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If you’ve ever been to Houston in the summer, you know the definition of tropical. Hot, steamy, thick weather means packing something that won’t weigh you down.

That’s probably at least one of Greg’s considerations in choosing to carry a Smith & Wesson M&P9 SHIELD in an Uncle Mike’s pocket holster. That’s an easy combination to slip into a pants or shorts pocket no matter where you’re going.

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  1. I have experienced Houston in the summer. Not fun. T shirt and shorts and flip flops or Ho Chi Minh sandals.

  2. Summer or winter in the Houston area an FN 5.7 is lightweight, combined with a Bravo Concealment OWB light bearing holster is the way to go. I wouldn’t IWB here too humid…

    • humidity should not be a factor when ‘out of sight out of mind’ comes into play. It’s sad that fear mongering has led us to this point, but concealment is just plain ol safer. I would love to say ‘fuck em, concealment is an infringement on our rights’ but in today’s society, I’d conceal even if our summers were like the congo.

  3. Not just Houston. The whole gulf coast. Hell, the whole south east. I wear shorts and lightweight shirts most of the year. I wish I could carry one of my 1911s every day, but it ain’t happening. Carry what you can. Any firearm is better than a sharp stick.

    • Paul, you wear shorts and a Hawaiian shirt? A t shirt under the Hawaiian shirt, ya got the perfect CCW carry for your 1911. A horizontal shoulder holster. I did it for decades and ya can’t beat this method. Twin mags opposite the holster. I wish I could still carry with this method. Once the compressed nerves in my neck are permanently fixed, I will certainly be back to it.

    • I feel you brother. I planted several hundred pounds of iron clay peas and soybeans in summer food plots on the farm yesterday. Then filled the feeders with Antler Max. All I wanted to do was sit down and find a cold beer after. Now we have a tropical system moving in. Once it passes it will be so hot and humid you won’t be able to breathe.

      • Sorry Paul. Here on Memorial Day, we got hit with a huge hail storm for more than an hour. Luckily we were in the green house planting our veggies for the summer. Of course we will need to pull the plants by late September do to hard frost. Most of the tomatoes will still ripen in our basement. But, I’ll take the cold over the heat and humidity any day.

  4. I live in East Central MS where you can be helicoptered away by mosquitos or blown to Oz by impromptu tornados. My heck-with-it-it’s-hot or no-untucked-shirt-nor-jacket carry is a S&W Bodyguard .380 with a De Santis PocketShot holster in an empty right front pocket. Otherwise it’s either a S&W Shield with a N82tactical Pro IWB or a CZ P01 with a Tactical Measure OWB on speed ease clips, depending on how much concealment I’m needing.


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