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We’re pretty sure (based on the video) that “Venture X” is going to be a combination of Remington’s 783 rifle and TrackingPoint’s “precision guided” scope technology. And yet, this (pictured) is all we get to see of it here at NRA. With the announcement coming in such close proximity to the show you’d expect them to at least talk about it, but none of the Remington reps I’ve found have been “authorized” to speak about it. We also know that they are holding focus group meetings during the show about this rifle, at which press are persona non grata and the participants have been sworn to avoid all media members. And yet, still no pictures and still not a single sample on the floor. There’s a difference between being purposefully cagey about details to induce hype, and just being annoyingly stubborn about saying anything about a product. This is definitely the latter. At least, for those of us trying to cover the thing.

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  1. They are probably trying to avoid liberal attention so they can make more sales before it gets classified as something stupid and sales get restricted. After all… guns are bad.

    Or maybe they are just waiting for the right moment to reveal their magnificent creation.

  2. And Nick, unwittingly added to the hype……….

    I didn’t even know about it until now. Now I have to wait as well. Thanks Foghorn.


  3. I remain skeptical that a novice can use this effectively past 500 yards. Accurate down range wind conditions (not what your Kestrel tells you the wind is at your face) are too hard for a novice to estimate.

    At this time, it looks like the next evolution of the laser rangefinder. With lasers, now that you know the exact distance to the target, “all you have to do” is dial up your elevation and wind, and you’re good to go. There’s a lot more to it than that.

  4. It sounds like they’ve created far more solid hype than a solid product. If I had made something that would do everything they allege this rifle/scope combo could do, you could be damned sure I would be showing it off to the world!

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