Chesa Boudin
Former San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)
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Policing and law enforcement have been under attack for the last year and a half. Calls to “defund the police” are becoming a reality and the average citizen is ultimately paying the price.

Insert San Francisco, one of the epicenters of the “defund the police” movement. Not only are more officers retiring or resigning, meaning fewer cops on the street, but SF District Attorney Chesa Boudin refuses to prosecute most criminals.

Boudin’s slap on the wrist policy, even for many violent offenders, is why two prosecutors in his office – Brooke Jenkins and Don Du Bain – have resigned and are actively working on recalling their former boss.

“Chesa has a radical approach that involves not charging crime in the first place and simply releasing individuals with no rehabilitation and putting them in positions where they are simply more likely to re-offend,” Jenkins explained. “Being an African American and Latino woman, I would wholeheartedly agree that the criminal justice system needs a lot of work, but when you are a district attorney, your job is to have balance.”

According to Du Bain, Boudin picks and chooses what court decisions should be followed and which ones should be ignored, something the prosecutors take issue with.

Combine fewer cops on the street and a DA’s office that fails to prosecute criminals and you get skyrocketing crime in the Bay Area. Things have gotten so bad that residents are now hiring their own private security to patrol their neighborhoods and keep an eye on their properties – you know, the very things law enforcement is (was) tasked with doing.

“We don’t feel safe in our neighborhood,” Marina District resident Katie Lyons told CBS. “And we have an alarm, we have cameras on our property, but we want the extra security of having someone have eyes on our place.”

The once safe neighborhood is now plagued with break-ins, burglaries, and petty theft. In some instances, the homeless are also camping on people’s doorsteps.

The officer the neighbors are using, Alan Byard, patrols the neighborhoods from 8 pm to 5 am. Each residence is charged $65 a month. Byard said the number of clients he has skyrocketed since the start of the pandemic. He went from 70 to 150 residences in the Marina District alone. And that’s on top of the taxes these people already pay to support city’s law enforcement and criminal justice systems.

“It’s a nice area down here, people are afraid of what’s been going on,” Byrad explained. “They want a safe place to raise their kids. In the last year, I’ve had 10 of my clients move out of the city.”

Who could blame residents for wanting private security? It’s not surprising that people are moving out of the area in droves.

Law enforcement exists to protect us from criminals wanting to cause harm. When politicians choose to “defund” the police – or adopt policies that force current officers out in droves – the average citizen is affected the most. These policies create an opportunities for criminals to prey on the law-abiding.

Lax or non-existent law enforcement places a target on citizens’ back and says, “No one is here to do anything if you break the law. Take whatever you’d like. No one will stop you and no one will prosecute you.” Those who can’t afford the cost of hiring private security protection for their neighborhoods are left to deal with the situation as best they can.

Let this serve as a warning to other towns and their citizens: San Francisco should be a cautionary tale, not a model to emulate.

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  1. My first thought is, what authority does a private security person have? If they shoot a perp, assuming they are allowed to carry, what is the impact on them? It’s beyond frightening now.

    • If they shoot a perp, assuming they are allowed to carry, what is the impact on them?

      There will be no shooting. The private security knows the DA will hang them high if they so much as draw their firearm. This is pure security theater. The residents are just hoping that the criminals will go to another neighborhood.

    • The “private security” is actually off duty SFPD.
      To that end they can’t shoot a perp anyways because the SF DA will file charges against them for a hate crime!
      The criminals don’t care because even if they are caught they will be let out in an hour or two anyways.
      Some 15 or so assistant DA’s have quit, and others are joining the recall effort against this commie bozo. Yes he is a self avowed communist, and he has stated that repeatedly.

      • That makes sense (off duty SFPD). “Regular” security officers have their role (I’ve been one in the past), but you’re probably going to want a cop here for the arrest powers – and for the fact that if he/she gets in a tough spot, his fellow LEO’s will probably arrive a lot quicker than for a non-LEO security guard (again, been there, done that).

      • Those aren’t off duty cops. Those are Patrol Specials. They came out of the 1840-1900 Vigilance Committee and were incorporated as paid security under the supervision/administration of the SFPD. They are the truest form of the stereo type Security Guard Rent-a-cop / wanna be cop.

    • there’s a bunch of “grey area” law that goes on with these if they are also off duty police.

