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Conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh reckons he predicted the shooting spree at the Republican congressional baseball team’s morning practice. But only generally. Obviously. As for the killer’s “real” motivation . . .

El Rushbo says that “people on the left” have been goaded by anti-Trump politicians into a feeling of anger and frustration. They’ve “stoked raw hatred and resentment” amongst their “lunatic fringe base” the “deranged base” of the Democratic party.

Limbaugh claims James Hodgkinson was “radicalized” by the left-leaning media that he watched and recommended, including Rachel Maddow, The Nightly Show. The Democracy Show, The Ed Show, The Daily Show and Real Time with Bill Maher.

Limbaugh warns that Hodgkinson is one of a type, not an outlier per se.

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  1. Heard him say it today when he came on. Pretty hard to refute, IMHO…

    He is part of a ‘type’ for sure. But still an ‘outlier’ in that he took the necessary steps to act on such hatred with a gun. Others have used bricks, rocks, bats, etc. directed at more ‘low-value’ targets such as Trump supporters.

    • Just goes to show you, you are CRAZY to go anywhere unramed. If I was a “somebody” ,I’d be certain to always be armored, too, altho that doesn’t help vs hi-v rifle ammo.

    • But how many of them would act on it if they had access to a high value target like he did?

      My guess is many. If one of those Antifa sh*theads knew where a bunch of Republican lawmakers were going to be every week with low/minimal security, at least 1 in 20 would act on it.

      Now their action would likely be as pathetic and ineffective as this moron’s, but they would probably try nonetheless.

  2. I find Rush to be a blowhard, albeit a funny one. No matter what you think of him, just yesterday he did predict that the hatred on the left would lead to an escalation beyond threats and then today was a Leftwing terrorist shooting at Republicans.

    50-60 shots is what Rand Paul said was shot. That’s about 2 magazines worth if he had an AR. 5 people shot and no one killed. Time to listen to crows talk about “military grade” and “high powered” and “too dangerous for the public”. Garbage.

  3. Rush is rather pompous at times but I can’t find much, if any, fault in what he said today. The sad (and worrying) thing is that it’s going to get worse from here.

    Only silver lining is that whatever happens next, history will remember who drew first blood.

    • First blood? That’s quite the gift of selective perception you have there, first off, and secondly, this isn’t some war fantasy.

  4. Yeah I listen to EL Rushbo sometimes. But who wouldn’t predict THIS? Funny but the lamestream media always paints gun-owning conservative Christians as “violent or bigots or intolerant”. We ain’t the bad guys Bernie…

  5. I just commented this on another post, but for the first time in two years I actually agree with Rush about something. If we all were the people they claim us to be, you can see why they’d want to hurt us.

    Of course, we’re not. And of course, wanting to hurt someone doesn’t mean you get to do it.

    And finally, of course, I’m fully in favor of free speech.

    But damn… [to media/dnc] stop using your psychic powers to attribute discriminatory motives to people before someone actually does get killed.

  6. Go do some pills Rush, I don’t want to hear from you. I don’t care about what you have to say.

    • You seem sad. It’s almost like you lost a fellow traveler today. By the way, you comment has all of the intellectual heft of a pine cone.

      • Rush Limbaugh has all the intellectual heft of a pinecone. God help you if you’re one of his disciples.

        • ‘Rush Limbaugh has all the intellectual heft of a pinecone.’

          Wow! You really spanked him there with that clever retort!

    • I thought That fat ass, draft dodging, bag o shit
      doper was dead or in rehab or some such shit.
      Does anyone even give him the time of day anymore?

      • “Does anyone even give him the time of day anymore?”

        Only about 13 million people weekly. There is a reason Rush is called the King of Talk Radio; that and the fact that he’s right on the money about 99% of the time.

  7. The Rawandan genocide was planned by the Hutu ruling political class and preceded by a media campaign demonizing the Tutsis. The Hutus were called upon to take up arms against the evil sub-human Tutsis. The planned violence was unleashed after a political assassination. Sound familiar?

    • It worked for Castro, Pol Pot, Lenin, Mao Zedong, Chavez, Ho Chi Minh, Hitler, Benito Mussolini, etc. etc… They just work up their base into action.

      • “This is the secret of propaganda: Those who are to be persuaded by it should be completely immersed in the ideas of the propaganda, without ever noticing that they are being immersed in it.

        Joseph Goebbels

        The guy has hundreds of quotables, and frankly, should be required reading for all high school students. Yes, there’s horrible ones about Jews,but not most. The important part is how well he understood the fine art of propaganda, especially at the dawn of the multi-media age.

  8. Let me be perfectly clear.
    The proud Jewish Bernie Sanders is the inspiration for this attempted Assassination. Yes, I know he is a JINO. He and many others like to play the Jewish card when it gets them more mileage. You don’t get a pass. Timothy McVeigh was an atheist. When you call him a christian as many people do, you are a liar.

    Bernie Sanders has armed government paid security. Bernie Sanders would normally be called a dangerous man after this attempted mass murder. Sanders said he voted for the guns because to quote him “rural people in Vermont like guns.” If he was honesty he should have said, The white people of my state like guns so I voted that way. He has never supported the second amendment. He is not a supporter of the Bill of Rights.
    I have a very long memory.

    • Actually, only the congressional leadership gets armed security outside of the capitol building.

      • Jewish people are constantly acting like a Nazi is going to jump out from the bushes and get them.
        Show me that this high profile Jewish politician does not have armed government paid for security. He certainly is rich enough to pay for his own armed guards. If I’m wrong, then I’m wrong.

        • “Jewish people are constantly acting as if…”? No, not all of “us”. Please don’t do the same thing as the Leftists and lump all of a “people” into the same category. I am diametrically opposed to 80-90% of what Leftist Jews support.

