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 Senator Schumer- It's hammer time! Again. Still. (courtesy

“Two top senators predicted Thursday that gun legislation will come up again for a Senate vote – possibly before the end of the year – as public attitudes shift toward stricter controls,” reports. And why would public opinion shift towards gun control? Especially as they’re currently shifting in the other direction. Methinks Senator Schumer and his Republican BFF are anticipating another bloodletting. “I think we’re going to bring this bill back before the end of the year and I think you may find some changes,” Chuck pronounced at a breakfast hosted by the Christian Science Monitor. “Lots of senators who thought it was safe to vote against it are not so sure any more.” Right. “Because of changing attitudes.” Now, guess the ID of the other Senator predicting Gun Control 2.0 . . .

Sen. John McCain of Arizona, a key Republican backer of the measure who spoke at the same event, concurred. “I do agree with Chuck. I think the issue is going to come back,” he said.

McCain said Congress needs to address specific aspects of gun violence that were not covered in the bill, including “the issue of crazy people who do terrible things.”

Like . . . Senators Charles Schumer and John McCain and the rest of the civilian disarmament industry. And Joe Biden? Well we all know how meshuga the Veep is on this one. He’s all in now, and forever more . . .

Vice President Joe Biden reassured leading gun control groups Thursday that the administration remains committed to pushing an expansion of background checks for gun purchases through Congress, according to one of the event’s attendees.

Biden, who has led the administration’s efforts on gun control in the wake of the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, told the meeting of about 15 participants that despite last week’s defeat of a bi-partisan measure in the Senate to expand checks at gun shows and online sales, that this was just the beginning.

From his lips to the devil’s ears.

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  1. I’m really beginning to wonder if maybe there is something to the Alex Jones tin foil hat brigade. I would not be surprised to find that both Lanza and that cinema shooter were “talked into it” by the anti-gun people. Take some loners, build up their self delusions and esteem. Maybe tell them that history will remember them as heroes for finally bringing about gun control. Those dead children in Sandy Hook, well they are just unfortunate “collateral damage” to use Tim McVeigh’s words. I don’t want to believe that our government could do something like that but I can seriously believe it of the democrat party. After all they can kill babies without any twinge of conscience or remorse by calling their murder as abortion.

    • I wouldn’t put it past them, but you are missing the biggest thing anti-gun groups and Democrats are known for.

      Massive Incompetence.

      If they did formulate these plans, within 12 seconds of it happening a blogger somewhere would have undeniable proof that they formulated the plans. Think about it, Obama with the entire American Government couldn’t hide Fast and Furious from a blogger, do you really think Sarah Brady could?

      • Keep on thinking they’re incompetent fools; it’s exactly what they want you to believe.

        Thanks to the vanity of you and those like you, Schumer is laughing all the way to victory.

      • Good thing we have brilliant internet detectives like William to reveal the truth for us. Go gettum William! It can’t be easy to ignore the vast preponderance of evidence indicating you’re a fool.

    • Mike, you may have missed something….your comment “I don’t want to believe that our government could do something like that” is immediately contradicted by your next statement ” but I can seriously believe it of the democrat party”. Let’s see, Democratic President, Democrat Senate. Then the Supreme Court, with 4-4 and one (Kennedy) that is considered a Centrist (based on voting record).

      So, yeah, Democrat controlled government. BUT, does it really matter?

      Let’s see, Mitt Romney, mastermind behind the restrictive gun laws in Massachusetts, McCain, currently backing additional restrictive background checks. Do not forget our great hero, Reagan. When out of office joined the campaign and was instrumental in pushing through the AWB in 1994.

      All Republicans (who I voted for), that stabbed or are stabbing us in the back.

      No difference, all scum.

      • Points conceded. I’m just more inclined to think that Republicans, real ones, not RINOs like McCain wouldn’t do something like that. My main point was that the dems and their Dear Leader have no problems with the Gosnells of the world. You know the baby butcher of Philadelphia.

