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Ruger LC9: six inches long, 17.1 ounces, 9mm, 7 + 1 capacity, $433 msrp. Is this the “next handgun you must own”? Hey, wait a second. Didn’t Ruger hype this as indubitably “the next firearm you absolutely must own” (emphasis added)? Absolutely. Will TTAG test it? Positively.

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  1. Whew – I was getting worried for a second… my list of “Guns I’ll Never Buy” was getting pretty stagnant… the previous addition to the list was the Remington R1911.

    • Hello just want to say out of the box my new Remington 1911 R1 is like wedding night sex & I own 21 varios 1911’s coustom & stock. BUT the grips do need a little tweaking. I’m not a tester. Just a regular Joe who had all the best guns over the years & one great old lady who let boys be boys for the past 30 yrs. < ~~~ <>< ~~~

  2. Firmly on board the Kel Tec bandwagon, Ruger decides it’s time they bring out their version of the P11. A few years later. Whatever.

  3. The real story with Ruger is to be found in their marketing and cost-engineering departments. Ruger is NOT pushing firearms technology forward in any meaningful way, but they are delivering budget options to the latest fads with just a 12-18 month delay. That is a pretty solid strategy in and of itself.

    More importantly, I think Ruger is the only company playing the distribution and marketing game properly. Unlike SIG, Glock, FN or HK – Ruger announces product right as (or within a month) of availability. As a frequent buyer of the latest and greatest (an affliction more than something to boast), it is really frustrating when the big guys announce something cool and make us wait months and months for it. Think: ACR, HK45, MR556, the new P290, etc. Ruger knows how to build a nice buzz and capitalize on it relatively quickly.

    • Big deal. sick of hearing the kel tec b.s. Ruger did it better. and looks nothing like p11. lc9 is all lcp but bigger, with two more controls.
      sig p238 is copy of colt mustang, colt 1911 has been copied over and over for decades by everyone. kel tec made a great template. thats all.

      • Maybe I misunderstood your comment. Two guns with the same capacity, roughly the same dimensions. I will assume the Ruger is as reliable as the PF9. So what makes the Ruger so much better?

        The only difference I can see is that the Ruger is just more expensive..

  4. My issue with this LC9 launch is the way they billed it as the greatest thing since sliced bread, only to reveal it as a derivative of another company’s product (which is very similar to several competitor’s models).

    The LCR was pretty revolutionary, not just for its construction but its action system. The Ruger hype on that was justified, in my view. But not on the LC9.

    I hope the LC9 is a nice gun. Looking forward to seeing the reviews.

  5. Also several ounces heavier so I would expect it to stand up better with +P ammo. It will be a good one I think! Don’t have anything against the Katys tho!

  6. It will be interesting to see how it does. IIRC, though, it has a safety. Which doesn’t bug me, as long as it’s got a decent (short) trigger; but I have to wonder why it’s not ambidextrous (I don’t see one on the right side).

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