Guns are not the answer #gunsarenottheanswer
courtesy GANTA Lab and YouTube
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We’re constantly told by all the smartest people (see here, here, here and here, for instance) that guns are not the answer. But that probably depends on the question.

(Video possibly NSFW)

If the question is how an individual can defend herself or her family against an attacker who would do her or them grievous bodily harm or worse, then yes, guns are definitely the answer. Even against zombies, maniacal clowns or insane hoteliers with mommy complexes.

That’s why firearms are used to defend innocent life over a million times a year in the US. They even the odds between a bigger attacker who may be armed and a smaller, weaker, or slower defender.

Civilian-owned firearms have increased by over 50% (probably far more) in the last generation at the same time that the crime rate has plummeted.

Not that it matters, of course. Such inconvenient facts won’t stop all of those oh-so-intelligent, terribly knowledgeable, highly credentialed people — most of whom have never fired a gun themselves — from informing their inferiors that #GunsAreNotTheAnswer. Same as it ever was.


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  1. You call “Vogue” and “USA Today” the “smartest people” around? Wow! It’d be interesting to know just who you consider to be stupid.
    Since IMO vogue and usatoday are about as intelligent as a tree frog, we’re now down into single celled bacteria territory. But wait! Even bacteria defend their own existence, which makes even them more intelligent than usatoday. Perhaps a blade of grass, or a stone might be more in their vicinity?

      • The earth is actually a giant supercomputer designed by pan-dementional beings for the expressed purpose of finding out what the question was.

        • I’m thinking of having a pan-galactic gargle blaster tonight.

          Maye listening to some Vogon poetry.

        • Dan now probably thinks we’ve all gone crazy or started sniffing glue with Ralph.

          Whatever, I’ll bring my robot. He’s a bit of a constant downer though so you might want to bring your Point-of-View gun Gov.

        • Funny thing is it’s been 30+ years since I read those books. Of course the movie with Bilbo and Zoey helped jog my memory I suppose. When I read them I pictured the Monty Python troop playing the characters. John Cleese was Ford Prefect and Terry Jones was Arthur Dent. I should go back and read them again.

        • I’m putting on my Joo Janta 200 super-chromatic peril-sensitive sunglasses and heading to the Big Bang Burger Bar for a quick bite. Anyone joining?

        • I always felt Clive Swift was Marvin. Alan Rickman did alright voicing him in the movie though.


          these…Joo Janta 200 Super-Chromatic Peril Sensitive Sunglasses…ARE!

          if you can’t see it coming …its not there and not a peril!

        • I don’t think Marvin has a towel. Maybe that’s why he’s manically depressed?

        • contact from my mother in law would elicit an announcement of, “call from: ‘ravenous bugblatter beast of traal.'”
          and sidelong glances from her daughters.

        • AM, they’re probably out there in the Brazilian jungle somewhere, but they’re probably a lot harder to spot than a humpback whale.

      • id rather smash my brains in with a large gold brick wrapped in lemon . Id say a gun is probably the best option for self defense for anyone , i remember when women were being instructed to , in the event of impending rape , Soil themselves . That was the best option to rape prevention ? To Shit their pants and it would ” hopefully ” deter a rapist from violating you ? If a person is committed enough to become a rapist i would think a little poop wouldn’t bother them .?

        • Nowadays, many pervs would become extremely aroused sexually by a woman crapping before them. It’s like throwing gasoline onto a house fire. Google “Boston Pancakes” sometime when you’re bored.

    • Agree!

      J.M. Browning was nobody’s fool…he knew the answer even before the question was asked.

      19+1+1 = a well-behaved, good shootin’ defensive firearm (who would only want one?)…a pair adds up to 42…the “Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything”.

      Disclaimer: Smith, Wesson, Springfield and Colt also contribute to the Ultimate Answer for the Preservation of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

      • Or, you could have 10 GP100s with 4.2″ barrels. That would be pretty cool. Or 6.5 6.5 Creedmoors…

        • Meh, I must be some kind of heretic…have not “transitioned” to the 6.5 CreedMeSomeMore.

          (note to self: must purchase additional eight GP100’s for numerical balance…)

  2. Guns ARE the answer to Charles Darwin’s Laws of Natural Selection.

    Since we all know (or should know) that chance and Mother Nature will usually favor those who are best prepared, it become obvious that gun owners are much better prepared than the rest of the population. The so-called “smart” people show us the utter idiocy with every word they utter, and in typical liberal fashion, those words usually mean the exact opposite of their original meaning.

    My own research indicates over 450 million guns in the country. I am curious what kind of government operation these idiots believe would be able to remove them all.

    On the bright side, these “smart” people give me so much enjoyment every time they open their mouths………

  3. I’ve always said anyone in favor of gun control is simply, well, brain dead. It doesn’t take any intelligence to push the guns are bad idea. You can’t control criminal gun use unless the’re locked up. So even a dunce can figure out gun control only controls the honest folk.

  4. We have guns and other weapons (including rocks and sticks) because Mother Nature did not see fit to provide us with big sharp teeth, claws, speed, and a dozen or so other built in weapons and defenses. All we’ve got is our brain, and we’ve used it to become the Alpha creature on the planet, by virtue of our ability to create superior substitutes for all those things we aren’t born with.

  5. I remember the LA riots. Do you? Was it Charlton Heston who said “my liberal (antigun) friends now want me to get guns for them?” (I’m paraphrasing y’know.) Also, very few Korean or Chinese stores were robbed. Guess why.

    • I lived in LA at that time and got tons of calls from UNARMED ‘lib’ friends…..they wanted guns….I have never laughed so hard on a phone, so many times in only one week! GOD my sides hurt!

  6. I don’t know how to copy and paste but…here’s a great video for everyone from the Warrior Poet Society YouTube guy. It’s called “How Feminism Can Get You Raped and Murdered”. I sent it to my friends. The movies/TV do a disservice showing us that girls can kick guys and render them helpless. It doesn’t happen in real life. The gun is the great equalizer.

    • Docduracoat wrote: “God created man and woman.
      Sam Colt made them equal”

      More or less.

      Phil in TX

  7. Guns are almost never the answer in civilian life. However, when a gun is the answer, it is generally the ONLY answer.

    It’s sort of like a fire extinguisher or TQ. I’ve never had to use either but I carry both in my vehicle because if I need it for something, I probably really need it.

  8. Guns may or may not be the answer. What I would like to know is the following. EXACTLY what is the question, and by the way, it remains that while guns might not be the only answer, they will serve till a demonstratedly better one becomes available.

  9. Gunz are not the answer, a peaceful society, with happiness and joy. A society with everyone educated beyond a 12th grade diploma, affordable housing, Medicare, a homogenous nation of productivity reaching for the staz. In the meantime I still building my Neutrino Fusion Bommb because gunz are not the answer.

  10. Sometimes in life you end up holding a tiger by the tail. People are yelling “Let go!” not considering that the other end has teeth! Some of us choose to be ready for this. The rest are unarmed.

  11. If guns aren’t the answer, you’re asking the wrong question. Try one like, “What’s the best way to prevent being raped?”, or, “How do I defend myself while waiting for the police to arrive?”, or “What’s an effective way to harvest my own meat?”

  12. I got the impression that the ‘movie’ was ridiculing the idea the “guns are not the answer”…as well as wands and sharp sticks…highlighting the absurdity of willful defenselessness.

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