Ruger Announces the New LC Carbine in 5.7×28 With Side-Folding Stock

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Ruger LCC 5.7

From Ruger . . .

Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. is excited to introduce the lightweight, compact Ruger LC Carbine chambered in 5.7x28mm. The compact nature of this carbine owes to its bolt-over-barrel design and feeding through the grip. The Ruger LC Carbine has a full 16.25” barrel, features a reversible side-folding stock adjustable for length of pull, and is compatible with Picatinny rail-mounted accessory stocks. The stock and Rapid Deploy adjustable sights can be folded for storage.

Utilizing the same magazines and controls as the innovative Ruger-5.7™ pistol, the LC Carbine is the ultimate range companion. Even when using typical 40 grain 5.7x28mm jacketed bullets, this high-performing carbine’s felt recoil is comparable to a .22 LR. Like the Ruger-5.7 pistol, the LC Carbine utilizes Ruger’s safe, reliable and proven Secure Action fire-control mechanism that combines a protected internal hammer with a bladed-safety trigger that has a short, smooth pull, clean break and positive reset. The fluted, nitride-coated alloy steel barrel is durable and lightweight and allows for the attachment of standard muzzle accessories.

Ruger President and CEO, Chris Killoy, took time out at the range with the new LC Carbine and says, “I can’t describe how ergonomic the LC Carbine feels in your hands. You have to experience it on the range to really appreciate how it balances and moves. The controls are intuitive and conveniently located, and the lack of felt recoil makes it hard to put down.”

Made in the USA of strong and lightweight materials, the Ruger LC Carbine is ideal for the range, backpacking, small game, or anywhere a versatile and reliable carbine is appreciated.

For more information on the Ruger LC Carbine or to learn more about the extensive line of award-winning Ruger firearms, visit, or To find accessories for the Ruger LC Carbine and other Ruger firearms, visit or your local independent retailer of Ruger firearms.

The acquisition, ownership, possession and use of firearms is heavily regulated. Some models may not be legally available in your state or locale. Whatever your purpose for lawfully acquiring a firearm – know the law, get trained, and shoot safely.

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  1. Don’t mind the bolt-over-barrel design and feeding through the grip, but the side folding stock doesn’t thrill me at all so its a hard pass for me on considering this one. But I will admit it looks like fun.

    • Easy fix: don’t fold it 😉. It’s nice that it goes either way though. Fitting for this brave new world they are making for us.

    • I just don’t get why the barrel is fluted. I suppose it wouldn’t hurt but isn’t fluting a barrel only needed in roller delayed blowback?

      • Roller delayed and gas retarded actions use fluted chambers. This is the exterior of the barrel that is fluted.

        • Ah ok. I was thinking of a fluted chamber. Not fluting along the outside of the barrel. Makes more sense now.

    • jwm, I just fondled a Ruger PC Carbine the other day, the m-lok alum forend model, and liked it so much I ordered one. Reminds me of my mini 14 with the old school stock. And hey, it takes glock mags! (🤮😄). It’s fast handling but has a bit of heft, quality const/feel, glowing reports on reliability, blah blah. I’m betting you’d like it. The alum forend gives it a PPSH look while the regular plastic forend leaves a lot of hot barrel exposed. Plastic but solid old school back end on it so way more better for buttstroking than yer typical AR. Take down style (pull a lever and twist, ala 10/22), peeping tom sights and a decent trigger. Not overly expensive and works well with the 33rnd happy sticks. Worth checking out, way more nicer than this thing (article should’ve read: “… and the lack of felt recoil makes it hard to put anything down…”). Cheers.

      • That’s my complaint with pcc’s. Weight. A 9mm that weighs more than 6 pounds is ridiculous.

        I see the pcc as near perfect for disabled or elderly folks except for the weight factor.

        • Good point although it didn’t strike as weighty, more like a solid feel to it, but then I think I’m built about like you are. I also have a TNW carbine in 45 which I really like and it’s a little lighter for sure. Another option worth checking out, kinda looks like a Ma Deuce and a Sten had a date one night and this fell out.

      • Tell the widows at Fort Hood that. I have a pcc in 9mm and .40 s&w and they are both awesome. Pistol and carbine, same ammunition, same mags, stays on target. 9mm and .40 s&w are easier to reload, but I can see how 5.7 could be handy.

      • As to the comments of lack of power…I don’t know how accurate that is. The US Secret Service Presidential Protection guys carry P90’s using 5.7×28
        I’m assuming here that they can ask for and get whatever they want, and that’s their gun of choice…for presidential and associated dignitary protection. And that’s with a 10.4″ barrel.
        Also that fücker who killed 13 and injured more than 30 others back in 2009 at Fort Hood, he used a 5.7 pistol.
        It was also used by Peruvian forces to take back the Japanese embassy back in ’97 where its ballistics were quite favorable. And the SS190 round was purposely created to be able to defeat Soviet Crisat armor. No, we can’t easily get SS190 ammo, but there’s a host of ammo available with similar ballistics.

