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From the Second Amendment Foundation:

The Second Amendment Foundation today responded to a memorandum issued by ‘Everytown Law,’ an arm of Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety gun prohibition lobbying group, calling the document “totally biased” and written solely to support the emergency closure of American gun stores, using the COVID-19 crisis as an excuse.

According to the memo, Everytown objects to lawsuits—filed by SAF and other groups—to protect retail firearms stores as “essential businesses” on the grounds that gun rights groups are “seeking…for Second Amendment rights to become super-rights, receiving a level of protection no other constitutional right enjoys.”

“Well I have news for them,” said SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb. “The Second Amendment is a super right. That’s why it’s in our Bill of Rights. It protects all of our other rights.”

The Everytown memo also argues against gun stores being singled out “for special treatment, and be allowed to remain open even in the face of the most severe public-health crisis this country has faced in over 100 years is legally flawed and should be rejected by the courts.”

“The only thing flawed here is Everytown’s memo,” Gottlieb observed. “Constitutional rights are not subject to a public health crisis. Our rights are enshrined in the Constitution to protect them from just this sort of political treachery disguised as legal research. This memo is totally biased and one-sided, and is further proof that they know we are winning this battle.”

For the past two weeks, SAF and other groups have been waging successful legal battles in several states to prevent or reverse gun shop closures, and defend those important local businesses as “essential” during national emergencies, including a pandemic such as the Coronavirus outbreak.

“We’ve been winning,” Gottlieb said, “which means they’re losing. People rushed to gun stores, many for the first time. Everytown wants to stop that by shutting those shops down. Closing gun stores won’t cure the Coronavirus, and they know it. But if Everytown can convince people it’s okay to suspend the Second Amendment during one emergency, they’ll try to erase it entirely the next time we face a crisis. We will not allow that to happen.”


The Second Amendment Foundation (www.saf.org) is the nation’s oldest and largest tax-exempt education, research, publishing and legal action group focusing on the Constitutional right and heritage to privately own and possess firearms. Founded in 1974, The Foundation has grown to more than 650,000 members and supporters and conducts many programs designed to better inform the public about the consequences of gun control.

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  1. Oh, they closed library’s. Darn it, here I was thinking about checking out a book so I could throw it at a bad guy!!!

  2. I would ask that all gun shops that are selling hardware to new consumers take a moment and explain to them about the NRA and the SAF. Maybe even mark up the gun twenty bucks for a membership.

    Yes this virus is a terrible national tragedy. No doubt. But, looking in optimism….. this is a tremendous marketing tool available to all of the organizations that safeguard our second amendment rights.

    If we have Bloomberg knocked back on his heels then we need to be tactical about this going forward.

    • I don’t think it’s taking advantage of a tragedy to inform people that the only reason they get to enjoy this newfound right is because the liberty-minded pro-gun groups have been fighting the statists their entire lives. I wouldn’t add it to the cost, because that’s skeezy (and if you made and NRA membership mandatory, even *I* wouldn’t buy from you at this point), but I would certainly put a boot out and send them home with some literature.

  3. Bloomberg News isn’t essential. We can’t have any “Super Rights” at all so lets just shut it down entirely.

    • When citizens queue up in outdoor lines for hours isn’t it blazingly self-evident what citizens are considering to be “essential”?

      This isn’t a tough call, unless of coarse you’re a F’n moron.

      BTW, the people standing in lines for guns seem to be a lot more polite than the ones looking for toilet paper.

      • You have no idea what stupidity purchasing looks like until you come into a grocery store now. A guy came in with a tank-top, shorts, and sandals (it was 45°) and was asking for “pickled ginger” and was buying $7/dozen eggs.

        These people are definitely buying essentials to get them through.

  4. Leftards being uneducated, un American,anti Constitutionalist’s,thus the term Leftard. As such they have zero understanding of the founding documents and just keep pounding their empty heads against the wall, they fail time after time and wonder why.

  5. I wish our people would be a little more up-front about WHY gun stores have to remain open – because the GOVERNMENT made it the only way to buy new guns.

    If the government would “allow” me to buy new guns online, by mail, with a phone call, or by yelling really loudly from more than 6 feet away, then gun stores wouldn’t NEED special treatment. It’s the policies themselves that the anti-gunners champion so loudly that makes this such a big deal.

    This is them getting exactly what they asked for, and it’s exactly what we said would always happen: They’d lock the right up behind a bureaucratic machine, and then one day just decide to turn the machine off. What they promised would never happen is exactly what IS happening, and now all those not-anti-gun-but-not-2A-supporters-either are learning which side was telling the truth and which side was lying through it’s statist teeth. And which side is still telling them they don’t need a gun while also telling them that we’re emptying jails and not locking anybody up for mere property crimes.

    • It’s what was done downunder. Three states have ordered the gun shops closed (Victoria, Queensland, and Western Australia). New South Wales just closed the Firearms Registry so no applications can be made or paperwork returned. The clubs and ranges are closed. The shops are open, for now.

    • Exactly what I always said. Super right? Do you talk about the one that requires a blessing from the government before it can be exercised?
      “Why you have to be such an extremist? Just let them have this little ‘compromise’ and they will leave us alone.” They said.
      “It’s just ten bucks for ten years and up to a month from application to get your FOID! No big deal.”
      “You need to buy your new pistol from an FFL in your state or have it sent there and wait and pay extra to be allowed to jump through some hoops. So easy, it’s not worth raising hell about it.”
      “It’s just a 4473 to fill out, background check to make sure you are worthy of a human right and then 24…I mean 72 hours cool down period. No sweat.”
      “So you have to register your machinegun, pay 200 bucks for the privilege, big deal! But you can still buy one!”
      Until one day the government decides to stop processing the red tape it prescribed and suddenly you can’t.

