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Give CNN’s talking head an A for effort. You can see the frustration on his face as he tries to pin the good reverend down on a simple question: if Chicago has some of the toughest anti-gun laws in the country and just passed 500 gun deaths this year anyway, what reason is there to believe more gun control would reduce gun crime anywhere else? And here’s Jesse’s response . . .

Chicago is in a bubble, as the manufacturers, we’re a target market for gun flow and they exploit the poverty and the pain so you have a combination, a deadly combination, of guns and drugs and the low intensity warfare, guns and drugs and jobs and then jobs, we need a comprehensive plan, it’s not just gun violence, it’s also the violence of poverty and lack of education and lack of dreams, where people think killing is the only way out, and so we need a comprehensive plan, this is the need for an urban policy for reconstruction, not just gun violence alone is the issue here.

Anyone want to take a crack at diagraming that sentence?

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    • Jackson is a fraud. He’s not a reverend but he is a con man. Check out how he smeared MLK’s blood on himself and lied about King dying in his arms. He’s the quintessential blood dancer.

  1. Well you see, it’s the jobs that are the jobs that need the jobs, we need a plan. Through this combination of combinations that are the jobs that have plans we need to target the lack of plans that make poverty an education of violence. If Chewbacca lives on Endor, you must acquit.

    • Yes. The theory is that manufacturers target poor (black) neighborhoods with their guns so as to keep the balck people in check; guns salesmen are racists. Kind of funny given that the early gun control laws were racist policies aimed at preventing “people of color” from possessing firearms and other weapons.

  2. Another old liberal, who did a lot for equal civil rights in his day, attempting to be relevant today while living in the past. Society’s issues are more complex than he understands but he cannot let go.

    • Praising With feint damms?
      JACKSON has made millions off of white guilt and done nothing for the black man except lead him back to the Plantation

      • Never having lived it myself, I cannot attest to his complete effectiveness. However, he was a big part of the movement and I believe things are better today than 50 years a go. Every man should get credit when credit is due.

        Maybe someone who was there and lived it could share some perspective on JJ’s effectiveness.

        The point is whatever he did in the past has little bearing on today’s issues. He only knows of the past and cannot comprehend the complexities of today. He simply can’t deal with his lack of relevance but he keeps trying.

        • Surly, I was born in West Virginia and I’m old enough to remember some of those days. When you traveled in the South you saw signs”Whites Only”. It was a way of life then.

          I for one am glad it’s gone. How much of a part did JJ play in that? I don’t know. In those days everybody talked about MLK, Evers and others. It was after this period, after the death of MLK that I remember hearing of JJ and Sharpton.

          These are just my memories. I have no citations. It seems to me in those days you had an actual black family. Mother, Father and kids. It often doesn’t seem that way anymore.

  3. Apparently Jesse Jackson, Jr is not the only member of his family that suffers from mental health problems, if this statement as an indicator.

    Or perhaps he knows he is not telling the truth about gun makers targeting “Beirut by the Lake” for illegal gun sales and is just spinning as fast as he can.

  4. He can preach all he wants about controlling this or that, ultimatley he needs hate, violence and racism to be who he is.

    • He doesn’t need it, he wants it!! If he can spew out more and more crap about racism, gun control and how White People are targeting black youths with guns and drugs so they can control and destroy the Young Black Males and Females in America today then he is accomplishing a couple of goals: #1 is that he is keeping his narcissistic, self absorbed ego fed, regardless of the truth or lies in his statements and #2 is that he is sowing discontent and discord in both the black and the white communities to gain either more benifits for the “Poor, oppressed black people in inner cities”, without them actually having to work for them(repayment for ancestral slavery), and he is trying to keep his ego fed and maintain a place in the limelight to,again, feed his narcissistic ego, or he is truly trying to bring, through coercion and forced guilt trips, the downfall of the United States through internal strife and rioting.
      He is not, and to me, never has been nothing more than a mouthpiece for lazy, ignorant, useless thugs and ne’er do wells that want everything they can get handed to them on a silver platter, regardless of their lack of self worth and motivation.
      Just the opinion of an old fat white guy who grew up and went to school in Little Rock in the late 60’s/early 70’s.

      • Jackson is right. White liberals and their lackies like himself have targeted the black community with illegal guns and drugs so they can keep them poor and voting (D).

        Both Walt Williams and Tom Sowell have both pointed out the black America lived in better social conditions under Jim Crow than after the War on Poor People. The Democrats had to give up on the old slavery so they invented a new form of it.

        • The great wall of Chicago. Think about it. All those jobs it would create. Not an infringement, just a precaution.

  5. Ah, I knew it wouldn’t take long for ol’ hyp’ o’ crite Jesse to interject his face into the situation. He would NEVER miss an opportunity for some (even undeserving) face time.

  6. Can we please stop referring to him as a Reverend, that title would imply that his purpose is to win folks to Christ and that is not what Jackson is about.

    • He’s suggesting that the city get its kick backs, or else.

