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by Lee Williams

I was on a good friend’s radio program Sunday night when one of the other guests raised a tremendous point: We need to take back our language from the anti-rights crowd and the legacy media.

Specifically, words like assault weapon, mainstream media, gun violence and many more have been creeping into our vocabulary and – mea culpa – even some of my stories.

Folks, it’s time to stop playing by their rules. It’s time to stop using their labels, which are both inaccurate and designed to frighten the public into supporting their anti-civil rights agenda.

Besides, there are better words to use in place of theirs.

I’ve come up with a few examples. Of course, there are many more. If I missed any, please let me know.

Assault weapon – True assault weapons use intermediate-length cartridges and are capable of select-fire. The term is a rough translation of the German Sturmgewehr. A modern AR does not meet this definition, even if it has a chainsaw bayonet attached.

Assault weapon ban – A violation of the Second Amendment and the Fifth Amendment’s taking clause.

Mainstream media – We are the mainstream, not the gun prohibitionists. They are the fringe. There are more gun owners in this country than non-gun owners, so rather than referring to their lapdog media as mainstream, let’s call it the legacy media.

Gun buybacks – It doesn’t matter if it’s a buyback held at a local city hall or the mandatory buybacks President Biden has planned for our ARs – the government cannot buy back something it has never owned. And we should start referring to Biden’s plan as what it really is – mandatory confiscation.

Gun violence – Do we say knife violence? Do we say fist or feet violence? How about baseball bat violence or cast-iron-frying-pan violence? It’s time to call violence what it really is – violence – regardless of the mechanism used.

Loopholes – There are no legitimate loopholes. The gun show loophole doesn’t exist. The online loophole is a joke. I’ve got a good friend who has a standing offer of $10,000, which he’ll pay to anyone who can show him a website that will sell him a firearm and ship it to his home without a background check. The Charleston loophole should be renamed the FBI-incompetence loophole. Loopholes are a fallacy. Unless we’re talking about the loopholes used by urban snipers, it’s time to stop using the term.

Pro-gun and Anti-gun – Instead, we should say pro-rights and anti-rights.

Gun rights – This term is should be replaced by human rights or civil rights.

High-capacity magazineStandard-capacity magazine is far more accurate, even though the folks who coined the term don’t know the difference between a clip and a magazine.

Permitless carry – Constitutional carry is the only term for this because you do not need a permit for a Constitutional right. It’s the true intent of the Second Amendment – what the Framers had in mind. Everything else is unconstitutional.

Concealed carry permit – An unconstitutional act that occurs when the government strips you of your Second Amendment rights and then sells them back to you for a set fee, but only for a limited amount of time, and only if you behave.

Gun control – Let’s use crime control instead, rather than focusing on the weapon a criminal chooses to use. Do we say knife control? Knives and fists and feet are used far more frequently by criminals than firearms. Besides, for the gun grabbers it’s all about control anyway.

Gun-control advocateAnti-rights activist.

Smart guns – Smart guns are pure science fiction. The tech simply isn’t there. We should call them Sci-Fi guns. I will start carrying a smart gun when Mr. Spock beams one into the glovebox of my flying car.

Ghost gun – Americans were building firearms at home long before there was a United States of America. To be clear, it is perfectly legal to build a firearm in your home. I’ve been referring to them as home builds.

Arsenal – How many times have you read a news story about an arrestee who had an “arsenal” of weapons in his or her home, even if it was just a handful of firearms and a couple boxes of ammunition? What the legacy media refers to as an arsenal, I refer to as a collection or a good start.

Concealable assault weapon – This term is new, and the Dems already want to ban them. It was recently coined by the gun prohibitionists to describe an AR pistol with a brace. It is the dumbest term they have ever come up with since assault pistol, which they invented to describe the TEC-9. I burst out laughing every time I hear a cable TV news actor use it in a sentence. Let’s let them have this one. It’s hilarious.

