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According to, “James Howard Woods (born April 18, 1947) is an American actor and producer known for villainous roles, and appeared in a variety of films, including The Onion Field (1979), Once Upon a Time in America (1984), Salvador (1986), Casino (1995), Nixon (1995), Ghosts of Mississippi (1996), Hercules (1997) and White House Down (2013). On television, he is known for acting in Shark (2006–2008). He has been nominated twice for an Academy Award and has won one Golden Globe Award. Additionally, he has won three Emmy Awards. He has been nominated twice for an Academy Award.” And now Woods has joined the NRA. In light of the announcement, the following has never been more appropriate . . .

BTW: We know for a fact that Mr. Woods has a number of handguns.

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  1. Missed one of my favorites…The Hard Way. And Really? James F’ing Woods doesn’t own a gun!? Well, good on him. I own lots and haven’t joined the NRA.

  2. Strictly speaking, he only wrote that he didn’t have a rifle. I think it’s a play on words with NRA’s name, as opposed to a declaration that he has no firearms whatsoever. I’d bet he owns some handguns.

    After all, Woods is a MENSA member with a reportedly extremely high I.Q. even by those standards. I have to think I.Q. counts for something legitimate in the realm of intelligence. MENSA can’t just be about the very attractive affinity program discounts.

    • Best known for his recurring role on family guy as himself , that must suck .
      Don’t get me wrong , I laugh my ask off at FG but James Woods has done a boat load of great movies and while being an outed conservative in Hollywood , lets remember him for his legit acting roles .
      That would be liken to remembering Connor McGregor for his coaching the this Ultimate Fighter season . Well we may end up doing that , but ……………..

  3. Yay, the NRA has a new member.

    But honestly, I dont much care about the personal opinions of any actor, pro- or anti-gun, regarding guns, any more than I would any other random citizen’s. Unless they actually know something about guns, in which case it’s a knowledgeable person who happens to be an actor.

    In this case he appears to be taking a stand on principle, which I do respect, especially given he may well take some professional heat for it.

  4. Problem is that Woods then steals Peter’s identity, and generally becomes a pain in the a$$ for the Griffins. Woods is eventually killed by a menopausal reporter, so it sort of works out?

  5. Too bad they didn’t mention his leading role in Northfork. That’s where I met him, at my pawnshop, just off the street that they closed for one of the sets. Movie making is mostly standing around and waiting, and he did a lot of that in the pawnshop. Mostly on his phone. Didn’t buy anything, but a lot of the hangers-on following him around did. He did buy all of the art that a local painter did for the set, though.

  6. Awesome! James Woods for NRA Pres! Bad MFer and great actor.

    I hear he does have a good sized “rifle”. More like an anaconda LOL!

    Might have to up my NRA membership to Life with the $500 offer in my email.

    Woods vs Obansy/Killery? No contest!

  7. Well known conservative who generally likes attractive young women. And he’s been that way for quite some time(conservative)-hollyweird be damned. Good to have you on board!

    • Good for you, HP! I’m working on several, no success yet but I know it usually only takes a single trip to the range to convert ’em…

  8. My favorite work of Woods was the role he played recently for a few episodes on Ray Donovan. His character was based loosely on Whitey Bulger. “Sully Sullivan” a deranged elderly serial killer with foot problems and velcro fastened mall walking shoes. His Southie accent was awesome. He also had a preference for Sig products.

  9. My favorite James Woods role is Mike Toreno, the crazy agent of an unnamed government agency in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. “Roger that, Big Monkey, I got a 13-6 fat vulture. Need to acquire a drowning baby. Over. “


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