        • We are pretty much on the same side. Unfortunately, the “labels” Democrat and Republican are no longer valid. ( if they ever were).

          Like always, we must go by their actions, not their words. A perfect example is the “Democrat” freshman Senator from Montana. Facing very strong and intimidating pressure from her party, the president, everyone in DC…..she stood her ground and represented the wishes of her people. Voted against every gun control measure that was introduced. If I lived in Montana, she would get 100% support from me.

        • That isn’t Rand Paul, silly. The lizard people killed the real Rand Paul, and the Free Masons used UFO technology to replicate him. Duh.

      • A note on Reagan – Remember that back in 1994, most Americans had a different perspective on guns than they do now – that was one major reason why the AWB passed in the first place. While gun people like to believe that it was the passing of the AWB (which passed as part of a massive anti-crime bill, not as stand-alone legislation) that resulted in the massive power change in the 1994 election, the fact is that the AWB figured very little in the Republican revolution. It was primarily engineered by Gingrich’s Contract with America that listed the tenets under which the Republicans would conduct business. Nothing in the Contract with America mentioned guns.

        At the end of the day, all politicians are people pleasers. The reason many Republicans are against gun control is that their Democrat opponents are for it. You need to disagree with your opponent to run against him. Some Democrats are against Gun Control just as some Republicans are for it. At the end of the day, they listen to the people who elected them and try to pass legislation that they think will get them re-elected.

        You can bet that some of the Pro-gun control senators would change their votes if the demographics of their constituents changed, just as some Republicans would flip if their states became heavily anti-gun. The only way to guarantee our freedoms is to make more of our fellow citizens pro-gun and to keep the heat on the politicians all the time.

        Also, remember these guys have to say something to the pro-gun control lobby as they just got their asses handed to them. Talk is cheap.

        • Then explain McCain to me. Supposedly a conservative republican senator from a conservative pro-gun state who is backing anti-gun legislation. The guy who sang “Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb bomb Iran.” PTSD? Senility? WHAT?

      • In the year of our lord 2013, the gun-grabbing is mainly a libtard (democrat) fetish.
        It just is. No GOP is pushing this crap NEARLY as hard as the leftist libs.

        • That’s how we won last week. We called and supported progun senators and we won. We must not let up and keep supporting them to kill another attempt to revive gun registration bill. Keep calling.

    • Oh, one more thing…..”I don’t want to believe that our government could do something like that ”

      Our government, like every government in human history, does, on a daily basis evil acts. Remember “Fast & Furious”? WMD? American soldiers used as lab animals during nuclear testing in 50’s. Ruby Ridge? Waco Massacre? Government plan for ethnic cleansing in the late 1800″s and early 1900’s? (American Indians). How about the hundreds of Americans, primarily in the south, who were secretly injected with syphilis, and the researchers watched them die, without treatment, in the late 50’s and 60’s. That was government medical research at it’s finest. The list is endless, big and small.

      Make no mistake, their are plenty, in positions of trust, that are evil, and do evil……every day.

      • +10,000. But I think a lot of people don’t want to think along those lines – your government on evil.

        I don’t know how they’d react if they knew it wasn’t just evil, but pure, unadulterated malevolence.

      • It’s not whether or not they can do it, it’s the supposition that the government is capable of carrying out a clandestine bombing, shooting or other terrorist attack without leaving a shred of evidence. No, not the garble William and his barely literate friends parrot from Natural News; actual, tangible, concrete evidence. There is not a single shred.

        Oh, and just in case you forgot, this is the same government that couldn’t cover up a shooting that involved the Vice President and a friend of his.

        • Everyone and their brother knew that there were munitions on the Lusitania – how? Because the Germans took out newspaper ads warning people that it was, and that it would be sunk.

