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Gun at the scene of Keith Lamont Scott shooting. Source: Joe Bruno/WSOC9 via

Charlotte, North Carolina endured a second night of riots (or, as CNN prefers to call it, “protests,”) resulting in more injuries and property damage. As Fox News and the Associated Press report:

What started out as a prayer vigil after the shooting of 43-year-old Keith Lamont Scott on Tuesday turned into an angry march and then a night of violence. A man was shot and critically wounded as protesters charged police in riot gear trying to protect an upscale hotel. Police initially said the man had died, but later corrected the statement saying he was on life support. Police didn’t shoot the man, city officials said.

Video obtained and verified by The Associated Press, which was recorded right after the shooting, shows someone lying in a pool of blood as people scream and a voice yells for someone to call for help. People are then told to back up from the scene.

Charlotte-Macklenburg police tweeted early Thursday that at least four officers suffered non-life threatening injuries in the unrest.

Demonstrators shouted “black lives matter” and “hands up; don’t shoot” while cursing at officers with bicycles blocking intersections. As the protesters approached the Omni hotel, officers in riot gear lined up outside arm in arm and a few marchers threw bottles and clods of dirt.

Immediately after the shooting, police began firing flash grenades and protesters threw fireworks. Police then fired tear gas, and the crowd of hundreds dispersed.

But not all the marchers left. Police in riot gear then began marching arm in arm through downtown Charlotte intersections, shooting tear gas at people who charged them. At least one protester knocked down a CNN reporter during a live shot.

Once again, the facts on the ground seem to be turning the traditional media narrative on its head. A major point of contention, that Scott was holding a book, not a gun, was undermined when a bystander’s photo taken shortly after the shooting seemed to show a gun, not a book, lying on the ground next to the deceased (see photo above).

Also, contrary to earlier reports, the police officer who shot Scott — Officer Brentley Vinson — is African-American.

Officer Brentley Vinson. Via
Officer Brentley Vinson. Via

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Kerr Putney, also African-American, continues to defend his officers, insisting that they had warned Scott to drop his firearm, and Scott’s failure to obey that instruction was a major factor in the shooting.

The deceased’s family disputes that story. Scott’s brother says that he was peacefully waiting for his children to come out of school, that he was approached by undercover police officers acting in a threatening manner, and was scared for his own safety.

The gentleman also had a few other things to say that probably cross the line into “hate speech,” if that phrase means anything coherent.

Fox News reports that Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts, who is white, appealed for calm. “African-American leaders who said they were speaking for Scott’s family held their own news conference near where he was killed Tuesday, reminding the crowd of other shootings and abuses of black men.” Indeed, the head of an organization with the unfortunate acronym “THUG” (for “True Healing Under God”) threatened more violence: “Just telling us this is still under investigation is not good enough for the windows of the Walmart.”

Because of the rioting, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory declared a State of Emergency in Charlotte, and is deploying the National Guard.

North Carolina gun owners take note: per the North Carolina DoJ, during a State of Emergency “local governments may impose restrictions on dangerous weapons such as explosives,
incendiary devices, and radioactive materials and devices when a state of emergency is declared,
but may not impose restrictions on lawfully possessed firearms.”

There was even a federal case decided in 2012 involving an as-applied challenge to to the law, which was resolved in the plaintiffs’ favor, Bateman v. Perdue. The case was sponsored by the Second Amendment Foundation, and argued by civil rights attorney Alan Gura. The applicable section of law appears to be § 166A-19.31: Power of municipalities and counties to enact ordinances to deal with states of emergency. The text of that legislation states that during a state of emergency, a municipality or county may enact certain prohibitions. § 166A-19.31(b)(4) lists the following as being included in that prohibition list:

Upon the possession, transportation, sale, purchase, storage, and use of gasoline, and dangerous weapons and substances, except that this subdivision does not authorize prohibitions or restrictions on lawfully possessed firearms or ammunition. As used in this subdivision, the term “dangerous weapons and substances” has the same meaning as it does under G.S. 14-288.1. As used in this subdivision, the term “firearm” has the same meaning as it does under G.S. 14-409.39(2).