Commonsense – Commonsense sounds like a good term. We do need commonsense gun laws. However, the problem is who gets to decide what’s commonsensical. If it’s the folks inside the Beltway, we’ve got problems. Best not to use the term.

Second Amendment infringementsCivil rights violations.

Strong gun laws – Show me a state with strong gun laws and I’ll show you a state with strong civil-rights violations.

National Firearms Act of 1934 and Gun Control Act of 1968 – Draconian, unconstitutional gun laws written by grandstanding politicians in response to two specific criminal acts committed by a notorious gangster and a communist lunatic.

Gun owners – How about well-informed voters.

Hollow pointsStandard defensive ammunition.

Mass shooting – How about just calling it a shooting

Mass shooter – Felon or murderer.

Military grade or Milspec – The media uses the terms interchangeably to imply that a military grade or milspec firearm is super lethal or extra-scary. It’s a derisive term. Most civilian ARs and AKs are not military grade or milspec. They’re lightyears beyond that. Today’s ARs are far superior to anything made for the DoD by the lowest bidder.

Silencer or suppressorGun muffler.

Need – The anti-civil rights crowd constantly brings up need – as in no one needs a AR. I can’t find the term in the Second Amendment. I’ve looked. Just like deer hunting – it’s not there.

NRA, GOA, SAF, JPFO, FPC, CCRKBA and all othersCivil rights organizations.

Giffords, Everytown, Demanding Moms, the Brady Bunch and the Biden administrationAnti-civil rights organizations.

Gun grabbersGun grabbers. It fits.

As always, thanks for your time.



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    • RE: “Gun control – Let’s use crime control instead, rather than focusing on the weapon a criminal chooses to use. Do we say knife control? Knives and fists and feet are used far more frequently by criminals than firearms. Besides, for the gun grabbers it’s all about control anyway.” “Gun-control advocate – Anti-rights activist.”

      Mr. Williams…Let’s not use “crime control” or any other guesswork definition that in the end does nothing but give Gun Control Standing. Do some research before taking it upon yourself to redefine such a diabolical, despicable, deranged bloody agenda as Gun Control. It is what it is.

      Repeat after me…Gun Control Is An Agenda Rooted In Racism And Genocide. Therefore Gun Control Is A Racist and Nazi Based Agenda…Period, End Of Story.

      • Actually, “gun control” = people control, and that’d really the purpose of what its proponents are seeking. Keeping “every day” people in line and putting the elite at the top and in control, where they deserve to be.

  1. Best post in years. This should be stickied as first-seen article for at least a whole month.

    Kudos. Power to the people.

    • Really?

      The author begins with a valid and even necessary attack on terms (like “assault weapon”) that are made-up, deceptive, inherently charged with anti-freedom ideology, and in some cases (like “buyback”) objectively false.

      He then undercuts his argument completely by suggesting his own made-up euphemisms for terms that are perfectly literal, descriptive, and in long use by militaries, civilian gun enthusiasts, etc. before they ever found their way into the lexicon of gun-grabbers.

      Do we really advance our position / gain any credibility by adopting our own newspeak / doubletalk?

      • Yes, actually.

        Using terms that stick in people’s minds is INCREDIBLY important — which is why our enemies are busy inventing ominous-sounding nonsense and hijacking words that actually do mean things. It works for them, in part, because non-gun people don’t understand common firearms terms and definitions; the anti-rights cabal takes advantage of their ignorance by “helpfully” providing an association that does stick, and then we shoot ourselves in the foot every time we use normal language.

        But it also works because it has a sound basis in human psychology. Words can tap into emotions. Stench, aroma, stink, fragrance, odor, smell…they all are basically synonyms, but they’re *not* equal in effect. Think about how they might apply to gunpowder; an anti-rights swindler might want us to think of it as a stench, but to us it smells like freedom. If you can make that association stick in somebody’s mind, you’ve done a powerful thing.