      What used to be known as BlackMail is now up for debate…which of course needs financing.

  7. Jesse Jackson had a lot of people fooled for a long time. Now he’s the punchline to a bad joke and isn’t relevant to anyone, even his own son. But still, he runs his mouth, sounding dumber and dumber by the second.

  8. And what about the soon-to-be felon in the family? Has Junior surrendered his racist weapons? Those without sin may cast the first stone. . . .

  9. Fine, “reverend,” if jobs is what you need to make all gun violence go away, maybe you can ask the politicians to stop passing laws that drive businesses out of there? Your buddies who hold elected office make a fantastic job at creating more poverty, by passing laws that make it very expensive to run a business and hire people. Why do you think so many people don’t have jobs? Because hiring them is too expensive and too risky. You and your friends support legislation that just screams “hire me and all you’ll have is problems,” and you’re surprised that business aren’t hiring? Then, the people that you claim you care so deeply about, who are unemployable partly thanks to you, turn to crime to support themselves. Of course, you don’t see it that way. You’re too busy vilifying the business owners for responding to conditions which you have created!!! I mean, sure, those minimum wage laws and pro union laws sound great, and your intent might have been good, but it’s all backfiring, hurting the poor the most. And somehow you believe that gun control has anything to do with this? Get back on your meds, “reverend.”

  10. Everyone that I have ever heard of with the last name of Jackson is a wacky character in a real life soap opera that America occasionally is almost forced to watch.

  11. From what I can decipher – just barely – from that response, he’s saying the reason that Chicago is so prone to crime, especially homicide, is because of a lack of education which leads to unemployment, and then people having to resort to criminal activities and joining gangs. I agree fully with this – the way to cut down almost all violent crime in the nation is to improve education for EVERYONE, and that means improving schools in inner-city neighborhoods (which is different from the democratic approach of just throwing money at it); furthermore the government needs to actively fight against and shut down gangs across the country, whether through increased amounts of arrests, or by cutting off their funds from illegal ventures. We also need to shut down the illegal street sources that provide illegal guns (according to a study 39.2% of firearm-related crimes involve these) WITHOUT disarming law-abiding citizens.

    The cycle of poverty that occurs in many cities in the U.S. these days IS the main reason crime is so high. Gun control has NOTHING to do with reducing crime. Urban reform is what is needed, to help those in inner-city neighborhoods get a good education and then be employed and obtain money legitimately, rather than joining a gang.

    Drugs also present a problem to our society, and are closely related to the gang problem as well. I like the libertarian solution of legalizing and regulating these drugs, and ending the War on Drugs; this may seem counter-intuitive, but just look at crime statistics during and after the Prohibition Era; suddenly things make much more sense.

    Some statistics to close:

    FBI Study in 2011: On average, 48% of violent crime is committed by gangs. In jurisdictions in Arizona, California, Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, and Texas, that increases to over 90% of violent crime.

    Bureau of Justice Statistics: In 2004, 18% of federal inmates said they committed their current offense to obtain money for drugs. This is an increase from 16% in 1997.

    Sadly, I couldn’t find any violent crime statistics from 1932, the last year of the Prohibition Era (it was repealed in April 1933). The Libertarian Party page says that during alcohol prohibition murder rates rose almost 70%, but fell back once Prohibition ended. It also says since the War on Drugs began the crime rate has doubled.


    That being said, while I agree with him on poverty, drugs, and reform, when he brought gun control into that statement it just completely fell apart.

    • Violent crime was not reduced after Prohibition ended. Prohibition coincided with the displacement of the Irish mob by the Italian-Jewish mob. By 1933 violence was already declining because the mafia had consolidated its power by them. They were just not fighting over the liquor trade. When prohibition ended the mob just took over legalized distribution of alcoholic beverages. In many areas of the country the mob still controls the wholesale liquor trade.

      Murder and violent crime have fallen significantly in the last 20 years so I guess we must be winning the war on drugs.

      • Murder and violent crime have fallen significantly in the last 20 years because of a steadily aging population.

        Although, sadly, there are many who would believe the WOD explanation.

        • While it is true that crime is dropping, didn’t you notice where 90% of the violent crime is occurring? It ain’t in the suburbs or rural areas. It is in the inner cities where gangs fight over the drug trade.

        • Bill:

          They are fighting over tribal turf and not over a specific commodity. Chicago gangs have been killing each other long before the modern drug wars began. They won’t become choir boys, stay in school and become great dads if drugs are legalized. This “legalize drugs and violence disappears meme is as simple minded as the ban guns solution.

        • So if violent crime is falling for reasons completely unrelated to the war on drugs, can we stop wasting billions on it and cut everyone’s taxes? Eliminating the DEA would be a decent chunk of change for a start.

  12. I found myself mentally lapsing into the “Bill Cosby Jello Pudding voice” when I read that.

    I’m probably going to Hell for that, aren’t I?