      Authority of off duty police does not always carry across if in their off duty time they were working for a private entity. For example, where I live, an off duty police officer performing a security guard/bouncer role for a commercial entity doesn’t have powers of arrest while performing that security guard/bouncer role but if the off duty officer was not doing that and just on his off duty time he/she can arrest.

      • It’s that and worse –

        They claim to be all about eliminating ‘inequity’, but all they are doing is making it far worse. The wealthy will have their personal armed protection, while the poor will have none.

        If they really want to eliminate ‘inequity’, they must outlaw outright private ‘security companies’ Make the wealthy as personally-exposed to violent crime, and then you will see the city take violent crime seriously…

    • Why would a private security guard even call the police? Unless there are a significant amount of witnesses, since no one will likely be there to testify against the guard, and no one’s going to come out and collect any evidence, what motivation does he have to call the police at all?
      Why wouldn’t he just wait till the end of his shift, go home, and be satisfied that he did a good day’s work?
      Despite the common rhetoric, police exist to protect the poor. The wealthy can afford their own justice.

      • Street crime has moved into many very wealthy very white nieghborhoods. It was not there as of 2019. But during 2020 and into this year, street crime is now in places that it was not before.

        The wealthy can afford to hire armed guards. The anti-civil rights Rosie O’ Donnell is an example.

  2. What do you expect from a city with poo covering the sidewalks? They voted for it, it’s their demoCrap, let them wallow in it. CA is so pathetic they could not see the light and recall their worthless governor. Voters there must be gluttons for punishment.

      • …and as California goes, so will soon the rest of America will follow.

        Gives you a warm-and-fuzzy feeling as you slip and fall on city streets slick with diseased feces, doesn’t it?

        Coming soon! To a state near YOU! 🙂

    • The conservative voters are bailing or have bailed out. The rest are clawing for a crumb normality hoping that the psychopaths will ALLOW things to go back to normal… or, koolaid drinkers. I’m losing my job after 20 years and my koolaide drinking dad told me that me and my children should die in the gutter like we deserve for not getting the COVID shot. My brother in law got the shot just to keep his job, to keep his wife happy, and to keep his children oblivious to the state tyranny. He says he believes in freedom and hates tyranny…. he sure aint doing much to fight it.

  3. This is why I will never go to San Francisco ever again. I have turned down conferences in SF because of this. My wife really wanted to go to a concert there in December so I am having a limo take us, wait and take us home. I won’t park my car in the city. No way..

    Just wait, the purge will be right around the corner. Life imitating art I suppose

    • I lived just south of SF back when I was going to college over thirty years ago, in a coastal town called Pacifica. The air was clean, some areas were still affordable, and the only real mess was the commute. Politics wasn’t yet clown world, as CA was still a primarily red state, and SF was full of classic liberals (not the modern Marxists).

      The last time I passed through SF (on my my way to a vacation destination in NorCal) was about a dozen years ago, and it was already a world different than when I had left it. That was the last time, and I have no intention of ever going anywhere in the larger Bay Area. You could offer me a cushy job at a Silicon Valley company with a salary of $500K, and I wouldn’t take it.

      If you like your poop and needles, you can keep your poop and needles.

      • I spent a week in Pacifica back in August 1998. It was cold, for a Florida boy like me.

        My host had some favorite restaurants she wanted me to try while I was out there, in the city proper. While walking from paid parking to the eatery about 8PM, we watched a car getting broken into, right there on the street. She advised it would be safest if just walked on past him and didn’t notice what he was doing.

        It was kinda nice being seaside and hearing the (cold!) surf rumble as nodding off to sleep. It was the first vacation I had in nearly 9 years at that point…

      • “If you like your poop and needles, you can keep your poop and needles.”

        This is the consequence of drug legalization. And the Libertarians avoid talking about supporting the consequences of their belief system. Which is why I say the are dishonest people.

  4. Let’s just hope that San Francisco doesn’t slide into the sea when the next Big One hits. The poor Pacific cannot take that level of pollution.

    • @Ralph

      If SF slid into the ocean there would be a period of peak pollution with a gradual clearing as the ocean cleaned itself..however, the current situation is an ongoing 24/7/365 contamination of the Bay.

      The San Francisco bay is polluted with mercury, trash, human E.Coli and “recreational” drug residues in quantities high enough for periodic warnings about hazardous exposure from the water…not that the occupying goblins, City Fathers [sic], or politicians give a sh*t beyond lip service.