        We have truth and right on our side, but the enemy knows all the tricks and owns the biggest megaphones — which is why we need together around “sticky” terms that have a positive effect for our side and by their very nature poke holes in the anti-gun fabrications. If we lose the mind game, we lose everything with it.

        • Creating our own skeevy, sugarcoated lie-words only associates us with the double-talking reptiles who make up shit like “assigned female at birth”. You walk away from their conversations / articles convinced of nothing, other than a desire to take a shower.

          Or, in the words of the immortal Sir Walter Scott, “The constant suspicion attached to any public person who becomes badly eminent for breach of faith is to him what the rattle is to the poisonous serpent. A degree of mistrust tends to counteract the intrigues of such a faithless character, more than his freedom from the scruples of conscientious men can afford him advantage.”

        • You’re missing the point. They’re not lie-words; they’re just a more effective way to tell the truth.

          We do have truth on our side — an advantage the gun grabbers will never have — but that isn’t enough by itself. We need to communicate the truth to the uninformed and misinformed AND somehow make it “stickier” in their minds than the lies of our enemies.

          Using effective terms (even made-up ones) is absolutely necessary if we’re going to get the general public to recognize the “faithless character” of the gun-grabbers and hear the rattle of the poisonous serpent. (That Walter Scott quote is great, btw.)

        • I have a low threshold for BS. I do my homework and make informed decisions about what to (literally or figuratively) “buy”, but I am never sold anything. The moment I hear tap-dancy salesman shtick, the conversation is over (even if I buy later online, etc., there’s no way I’m ever giving the BSer my business). The use of any made-up words, for which there is already a valid, literal, dictionary-English equivalent – really, the use of any neologism outside of actual technological developments – tends to trip my BS meter.

          Admittedly, “lie” may have been a poor word choice. Then again, “assigned female at birth” isn’t technically false either. Its artificiality, euphemistic tone (and omission of the fact that the “assignment” was due to objective, irrefutable scientific facts determined by chromosomes) clues in anyone who isn’t already in ideological lockstep that the speaker / writer is full of shit.

      • Allowing the anti rights crowd to define the language has taken place for far too long. I first encountered it in graduate school decades ago and have watched it progress through society. It is far past the point of striving to take the language back. Truth is defined by the language that is used. Take the word progress, sounds nice, but what they are is in fact fascists’; the very thing they accuse those who do not agree with them.

        • John,
          I agree with what you wrote, and I agreed with the author to the extent that he attacked anti-rights perversions of language.

          I only took issue with his suggestions to substitute his own twisted language for terms that were NOT made up by the anti-rights crowd: “Silencer”, a trademark of inventor Hiram Stevens Maxim; “suppressor”, a creation of later gun guys striving for a more literal description of the effects of the device; “hollow point”, a literal definition that also has a long history in the industry, etc.

          Like you, I get particular amusement from the term “progressive”. No one hates actual progress more than a “progressive”.

      • He clearly meant “assault rifle”, not “assault weapon”. Any object whatsoever used as a weapon to assault someone is an assault weapon – rolled-up periodical, shoelace, cat-o’-nine-tails, medieval mace, Scottish battle-kitten, gender-fluidity lecture, anything! The term was invented (and documentation proves by who and when exactly tho it eludes me ATM) by gun grabbing gov and media in the nineties to conflagrate full-auto mil-spec with civilian-legal guns and confuse the pearl-clutchers. “Assault WEAPON” actually has no real meaning at all and is just rhetoric to scare the drama queens and feed the wanna-be tyrants their daily virtue-snacks.

        • And there are just magazines, and hunting-limited magazines and plugs in specific states for specific species as per rules FOR HUNTING ONLY to limit the amount of game a single hunter might take, when there are no rules at all on invasive destructive species like wild hogs/coyotes/prairie dogs. The is no such thing as a hicap mag, just plug-,limited mags and mags and belt-fed. That’s it. Beotch.