  2. Um….no.

    Don’t want a carbine that feeds through the grip, especially in such a small round. It’s very limiting so far as magazine size.

    No thanks.

    • Hmmm….so, I have a rifle in 5.56×45 and a rifle in 22LR.
      5.57 is more powerful than a 22, but less so than 5.56. It seems moving to that caliber gains very little for me.

      So does this carbine give me a capability I do not have now?
      Portability? Yes. Do I need that? No. My pistols cover that.

      Entertainment? Probably. Looks like it could be fun to shoot. But is that worth the price and the investment in ammo of, yet, another caliber? Nah?

      What else?
      Nothing else.
      Will pass on this one.

      • LifeSavor, enhanced soft armor penetration, you know, if one should need that capability after another election or two… but yeah, it’s kinda like a pointy 22maganum.

      • One person it would be great for is someone who’s not a high speed low drag operator. My experience with a P90 is that you can fire 50 rounds in one pull, one handed, and keep all 50 rounds in a 10″ circle at 10 meters. At least in a P90, the gun just does not move when being fired. If the LC Carbine shoots like a P90/PS90, that would be the perfect gun for those who are not “tactical experts”, and for those who may be recoil shy. I know that with my level of training (34 years), I can get more rounds centered on target, faster, with a P90 than with any of my 5.56 longer barreled platforms.

  3. I think its kinda cool, and its probably a fun range toy. It’s definitely more interesting than a Sub2000, but unless we have access to real-deal military 5.7 ammo and a shorter barrel version, I’ll just buy a shorty AR or AK for self defense.

  4. Just needs a shorter barrel and pistol brace and there you have it, the best home defense gun for females.

  5. Does this thing fire with the stock folded?

    If so, with a folded length less than 26″, doesn’t it hit an NFA limit for overall length?

    • I believe that OAL rule is only for firearms not “originally designed” to be rifles intended to be fired from the shoulder. Otherwise all the folks who’ve gobbled up those Samson A-TM folding stocks for Ruger Mini’s will be in trouble.

      Of course that rule interpretation comes from the ATF and we all know how reluctant they are to change rules.

      • That rule only applies if it can’t be fired in the folded configuration. They’ll measure the shortest configuration it will fire in.

        • DS is correct. My factory RDB-S is 24.5″ in collapsed position, which in no way affects its ability to fire. So is every bufferless, folding-stock 16″bbl AR.

  6. As a southpaw I really don’t like blowback PCCs unless I can change the ejection port over. I really don’t want to have to brush my teeth at the range just to get the grit out of my mouth. Even with my mouth shut it still gets in there and don’t get me started on the range buggers I have to blow out when I wash up after a range session.

      • I’m kinda fond of being able to breathe. But I did try it years ago when I was working up a load for a sub2000. it worked but after an hour in the sun I was sweating like a pig and I figured I’d rather deal with the grit then a rash. As far as Covid, I only used one when I had no choice, like for work.

  7. I think that’s an awesome setup for patrol. Pistol and carbine using same ammunition and magazines, light weight , stays on target, shoots flat, proven killer.

  8. Anyone familiar with the rationale for this round’s development in the first place will raise an eyebrow. A PDW round developed for a smaller than a rifle firearm, in a rifle?

  9. “The acquisition, ownership, possession and use of firearms is heavily regulated. Some models may not be legally available in your state or locale. Whatever your purpose for lawfully acquiring a firearm – know the law, get trained, and shoot safely.”

    What moron added this BS to the end of the story? Got some prog shyster work at TTAG?

    • The whole “story” is a Ruger press release. It’s legalese to cover their butts, not a TTAG addition.

  10. There will always be snobs, stoeger cougar shoots whatever you feed it, tack driver, but I can’t hang a bunch of shit on it. Rp45 $350 15rds .45acp, tack driver. Too big for my sissy boy hands. Ruger sr-9 shoots well, takes Glock mags, but I only paid $299. It just couldn’t be a good weapon. Rossi r-92, strong reliable action, accurate, easy to shoot, that just couldn’t be fun or lethal.

  11. You just have to laugh these days at the idiots in the design departments of many of the firearms manufacturers. There are so many compact .223 weapons out there on the market that no one is going to buy a caliber that is inferior to the .223 especially when it is in the same size package. This idiotic weapon in the 5.7 caliber offers zero advantages over the .223 caliber and is less lethal as well.

    I might add Ruger might have been smarter to make the weapon in 9mm which is way cheaper to shoot than the 5.7.

    Now if Ruger did not have Morons running their design department they would come out with a new version of their long ago discontinued .44 magnum carbine that many hunters loved to buy and hunt with.

    An even better idea would be to chamber it for some straight walled cartridges that are more powerful than the .44 mag, say the .444 Marlin or a shortened version of it. Why do this? Because some states like Ohio will only allow rifles for deer hunting that are straight wall cartridges. They do not want high velocity rifles used.