      The best analogy I’ve heard (from a friend who moved out of there years ago) compared the Bay to a large, dirty toilet that needs repeated flushing.

      • Debbie W.,

        The people who live in those areas of San Francisco (who employ private security) have no trouble paying $65 per month for security patrols at night.

        To emphasize my point, a friend who lived/worked out there for 18 months mentioned how it is commonplace for residents in that area to go out to dinner several nights a week with friends and spend well over $200 per couple per dinner. We are talking a monthly budget on the order of $2,000 just for eating out. An additional monthly expense of $65 is nothing for them.

    • Eventually there will be a two-tier police system. The lower will be the ANTIFA and BLM staffed Social Justice Police. The higher will be privatized or corporatized user-pays private police.

    • Alan Byard, patrols the neighborhoods from 8 pm to 5 am. Each residence is charged $65 a month. Byard said the number of clients he has skyrocketed since the start of the pandemic. He went from 70 to 150 residences in the Marina District alone.

      150 homes x 65$ /mo = $9750 month divided by 270 hours (30days*9 hrs) = $36/hr

      Not getting rich at 6$ gas in SF if he is constantly rolling.

  5. The rise of private police forces is a reality now. I would imagine there are some companies looking at that right now.

    • That is private police forces that have the full law authority public police forces do now, not a private security guard force.

    • Blackwater was a private security company on an international level. They exist because nations don’t want to have a military draft to raise the numbers of soldiers, for the size of the missions, that a goverment wants to project around the world.

      So countries hire a private security contractor. Since protesters now want the police defunded. And the wealthy still want police protection. Rich people can afford to pay for it, out of their own pocket.

      The rich will always have armed security. Private or government provided.

  6. Now it looks like people will need to hire their own courts to get any criminals prosecuted.

  7. If the DA is not going to prosecute criminals in court I think the people of SF should be able to hire Judge Judy to prosecute criminals.

  8. How many of Alan Byard’s hundred plus clients are hounding Chesa Boudin about his no-prosecution policy? They need to write letters to the newspapers, post on social media, get on talk radio if they can. Criticize, criticize, criticize on every medium at every opportunity. Give him no peace until he changes his ways or is hounded out of office.

    • Kendahl,

      For reasons that I cannot begin to comprehend, there is a mass self-loathing craze afflicting nearly all California Progressives–they figure they deserve the ugliness which is upon them. It is the very same mental illness/process where sexual deviants invite/accept verbal and physical abuse as part of their sexual escapades.

      That being the case, I highly doubt there will be any significant outcry, at least not from Progressives.

  9. I guess private security is some kind of solution, at least for the people who can afford it. The regular folks, particularly those in more risky areas where they need the protection the most probably cannot afford it. If you want to know what life will be like for the regular people under the glorious new world order the leftists seem hell bent on dragging us into…here you go. Like it? No? THEN STOP VOTING FOR THESE A_HOLES.

  10. The hoodrats do not fear the police, or the courts. Therefore they must be taught to fear their intended victim.

    CA generally, and SF in particular, cannot handle this on their own. They need the help of armed honest residents. They need to see to it that these residents have the ability to arm themselves and use those arms without fear of adverse legal consequences. That’s how we do it in MS and it works quite well.

  11. “We don’t feel safe in our neighborhood,” Marina District resident Katie Lyons told CBS. “And we have an alarm, we have cameras on our property, but we want the extra security of having someone have eyes on our place.”

    Translation: we want the extra peace-of-mind knowing that someone with a firearm is outside watching out for us.

    • Gasp! A Firearm! Egads!

      here is whats going to happen; When legal gun owner residents start shooting criminals in defense on a routine basis, all of the anti-gun groups are going to descend and claim gun violence is epidemic in SF because people have guns and call for stricter gun control on legal gun owners.

      • .40 cal Booger,

        “When legal gun owner residents …”

        I am going to have to stop you right there: there are no legal gun owner residents in the San Francisco Bay area!

        Okay, maybe there are two or three (including the person who frequently comments on this website using the moniker “jwm”) legal gun owner residents in the Bay area. I doubt that will show up on Progressive news radar.


  12. Well ladies and gentlemen,

    This is what happens when you abandon sound reasoning and timeless principles of wrong-versus-right.

    When emotion and hysteria have the final say, all manner of ugliness such as we see in San Francisco are the inevitable result.