          Still, the US and UK govs denied it all, and the lapdogs wagged their tails happily. Our govs would never ever do what every other government has done since the beginning of time – strategically allow some deaths in order to rally the public for a war they would otherwise never get behind. Riiiight.

          Since then the shipwreck has been found and dived on. To no one’s surprise – ammo. Lots of it. Still the UK and US governments deny it all.

          This is but one example of the hundreds that happen and the proof is right there out in the open, vetted and everything. But some have no idea how the world works and would prefer to believe the ‘official story’.

    • Mike, one could reasonably argue that FDR was well aware of the pending attack on Pearl Harbor and in fact encouraged it with the EOs he issued that constricted the Japanese economy. When people in power have an agenda that is un-palatable to their constituency ,they will find a way.

      • As to limiting exports to Japan before WWII, the US used them to oppose the brutal invasions of Korea and China in the 1930s. Eventually, the Japanese military realized they would have to fight the US.

    • JUST NOW BEGINNING? Now you know why were in this mess, your all still questioning the truth and believe the lies.

      THERE WAS NO ADAM LANZA, THE PICTURES WERE manipulated. If there was no Adam Lanza, then how and why did Nancy Lanza get shot? Easy there are 250,000.00 reasons why. Peter Lanza The Alleged father is a big wig at one of the largest companies in the world. He Paid his wife alimonie of 250k per year. He was in deep trouble that could have landed him in jail, and made a deal. Look up Labor Scandal.
      The kicker, the Aurora shooters father was a big wig financial guy in trouble as well. NOW YOU GET IT.

    • I love how major National legislation hinges on an event that doesn’t even have a completed investigation.

      False Flag events or not, no one can deny the fact that the Elites of this country do conspire to strip our Rights away by exploiting tragdies. Just look at the outcome of Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon Bombing as prime examples of the Police/Security State being expanded.

      That is not comspiracy theory, but Conspiracy Fact! Someone commits a crime so the entire Nation must be punished!!!

    • I know! Why have they not released video of children being murdered? That’s so weird! The only rational explanation is a complete cover-up perpetrated by ZOG and the mole men!

      And for the record, if they did release video you dingbats would immediately claim it was faked. Why do you morons even pretend that would satiate you?

  2. Background checks do stop mass shooters, just ask mass shooters who failed NICS Checks. You know, CO shooter, Va tech shooter, AZ shooter. They all failed and they couldn’t kill. Oops…they all pased NICS checks. They work great, huh?

    And Lanza stole the guns, no checks required.


  3. I don’t believe any of the pols in washington are plotting to cause a mass murder. What I believe they’ve done is equally foul. Schools around our country are still disarmed and unprotected. Many don’t have even proper barriers to keep a loony out.

    With the condition of security in our public schools right now a lone man with a hardware store machete, a hammer and a couple of car flares and few gallons of gas could equal Sandy Hook in the blink of an eye. Especially in places like California where to even talk of defending yourself with violence gets you funny looks.

    The crime our pols have committed is to waste time energy and resources backing bills they knew would not effect violence in this country and ignore real world solutions to the problem such as fences and armed staff and community volunteers.

    • I disagree. A few gallons of gasoline and a handful of flares in the hands of a psychopath could easily result in MORE deaths than in Sandy Hook.

      I agree that most of our schools are still woefully vulnerable – protected only by Gun Free Zone and No Weapons Allowed signs and perhaps a few inept unarmed security guards.

    • Our school in NW Ohio has locked all doors to the school and installed a security camera at the door with a buzzer. They also applied a shatter-proof coating to all the doors and windows to prevent someone from shooting them out. It’s not perfect, but at least it is a start. Hopefully they will also allow staff concealed carry like a district right next to us.

  4. The anti’s and RINO’S will never stop trying to shove this through. It’s all about the dems winning back the house in 2014, and holding the senate. Than they will shove it through.
    Pray that the upcoming mid-terms are more like 2010.