As always, this is purely for informational purposes and is not intended as legal advice…consult a North Carolina-licensed attorney for that (and if any of this is incorrect or should be clarified, that will be most welcomed in the comment section).

Here’s hoping that tomorrow’s update doesn’t involve more injuries and property damage, because I agree with the sign held by this protestor:

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  1. Looks like a book on the ground to me. Right?

    Oh, now the story changes and he was actually armed, huh? I wonder what the story will be tomorrow.

  2. I don’t see them going door-to-door to confiscate guns in Charlotte. like they did the hell hole known as New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina. The declaration was probably required as part of the Governor’s activation of the National Guard. In that respect, they should be given orders to shoot on sight any looters or rioters destroying private or public property.

    • The whole thing about them coming door to door was debunked a bunch of times. They did in fact take guns, but only after the mandatory evacuation came through. They were clearing homes to make sure people weren’t left behind, and afterwards taking those peoples guns when forcing people out.

      Free people should be able to stay in their homes if they wish. I’m not agreeing with the how, but they didn’t go through just door to door confiscating guns.

  3. I was looking at Breitbart earlier today and I saw the video of some poor guy getting the shit kicked out of him by five or so “protesters”. Also, a group of “protesters” knocked out a still photographer and tried to throw him into a tire fire. This worries me enormously.

    There are loads of people with CCW permits out there and statistically it’s only a matter of time until some of these thugs “protesters” attack one of them and get ventilated for their trouble. Then what happens? SHTF, that’s what happens.

    CNN and others will be only too happy to host a “discussion” about how it’s not just cops it’s armed white folks being attacked hunting down and shooting black people because they have a CCW permit which is really a racist hunting license and this whole thing could go completely sideways really, really fast.

    I really hope that this calms down and people get to talking about facts but with a certain presidential candidate talking about the “long list of African Americans killed by police” in an effort to restart their flagging campaign I don’t think that will happen. This is already a tense situation and having a politician intentionally throwing gas on the fire probably won’t end well. The cauldron is already boiling how much more fire until she boils over completely?

    • My thoughts exactly. Well, approximately.

      Seeing the riots, and the violence against innocents, and hearing the things rioters say on camera, there is clearly a lot of hate.

      I wouldn’t want to be within 100 miles of that.

    • Are you saying we CCW Permit holders should take the beating or worse allow the thugs to take the weapon and kill us?

      The propagandist can say anything they want, the truth will be in the environment surrounding the incident. If there is a riot going on the press will not be able to say anything untoward without it boomeranging on them. The alternate media has far more power than you think. Breitbart and many other outlets will make sure the truth is disseminated. What you are speaking of will occur at some point since the riots are becoming more common. See video for a close call last night.

      People are becoming frustrated with the police not protecting the citizens during these riots. It is inevitable that someone will protect themselves when attacked by a mob. When that time comes many thugs will die.

      If this man had been a CCW holder it would have happened last night.

      It is going to happen probably sooner than later.

      • No, obviously I’m not saying that the CCW permit holder should take the beating, get knocked out and potentially thrown into a fire. That person should shoot as many of these fuckers as they can legally justify as self defense.

        My point is that the fallout from such a thing actually happening ranges from bad optics to an actual race war cheered on by the media. There are no good outcomes when this sort of violent lunacy is being actively aided and abetted by the media, politicians running for office and government.

        Leftists are a bunch of violent nuts. You can bet a good portion of them would rather see serious racial unrest and blood in the streets rather than watch their girl lose to Trump. The ends justify the means for these assholes even if the means result in dead bodies in the street.

    • Personally, my concern is the nonsense of allowing them to block highways. Sooner or later the “protesters” are going to attempt to drag the next Reginald Denny out of the cab, and he will decide that it is better to grab low and drop the clutch, rather than be beaten to death.

