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Will no one rid me of this turbulent pastor? Oh wait. Did that sound like a threat against Reverend Al Sharpton? Because as much as I can’t stand the self-righteous race-baiting pig I would never counsel anyone to inflict violence on the socialist shit-stirrer. By the same token, I’m sure Sharpton and Emanuel Cleaver would never call for anyone to silence gun rights advocates through force of arms. Well, except when they do. This rant makes it clear that Progressives believe that the State has the right, if not the obligation, to disarm Americans who speak out in defense of their natural, civil and Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. And how do you think that will be accomplished? With kind hearts and coronets? In other words, these bozos couldn’t get any further from the truth about guns if they tried. And God knows they’re trying, in both senses of the word.


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    • And the conspiracy theorists being wrong is, as we all know, is the really important thing here.

    • History records innumerable conspiracies, starting with the earliest books of the Bible, and the graveyards world-wide are filled with people who refused to believe in them.

      • Graveyards are filled with people in general, if I understand the concept correctly.

        And I didn’t say conspiracies don’t exist. They do, and they invariably have things like evidence, witnesses and whistle blowers. I said that conspiracy theorists, being people who reflexively insist that everything is a conspiracy absent of any evidence, analysis or examination, are wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong.

        And Carlos – I would say it’s among the most important things here. Let me outline my life priorities for you:

        1. Whisky
        2. Tits
        3. Proving conspiracy theorists wrong
        4. Guns
        5. More tits

      • I didn’t say conspiracies don’t exist. I said conspiracy theorists are wrong. Genuine conspiracies have evidence, the fantasy put forth by conspiracy theorists do not.

        And yes Carlos, that’s correct. It comes in third for me, in fact. Here are my life priorities.

        1. Whisky
        2. Titties
        3. Conspiracy theorists being wrong
        4. Guns
        5. More titties

        • So, titties with guns in them, à lá the fembots, is that between 4 and 5? Or do they come in after 2?

        • Between 1 and 2 if they give whisky kisses. I was going to write something other than kisses there, but I’m unfamiliar with language etiquette here.

  1. But when the weenies blew up the marathon our “leaders” were tripping over each other making sure we all know not to blame all Muslims for that horrific act (which they are right about, of course, must muslims, just like most everyone are pretty decent people). However, when one loon, that all of us disdain and wish to be brought to justice, does something in the name of the gun it show’s were all mentally deranged individuals that need to be controlled.

    Maybe we need to form a religion of personal defense. We can say the founders were guided by God’s hand in blessing us with our RKBA. John Browning (his middle name was Moses), Samuel Colt, Mikhail Kalashnikov, etc. were all His profits bringing to us His Divine Will through their works. Then the progressives will have to make sure no one groups us all together for the actions of a very small minority of criminals and lunatics, but rather remind everyone that the overwhelming majority of us are lawful patriotic citizens, right?

  2. These two will be flown out in a government Lear jet in the middle of the night with a suitcase stuffed full of $5 million to a remote island in the Caribbean and thanked by the President via satellite for a job well done. They will die mysteriously 48 hours later.

  3. If I had to weigh the risk between a few loonies with ricin on the one hand and a government with drones, wiretaps, SWAT teams, virtually unlimited funds and a bad attitude on the other hand, I’d be inviting everyone to plant castor seeds.

  4. Yet again they refuse to place blame on the culprit and instead blame their political enemies. Amazing how people can completely ignore the idea of personal responsibility.

    • I take it back, RF. You DID mean Emanuel Cleaver. That’s what I get for not watching the video. I had no idea there was an Afram Congressman with the same last name as the notorious Black Panther of the turbulent 60’s.

    • To the extent that a vindictive soon-to-be-ex-wife sending a terroristic threat in order to implicate her soon-to-be-ex-husband is a false-flag operation, yes.

  5. Wtf was this guy talking about in the video? My head hurts from listening to his thought process, from terrorist act inspired by words to nazis? Wow, just wow.

    • And what does the REVEREND Cleaver mean that “in our tradition, the Resurrection” is an act of violence equivalent to the Holocaust? Did I hear him wrong?

  6. Not only is this guy inarticulate there’s no linier pattern of logic… Just another cockeyed gun-grabbing sheepl with no independent thought process from what I can see… Can’t even get an emotional rise to further his lies…

  7. The ricin letter sender in Spokane is a convicted sex-offender
    Like I said yesterday most bad actors hail from the Left but that info is never passed through the LSM

    • Ensitue, are you suggesting all all sex offenders are left-leaning, politically speaking? If so, what evidence can you marshal to support that opinion?

  8. “self righteous race baiting pig” and “socialist shit stirrer”?

    Just about everyone else on this site is a reasonable, intelligent commentator, and even when I disagree with, say, Dan or Nick on politics, I know that I’m still reading someone whose arguments are well thought out.

    On the other hand, Robert, you are a contemptible human being down to the very core. You have nothing to offer but right wing cliches and words you don’t understand, and this site and the 2A movement as a whole would be much better if you’d just shut the hell up and stop making the rest of us all look like right wing mouthbreathers by association.

  9. I’m having issues too. I’m just glad it isn’t that Robert doesn’t like me… I have such a great personality.

  10. I swear, the liberal press must have files on who can spout this drivel,
    so the misinformation campaign that Nazi’s were right-wing continues.
    Something about repeating a lie loud enough and long enough comes to
    mind, but the Left never seems to get it that they are describing people
    who would agree with their politics. It’s too bad we can’t have a history
    test administered to anyone who wants to be a candidate for Congress.
    If they think Nazi’s and fascists are politically right-wing, then no job
    serving in the government should be made available for them. Nada!
    Is it possible that George Orwell’s ‘1984’ or ‘Animal Farm’ are no longer
    on the required reading lists in Americas schools? It sure seems like it.

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