    This year we have seen a plethora of idiotic new gun designs marketed like the new Browning Fake High Power and the Aluminum framed Sig P210 that are sure to be complete failures in the market place.

    If FN had resurrected the “Original” High Power and Sig had made a 16 shot P210 they would have made a lot of money as many gun owners would have eagerly bought them, myself included.

    I would like to see an H&K P30sk lengthened to the size and capacity (15 shot) of the Glock 19.

    I would like to see Walther reintroduce the P99 but with a manual safety. Its the only reason that doomed the original gun to its being discontinued as no one wanted a gun that you had to shoot double action on the first shot. Even if the original gun had a Glock style fake trigger safety it would still be in production today.

    It never occurs to the idiots running firearms companies to take surveys on “exactly what the public wants” in the way of new weapons or hunting arms. They bank on the idea that Morons will want “the latest and greatest” piece of junk they create that has no purpose.

  12. I can see an eventual use for 5.7, but this one doesn’t seem to fit any profile I have a use for.

  13. I refuse to support backstabbing liar Ruger. Additionally I don’t like the mag setup. For this caliber I would rather have the AR version that uses the original FN mag for this caliber.

    • He’s dead. The only thing supporting him is the floor of his coffin or the mantle under his urn.

      • Not good enough. The sorry bastard has a family line somewhere and his disgusting name is SHlT and still lives on in USA-made firearms. I’ll take the AR version or wait until HK does one.

  14. Now, if only the PC carbine and LC carbine would mate, and have a beautiful baby. Because, let’s face it, the PC carbine is more than a bit chunky for a pistol caliber carbine at 7 lbs. The LC carbine is at a nice weight for a pistol caliber carbine, but feeding through the grip is an unnecessary limitation. The magazine flexibility of the PC carbine, on the other hand, is awesome sauce. And don’t get me started on the stock Ruger fitted the LC carbine with. Why on earth would I want a folding stock that renders the carbine unusable when it’s folded? It defeats the whole point of a folding stock. GRRR. It would sure be nice if Ruger could give us the full package in a pistol caliber carbine. For once.

    • The stock mounts by a pic rail, which is fixed to the back of the receiver. What makes you think the LC Carbine won’t fire with it folded?

      It looks to me like the whole point of the bolt design was to reduce the area necessary behind the chamber, so the receiver could be shorter.

      I’m betting you’ll see a Charger version with the pic rail unused or a folding brace attached. Perhaps even a takedown version eventually.

  15. Just what the world needs — a PCC with all the size and weight of an AR, firing a round will significantly less power than an AR, using a magazine that holds less ammo than an AR (at least in rational states), and rounds that cost more than twice the price of common AR ammo.

    5.7×28 would be a nice plinking round — if it were readily available at a rational price — but it is barely possible to find 5.7 ammo for less than $1/round real world price (selling price plus shipping plus tax).

    Now that I wrote that, there are a handful of strident voices already screeching that they know where to buy 5.7 for less than the dreaded “dollar a round” — and they are telling the truth (somewhat!). I live where I have access to three L-A-R-G-E brick-and-mortar gun stores (and at least a dozen smaller ones), none of which regularly have 5.7 on hand. You can find 5.7 in Cheap Range Ammo (I won’t name the brand) for about 74¢/round by the box of 50. But once you add shipping and tax, you are bumping really really close to that damn Dollar-A-Round price point.

    5.7 would be wonderful plinking ammo if I could get it under 25¢/round. I’d even burn through a couple of boxes/magazines (50 rounds each, either way) at 35¢/round; but not when 5.7 costs double what I’m paying for 5.56!

  16. If you already have the Ruger 57 pistol, this PCC makes a nice companion – same mags.

    Also, of course, if you’ve got a Ruger 57, you’re already invested in the caliber and can ignore all the folks poo-pooing the caliber/platform/manufacturer above. Otherwise, YMMV.

  17. I would rather that Ruger re-introduce the 44 mag semi auto deerfield rifle. Have been looking for one for a while. Or the old Ruger lever action 44 mag rifle. Can be used for defense or hunting, Win / Win.

  18. Have to admit, I’m a little disappointed.
    I bought a Ruger 57 when they first came out. It’s a good, fun, easy shooter…I like it. I’ve been hoping for an affordable PCC in 5.7 for awhile now. I like what KelTec did, but opening the the gun like opening a Ma-deuce to load a belt seemed very impractical to me. So, the hope had been for Ruger to offer the PC Carbine in 5.7…
    This LC is just…not…maybe if they offer a shorter barrel to SBR the LC down to something the size of an MP5, then we are talking. But again, why not the PC Carbine???

  19. I find it a little anemic for hunting Elk at long range. Usually takes the whole mag. In process of re-boring the barrel myself to .338. Will keep you posted.

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