      • It continues to amaze me that there are people in the world that honestly believe a human body is a match for even 3000 lb small car hardly moving.

        • Somebody somewhere really believes a race war is a desirable outcome. To what end, I have no idea – there’s so many angles. We do know for sure Soros is partially bankrolling BLM – I’m sure he has a short position he’ll make another $1B or $5B on.

          I’ve heard about the NO thing, an old friend owns a restaurant there. He tells me it’s still hard to judge what the “decent” people are going to do – when BLM et al speak of such nonsense, it’s time to channel a bit of the ghost of Bull Connor, and bring on the dogs and hoses. There may be a group of patriots to defend the memorial, maybe not.

          If this really does go down, it’s another drop in the Chinese water torture of letting black terrorist thugs do whatever the hell they want, without fear of (legal) punishment. That’s the part that’s dangerously divisive, and sooner or later, someone will go Anders Brevik.

          And then what comes next?

        • The US has to produce the fattest anarchist broads the world has ever seen.

          Any self selected xxxx- Americans really should be deported from America to their xxxx destination of choice. Postage collect. Take what have learnd in the US and fix the 3rd world hellhole you desire.

    • +1

      The race-baiting politicians and their compliant media lackeys have been all too willing to pour cans of diesel fuel on these events. As some point, I suspect rioters in some of these cities will “take that sh*t to the suburbs.” When that happens, the proggies will finally get their blood in the streets they claim to fear and it’ll be their damn fault.

      • I know intellectually that somewhere, in some riot, based on another lie, that miscalculation will be made.

        You are right, the progs will get their blood.

      • Yeah, unless this shit gets put to an immediate end after the elections, it will go to the suburbs. And these rioters *will* get ventilated when they try it. Attacking people in what is essentially their castle will not end well for anyone looking to start trouble. Homeowners will absolutely fight back tooth and nail; when you think about it, a person’s home is their Death Ground. At least that’s how I view my home.

        • Yep, same here. I don’t care how many people I have to kill, nobody is going to drag me or my family out of our home against our will. Not that I think that’s likely to happen, especially in my neighborhood (hope to God it doesn’t), but….

    • at what moment is your life really on the line’ with events like these you just don’t know; this guy showed restraint and I think it helps our cause, legal gun carrier uses weapon in show of force, zero people injured. On the other hand had he shot any one of them; it would of been THE spark that ignited what you speak of above; it would of been attempted murder charges or murder charges had someone died and how would we know maybe he had to do it. But the way the world works today you really have to be in IMMEDIATE harm to use force like a gun, even if 40 nasty creatures are surrounding your car! I hate that it is like this, I’d guess bear mace would be relevant maybe in the world today, even urban settings, to help or to give another option before deadly force is used.

    • There are loads of people with CCW permits out there and statistically it’s only a matter of time until some of these thugs “protesters” attack one of them and get ventilated for their trouble. Then what happens? SHTF, that’s what happens. — strych9

      Maybe but I suspect most the people who have a CCW permit know better than to go anywhere near that part of town right now. It is mostly people looking for trouble and people looking to photograph said trouble going into those area’s right now.

  4. WSOC Channel 9 in Charlotte last night had up on their web site that police dash cam video shows him getting out of the car with a gun in his hand and moving toward the cops.

    If that’s so, the PD should release the video, not hide behind “our policy is not to release video in ongoing investigations.” This is a time for full transparency.

    Meanwhile, how much in property damage and personal injury has been caused in two nights? And, if it turns out the ‘protestors’ were wrong and the cop shot in self defense…will they accept responsibility?

    (That last was rhetorical, just in case anyone is wondering).

    • If by “responsibility” you mean beating random people and burning stuff while chanting “Reading a book! Reading a book!” then yes, of course they will.

