder….. or the the “hair-on-fire, we’re-all-gonna-die” contingent……are the politician’s easily manipulated Useful Idiot Tools to achieve his power and control agenda.

    • The only thing able to stop a bad guy with a gun is :……….
      magazine limits, waiting periods, asault weapons bans, and best of all AMMO SHORTAGES !

  7. All gun control laws are unconstitutional They do not effect criminals, they hinder law abiding citizens ability to purchase firearms. The Founders all hands down said the Bill of Rights is a listing of GOD Given Rights of the individual citizen which no one shall tamper with. That means wannabe tyrannical Politicians whether elected officials or Black Robed Tyrants on the bench you have no right to touch the Bill of Rights. When you get down to the brass tacks of the matter, tampering with the Bill of Rights could be treasonous, when you consider most of them were enacted with National and Community security in mind. Time to start a National Referendum to repeal all gun control.

    • You are 110% correct.
      I’m no Constitutional scholar, and the Bill of Rights is not the Constitution, they are separate I believe, but somewhere along the line, the so-called elected leaders decided that they could side-step the Bill of Rights to grant a modicum of safety to their subjects who willfully granted them that so-called power. We now have little safety. And the tyrants in government have more power.
      I don’t know how to change that, at least not by myself, but it must be changed. Who knows, and I don’t wish for it, but I’ve heard somewhere about “The Tree of Liberty……….”

      • Not Left,

        I’m no Constitutional scholar, and the Bill of Rights is not the Constitution,

        The Bill of Rights is part of the U.S. Constitution.

        Important clarification: the Bill of Rights was not included in the U.S. Constitution initially. Rather, We the People amended the U.S. Constitution and added the Bill of Rights to it several years later.

  8. Here we go again…When guns are banned only criminals will have guns yada yada.

    Trying to reason with gun control zealots is like Slaves trying to reason with a lily white democRat Party plantation slave master….
    “But you don’t understand master, if we don’t have a gun we cannot protect our families and our dirt floor shacks….There will be no more talk of guns so you Slaves get back to picking cotton before you taste the whip.”

    Bottom line…If you do not think today’s Gun Control marxist democRat Party slave masters see you and yours as dirt beneath their feet…Think Again.

  9. Washington’s gun control laws were nothing more than feelz good security theater aka virtue signaling, gun control laws are a failure and un constitutional.
    They make Leftards feelz good at the cost of the constitutional rights of the rest of Washington’s citizens.

  10. Gun control laws in Washington State along with the SRAs or Sentencing Reform Act for all crimes are a joke.
    The only ones that have bite and lock people away are class A felonies and sex crimes. Everything else is a hand slap. Unlawful possession of a firearm in the 1° is a B felony, 2° is a C felony which means NOTHING.
    You could get caught, taken to jail, bond out that day or get released on OR as they don’t keep people in jail anymore and when you go to court, they give you 1 day in jail with credit for time served. The Sentencing Reform Act in Washington State was a galactic joke.

  11. Now do a hard-hitting expose on how precisely NONE of the varied and sundry violations of these laws during the CHOP/CHAZ fiasco, which were documented extensively on Facebook and Instagram by the violators themselves, and which resulted in the death of at least one young black male, have even been investigated, let alone charged.

    The laws aren’t being enforced, particularly when the violators are black.

    However, I guarantee you that if I video and post footage of white males passing guns back and forth at a range somewhere in Eastern Washington, we’ll probably get a task force formed up to arrest them.

  12. “The only thing the gun control crowd in Seattle has accomplished is to make it harder for honest citizens to exercise their constitutional rights”

    Well, duh. The whole point was to disarm honest citizens and cement the oligarchs’ control over the masses.

    • I can’t wait for antifa, et al., to storm a couple of those luxury highrises and expropriate the property of all the good little champagne socialists living in them.

      I’d say it ought to be a salutary lesson for them and the city they live in, but progtards never learn. I’m just in it for the schadenfreude.

  13. Why do people obey laws that deprive them of their rights and leave them unprotected? Where were the police in Seattle as Antifa/BLM rioted, looted, burned and assaulted? NYC granted concealed carry permits to mafia members while denying them to law abiding citizens. I hope I have the same courage my forefather had at Lexington and Concord.

  14. It’s refreshing to get an email like the one I received today from people who are actually willing to DO SOMETHING about all of this unconstitutional nonsense- we just need to support them…


    Your rights are under assault. Republicans and Democrats are doing nothing about it. This is an urgent update on the ATF’s most recent assault on the Second Amendment.

    AR pistols are being banned. There’s no telling how this will be enforced and it opens the door to more gun control.

    Make no mistake: This administrative rule change will be backed with the full power of the government. Armed men will confiscate your Second Amendment rights.

    This sweeping legal change did NOT pass Congress.