  9. I agree. The MSM is to blame for the hate directed at republicans and Trump supporters. If they didn’t give air time for hatefilled radical leftists this may not have happened. Yet they make a huge deal over Alex Jone who is just a crazy conspiracy theorist, but doesn’t push any hate filled ideology.

  10. Not being part of the far left I can only hypothesize, but I’d guess they were pretty disappointed and frustrated with their teleprompter messiah to start with. Sure he doubled the national debt and stagnated the economy for 8 years. And he managed to build a few windmills and got everyone to let men into the women’s restrooms. But he failed to stop fracking (the rising seas). He didn’t stop the wars. He didn’t take our gu ns. He gave them the crappiest national takeover of health care imaginable. They had such high hopes for the ‘First African-American President’.

    Then they lost the House and then the Senate. Then a guy that was painted up as Hitler reincarnate steals the election and goes about the process of reversing everything they’d worked so hard for. Your 66 years old and all your dreams are lost for a generation – the last one you’ll be on this earth. They’ve got to be at wits end. Which is, of course, good for the country.

      • Beautiful prose such as this is pure joy. Especially appreciated because I can’t do it.

    • “He didn’t stop the wars. He didn’t take our gu ns.”

      If Pelosi and Reid could have coughed up the votes, he damn sure would have.

      What saved our collective asses was that his ego got blinded by the possibility of universal healthcare, and what that would mean for his legacy.

      By the time he got ObamaCare, he had burned all his political capital (and then some)…

      Make no mistake, if he had gone for gun control first, he would have done it…

      • No doubt, but in the mind of the average far left nut job he was supposed to get it all. And they don’t really care any more about Congress than they do the Constitution.

  11. Instead of looking at militias and conservatives the gov needs to track the left. They got a pass for 8 years.

    • You seem to fail to understand the that the government is the left. Look at the way .gov employees donate to political campaigns. The bureaucracy of the federal government is an extension of the democrat party.

  12. You people make me sick. Bernie Sanders and people on the ideological left are no more responsible for this than the ideological right is responsible for Dylan Roof.

    • I actually have somerespect for Bernie Sanders, and don’t blame him a bit. He has rare integrity (for a politician, anyway).

      I do think, however, that you’re conveniently forgetting what the progressive left has been saying — and doing — over the last few months.

      A months-long smear campaign demonizing everyone who disagrees with them as Nazis, Russian collaborators (the 1970s called, they want their cold war back), homophobes, bigots, racists, sexists, and every other negative “-ist” in the book. Glorifying riots, vandalism, assault, and battery (“punching Nazis”). Assassination fantasies crudely disguised as “art.”

      And now an actual assassination attempt. Just another step in the continuum. I’d say the Left is responsible, all right.

      • I think you’re being a bit generous calling it a “smear campaign”.

        It is a non-stop media assault with the 95% of the media outlets they control. Late night, PBS, NPR, SNL, Daily Show, even local news, not to mention the obscene stuff happening on You Tube (demonitizing anything they disagree with), Google’s blatant manipulation of searches,and Marxist Satan himself – Zuckertool.

        It is straight out of the Goebbels playbook.

    • On every gun and right-wing forum I frequent, this one absolutely included, you can find veiled and not-so-veiled threats of armed violence against the left. Go to the left-wing forums and you’ll find the same. Anger is simmering, and there are people on both sides who want violence. Hodgkiss and Dylan roof are the first of many, and after every one of these events the people on the other side will delude themselves into believing they did nothing to start the fight.

      • Except for one very big exception. The vast majority of the mass shooters, and the looters and rioters, have been leftists, or they vote left.
        And yes, there is usually the one that starts the fight. And the left/regressives has been pushing this fight against the free people of this nation for more than a hundred years.

        But in the end, freedom will out. We will finally evolve to where we will no longer be the cannon fodder, the “useful idiots” for those mad for the need of control.

        The wanna be tyrants of the left, and the RINO traitors of the right, with the blood of so many innocents on their hands, both of the born and the unborn, will be looked at by those in the future as just another example of the evils that human beings are capable of. These sad and pathetic people will be the object lesson that will remind us not to go down that road of giving our power to a simple person that can get so easily corrupted.

    • Hmm, the right has no lock on racism, but I’m pretty sure the left has a mock on hating the right. The comparison isn’t very apt. Also, it’s been a long time since anyone with a national pulpit advocated for violence against blacks, and when they did, it was democrats doing it. Meanwhile, advocating resistance, even violence, against the party currently in power after lawful elections is something many on the left with national voices are currently doing.
      I suggest you try again.

  13. How about we blame guys like this for what they do, rather than some pompous political windbag (or six) that they choose to parrot. Anyone, even Mr. Limbaugh, can have an unhinged admirer.

  14. Conservative outlets are reporting that numerous complaints were made to police in typical Democrat James Hodgkinson’s home town, it seems the POS targeted his own neighbors, anyone who had Trump lawn signs or bumper stickers found all four tires on each of their vehicles slashed prior to and after the election. Proof once again “Liberalism IS a Mental Disease”.

  15. it is such a strange time. just not too long ago an “extremist” liberal was the tree-hugging hippie protesting chicken factories and the “extremist” right was someone forcing their religion on you. Now it feels the exact opposite. The extreme liberals are the ones forcing their ideals on people, by physical force mostly, and the extreme right just wants to practice their religion the way the book says they should and want you to have more choice over you life.

    whats really hard is getting someone from an older generation, like my parents 70ish, to realize and admit this to themselves.

  16. I love Rush Limbaugh
    I listen to him on a.m. radio on my way home from work
    They run ads for a local gun range on his show !

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