        • Mainstream media should be called Government Office of Dissemination, or G.O.D.
          And “need” – as in “no one needs…”, Well, it’s the bill of “rights”, not the bill of “needs”. Swimming pools, which kill far more of the “precious children” every year than all guns put together do, are NOT a right protected by the Constitution, even though no one needs THAT much water.
          This country is a tinderbox, and we’re all just waiting on the spark. BOOG!!! Bring it ooooon!!!!

        • Kubla,
          I understand that “assault rifle” is a separate (and correct, when used accurately) term with a long military history, but the author used “assault weapon” correctly. He identified it as a leftist scare word, exactly like you did, and I gave him credit for that in my response.

  2. Freedom doesn’t include an asterisk*.

    Basic Human Rights are not contingent upon other people’s behavior.

  3. You have three types of firearms,

    Any other terms are bogus and are just used to raise peoples emotional response.

    And the next time I hear somebody refer to a magazine as a clip I’m going to go Captain Insano.

    • Cannons and field guns would like a word.

      Jeeze possum, it’s 2021, use inclusive language. Otherwise it’s “hate speech” and an intellectual giant like one of our local trolls might just have to give you a whoopin’ with some real good ad hominem attacks.

      • I didnt post that? It would have been shotgunms if I did.
        As long as they dont use sticks and stones I’ll be alright.
        I do hate ad hominoids though, the world has enough of them.

      • “Cannons and field guns would like a word.”

        The mortars would like a word, as well… 😉

        • Pestles crush things in a manner reminiscent of slavery crushing the souls of POC. Pestles are also phallic shaped so they’re obviously a symbol of the patriarchy.

          So yes, unless they’re going to atone, they must remain silent.

  4. “High capacity magazine” and “Standard capacity magazine” both are indeterminate, non-descriptive, and deceptive; no universally agreed upon meaning. Same with “high power rifle”, which the anti-gun mob (there, I said it) uses when complaining about rifles chambered for .223 and 5.56 bullets.

    American “english” is simply a sloppy language, and commonly used sloppily. If you want to talk to a people using a foreign language (“gun control”), to be understood one must use that language, or spend weeks (or more) teaching them to use your language. Internet time, popular culture and MSM do not allow for education, only sound bytes.

      • You can write secret messages by using cursive now.
        The younger generation has not a clue, “”What’s this?”!
        Am I right in thinking a computer can’t decode cursive?

        • That’s an interesting question.

          I don’t know. Last I heard anything about image-to-text tech it could only handle very specific things in cursive where the item in question could be cross referenced against a database.

          That’s several (at least) years back at this point and I haven’t looked at any of it since.

          I would guess so but I would say that with the caveat of “How well do you want this to work?” Drawing surface devices seem to be able to decode at least some of it. This is also true of some phones like the Note 10. That said, on my Note 10 it doesn’t work very well unless you print. I just use that feature like a digital post-it note. I got tired of the fact that it consistently interpreted my lowercase cursive “f” as a capital “P”.

          But then I haven’t tested that in like a year either and Android’s had a ton of updates so… I dunno?

  5. Yeah whatever…my lowly AR15 now says it’s a modern sporting rifle. Are my 62gr greentip boo-lit’s cop killers or freedom seeds?!? I’ll get back to you😏

  6. In a lot of regards this language battle was lost long ago and the “mainstream media” bit kinda shows this to be true.

    Mainstream is defined by Websters as “having, reflecting, or being compatible with the prevailing attitudes and values of a society or group”.

    “Mainstream media” can be interpreted in multiple ways. One could argue that the adjective “mainstream” refers to that media’s position within media. In that regard the MSM most certainly IS the MSM.

    OTOH, things can be mainstreamed and it’s arguable that “mainstream media” refers to a media that exists for the purpose of mainstreaming certain ideas.

