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Every year I stroll past the Remington Defense booth at SHOT and ask one question: when will the XM2010 be available for civilians? For about five years now, the response has been the same — “eventually.” I started to lose hope that the rifle would ever appear on commercial shelves, but it looks like Remington is finally releasing their XM2010 along with the MSR rifle and other assorted firearms for us lowly civilians. Make the jump for their presser . . .

Madison, N.C. –Remington Arms Company, LLC (“Remington”) today announced that it is making available, effective immediately, certain Remington Defense products for the civilian consumer market.

Remington’s Defense Division is comprised of a highly-specialized team of former U.S. Special Operations personnel whose mission is to design and build the best firearm-based weapon systems in the world, and to sell those weapon systems to the U.S. Military, law enforcement agencies in the United States, and allied nations around the world. The Division has its own dedicated team of research and development engineers as well as its own dedicated unit of manufacturing personnel who do not perform any work at Remington except for work in support of the Division. This means that the firearms manufactured by the Division embody the utmost level of quality as well as the most advanced technology available today. Never before have firearms manufactured by the Division been sold on the consumer market.

Initial offerings from Remington Defense available to consumers will include the following models – R4GP (Remington Gas Piston) Carbine, R4 Carbine, PSR/MSR (Modular Sniper Rifles) and M2010 (US ARMY replacement for the M24 Sniper Rifle).

For information on how to order Remington Defense commercial products, please contact your local firearms retailer or visit us at .

The initial offerings will be:

No word on pricing yet, but my guess is “expensive.” Sniper rifles are apparently shipping with a Leupold optic (your choice of a handful of good glass), hard case, accessories, and your choice of either including an AAC silencer with the package or leaving it a bare-thread deal.

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    • The numbers I saw floated a while back were absolutely off the hook insane. So much as to negate even a silly thought of perhaps ever pursuing such an item. Besides, it’s FG. My experience with them tells me to stay away. And perhaps the only reason they are making these available to us now is that .mil wants nothing to do with them. I know I wouldn’t if I were .mil

  1. And given Remington’s track record recently, both on technology maturation and public relations, why wouldn’t I seek a market alternative?

  2. I was expecting this as the whole article:

    “Every year I stroll past the Remington Defense booth at SHOT…”

    • …at SHOT…and am shot at by Remington’s marketing department. Thankfully, the P51s they use always jam.

      • …at SHOT…and am shot at by Remington’s marketing department. The R51 was reassembled incorrectly and failed to fire.”


    • Well, to be fair I bet those 3 match grade barrels aren’t cheap, add in the Pelican case and the Leupold glass and the accessories and $21k probably isn’t that far off the mark.

      • Lol, Okay. Because a similar set up from Desert Tech would be even close to that price, and they have my trust.

      • Umm, no. Using the Sig Sauer Blaser rifle as an example, each barrel changeout kit costs $1,600. So, that’s $3,200 more for the barrel. Let’s call the Leupold Scope $3,000 to be generous. The Pelican Case is not more than $400. So, $21,000 – $3,200 – $3,000 – $400 = $14,760 for the rifle.

        Given the fact that I can buy two complete Accuracy International AX rifles in .338 Lapua for less than that tells me that Remington is not planning on selling too many of these.

    • 21K?

      If you wanted a free Pelican case from Remington, all you have to do is ship them your old junk R51 and they will send you a New! Still Junk! R51 with 2 mags and a Pelican:

      “Anyone who purchased an R51 may return it and receive a new R51 pistol, along with two additional magazines and a custom Pelican case, by calling Remington at (800) 243-9700. You will be asked to provide your name, address, telephone number, and the serial number of your pistol.”

      The Pelican Case will be de-valued since it has the Remington corporate logo silk-screened on it.

    • No, they pass that onto the government, or considering that they are now owned by freedom group….they’ll do some fancy legal paperwork and bury that cost in a separate division, spin it off, and then have it declare bankruptcy.

  3. Even if they were a reasonable price I’d pass. There are too many quality alternatives for me to trust Remington given their track record.

  4. I’ll go buy a Sako TRG42 and save myself the money and grief of having to send it in 3 times.

    • +1! I have come so close to buying a TRG-42 that I nearly fell over from inertia! The thing that put me off was the $500.00 bipod and the $225.00 mags, but a $21,000.00 price tag goes a long way to putting that into perspective. The Seiko TRG-M10 looks significantly more bad-ass than the TRG-42, and would seem to be a direct competitor to the PSR/MSR.

    • It’s a mirage band. Keeps the heat radiating off the barrel from distorting the image in the optics at high magnification.

  5. I have shot the hell out of this gun and absolutely loved it. Quiet, shockingly accurate, easy to handle despite the weight. And as soon as someone else makes it I’ll consider buying it.

  6. I’ll pass. Already had my heart set on a DT SRS-A1 since ever. Some day…

    A chassis, 3 conversion kits, and all the extra fixings altogether would still be significantly cheaper than either the MSR or the M2010. That includes a bipod of my choice, monopod, extra magazines, armorer’s tool sets and replacement parts, optic and mount of my choice (Nightforce just plain makes better glass and fixtures), suppressor of my choice (Surefire anyone?), and if I wanted to truly even out the prices I’d also throw in ammunition for training in all three calibers (for me that’d be .260 Rem, .338 Norma Mag., and whichever else happens to tickle my fancy that week).

  7. Savage has got one in 338 Lupua with a 26inch barrel and brake and it sells in Canada for 2500 bucks Canadian. The local gun emporium has one for sale behind the counter. The fellow that works there has shot one with 300 grain Burgers and at 500 meters it shoots into 3 inches. That makes me want to play with myself.

  8. I’ve a security chest full of rifles, many Rem700s, from .223 to .300WM, the absolute worst of which still shoots 1.25MOA with an almost shot out barrel. The absolute most I have spent total, including rings, bases, optic, sling, bipod, trigger job, action bedding etc. is $1,200.00.

    I’ll pass.

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