  13. The article is mostly bullshit. Defunding the police meant de-militarizing them and not spending millions of your tax dollars on flame throwing tanks, machine guns, spy drones harassing law abiding citizens because their grass was 2 inches to high or their lawn mowers had mufflers needing replacement. Watching a flame throwing tank incinerate mostly 80 women in the Branch Dravidian massacre is all you need to know about law enforcement these days and why we need to de-militarize them.

    If cops are quitting because they are being reprimanded or fired for brutal behavior or quitting because they will not get vaccinated good riddance, other people will only be to glad to take the high paying jobs and good retirement they get. Good cops do not take the job so they can beat and murder people or take bribes from gang bangers.

    I have seen cops giving young girls rides late a night in the back of their cruisers , read about cops coercing prostitutes for sex, taking coffee breaks on company time, turning in overtime pay and not actually working it. I have seen them avoid dangerous ends of town. They have been caught taking bribes from dope gangs so they could pay for their kids college expenses.

    The movie Serpico was a very good movie showing how corrupt many cops really are and how little they actually do to protect the citizens. When the only people on the street that the cops know by their first names are dope dealers and not the citizens that should tell you all you need to know.

    Cops do not prevent break-ins either that part of the article was pure bullshit. Cops do not protect citizens they only arrive “after the fact” when citizens are robbed, beaten or murdered.

    In the old days cops patrolled on foot and met the people and talked to them and even knew them by their first names. This was part of community service not speeding through the neighborhood at 50 mph on the way to the nearest doughnut and coffee shop and then claiming they were keeping the neighborhood safe. What a joke they are.

    One long time “good cop” once told me “In these modern times I have never seen the people look at me with such hate in their eyes”. No shit, when they see cops torture people to death like in the outrageous George Floyd murder what kind of attitude would you expect.

    • Speaking of bullshit…thank you for posting.

      Always nice to hear from the fourth-level standard deviants deviation…you know, those representing the extreme 0.15% on the Bell Curve. Those extremists who paint everyone with the same broad paintbrush of hatred and intolerance…especially singling out those people who don’t adore them for their stunted world view.

      Offering a counter viewpoint: I have worked with officers who have coached, mentored, sponsored and tutored youngsters who were dealt a crappy hand in Life. Most of these officers did so with no official recognition or public accolades…they did so because it was the right thing to do for the kids, their community and for themselves.

      • And that is true in small town America. In large Metro areas, the militarized version of a LEO is the norm. They want their share of drug money, what does get turned in gets split up and the department gets some. This furthers the LEO from the person on the street. The good officers will go and find a department in a suburban city, but even in the burbs, there are meth labs and these guys get rousted by the Sheriff deputies that chase them down. Many of these guys are broke after getting arrested, but they stay on the street(I wonder where the money went?)
        Kids learn that these LEOs are not to be trusted. I am glad you have a normal PD, but believe it, many are too big and militarized to do any good.

    • Defund the police means the police budget is reduced with the money going to social(ist) workers instead. I don’t see how “Defund the Police” can be reinterpreted as “Demilitarize the Police”.

      When the police budget is reduced, the first thing is overtime pay, then training, new recruits, new equipment, and in extreme cases even fuel for vehicles.

  14. What the fuck did I just read?

    No sympathy. Move the fuck out of your commie state or take it back.

    This shit is privilege as fuck. Protect your damn self. Private security made up of the same tyrants that make up police and government agencies.

    • Correct!!!
      No one is coming to save you. You need to vote for the best candidate. Or run yourself. Get involved. Attend meetings. Or just stay home and enjoy your favorite intoxicant. And stop complaining on TTAG. You’re just blowing smoke.

  15. Why is any of this a surprise? It is your responsibility to defend yourself as well as your property. Not the Police and not the Government. For most of you claiming you don’t want the Governement babysitting you, you certainly seem to love being babysat.

    • Why? Maybe because people expect to receive the services that they are told their mandatory taxes are supposedly paying for. Some people actually expect people to do their jobs.

      There unfortunately isn’t an “OPT OUT” check list for taxes we do or do not want to pay for.

  16. AceOfSpades shreds Boudin. Here is the lead line.

    Chesa Boudin is the son of two terrorists — Kathy Boudin and David Gilbert. They were both fellow members of the Weather Underground with Barack Obama’s pal and likely ghostwriter, Bill Ayers.