    This is what record labels do with bands. One day they’re nobody the next day they’re huge because they got a record deal, and that record deal comes with radio play for a single. And in many cases this results in the culture from which that band came now labeling that band a “sellout”. Maybe they’re a one-hit-wonder or maybe they have a long career of hits. Partly that’s the music they make and the culture that listens to it and part of it is what the labels want to push. Pushing a product often does “mainstream” it. That’s what push-polling is all about with ideas, same with advertising.

    So there’s an argument to be made that the MSM is mainstream for the media (group) and pushes ideas to be mainstreamed by the larger society.

    “Legacy media” is more about economic models, format and technology than the ideas being pushed. In some regards TYT or Alex Jones have a “legacy” model with their studios and formats. But they’re also on the internet rather than cable and satellite TV… so are they legacy or not? When a media corporation uses the internet to run a website but still has a channel… what makes them legacy or not? Mostly, really, it’s their business model rather than what they say or the modes of communication they use to say it.

    Regardless, at one point freedom and liberty were mainstream in this country, ditto self-reliance. Today they are not that big… except when convenient but now they’re more of a selling point rather than the actual sale object. A lot of dependency has been “mainstreamed”. From Grease Monkey to Wendy’s to stimmies, it’s really all just different flavors of the same thing in that regard.

      • Personally, I use “liberal press” or “conservative press”. “progun media” or “antigun media”. “Mainstream media” is the media flavor/platform of the month–the media combination that reaches the most people. As to if it is liberal or conservative, pro or anti gun, that depends on who actually controls it. Who may not be who owns it.

        • Hence my perpetual advocacy for establishing NNN- the Nonpartisan News Network.

          I sincerely believe there is legitimate propriety in providing independent, objective, and honest information to people- and that the general public would be decidedly receptive to it.

          I do not believe that substantive news requires drama, propaganda, distorted narratives, chicanery, or exaggeration in order to attract and keep an audience.

          Quite the opposite, actually- I affirm there is an extant worldwide audience primed and ready to receive nonpartisan factual information.

          I know I sure am. Bring on N³!

    • “Regardless, at one point freedom and liberty were mainstream in this country, ditto self-reliance. Today they are not that big… except when convenient but now they’re more of a selling point rather than the actual sale object.”

      When was the last time you heard anyone say (to the effect of) “Why not? It’s a free country!”

      Seriously – When was the last time you heard someone say that, and mean it? 🙁

  7. Arsenal, Bill Clitoons 20 gunms and 1000 rounds. At that time I owned 1 shotgunm, 1pistol, and 1 rifle and a couple boxes of shells for each.
    Soon as I heard it was going to be against the law unless you got permission from the gov I bought as many gunms and bullets as I could. When I hit 21 gunms and a 1000 rounds for each I said ” There, now fck your arsenal laws.”

  8. Yup, right on target!

    The only form of violence that exists is either Human or Animal. A living creature does a thing, an inanimate object does not.

  9. As defined by Merriam-Webster, an arsenal is first, an establishment for the manufacture or storage of arms and military equipment, second, a collection of arms, and third, a store or repertoire. Collection is defined as first the act of collecting or gathering items, ideas, facts, or writings/thoughts, second as something collected ESPECIALLY a group of items gathered for study, comparison, or exhibition, or as a hobby, third as group or aggregate and forth as a set of apparel designed for sale, usually during a specific season It pays off to go to the dictionary once in a while.

    By the way, a collection for study or comparison is at least two items in the same category/family and for exhibition, a collection is at least three items. A hobby collection is at least four or more and usually grows.

    Yes I am a stickler for precision in language. I was trained as a journalist back when precision in language and facts meant something in journalism.

    Sadly, today most reporters do not bother checking facts or refrain from using opinions as facts. Add to that sloppy language skills. And yes, English is a language that makes it hard to be precise in speech/writing. But it is not the only one. To give you an example: the original King James version of the Bible made several references to witches and witchcraft that are not in other versions/translations, including the revised King James version. The reason? The scholars that assembled the original King James version used the word ‘witch’ to refer to both sorceresses and pagan priestesses. Other contemporary translations used ‘witch’ to refer to any female who used magic and priestess to refer to a female leader of worship of a god.