    • None of these “people” will bear any responsibility. What sickens me even more than the animals destroying my hometown, are their apologists. You get NOI “ministers”, neighbors and so-called witnesses running their mouths about how they saw a white man shoot Scott and they saw a book in his hand, which right now appears to be total garbage. Others like the mayor and MJ pleading for calm and peace. Demand it. They’ll bear no responsibility for stoking the flames. Once it becomes obvious that there are no longer any protesters at these things, stop walking on egg shells and treating these people like they are legitimate protesters, they are not.

      None of these people give a rat’s ass about Scott and they probably don’t give a damn about anything else either. This is nothing but an excuse to raise hell, loot, pillage and pretend that they are somehow sticking it to the system and white people. And because of political correctness and garbage like that, the police give a wide berth leaving homes, business and innocent people at the mercy of these barbarians. They don’t care about black lives either- the Walmart they looted, who do you think makes up the predominant workforce on that side of town? The black kid who was shot in the middle of that riot? Where’s the outrage over that?

      Charlotte is a great city and full of history, culture and things to do. It’s where I grew up, and learned about guns and watched my parents go to work everyday (at Dept. of Social Services) to give us a good life. Now it’s getting pillaged by a bunch of assholes who only believe what they want to believe and fuck you and fuck me if you don’t march into lockstep with their bullshit. Rant over.

      • +1000

        No one in the MSM has yet to explain how looting a Walmart and small businesses and burning semi’s on the I helps improve race relations with the cops.

        They KNOW the only thing they are accomplishing is getting white people that much more suspicious of ‘blacks’ in general.

        Of course, that’s the plan. That’s the goal of the agitators pushing all this nonsense. It’s not about the guy shot by the cops at all. That’s just their “hook” to stir up civil unrest and sew discord.

        They are Marxist agitators…community “organizers” if you want to call them that. Their goal, all evidence suggests, is out-n-out race war in this these United States.

        And the MSM is helping push that along.

        • Word is stay away from Ballentyne and South Park tonight. Not to stoke rumors or the like but if that is true, you think the cops and NG will let riots even touch these areas? The two richest parts of town? No doubt attacking white priviledge would be the narrative for that.

          Like I said earlier they only pretend they actually accomplish anything other than crime…their main objective anyway. Let their bullshit spill into the burbs and disrupt business…the powers that be won’t play that shit. Business has always come first in QC, and if this shit is beginning to affect the more affluent areas populated by the folks that work in the big buildings up town, there wont be riots long.

          I got tickets to the game this weekend, they better not screw that up for me.

          • I’m listening to the police scanner now. Lots of “shots fired” calls and at least one call about “protesters” massing near the Home Depot.

        • BS, you know that’s not true. Home depot? Gonna steal some tools and supplies to work on Mom’s house tomorrow, or something? I’m doubting it. Is there a liquor store next door?

      • None of these people give a rat’s ass about Scott and they probably don’t give a damn about anything else either. This is nothing but an excuse to raise hell, loot, pillage and pretend that they are somehow sticking it to the system and white people. — Swilson

        These are the same people who will be complaining in a few years about the lack of businesses in their area and how they have to drive 20 min to get to a grocery store. Well maybe if you didn’t loot and burn down their local grocery store and drive up insurance cost in that part of town maybe they could get a grocery store in their area.

  5. I wonder how long it takes the police unions and organizations to stand agianst and refuse to work for or with the media much like in previous situations when they threaten to not work or help at events or venues that were openly and wrongly demeaning our boys in blue

  6. And in related news, the dude shot last night has died.

    Word going around is that he was shot by another “protestor,” but I have not seen that positively confirmed.

    What a mess. It’s sickening that the agitators cause this crap but never get held accountable.

    • JR, I’ll be in Charlotte this weekend. I know open carry is legal in NC, but are non-residents allowed to open carry in NC?

