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I’m not that tactical. I spent the better part of my life thinking that molle was a Mexican sauce. I suppose I should get into the operational lifestyle, being a gun blogger and all. And I used to be a dude (in the classic sense of the word), adorning myself with Zegna suits and shoes that cost more than a GLOCK 19. But the first divorce put paid to that (literally). Anyway, I may not wear multi-pocketed pants often, but when I do, they’re 5.11. And I wear them with confidence. Why wouldn’t I? They have an expandable waistline. And any company that makes a video that cool must be doing something right.

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  1. I like my extra pockets. They neatly hold the stuff I barely use. Plus my rear pockets will hold a 10″ tablet that I’ll never buy!

  2. I’ll continue to buy 5.11 pants because they stand behind their products. I’ve purchased four pair of their cotton canvas pants this year and I’m in the process of returning three. My Pocket knife wore a hole in the fabric of all three pair and 5.11 is exchanging them.

    As an IT guy their pants are nearly perfect for all the crap I carry and for all the moving I do.

      • The grip of the Kershaw Tone had worn holes in the fabric along the pant leg between the knife and my thigh which was unusual and premature. According to the 5.11 Rep, a friendly young lady, it should be expected that placing and removing the pocket knife will wear the area where it clips to the pocket.

        However, the wear spot for my three pairs probably had more to do with the model of knife. I’ve replaced it with something that had fewer sharp edges.

  3. I tend to think 5.11 stuff is the epitome of uncool, but I do love the TacLight “super sneakers”. Perfect light work shoes for here in SoCal, my only caveats are: crappy factory insole and the fact they get filthy looking (Coyote brown anyway) pretty fast. But replace the insole and pair them with some light merino socks and even after a long hot day on your feet you stay damn comfortable.

  4. I’ve been using their 5.11 Taclite Jean Cut Pants regularly at work for over two years. Comfortable, light weight, water repellant (including coffee, etc.). First couple of pair were purchased from the NRA store, after that a pair from Amazon using CalGuns link. They’re all still like new showing zero wear or stains.

    An outstanding product. If I saw something else that suited my needs from 5.11 I would be more confident to buy based on my experience with the Jean Pants.

  5. I LOVE that video. To me, Christmas is tedious and overblown. It ruins Thanksgiving. That video is fun though.

  6. My kinda Christmas video.

    $25 Rothco BDU bottoms for me. Anything more cuts into my reloading budget.

  7. 5.11 shirts are an excellent gift since they are vented and true to size. I have both LS & SS some of which are 4 to 5 years old and still look great.

  8. Adding to the chorus of praise, after much research I went with 5.11 when it was time to replace my laptop / messenger bag. I couldn’t be happier.

    Best of all, in the non-tacticool color, it passes well enough as a “nerd bag.”

  9. I’m not that crazy about their pants, if I’m on a budget I’ll typically go with la police gear, and if I’m wanting discretion, I love vertx. With that being said, I like the rest of their gear. Their button down shirts are handy in that they actually have snaps, creating what I like to call the magic mike effect. I also have a pair of their boots and in addition to looking pretty good, the knife pocket sewn into the sides is handy for discretely storing small items

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