    • A “cache” is two guns, and 100rds of ammo.
      An “arsenal” is more.
      A “collection” is a bunch more than anyone should have.

    • “an arsenal is first, an establishment for the manufacture or storage of arms and military equipment, second, a collection of arms, and third, a store or repertoire.”

      When I bought my first home, a buddy of mine who owns a print shop made me some embossed note pads.

      They read : “From the Bunker of Geoff PR”.

      Ever since then, among that (shrinking) group of friends, going home was always “I’m going back to the Bunker”. 🙂

      (The group has shrunk because they have been dying on me and the others…)

  10. One of the highest realities of being human is that just about the only things passed on through each consecutive generation are certain physical attributes and instinctual behaviors. Everything else must be ‘learned’. One of the key elements of the original Planet of the Apes with Charlton Heston was that humans were not ‘taught’ how to speak. Something I think most people watching it missed. A civilized society teaches their young. We must get back to a place where families can flourish and education becomes key with a foundation of love and respect. Children cannot be taught to hate themselves, their country, their family, and other people without descending back into the dark ages.

    It starts in the home and in school. Fathers must be present and people must be allowed to grow. Growth is often very painful but is necessary. There is a world of difference between someone that makes a mistake and learns from it versus someone that spends their entire lives in perpetual childhood. Too many adults in this world act as if they are still teenagers.

    60’s radicals are in charge and their progeny are taking control. If we don’t take back our education system and start getting serious about our responsibilities, we will lose centuries of human advancement and development.

  11. Mainstream media should be called Government Office of Dissemination, or G.O.D.
    And “need” – as in “no one needs…”, Well, it’s the bill of “rights”, not the bill of “needs”. Swimming pools, which kill far more of the “precious children” every year than all guns put together do, are NOT a right protected by the Constitution, even though no one needs THAT much water.
    This country is a tinderbox, and we’re all just waiting on the spark. BOOG!!! Bring it ooooon!!!!

  12. ANYTHING used to harm someone is an “assault weapon”. Fist, foot, car, Pennywise mask, firearm, jar of peanut butter, etc. I think the author meant to address the term “Assault Rifle” which came from the base word “gewehr” which means rifle. The Sturmgewehr is often synonymous with select fire rifles. Which citizens can’t buy thanks to people who hate fun.

  13. “I’ve got a good friend who has a standing offer of $10,000, which he’ll pay to anyone who can show him a website that will sell him a firearm and ship it to his home without a background check.”
    I will accept cash or check.
    J & G Sales will sell firearms that are defined as curios or relics to people through the mail without any background check, as allowed by law. So will any number of other legitimate websites. These firearms are indeed firearms under the law.
    Yes, I understand what your friend means, but since you are saying we should say what we mean, I figure your friend means what he says, given that you told us what he said.

    • The guys who accompany every listing with “ATTENTION: Firearms ONLY ship to an FFL holder (or C&R if eligible). If you do not have an FFL (Federal Firearms License) then you must find one in your area to do the transfer for you, and you must enter their address as the shipping address on your order”?

      • “I’ve got a good friend who has a standing offer of $10,000, which he’ll pay to anyone who can show him a website that will sell him a firearm and ship it to his home without a background check.”

        Certain “antique firearms” (verbatim words from the NFA) made on or before 1898 can be purchased without a background check or FFL. Who’s your friend Lee because he owes me money 🙂

        • You made a wise choice by using the actual text of the law to resolve a legal argument / bet about the law.

          Unfortunately for you, the “verbatim words from the NFA” are “The term ‘firearm’ shall not include an antique firearm . . .”

          So, you’ve found yet another store that will sell you something the law defines as NOT a firearm.

        • Wrong. It calls them ‘antique firearm’ and “firearm”.