  13. I found myself mentally lapsing into the “Bill Cosby Jello Pudding voice” when I read that.
    I’m probably going to Hell for that, aren’t I?

  14. Its hows gun banners who even read the fact dont care they want there National Socialist agenda they dont care about crime just power.

  15. Crime was really bad when coke starting to flow in the late 70’s to mid 80’s, including crack and all that,,,,but the “gangsta” lifestyle took it to the next level. Rap, videos, movies and tabloids perpetuate this lifestyle that promotes gang violence, music, pretty bad treatment of women and absolutely no desire to gain an education and work at gaining a career.

  16. It’s really not that hard. He’s just saying that it’s more than guns–it’s the microcosm within Chicago’s impoverished areas that contain many factors that contribute to the violence. Pretty amazing statement coming from a left-wing Liberal. Of course his blame of gun manufacturers targeting the region reveals his true colors.

    Fundamentally, he makes a valid point that there are many problems in those environments that contribute to the violence. I, probably like most here, would assert that even if ALL guns were removed, the violence wouldn’t stop. Knives, baseball bats, golf clubs, bricks, Molotov cocktails, chair legs, gasoline–people will resort to whatever is at hand to carry out violence. And arming responsible citizens to protect themselves is really necessary. Criminals do not follow laws. Liberals ignore this.

  17. I tend to agree with one point that he makes which is killing is the only way out for some. While I don’t agree that “killing” is their only way out, suicide is which is a mental health issue. These shooters want to die and that is why they take their own life when an armed response becomes present. They are just too much of a coward to die only. They want their name to mean something after they leave this earth.

    I would like to see armed guards in schools especially if it is concealed carry like the Air Marshall’s do that way the schools that don’t have the testicular fortitude to do this would still have some of the benefit because no one would know which school it is. Is it a guarantee that there will never be another school shooting? I can’t say that, but it would create a “express lane” for the shooter to reach the end without taking others with them. It amazes me that politicians are so against this. Could you imagine the outrage against Bush if he would said after sept 11 that we don’t need Air Marshall we need to ban box cutters. As to why democrats are sooooooo scared of this, that is easy-if schools become protected by a gun, and kids grow up knowing it was a gun that protected them, well enough said!

  18. Well to Jackson credit he does understand that unemployment, and social economic factors are part of the problem, but he fails by thinking the government can fix it all if we give them all the power.

    • Indeed, the Marcus Wesson case was buried very quickly while International News Media has made a meal of the White male long rifle using child & adult mass murderer.

      News Media’s conspiracy is incestuous.

  19. Fact is he like all talking heads DANCED around the question. If there are so many other contributing factors to crime and violence, why the f*cking fixation on guns? “All other pundits are yelling, if I stay quiet I lose significance”. Heads up JJ, You, like the other “rev”-Al Sharpton lost relevance right about the time of Tawanna Brawley…………

  20. Excuses Excuses Excuses.

    A wall of silence would be a much better personal defense for & from the tax dodging ‘reverend’ J.J than this shake down Whitey blank cheque awaiting signature malarky.

    If you folks refuse to defend yourself from all attacks, whether they be directed at you from down an aimpoint optic to your heart, or plea bargin appeals to your sensitive posterior located wallets I don’t know what or who will.

  21. You can take humans out of nature, but you can’t take the Nature out of humans.
    No-one can solve problems in ‘big cities’ because ‘big cities’ are the problem. Man-made, wholly unnatural environments that suck the very Life out of those who live in them. Breeding grounds for anger, frustration, resentment, ignorance, perpetual poverty and womb to the tomb dependency. Essentially unsustainable environments, if for no other reason than the fact that there isn’t enough earth available for those in them to even grow enough food to so much as feed themselves on a starvation diet. The kids are born and raised in these concrete jungles believing anything they’re told, never having seen enough of the Natural world to even begin to understand how things really work.
    Herd enough people together where they’re face to face with one another 24/7 and problems that wouldn’t exist otherwise are both predictable and inevitable.
    The higher the concentration of people in any area, the greater the strain on resources, the greater the anxiety level of everyone and the less value there is to every human life. This is the hive mentality at its pinnacle of success.
    So enter the visionary Pols, the power pimps, social service workers, hordes of government functionaries, Socialists, Statists and new-age progressive secularist libtards, all promising to solve for the problems created by the very system they’ve designed, implemented and upon which they themselves depend.
    Just a few trillion dollars more of borrowed money, a few more gun control laws and…Ah, Utopia At Last.
    ( If we can’t save ourselves from ourselves, who, exactly is going to save us from THEM? )

  22. One of the rules of every successfull politician:
    When you have been caught in a lie, or you are forced to admit something you don’t want to say, then talk a combination of brilliant gibberish and bullshit. Never, NEVER, let them force you into saying something you don’t want to say.

    Someone once said, “An honest but mistaken person, once shown the truth, either ceases to be mistaken, or ceases to be honest.” Although, I don’t think Jesse Jackson has ever been honest as pertains to gun control.


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