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“Police have made several arrests after a man was carjacked outside a Kroger on Moreland Avenue,” reports, “Investigators say a group of men approached the victim around 7:30 p.m. Wednesday and demanded his car. After he surrendered his car keys, detectives say, they shot him anyway…. One witness said off camera that he heard as many as seven gunshots. ‘It can happen anywhere. It happens in this area all the time. So you have to be careful,’ said shopper London Dyer.” [h/t for link and headline Frank Williams]

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    • Most of the Kroger parking lots are leased and not actual Kroger property. At least in my area. So all of the employee bans on weapons are not subject to our vehicles.

      • If Kroger’s were to ban guns inside their stores, then they would effectively be banning them between your car and the store also, increasing your odds of becoming a victim like the person in this incident. Thankfully, Kroger’s management knows this, so they have ignored the harpies from MDA.

        I shop at a King Soopers (a Kroger’s affiliate) whenever I can.

    • It was sarcasm guys. The point being that criminals don’t give a damn if weapons are illegal or not.

      • Good advice, I lived in Atlanta from 1972 to 1993, and never once, to the best of my memory, did I have a reason to hang out on Moreland Avenue.

  1. I’m beginning to think that Kroger parking lots after dark are as dangerous as Mogadishu in daylight.

    • The Kroger we shop at has an armed guard 24/7, it’s not a dive part of town either. Hippie dippie area though, maybe it’s because of all the soft targets.

      • The Kroger subsidy that I work for pulled all of the “armed” guards out. They only carry flashlights now. Even did a story on the local news informing everyone. All of these stores in town are 24hr. My particular location has two banks in the same parking lot that have been robbed several times in the last few months. Seems like only a matter of time before someone in or out of the store gets robbed too.

        • The Wal-Mart I work for hired an “armed response” officer after we were robbed and they just drove around the parking lot and when they came in the store they weren’t even carrying.

      • That Moreland Ave. Kroger is full of lib-tards from “gentrifying” areas, yet it’s in the middle of the crime-ridden ghetto.

        It’s a very good place for criminals to hunt.

  2. The “just give them what they want” mantra is weakness masked a morally based decision not to use aggressive action in defense of one’s self. No different than the “advocate against bullying” nonsense, instead of fighting a bully.

  3. Wonder why the victim didn’t just vomit, or sh!t himself, or blow a rape whistle. That would have prevented everything.

  4. Read somewhere about a year or so ago that at present, the odds of the BG in a street robbery injuring or killing the victim even if the victim complies is presently at about 50-50.

    Don’t know if that’s true or not. Would love to see some data on it.

    Really doesn’t matter, though. Even with lower odds, it’s still giving control of your survival to a person that has already shown contempt for laws of peaceful society and a willingness to commit a violent act.

  5. Any supermarket lot can be dangerous. Let’s not pick on Kroger. Situational awareness and be armed.

    • Good point. My situational awareness was heightened after day one of concealed carry. It’s not being paranoid, it is being aware of a potential threat and steering clear of it.

  6. The Paris police officer who was executed on video did the “Hands-Up-Don’t-Shoot” routine.

    It didn’t work.

  7. This is my normal Kroger. I live less than a mile away. Upon hearing this story, my wife finally acknowledged why I carry whenever I am awake.

    • I got u beat. My wife picked out her carry gun today! LC9s. Not the one I would have picked for her, but she liked it. 6 months ago I never would have guessed she would be willing to carry. But we have a gun picked out and a chl class scheduled. I have been carrying two years. Soon I’ll have backup!

  8. My relatives live only a few miles away. The Kroger near my grandfather’s place is FULL of burkha-clad Muslims, but like Former Water Walker said, most any supermarket (and certainly most any in DeKalb county – it’s by no means a Kroger thing) can be at tangible risk. You just never know. Working on a good belt setup – Ares Ranger Enhanced and Alien Gear IWB/OWB combo for a P229 and/or PPK on the way and then I can relegate the LCP mousegun to backup. Anyone know of a decent magazine carrier that would go with this?


    • After my experiences with a PPK/s (painful to shoot, super-finicky about ammo, unreliable feeding, multiple stoppages & jams) I went to a Bersa Thunder 380. Much nicer pistol as far as function goes, likes almost every ammo you feed it, super reliable plus inexpensive. In looks it’s an odd adaptation of the PPK. It’s so nice to come back from a range session not feeling like my thumb webbing has been treated with a ball peen hammer!

      • Oops, I misspoke….PPX, not PPK! Athough I would love to have one of those as well. I need to find a single or double magazine carrier for Sig P229 or Walther PPX mags.


    • Ive tried a couple of kydex only mag pouches, and recently settled on the single IWB mag carrier from Crossbreed. The leather imho, creates a much more comfortable experience and depending on the size of the mag, the magazine wont ride high enough to make contact with your skin and poke ya. Using an 8rnd 9mm shield mag though, so its potentially a caveat.

  9. Give them what they want is a common theme taught by security trainers in companies where cash transactions are part of the business. When a dirt bag pulls a knife or gun and says “give me your money and you won’t get hurt,” are you going to believe what he said? Most likely, if they steal they lie.

  10. And that is why Criminals love Mom Demand Action. They are pushing to make the world safe for criminals.

  11. Glad the victim is going to recover. Glad the perps were caught. Goes to show giving the perp(s) what they “want” is a crap shoot…maybe worse odds, apparently, if the 50-50 odds referenced above are correct. Overall, probably depends more on location and demographics, but if you live in a State that doesn’t allow you to Carry, you are at greater risk wherever you are because the criminals will believe they have the advantage. Isn’t having your natural, civil, and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear Arms denied just wonderful? Not!

  12. See, this is the kind of incident that the Bloomberg Mommies for Gun Bans want Kroger to prevent, by banning open carry in their stores!!!

    Wait, that wouldn’t have helped, would it? Maybe Kroger should ban CRIMINALS from using their stores and parking lots as hunting grounds. You know, put up a bunch of those “Gun Free Zone” signs. THAT would prevent all crimes, right?

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