    Unelected bureaucrats simply changed administrative rules. This is COMPLETELY unconstitutional.

    We need someone who is serious about this important issue.

    I would abolish the unconstitutional government agency, and toss them into the ash heap of history. That’s how committed I am to your right to bear arms.

    If you support freedom and the Bill of Rights, then I hope I can have your immediate support today. The election is around the corner.

    Thank you,

    Jo Jorgensen”

    I became a registered Libertarian in the mid 90’s, I voted for Barr (’08), Johnson (’12 & ’16), I am a donor and volunteer for the Jorgensen/Cohen campaign, and I was proud to vote for Jo Jorgensen yesterday. We can have better government, folks… we just have to demand it- and vote for it.

    • Peter in my youth I too threw away my vote on libertarians, not even receiving 1 % means no representation. I don’t do it any longer.

      • PMinFl,

        I support your right to vote for whomever you wish, but it is not only erroneous- it is callous, disingenuous, and just plain disrespectful to claim a vote for a valid candidate is “thrown away”. I always like to give others the benefit of the doubt, so I’ll just consider your comment to be either a knee-jerk retort of an oft-heard inaccurate phrase, or perhaps you just haven’t given it a lot of thought. Regardless- no offense taken.

        • it is callous, disingenuous, and just plain disrespectful to claim a vote for a valid candidate is “thrown away”.

          While that IS true, the same can be said for someone that casts a vote for an individual KNOWING that person does not have a snowballs chance in hell of making a difference (valid and VIABLE are two very different things) and THEN calling attention to themselves for their support of that individual. However I commend you for casting your Libertarian vote (that’s one less that can go to Creepy “Big Guy” Uncle Joe… AND who knows, a hundred years from now Libertarians might actually be relevant.. (maybe in the first Mars colony?…

        • “…does not have a snowballs chance in hell of making a difference…”

          This is precisely the kind of incongruous statement that I’m talking about. Even if one chooses to disregard an individual making a choice based upon principles, ethics, conscience, integrity, etc., there are other extremely important factors at play such as how the percentage of popular vote affects both ballot access and public funding for candidates’ parties.

          I will support the right of everyone to vote for any valid candidate they choose to support. Every vote counts- there is no such thing as a “throwaway vote”. It really is that straight-forward, simple, and true.

  15. Once again, a clear display of basic facts. Criminals do not obey the law. If they did, they wouldn’t be criminals, right?

  16. New neighbor up the street… he and his wife moved here from Portland about 3 weeks ago due to a job transfer (some hotel chain, forget which one). Noticed when I came home yesterday, he had a biden/HARRIS sign and two other demtard lifers posted in the yard. Guess there was room for a whole lot of stupid in the moving truck!!

  17. Authoritarianism period! Or how many times before we have to repeat history round our great nation before the people in our society are plunged back into the dark ages! And only the Knights of the Kingdom can be ARMED! -[And for the love of god, please stop with the police adulation over “blue lives matter! ” Blues live fully matter, when proper checks and balances in our constitutional are fully restored! NOT all Law Enforcement are on board the Bill of Rights train 🚆! Or we wouldn’t have to people being arrested, private property seized, and forced languish in jail as political prisoners! While being bleed financially dry trying to PROVE THEIR INNOCENTS!!! Are you people that daft! This is a war on our constitutional rights! When I start to see our “Government agents” respecting our constitutional rights…Maybe then will i support them fully! Right now, in many “Anti-2nd Amendment/Anti-Freedom States” THEY are part of the problem! Or hasn’t anyone forgot about some of the newer draconian anti bill of rights laws on the books! Such as , RED FLAG/Extreme RISK Protection Orders, Unlawful Storage, or other forms of malicious criminalization, arrest, and prosecution! Remember, a lot of this stuff is ” officer discretion” to throw citizens( non career criminals/non-felons) under the bus! ]

  18. I don’t see the problem here. You can just pass a law making it illegal to break a law. That should fix everything. /sarc off

    • “You can just pass a law making it illegal to break a law. ”

      I think you are onto something, there.

  19. The arrest of an armed convicted felon by Seattle Police this week shouldn’t surprise anyone

    I for one am absolutely shocked that a convicted felon would blatantly ignore laws that say he can not possess a firearm OR that he was actually arrested without any consideration about whether or not he was AWARE of the existence of such laws.. Is he literate? Does he have the comprehension skills necessary to understand the meaning of those laws AND the consequences of failure to comply? Did anyone ask him how those laws make him feelz? It probably doesn’t matter, with catch and (no bail) release he can walk with a promise to never do it again AND to vote at least twice for “The Big Guy” … “God bless the United States of America, it could only happen here…

  20. I unfortunately live in WA. Retired out of the Army here. We are constantly at odds with the socialists here.

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