        • “Welcome to Charlotte brother”
          Thank you my friend. I read your post above and you are spot on.
          I’ve been thinking about my options since asking the question and have decided, based on my particular circumstances, that off body carry is probably best. My exposure to anything will either be in my car, on a short walk to a hotel, or to and from an area I can’t carry. Now I need to do some research on what you can have in your car.

        • As long as it’s not concealled you can have whatever in yuor car, loaded and ready to go. Of course if you have police interaction, what they consider concealed may differ from your definition.

          That being said, we have nat’l reciprocy concerning CC. So if you have a CCW from SC, NC honors it.

        • *Not* concealed? Sheesh, only similar laws I’ve seen *require* the gun to be concealed. And, if you have a gun in the open when a cop walks up, I suspect you’ll be shot.

  7. So white people in boston are called rioters when thier teams get beat.
    But here they are called protesters.
    Ok….got that straightened out.

  8. It’s going to get worse before it gets better. More cities are going to burn. Fortunately, we can rely on the racial healer in the WH to calm things down as he has so many times before.

    • All you have to do is repent for your whiteness and then you’ll get a magical halo around your head for all the rioters peaceful protesters to see. Only then can you lock arms with the rioters protesters and loot the Walmart in harmony.

      • The funniest part is that the hardcore “ni—s” that are doing such things would call Obama an Oreo, Uncle Tom, and all the rest, then make him catcher of the in-cell baseball league. .

        Obama is half-white folks. Raised communist white (genetic defect) but still, he ain’t really black. He pretends to be when it suits, but the rest of the time he’s golfing. (No, Tiger Woods isn’t black either. At least he owns it…)

  9. The Family has seen the Police Video as of this afternoon, so we may learn something by either their Attorney’s Statement, or by a volume spoken by their silence. I cannot find anything just now that reports the “protestor” shot last night has died.

    With the SC National Guard and State Troopers on the scene tonight and the Governor’s promise of “more arrests”, this may not end well. Time to hope and pray (if that’s your inclination) for peace. Somehow I feel these folks in Charlotte, NC, are not going to be cowed by the Government’s threat of “overwhelming force”.

    • Yes, the family supposedly has seen the video, and their claims directly contradict what was reported on WSOC TV’s web site last night, and the what the police chief says, AND what a bystander’s photograph (see photo above) shows.

      We shall see.

      And yes, the dude shot last night has died, or so it has been reported. This has been reported many places.

      CMPD is turning the original case over to the SBI, which they should have done the minute after the shooting happened, in my opinion.

      • Lawdy, lawdy, he done be a good boy who dindu nuffin. Why you finna shoot him?

        Always the same, I’ve heard it hundreds of times over the decades, it never changes. You could have a black guy on video from 6 different angles committing a crime, DNA, prints, cell phone ping, and arrest him at the scene, in the act. Or shoot him after he shot at you.

        Momma will always trot out the usual lie. Complete with a childlike and insane display for the public of her “loss”.

        • This is the angle on this that I find particularly scary and very, very telling.

          Let’s play the hypothetical game for just a moment. Let’s say the evidence CLEARLY shows this was a ‘good shoot’ for the cop.

          The people pushing the ‘bad shoot’ narrative HAVE to know this. They HAVE to know the truth will come out eventually, and everyone WILL see the riots for what they really are.

          Now, given that, the only conclusion is that they don’t care if the riots are seen for what they truly are…ie, nothing to do with ‘police racism.’

          They (or someone leading them) is pushing the RIOT, not the cause. That seems the simplest explanation to me at this point. And, if they are that hell bent on inducing riots that they openly support very easily debunked lies, they must want those riots pretty bad.

          And, if we now say, “But JR, you started with a hypothetical, so everything that comes after is just conjecture,” well, to that I say let’s just let the past events be our guide. As was pointed out yesterday, every single one of these things this year has been over a false claim.

          I think we really need to think about the path that simple fact suggests: the push for a race war at all costs. If it’s premised open lies, not even TRYING to hide the truth anymore, can it be stopped?