  5. Ah yes, a hammer. More deadly than a semi-automatic rifle in America, and there are stats to prove it. But, wait, why aren’t we banning hammers, then? Hm.

    • 1. No “high capacity” clips!!!
      2. No “thingy” that flips up……
      3. No letters, like “AR” in the description. Everyone knows that means “Assault Rifle”, no wait! What about Armalite?

    • NO ONE needs a hammer that weighs more than 4 oz and NO ONE needs a hammer with a handle that exceeds 7 inches…

      Betcha that bill gets introduced by the end of this year. 😉

  6. Which “internet” is Biden talking about? I have bought two guns from internet sites in the past week. Both went through my local FFL, and I had to have two separate background checks. At $30 per transfer, that added $60 to my total purchase price for the week.

    I want to shop on the internet that Biden has…

    • When they say that, they’re thinking places like Armslist, where you could find somebody local and set up a private sale, which then would have to go through an FFL in most places. But even on Armslist, a lot of the time you’d be shipping something, so it would have to go to an FFL anyway.

      • This just another example of our elected representatives and the media being unable or unwilling to get the facts straight. All these marketing terms are ridiculous. Leave out the terms gun shows and internet and call it what it is, private party transfers.

    • Senator Tammy Baldwin (d), from Wisconsin, said that to me in an email response to correspondence I sent her and Senator Johnson. She told me that Internet sales didn’t require a background checks. I know I’m going to respond; I just can’t decide if I respond as though she is an idiot, or a manipulative power-hungry fox in freedom’s henhouse.

  7. This is why the NRA needs to be prepping their script now for the next go round. We know pretty much how it will go: guy with problems decides to “show them all”, so he gets some guns, usually by passing background checks which he would always pass, because he’s never done anything really wrong before. Then he goes to a selected gun free zone and shoots up a bunch of people. Since we know that’s how it will go down, our gun rights organizations should be just as ready as the anti-gun organizations with the response. Have the bills eliminating gun free zones drafted, have the people on speed dial who can give emotional testimony about how horrible it is to be stripped of your right to self defense when you need it most, have at least the concept work done on the ad campaigns to push public opinion where it needs to be, towards self defense.

    Bad people are going to do bad things. The anti-gun forces are counting on it, but there’s no reason our side should be caught flatfooted by it.

    • That’s just the thing. They don’t have to plan the next mass shooting; it will happen eventually. The particular type of lunatic who does these things knows he will bask (usually post mortum) in the media limelight. When the first post-Columbine shooting happened, I was pretty sure it wouldn’t have had Columbine not been such a media circus. Same goes double for every mass shooting since.

    • Carlos, that’s a great idea! The NRA and SAF should start pushing now for repeal of the Gun Free Zone Act, modernizing the NICS system and push harder for armed teachers. Also telling everyone (MSM) that if this doesn’t happen those politicians that vote against this will have blood on their hands if another Sandy Hook happens!

      And no, I’m not hoping for another Sandy Hook, even though those on the far left seem to want it. But IF it were to happen, (and sadly we all know it will) the pro gun groups would be out front, instead of giving statements a week later about what we should have done or taking the blame for fighting against “common sense” legislation!

      Why does it always seem like the NRA and other pro gun groups are behind the curve when it comes to legislation protecting our rights? Instead of always fighting anti-gun legislation or at the SCOTUS, why not start pushing pro gun legislation or repealing bad gun laws?

  8. What was bipartisan about M-T? Because a renegade Republican tool put his name on a partisan piece of trash and a couple of RINOs chime in, that makes it bipartisan? Are you kidding me? Here’s the actual definition: “marked by or involving cooperation, agreement, and compromise between two major political parties.”

    I never wanted to live forever, but now I do just so I can read those b@stards’ obituaries.