      “No carry for you either- the permit requires 16 hours of school and all schools are hereby closed. Tough luck.”

      Any gun control bill needs to be killed in the cradle. (And carry significant consequences for everyone who sponsors it.) Even if it looks innocent and not all that much onerous, it will be used to infringe on our RTKBA at first suitable opportunity.

  6. Essential service according to the US federal government.

    See “Law Enforcement, Public Safety, and Other First Responders”

    “Workers – including contracted vendors — who maintain, manufacture, or supply equipment and services supporting law enforcement emergency service and response operations (to include electronic security and life safety security personnel).

    Workers supporting the operation of firearm or ammunition product manufacturers, retailers, importers, distributors, and shooting ranges.”

    • They only agree with the government when it’s doing what they want it to do. Otherwise it’s just lobbyists (who aren’t them) “interfering” with the government. Or russia, or china, or christians, or whatever they feel like attacking that day.

  7. I have yet to read anywhere about Bloomberg sending his money for assistance with the virus crisis anywhere. Guess he wouldn’t get any sexual gratuity from helping anyone.

    • He could pay a million people 5000 just from what his outfit made last year. He s worth enough to pay everyone who lost a job 10000 dollars and still have 25 billion left over.

  8. So, when the govt breaks down n can’t protect you (as much as they could to begin with) they yet, still have the reources to stop you from protecting yourself?

  9. The punk should worry about who’s smoking in the rotten apple and get a quart of Diet Coke eat at a McDonald’s and stay the f—-k out of our lives god help America if that shitbag makes president!!!!

  10. WOW someone at “everytown” is really stupid

    so lets see…2nd VS 1st amd ??

    book store VS gun shop?

    One a book these days can be downloaded or mailed to you from amazon!
    The other ‘guns’ Via your 1968 laws can not be mailed and all the transactions my be IN PERSON!
    then add the 1st can be used via TV radio and the internet
    Guns can not at this time be ‘transmitted’ over cables or airwaves morons!

    Church service VS gun store

    You can still go to ‘church’ via Face book, skype, TV , Radio and you paying to you God personally with family at home….unless you are godless? I am sure that most of everytown is indeed…just that!

    next try?

  11. Even here in hoplophobic Massachusetts, gun stores, gun ranges, gunsmiths and such are considered essential under the latest government proclamation.

    In the mind of Bloomberg, only the protection of Bloomberg is essential. American Samoa agrees.

    • And just when we thought it was safe to go back in the water, Governor Baker reversed his reversal and shut down the gun stores again.

      What a douchenozzle.

  12. The rights issue isn’t the only flaw in their argument.

    Their base premise that gun stores are getting “special treatment” is incorrect.

    Insofar as the gun business remains “brick and mortar” and allowed to operate in that capacity, that situation stems from the preexisting “special treatment” of the firearms business under statutory law. That is to say, the industry has a preexisting impairment in how it functions due to gun control laws that precludes the idea that it could simply “go remote”.

    Most of what I might buy in person these days, from auto parts to exercise equipment can still be ordered online and delivered to my house. Financial tools can be used online or over the phone. This can’t be done with firearms.

    Essentially the gun control these folks wanted and championed, the laws they said “are not enough”, was the spooling out of they very rope that’s hanging them right now.

  13. All the Rights in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution are in fact “SUPER RIGHTS”. That’s why they are so enshrined in our founding documents and foundational law.

    This is why I say that all “orders” to close businesses and not congregate in numbers more than ten (for example) are un-constitutional.

    These should be advisories, pleadings, “For God Sake We Beg You To Comply” and other and assorted forms of pleading and urging are apropriate.

    But The People have the Right to Peaceably Assemble. I mean I have read this someplace, in more than one place in fact. Seems to me other Americans may recall this right as well?

    And no where in the Bill of Rights or the many amendments to the Constitution does the phrase “except when bad shit happens … ” appear.

    Not that I can find, anyway.

    PS: Yes, I do think these virus fighting precautions are a very good idea and everyone should do their best with them. Still don’t like them as “orders”. I am an American Citizen, not a Comrade or a Party Member, thank you very much!

  14. Bloomberg wound up being a sick joke. History will remember that he drove politicians, at a state and national level, to focus upon gun control in December 2019 and January and February 2020. He used his immense wealth to drive attention to his personal policy preferences at the expense of other issues, like the emerging pandemic. Thankfully, for him, he has not lost his access to the Chinese market by upsetting the Chinese dictatorship.

    • That is why he was “The Manchurian Candidate”. Did he buy China or did he bend the knee to the PRC.

  15. Rights and Super-Rights? I think not. Something is a right or it isn’t. If it’s a right, it is it’s own sovereign and doesn’t need the approval of government, not can any government rescind it. If a “right” is not it’s own sovereign, and requires the approval of any form of government to give it legitimacy, then it is not a right, it is a privilege.

    There are no Rights and Super-Rights. There are only Rights and Not-Rights.

  16. Unfortunately M Assachusetts wasn’t one of THEM…(re: Socialist STASI Police-State…That infringes upon every residents 2nd Amendment rights with impunity!) That is Authoritarianism…Authoritarianism is from Tyranny!

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