        • Trayvon Martin could have been a fluke, but Michael Brown proved that the fix was in. The MSM and the government should have been revealing the facts, not throwing gasoline on the fires of the malcontents.

          Time after time, the “protests” are based on a completely false narrative, one that is readily revealed to be factually incorrect. The destroyers of property go unpunished, the leaders of these riots go unindicted.

          What is more disconcerting is that the reason for a race war will likely be to distract from something even worse.

        • Part of the problem might be that the media has decided that it has to be ‘neutral.’ Neutral between the police and families, neutral between politicians, neutral to facts themselves.

          So that gun-looking object on the ground next to the suspect? It’s “an object alleged by the police to be a gun.” And so it goes.

      • The Family Attorney’s statement says the video is inconclusive as to what “if anything” Keith Scott had in his hands. The Charlotte Police Chief, Kerr Putney, also indicated the video was inconclusive in a Fox News interview tonight. But the photo at the top of the article does seem to show a pistol laying on the ground.

        The death of Justin Carr has now been confirmed on several News sources. There is still a question as to who shot him, which should be partially resolved IF the bullet was recovered from his head. I guess the Coroner’s report will contain that information.

        So, we all wait on the SBI to conclude their investigation and, hopefully, announce their findings. Chief Putney also said there was ample other evidence, despite the inconclusiveness of the video, to support the PD’s contention that Keith Scott’s killing was justified. At this point whatever conclusion is reached will be suspect in some, if not many, camps.

        Next up, what happens as the Midnight Curfew goes into effect in about 25 minutes?

      • “CMPD is turning the original case over to the SBI, which they should have done the minute after the shooting happened, in my opinion.”

        Yeah, seems like we need a new understanding, there. Looks like anytime a police officer of any stripe shoots somebody, the investigation should instantly be handed over to a different LE office. Seems sort of obvious.

  10. Signs that we are down the rabbit hole.

    A) 17 cops injured and 1 arrest made

    B) The opinion of a large swath of the media and university that Black people can’t be racist

    C) Being able to say “Just telling us this is still under investigation is not good enough for the windows of the Walmart.” without getting arrested for incitement to riot.

  11. Yep 16V my thoughts exactly. Gun that engine and watch the sea part. If it’s a murderous crowd of thugs and me I choose ME. Meanwhile in Chiraq the tiny dancer is having an endless snooze conference about saying Chicago (it involves guns). May God protect you folks in NC…

  12. This is why I left the DC area for Western Wisconsin. Sure we have some gangsta here but they are well below critical mass for a riot plus Wisconsin is the most heavily armed state in the union. They won’t be coming for a visit.

    • Well, they may be coming for a visit from Chicongo and the like, but there are definitely areas of Wisconsin they’d find somewhat, uh, ‘unfriendly’. Mostly, anyplace other than the major cities. Once you’re away from the liberal cesspools like Chicongo North (Milwaukee) and Berkley East (Madison), things are pretty much okay. Oh, let’s not forget the craphole Illinois border towns like Beloit, Janesville, and Kenosha. Just because Illinois. Sorry if you’re from there. And yes, the Bears still suck. And you’re stuck with Cutler and his bruised vagina.

      But, I digress.

      As far as Wisconsin being the most heavily armed state in the union, I might have to call BS on you. I’d like to think I’m doing my part to help, though.

  13. Is it just me, or do the happenings afoot seem a skosh inconsistent with Obama’s post-racial America? Curious, that.

  14. “obey that instruction”, seems so simple, so why don’t they get it? In almost every police/black confrontation of late if they would have just done that, they would have avoided their doom. But noooooo, they have to be tough guys, argue and disregard the orders. Too bad for you.

    • Government employees should not be giving orders to anyone not under arrest. They are the servants, not the masters. Lick boots if you want, some of us are free men.

  15. It also came out that the man shot the day before had felony weight dope in his car, and the dashcam shows him ignoring commands and reaching in just like the officer said.

