Savage 1911
Courtesy Savage
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Many moons ago, the Savage 1907 and the 1911 fought for supremacy. The US Army, as we all know now, picked John Moses Browning’s 1911 design over the .45 caliber Savage 1907. The rest, as they say is history.

History has taken a new turn as Savage Arms announced today that they’re now in the 1911 business. Savage says “The US Military’s M1911 is now being given the Savage treatment.” They’ve introduced three new models — Melonite, stainless and two-tone — that are available both with and without a rail.

The Savage 1911 is built from stainless steel and has a dual recoil spring and machined sear and disconnector. From its nitride coated titanium firing pin, to the target crown on the barrel, this 1911 delivers accuracy and reliability.



  • Forged stainless steel frame and slide
  • 5” Stainless Steel Barrel machined from billet with 11° target crown
  • Dual recoil spring system with GI-style guide rod and barrel bushing
  • Ejection port is lowered, flared, and cut for live round ejection
  • Nitride coated titanium firing pin
  • Fully machined, tool steel sear and disconnector and stainless steel hammer.
  • Novak® Lo-Mount adjustable tritium bar rear sight and tritium Mega Dot Glow Dome™ Yellow front sigh
  • Ambidextrous slide lock safety
  • VZ G10 Grips
Savage Two Tone Two-Tone 1911
Courtesy Savage

MSRP: $1,349 to $1,499

Savage Melonite 1911
Courtesy Savage


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  1. Forged steel Slide and Frame. A plus. Question is what is the slide to frame fit like?
    Machined steel trigger parts – looks like no MIM parts. A Plus. Question: whats the trigger pull?
    I like that its got the ambi safety.
    Would have to hold and play with one before buying.

    • trigger pull is whatever you set the leaf spring to.

      This is a decent price for no MIM parts; my question would be how much is hand fit vs. how much is machined to precise tolerance; and how much am I going to have to arkansas stone everything?

    • I’m highly interested in Savage since I own many rifles made by them. I have a Springfield mil-Spec and bought before their descent into the sewer. Probably will not buy another, but Savage might be seeing a niche to fill, maybe a commanders model?

      Yes, things have only gotten more expensive and I don’t see it getting better. So buy now and watch prices continue to rise..or not. YMMV. Trick is to know before when something is going to be good. I lost this a game a lot when younger watching great deals as I walked by.

  2. I don’t like 1911s as much as I like other handguns simply because I don’t think they’re all that practical. That being said I still probably own 50 or 60 of them and will probably pick up one of these.

  3. Based on photos looks like a good offering. I like the looks of a rowel hammer vs the delta style. Now let’s see if Savage can get it to market in this decade.

  4. for that much $
    why not just buy a kimber rapide
    that way
    youll have something
    thats actually worth
    what you paid for it

  5. It’s sexy, why don’t more 1911 companies install dual recoil springs in the platform? To my knowledge the only other 1911 with the dual spring was the Colt M45A1, a 1911 customized and sold to Special Operations.

  6. Looks nice, like to have it, but a little pricey….I’ll keep my Kimber, I’ll have to see what Honest Outlaw, Hickok45, or Paul Harrell have so say in their reviews, LOL

  7. -Stainless barrel, frame, slide
    -forged frame and slide
    -tritium sights
    -NO MIM parts
    -Dual recoil spring
    -titanium firing pin
    -standard guide rod and bushing
    All that is worth something these days, tho I admit, at those prices I’ll stick with my Colt Combat Commander from back in the day…

      • Haha. Don’t get me wrong, I would LOVE to own a Dan Wesson 1911/2011 but the cost is out of my reach. So is this 1911. Reality sucks.

    • I don’t think anyone making an all steel 1911 is marketing it to the concealed carry customers. This pistol serves the following niches:

      home defense
      range toy

      all three of these miches are served well by this pistol. I agree it is far to impractical for a every day carry gun given the current lighter weight, higher capacity options.

  8. Wonder what actual street prices will be? Guess it depends on demand.
    Grab A Gun had $699 SA35 listed for $999 recently. Ouch. LOL

  9. Personally I love Savage, but I’ve only shot their rifles. I can afford these, after saving up for a few months, and I might look into getting one next year. We’ll see! Wish it didn’t have those forward slide serrations, but oh well.

  10. Only ever had one (1) 1911 and don’t need any more. That one is a plain jane S&W that is absolutely reliable but which they don’t make anymore.
    However, retrofitting it with the dual recoil springs mentioned above by ChoseDeath intrigues me, and I’m going to have a look at that.


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