  9. Meshuga pretty much describes Biden perfectly, in all dimensions.

    On topic: Of course they are. Fiendstein (not a typo) was sitting on the AWB bill, as was the jackhole who is currently trying to ban propellants. Their entire game plan is to plan for tragedies and capitalize on them. It’s a mental sickness in which the blood of a victim, any victim, becomes the ink they use to sign more of our freedoms away.

  10. Looking at that photo of Senator Schumer, I suddenly had the thought, “If only he were actually swinging that hammer at his own head!”

  11. “Methinks Senator Schumer and his Republican BFF are concocting another bloodletting.”


    There’s not a doubt in my mind that the leftists wouldn’t bat an eye at the prospect of a false flag mass shooting, assuming they haven’t done one already.

    And of course, why wouldn’t they keep reintroducing anti-gun legislature? They don’t get punished for it. While tar and feathering or hanging may be an unfortunate pipe dream (which is sad enough, since the founding fathers would have cleaned house by now), the pro-liberty side needs to counter every anti-gun bill with five pro-gun bill, as well as open lawsuits against anti-gun politicians and organizations. See if their fake morals and checkbooks can outlast that.

    Like all leftists, leftist politicians are cowards, soulless and without any true steadfastness in their morals, because their morality is all a sham. Make an example of a few of them and the rest will back down and find some other hollow pet cause.

    • “They don’t get punished for it.”

      That’s a key realization, isn’t it? Americans are on shaky ground when it comes to punishment. They give it big heaps of lip service, but if they can’t have someone else do it for them, they’ll just move on.

  12. This is precisely why we need to go on the offensive. Gun free zones must be eliminated, and some sort of armed resistance placed in schools. There is a lot of intensity for “don’t take my gun rights”, but when it comes to investing some of that intensity into getting this accomplished, the firearms community seemingly nods and then goes home.

    You can’t WIN a war playing defense.

    Anyone against us on this should be railed against as supporting mass murder. It should became a mantra to be repeated, over and over again, very publicly.

    Two more very specific areas in that great efforts must be undertaken are:

    1. Retake Colorado, and beat the piss out of those anti gun pols there, and restore the rights of those folks.

    2. Seeing to it that Citizens of Illinois, and particularly the city of Chicago, have as easy a time as possible arming themselves under whatever new CCW statutes they end up with. This should include a good availability of training. Over the long term, we know that this will cause crime rates to drop, and will be a very potent weapon in the pro gun arsenal in the future.

    • The timetable is the next few months. The Bloomberg crowd is busy beating up on the Senators who voted against Manchin-Toomey as we speak, so some kind of response is needed right away.

    • “It should became a mantra to be repeated, over and over again, very publicly.”

      I really love this. From this moment on, consider it DONE.

      • Did you read how many groups sponsored and put together this march? Occupy the NRA, CREDO, Every Child Matters, Moveon, United For Change, USA, New Yorkers Against Gun Violence, The Other 98%, and We Act Radio. 9 of them and they only managed to get about 100 people to show up. BTW: that 100 includes the media HAHA!!

  13. JPD, I believe you are referring to the female Democrat Senator Heidi Heitkamp from North Dakota. She voted no on the background check bill after enduring heavy pressure from the Administration and the Democrat leadership in the Senate. Both Montana Senators are male. Democrat Senator Tester voted yes. Democrat Senator Baucus voted no and just recently announced he will not run again.

  14. Don’t any of you remember anything, Valarie Jarrett stated after Obama got reelected that all the people that voted against him are going to pay now. Not only is that a threat. It also proves to me that they stole the election, they know everyone voted against him and they had to steal it and she is pissed. I think she was born to hate all whites.For that matter the Obamas hate whites. Stupid white people that voted for that scum, they are infected with white guilt. They feel they have to much and the poor unfortunate blacks don’t have enough. I got an answer, work for and get off the handout train.

  15. I wish I knew the secret of politicians like McCain, Feinstein, Kennedy, etc. They get elected over and over and over and can live to be 100 years old. Just so they can torment the rest of us ad infinitum.


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