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Press release:

BELLEVUE, WA – Inviting Americans to “Meet the Mayors” who have been involved in the anti-gun-rights Mayors Against Illegal Guns, the Second Amendment Foundation is launching a campaign in newspapers, magazines and on the Internet that exposes the criminal and ethical wrongdoings of many members of that organization. [Click here for SAF’s “Meet the Mayors” ad.] “Michael Bloomberg created this group to further his personal agenda of public disarmament,” noted SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb. “But within the ranks of his organization, our research has found several politicians who have been convicted of various serious crimes, thus making it impossible for them to finish their terms . . .

“We discovered,” he continued, “one mayor convicted of perjury and embezzlement, another who was convicted of attempted child molestation, and yet another who was convicted of assault and racketeering. There was one who was convicted on bribery, fraud and money laundering, and another who was convicted of domestic violence.

“In short,” Gottlieb explained, “many of these elitist politicians can no longer own firearms. The crimes they were convicted of suggest they are public enemies rather than public servants. No wonder they want to take guns from law-abiding citizens!”

“Perhaps Bloomberg should worry about background checks on his colleagues, rather than law-abiding gun owners,” he suggested.

Gottlieb said SAF research discovered a far higher rate of criminal activity within the ranks of the MAIG than among the ranks of more than 8 million citizens who are licensed to carry concealed firearms in 49 states.

“While Michael Bloomberg has been campaigning to turn gun owners into criminals,” Gottlieb said, “the criminals in his own ranks were engaged in such activities as tax evasion , extortion, accepting bribes, child pornography, trademark counterfeiting and perjury. One was even convicted of assaulting a police officer.

“And these people have the audacity to smear law-abiding gun owners as potential criminals, simply because they exercise their constitutional right to keep and bear arms,” he concluded. “He should pay more attention to what his friends are up to than worry about the gun owners he’s been trying to demonize.”


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  1. Now this is a battleground that we can all support. Instead of being stupid, like our friend in Arizona, lets get behind the effort to communicate this type to information to the country.

    Secondly, actively campaign, and support the efforts to get these clowns out of office. For my part, being in Texas, see what I can do to clean up Austin and Brownsville.

    Way to go SAF!!

  2. WOW! What a GREAT idea! Outstanding use of irony. This will get me to put a crowbar to my wallet and re-up my SAF membership.

    • Haven”t you heard? To the Brady bunch, ALL guns are potentially “illegal”. You see, since were are gun owners, we are mentally unstable, per the anti gun crowd.

      Any minute, each and everyone one of us will eventually go off our rocker and commit a mass murder, a la Aurora. Thus, making each and every gun “illegal”.

      Apparently, per the anti gun crowd, each gun is “EEEVIL”, and is casting that influence on us, turning us into mass murderers.

      So, all those guns in my gun cabinet are at this minute plotting to take over my mind and cause massive loss of life.

      • Aye, that was exactly my point.

        The whole campaign (Mayor Against Illegal Guns) is a PsyOp to disingenuously characterize all guns as illegal and therefore all Gun Owners as law breakers.

        However, Gun Owners Against Illegal Mayors very succinctly characterizes these Mayors as law breakers 🙂

        • GOAIM sounds pretty close to “goyim”, which I think is Yiddish for Gentile. Nice counterpart to JPFO. 😀

  3. “Perhaps Bloomberg should worry about background checks on his colleagues, rather than law-abiding gun owners.”

    That’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever read!

  4. I see plenty of NJ politicians on the list…why am I not surprised? Thanks SAF, I’m glad I’m a member. Anybody know what’s the news on their lawsuit in NJ against judges who denied issuing CCW permits?

  5. Way to go SAF!
    I have to agree, the truth hurts, doesn’t it?
    Criminals are running the asylum in this instance I believe. It is high time the light of reality was shown on those who wish to take away our freedoms.

  6. SAF

    Everytime I see those three initials it reminds me of living in San Francisco and reading dating posts on Craigslist by Single Asian Females.

    • Not that your advice isn’t a good general rule, but could you possibly be more vague about what is incorrect? I don’t know, maybe narrow down to either the black or the red text? Or is it just some of the information that appears on a white background? Or is that photo not really of Michael Bloomberg?


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