          Chapter 53 Subpart B-Definitions § 479.11

          Antique firearm. Any firearm not designed or redesigned for using rim fire or conventional center
          fire ignition with fixed ammunition and manufactured in or before 1898 (including any matchlock,
          flintlock, percussion cap, or similar type of ignition system or replica thereof, whether actually
          manufactured before or after the year 1898) and also any firearm using fixed ammunition manufactured
          in or before 1898, for which ammunition is no longer manufactured in the United States and is not
          readily available in the ordinary channels of commercial trade.

          Your probably mean this:

          The term [Firearm] shall not include an antique
          firearm or any device (other than a machine gun or destructive device) which, although designed as a
          weapon, the Director finds by reason of the date of its manufacture, value, design, and other
          characteristics is primarily a collector’s item and is not likely to be used as a weapon.

          The NFA calls antiques “firearm” then goes on to state that for ATF/NFA purposes they are not. Yet it must and does call those antique firearms: “firearm”. They function as such and were designed as such and this is admitted in the text of the NFA. If the ATF called full-auto machine guns “not firearms” for their purposes they still would be . . . and the NFA even still calls antique firearms “firearm”. They are functioning guns that go bang and they can be ordered online. Antique firearms are firearms. Just because they get an “exception” in a code does not anything less than what they are.

          For the most part Lee and his friend (rhetorical device?) are right but those of us who love the 2A need to be exact with our language and truthful. You can buy a gun legally on the net even if it is a lesser gun.

          Next you are going to tell me that these are not guns, cannot be ordered online, or otherwise don’t count because reasons:

          There I gave you 2.

        • Do I agree (from a logical, historical, engineering, gunsmithing, or tactical perspective) with the NFA’s assertion that an antique X is not an X? No; it’s absurd. In fact, just the other day I commented here about the irony of GCA’s failure to even regulate the mail-order of the very rifle that prompted the GCA.

          OTOH, Congress made a conscious choice to draw a particular [admittedly silly] line; the antis’ assertion that there are loopholes enabling one to cross that line is a lie; and the “bet” serves the valid purpose of using the specific language of the law to ridicule that lie.

  14. Not bad. Other than he is delusional if he actually thinks that the “average”/”typical” (Mainstream) of the Media is anything other than far left statist commie wackjobs as: CNN< NBC<ABC<CBS<AP<REUTERS<NYT<WOPO<Fakebook<Giggle<MSNBC<Yahoo, ETC ETC ETC. (and Fox/WSJ is little better) those ARE 90%+ of the Media. Thus the Mainstream Medai (MSM)

    The is AM Radio and small bit of the internet that is other.

  15. The trouble with using words that mean the truth on this subject would involve my quick forced exit from this site.

    So I, therefore say to you all, the following” ****** *** ***** * **** ******** ***** ***** **** ***** *** ******** ************ ** ****** !!!!

  16. When I hear the words “common sense gun laws” coming from a liberal, I hear “Hell YES, we’re coming for your AR15 and AK-style rifles”… The fact is, the lib/left/commucrats don’t want “The People” to have access to firearms of any kind whatsoever.

  17. Also, FWIW, I have a number of “assault weapons” which are NOT firearms of any description or type. One has a sharp blade of about 11″ and a very sharp clip and back edge. A touch of that blade to skin will render a hospital-trip cut with very little effort on the part of the wielder..
    These knives were considered so deadly that many states have or had strict laws about the ownership or carrying of such “bowie knives”…
    God help us poor citizens, we need protection from ourselves, say the statist types in government. Thankfully our rights come from our Divine Creator and inhere in the individual…

  18. The gun grabbers are incapable of looking at the situation rationally. Look at cities like Chicago, LA, NYC, Baltimore, Philadelphia and others. Cities with strong gun control laws but out of control gun violence. These irrational buffoons want to take firearms from law abiding people but do little to remove them from the hands of CRIMINALS who use them to perpetrate the gun violence. You simply cannot have rational discourse with irrational, emotionally crippled people.


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