    • Well, that ‘splains a lot.

      He’s a ‘True Believer’ of ‘The Struggle’…

  17. THIS 100 families apparently STILL don’t get it.

    It is THEIR responsibility. Shifting it to someone else does NOTHING to solve the problem. If you have the money to hire your own personal security then you have the money to buy guns, train, and buy plenty of ammo. Then STOP voting for all those people that created this problem in the first place.

  18. Hey, Wake up, it’s San Francisco. No one outside the city gives a crap about what happens there. They keep voting democrat, let them be victims. I think it’s great that they have to hire security.

  19. These rich folks are not protected by security. It’s a ruse hoping to deter the criminals. But these rich folk should reap what they sow. They elected these liberal morons who now let criminals go unpunished and throw cops under any bus that rounds the corner.
    Let them eat cake die by their own plans and votes. F ’em.

  20. Chesa Boudin in the kind of DA that the Libertarians, Liberals, and the Left, have been asking for and now supporting and voting for, for decades now. Their irrational hatred for the police. And their hatred of the justice system. As well as their soft bigotry of low expectations for black people. Have created the world that now is in every major American city. That is controlled by democrats.

    Prop 47 in California is their dream law. And now Chiraq is going to have a similar situation. They are going to make any crime under $1000 a misdemeanor.

    • Chris, do you know any Libertarians?

      I am one.

      I gotta say, I dont know a single one that thinks “police are bad” or have “low expectations for blacks”. We generally are not fond of spending money recklessly, and think we need a lot less government in general. Policing is a role that the government should do. We like cops.

      Maybe a few less laws could be a good thing. My neighbour gets ticketed for parking his RV in front of his house. Lets start with that law. Lets make that one go away. We can keep the laws for murder, theft, shoplifting, etc.

      • “The barbarians were at the gates” last year 2020 and into this year. The cops are now really wanted by people who just 100 days ago where spitting on them. I support disarming the police. Seriously. But Libertarians really don’t support the logical end of their policies.

        Except this Libertarian does.

        Eric July video 2 min long

  21. Legalizing drugs produces huge numbers of non-producers, or people who only take from others. That is something the Libertarians and the conservatives use to complain about??? Takers vs producers. Because drug addicts are unreliable people. And they always become criminals.

    “Just legalize all drugs. And all the crime will go away.”

    • again, NO. We dont think crime will go away if you legalise drugs. We think crime will exist forever. We just dont think spending cops time and prison space on a drug users is a good use of either.

      we FULLY comprehend that people addicted to those same drugs may well turn to crime to feed the habit and we’re opposed to that. Arrest them for that if they do that. Dont arrest them for smoking a joint, snorting a line, or whatever. What they do behind closed doors is up to them.

  22. This was made by a Christian church in Arizona. And they are sick of people coming from California to their state and destroying it.

    San Fran Sicko (San Francisco, CA Documentary) video 1 hr 15 min long

  23. $65 a month for armed private security is a screaming deal. Sign me up. Sounds like a burgeoning and lucrative business to get into. I’m awake half the night anyway. I’ll take a 3rd shift.

  24. Vigilantism will soon start to make an appearance. It really can’t be helped. When police pull back, citizens step up, and they dont handcuff themselves with “procedures”. Then the police arrest the vigilante and you start seeing jury nullification become an issue.

    Hopefully the citizens of these cities will stop voting with the hearts and use they’re heads.

    Progressives can’t govern. Not shouldn’t, not wont. Can’t. Its like putting a kid in charge of cookie management. It just doesn’t work

    • Vigilante

      “a member of a self-appointed group of citizens who undertake law enforcement in their community without legal authority, typically because the legal agencies are thought to be inadequate.”

      Definitions from Oxford Languages

      There is nothing wrong with being a vigilante. People who open carry guns after a riot or after a forest fire, are not criminals, just because they open carry. Or concealed carry. Joe Horn, Benard Getz, or “Paul Kersey” are not criminals.

      It is your human right as a law abiding citizen to watch out and protect where you live. As well as anywhere you travel to. If anyone really believes in having a smaller government? Then they had better support and promote the vigilante.

      You don’t have to support everything they do. But the law abiding have every right to arrest and detain a suspect. Until legal authorities arrive. Or they can just shoot the person, who has not explained, why they are in a place, they have no legal business being in.

      Today’s watch phase is: Jury Nullification.

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