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“A gun belonging to a member of Mitt Romney’s U.S. Secret Service detail was found unattended in the bathroom of the candidate’s charter plane Wednesday afternoon,” CBS reports. “The weapon, presumably left behind in the bathroom by accident, was discovered by a CBS News/National Journal reporter, who alerted a flight attendant about the gun. A member of the Secret Service on board the plane was informed and retrieved the gun.” Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan told CBS News/National Journal  that “We are aware of the incident. We take the care and custody of our equipment, especially firearms, very seriously. We will deal with this matter internally and in an appropriate manner.” Internally? That’s gotta hurt.

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  1. obviously, the agent didn’t see the very recent ttag post about what to do in public toilets if you’re packing.maybe ttag should be required reading for agents in training.

      • Except for drug running, home invasions, rape, kidnapping, murder with implements other than firearms owned legally by the person doing the shooting, and a host of other things. Can’t be too hard on the psychopaths that prey on innocent crime-free citizens.

  2. Reporter to attendant: There’s trouble in the lavatory.
    What’s that?
    That’s the place in the plane where guns can be left unattended but that’s not important now.
    O.K. then, what’s the trouble?
    I think the unattended gun in the lavatory might be about to have an accidental discharge, and the man I saw coming out earlier didn’t look like he washed his hands.
    And who are you?
    I’m an authorized Urinalist from the Central Bathroom Service.

    Memo from the Director to all agents.
    “Effective immediately, All personnel will wash their hands and guns before leaving the lavatory on all charter aircraft or be subject to internal instigation.”

  3. ‘We are aware of the incident. We take the care and custody of our equipment, especially firearms, very seriously. We will deal with this matter internally and in an appropriate manner.’
    So he’ll be transferred and promoted.

  4. Bad, bad luck for that agent. I think his punishment should be that he be detailed to the hard-drinking, hard-partying, (hard-pontificating?) Mormon politician for as long as Secret Service protection is allowed him.

    Sure, it’s Draconian punishment, but it is a serious offense.

  5. From all the articles I have read on TTAG about this subject I have come to the following conclusion…

    Carrying =/= Pooping in public restrooms

  6. If a Samurai forgot his sword in a toilet, Bushido required him to commit ritual suicide. Today it’s just an ooopsie-daisy.

    If I were Romney (or Obama) I’d send the Secret “Service” home and hire competent, private industry protection.

    First prostitutes, now this. Yet another federal agency that needs a house-cleaning from top to bottom, in the light of day.

  7. Dropping your gun in the hopper is a big step up in class for the Secret Service, who usually drop their pants with a Colombian hooker.

    • and if you’re escorting a candidate around for days, even weeks at a time on the campaign trail, what do you suggest the person carrying does. insert a cork?

  8. In the series Barney Miller, detective Fish, (Abe Vigoda) seemed to spend quite a bit of time in public restrooms. He was the only one on the squad that used a shoulder holster, coincidence?

  9. Likely he/she was so tired and over worked, they will easily beat this. With budget cuts and increased details, the USSS is completely overworked. I am guess the agents times sheets will show 16+ hours days for weeks on end with no days off. As for the press weenie who ratted them out, now you know brutha, now you know why we rarely give you the time of day and disdain your very existence. That reporter could have scored some long term points and gained himself an incredible edge over his competition. Instead he went for the quick story which will be forgotten in a week. Bad career move buddy. Bad.


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