    It should be obvious to them by now that not releasing the videos on day one is no longer a guarantor against this sort of unrest.

    • And he was high on PCP but I still hear people saying the police should use “verbal judo” on him.

      Something tells me these people have never had to deal with anyone on PCP. You might not have to shoot him, but you’re gonna fight.

    • We haven’t seen the end of that one. Story I got was the cops were there because his vehicle was disabled, and ended up killing him. Wait, now, I have had a vehicle crap out on me before, and I did not choose to park it straddling the centerline on a 2-lane road. And I didn’t end up with at least 2 police cars and a helicopter responding. Something is wrong.

  16. Well, the Klan with a tan is chimping out over a criminal getting ventilated. In other news, water is wet.

    • I’m mildly interested, wish he would STFU on the subject, but mainly because my understanding was that it was ruled a violation of 4A, leaving further advocacy looking kinda stupid. If there is a version which is *not* unconstitutional, I may be interested. Any cop stops and wishes to “frisk” me, I’ll present my LTC. And I have no illegal drugs to be found.

  17. Since cops are trained liars, the photo doesn’t prove much. It would be entirely reasonable to think the cops planted the gun. Even if the citizen was holding the firearm, the cops had no business shooting him. Bearing arms is the right of all Americans. This trend of cops shooting anyone who has a firearm has to end. They can stop it on their own, or we can disarm them.

    • You think that the police “planted” a gun in between the moment they shot him and that photo was taken? And you think someone can just walk around holding a gun when approached by police because they believe there is a warrant out for his arrest and expect to not get shot?

      You’re certifiable, aren’t you?

      • So, I’m not commenting at all regarding the idea that the cops planted the gun. I think it would be such a large conspiracy between at least 4 to 5 police and they would all have to lie. Highly doubtful.

        What I am curious about is the photo that CNN has posted. Same photo, perspective, etc., but much much clearer. In that photo you can see that the magazine has been removed. Not sure by who, but if the cops pulled the mag, why toss the gun right there? Shouldn’t be moved but to clear it from the suspects reach right, but not modified?

        Anyway, here’s the pic…

        Again, not trying to implicate the cops but am I seeing this wrong?

        • I enlarged the object with a photo editor as much as I could without it pixelating into a gray blur. Can’t get it to paste here. It surely looks like a pistol, but appears to have no magazine inserted. Possibly the Police removed the magazine(?).

          JUST NOW Fox Cable News is reporting the Mayor of Charlotte, NC, now says the Police video will be released. And additionally a video of the actual shooting made by Scott’s wife is also about to be released by Fox News after they get it “cleaned up” due to strong visual images and language. Hold onto your butts this situation may take a whole new turn shortly.

      • Pray tell, just how *much* time went by between the time they shot him and that picture was taken? 10 seconds? 10 minutes? With source, please.

    • I reject your suggestion “the Cops planted a gun”, but I agree with your statement, ” Bearing arms is the right of all Americans. This trend of cops shooting anyone who has a firearm has to end.” As more Americans legally carry, open or concealed, we cannot accept Police shootings as a means of resolving Police uncertainty about the intentions of persons armed in Public. There has got to be a better way.
      Sorry, your suggestion we should disarm the Police is infeasible given the fact violent criminals obtain illegal guns too readily in this country. Anyone we disarm, who is not a criminal, becomes instant prey, specifically referencing Police and law-abiding citizens.

  18. You can see it in the video as well, from a different angle, right at the edge of the shadow of the guy in the red shirt. Indistinct, but you can see something. Not sure if this is a frame from the video or a picture from a bystander.

    Here’s a clearer picture:

    Looks like a Springfield XDS, maybe with the 4″ barrel, but the picture could be stretched sideways and screwing up the dimensions.

  19. Well well, looks like the cops lied, as always. The man was shot while walking backwards with hands by his side.

    Now watch the bootlickers on this thread condemn the man for carrying. 🙂

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