Ruger LCR Talo: Glock Ugly?

Although Ryan Finn’s review of the LCR didn’t mention it, Ruger’s revolver is one ugly ass gun. I reckon the polymer wheelgun is uglier than a Glock, whose Lego block minimalism sets the standard for aesthetic effrontery. In both cases, beauty lies in what the firearm can do, not how they look doing it. In other words, they get a pass. But that’s no reason; I say, I say, no reason son to make the guns uglier. Especially if you want people to pay a premium for the privilege of carrying an object that makes a Fiat Multipla look like a Ferrari California. “The first features five engraved and satin filled Ruger logos and a 24KT gold band on the cylinder,” reports. “The MSRP is $596, which is about a $70 premium over the standard model MSRP.” There’s a less expensive silver model, but c’mon. What IS the point? Just bite the bullet and get the Ruger tat already. Jeesh.  


  1. avatar tdiinva says:

    What’s with the polymer schtick? Polymer = plastic. I hate plastic guns not that I wouldn’t buy one if it fit my needs. (Maybe a XDm 9mm compact)

    1. avatar Rob J says:

      Plastic is lighter and (for me) lighter is better when you are carrying all the time. A long time ago I carried a stainless 640 revolver as a backup and it was literally a pain in the ass. Way too heavy. Traded for an S & W air weight. If I had to do it today, I would happily carry a plastic revolver.

  2. avatar Aharon says:

    I’ve held the standard LCR 357 magnum model. It looks fine and is well-balanced. The photo above of the LCR is even worse than the ones on Ruger’s website which is not known for presenting their guns in the best photographic light. In person and elsewhere on the Internet, Ruger’s SP101 and the SR9C look far better than the photos on their own website.

    The 357 model LCR weighs less than 4 ounces more than the standard 38 version and provides the option of 357 and 38. The 357 model LCR also uses the same grade of steel used in Ruger 454 Casull revolvers. The 357 model MSRP is $575 and the standard 38 model MSRP is $525. I’d suggest going with the one model LCR Ruger makes in 357.

  3. avatar Ralph says:

    The Ruger LCR and the S&W Bodygurad 38 are, perhaps, the two ugliest revolvers of all time. It’s hard to make an ugly revolver, but Ruger and S&W have been able to crack the ugly code, surpassing even Chiappa and its fugly but interesting Rhino.

    1. avatar Aharon says:

      Come-on Ralph. The LCR’s are petite and adorable. Most CC revolver men wouldn’t have a problem with placing an LCR down into their pants.

      1. avatar Ralph says:

        I would carry my 642 down there, but my Python takes up all the available space.

        1. avatar Derek says:

          I thought you had an Anaconda…

        2. avatar Aharon says:

          Snakes sometimes get smaller with age.

        3. avatar Aharon says:

          Buy larger size pants.

  4. avatar John says:

    I’m happy with my LCR .38, but no thanks on the bling edition above. A gold band on the cylinder? They couldn’t even spring for a gold bead front sight?

    And this is another chance to mention that I want a 5-shot .45 acp version. I love me some full moon clips.

  5. avatar Chris Dumm says:

    The LCR is so ugly, even the bad guys on Firefly (a series known for funky-looking guns) wouldn’t have carried it. I’d carry an ugly gun that works well, however; not every gun can be a Combat Masterpiece or a pre-’64 Model 70.

  6. avatar Ryan Finn says:

    To be fair, I called it the Glock of revolvers. I love that ugly girl to no end, but gold accents? No thanks

  7. avatar GS650G says:

    Why not a gold trigger too? Go for the complete gangsta look.

  8. avatar LC Judas says:

    Okay, I carry an LCR .38 every day at work. I never gave it a lot of thought as to how god awful ugly it is as…I’m a Glock fanboy and if you can love that thing you obviously have the concept of ‘pretty’ messed up on some level. I will give S&W the blue ribbon at the beauty contest (the gold band is really not helping AT ALL) but that’s all I would give.

    The Smith competition was either too heavy or double the price. A Smith 442 or 642 was around the same $400 new I paid for the LCR but heavier by a decent bit. The Scandium framed 342 was well into the $800 range and although the 340 is lighter in .357 magnum than the LCR .38 (my dealer carries one and we weighed them on a scale) and the 342 is a little lighter than that it still is not a good buy for the money unless it is your primary every day carry. Two ounces is not worth double the price in my opinion. But…holster gear for Smith snubbies grows on trees. There is not a single molded thing for Ruger’s ugly Betty as of yet that I’ve seen. If you’re undecided on which is worth it the aesthetics can tip the scale (if weight isn’t going to) but shouldn’t be the deciding factor.

    1. avatar John says:

      Re: molded thingy’s… I use a Crossbreed Qwikclip for mine. Easy on and off.

    2. avatar Aharon says:

      “There is not a single molded thing for Ruger’s ugly Betty as of yet that I’ve seen”.

      For LCR holsters try these eight manufacturers that Ruger links to:

      For LCR parts and accessories, go here and plug in LCR into the search window:

  9. avatar LC Judas says:

    I have a Charter Arms open top leather IWB that fits terrible that I never use and a nylon/velcro ankle affair for it most of the time that I have it on me. My experience at the local LE supply store was disenheartening to say the least but they shamelessly only sell Smith and Remington weapons, ammo and compatible gear, too. Should not have been surprised.

    Then, the LCR does have the fact that in really bright sunlight it looks purple to minus ugly factor…nearly forgot that.

  10. avatar 277Volt says:

    As a gun and car guy I have to say that comparing any gun to the Fiat Multipla is as low as it gets – Chiappa territory. Even the Citroen 2cv has spades more charm than that Fiat abomination. Having said that, in my personal opinion, the overall class of hammerless snubbies are ugly one and all. It is simply a function of their raison d’etre and can’t rightly be held against them. Sometimes in design the best solution to a problem just ain’t pretty.

  11. avatar Bob says:

    A surprising number of people like it enough to buy it.

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