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Colorado was one of the most visible battlegrounds in the fight against gun control following the Newtown shooting. Despite massive public outcry, the Democratic-led legislature, cheered on by Mayors Against Illegal Guns apparatchiks, passed a series of bills further restricting the rights of Colorado’s citizens gun rights. And Governor John Hickenlooper dutifully signed them into law.  In the aftermath, two state legislators lost their jobs in recall efforts and there’s a good chance Democrats will lose control of the state this November. And while trying explain himself to Colorado Sheriffs recently — he refused to meet with them while the legislation was under consideration — he denied talking to Mayor Michael Bloomberg during the process. There’s just one problem: that’s a lie . . .

If you don’t want to listen to the brief exchange in the YouTube video, here’s an extract courtesy of the local Fox affiliate:

“Well, lets, let’s stick to the facts,” Hickenlooper responded in a video clip of the exchange. “I never talked to Mayor Bloomberg. I…Again, that’s been out in the press and all this stuff.  Just for the record.  You know, I met Mayor Bloomberg when I was a Mayor, and I know him, uh, I think he’s a pretty good Mayor.”

So according to Govnernor John, the facts to which he wants to stick are that he never talked to Mayor Mike while the legislature was ramming their anti-RKBA legislation through. However, has gotten their hands on Governor’s office phone records that clearly show multiple calls made between the Gov and the miniature mogul.

Now, in the face of proof, the Governor’s spokesman has now confirmed it:

“It is well established that Gov. Hickenlooper spoke with Mayor Bloomberg, as well as NRA president (David) Keene and many other stakeholders in the gun safety debate. … The governor was attempting to convey he never had a conversation with Bloomberg that influenced the decision he made,” Brown said. “In no way did the governor intend to mislead the sheriffs or anyone else.”

The real question is why Hickenlooper is now trying to claim that these discussions never happened. The Governor’s spokesman is trying to spin the story, saying that the governor misspoke and didn’t mean what he said. However, with elections coming up fast, it’s more than likely that the Governor is simply trying his best to distance himself from his pal in New York — something that will surely be used by his opponent to great effect.

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  1. Of course he lied. I could say he is a politician, so of course he lied. But in this case, he is a Democrat and he lied. Democrats and hypocrisy. Democrats and lying. That is redundant, isn’t it?

      • I always vote Republican. Not because I agree with everything they say but because I am completely repulsed by the Democrats. The GOP needs to grow a pair and go back to their conservative roots and leave out all the crap .gov has no business involved with. I have serious issues with my party. No one is saying the GOP is perfect. Far from it. We have our share of complete idiots.

        • I’m on board with your view. Frankly, most of what the federal government does is beyond what is appropriate, useful, or even constitutionally authorized, in my view. I’d abolish most of that cabinet departments straight away if I had the legal authority to do so.

          What issues were you thinking of that the Republicans are involved in, without it being a legitimate government function?

      • Except jamesii, the antis appear to covet lying as an especially noble art form to engage in and perfect, politicians or otherwise.

      • True, but some more than others. Kind of like saying OJ and Ted Bundy are both murderers. 100% true, but fails to capture an important difference in scale.

        I haven’t done it, but I think it would be interesting to put a list of verifiable lies told by Romney and Obama during the 2012 campaign side by side. I’m thinking one list would be considerably longer.

    • Actually, if a politician is speaking, or otherwise communicating, he’s lying. That’s just a given. Regardless of party affiliation. And the more responsibility they have, the more often and the larger the lie they will relate.

        • Usually, the gun control politicians also want to control others things, including oftentimes the “freedom of speech” or “assembly” or other things.

  2. Yes he lied but the reason he lied was that he has a political agenda. Call me a dreamer but elected officials are supposed to represent the people’s agenda. It,s not a problem limited to Democrats.

  3. Off-topic (like many of my posts): can someone link to that great “Look at this baby” propaganda post from a few months ago? Also, are all of the good entries available in one place?

      • Thanks, rlc2.

        I actually found it after my post by entering “ look at this baby” in Google. I initially thought it wouldn’t turn up, as I didn’t think there was a title referencing that, and (to the best of my knowledge) Google won’t do an ORC search on the image.

        I then realized that there should be a post with someone referencing it, which would hopefully lead to the page.

        It is refreshing, though, to get a response from someone answering/helping, rather than berating. Thanks again!

  4. The fact that he communicated with Bloomberg regularly would support a criminal charge under federal law known as conspiracy to deprive of rights which can be charged when 2 or more individuals conspire to deprive one or more persons of their rights.

    • The gov’ll just say nobody has been deprived of their rights. You can still have a disassembled and locked away single shot Cricket rifle held for you at the police armory so your 2nd A rights are perfectly intact.

      • As long as the single round you’re allowed is stored separately under lock and key, that is. . .

  5. When normal people speak an untruth, it’s a lie. When politicians speak an untruth, it’s a misstatement or a misunderstanding or an oversight or misleading… but never a lie.

    • So sad and so true, they never lie…… makes a person what their definition of “lie” is?

  6. “In the aftermath, two state legislators lost their jobs in recall efforts ”

    In the aftermath, three state senators (including John Morse, the president of the Colorado State Senate) lost their jobs in recall efforts.

    I fixed it for you.

    • Well, two were defeated and the third saw the writing on the wall and resigned. But yeah.

    • From this Colorado resident, thank you for pointing this out. We fished for 2 and the third just jumped in the boat.

      If we can just get rid of the the “you don’t know if you feel like you’re gonna be raped” guy and those that advise Vomiting Or Urinating To Stop Rapists as a good solution.

    • And I take it that 1.5 of the three were Republicans, and 1.5 were Dems, given the above-stated wisdom that there is no difference between the parties on this issue.

  7. Who’s funding them, I’d like to know if there are any monies coming from outside the U.S.

  8. No no no. That was the governors secretary ordering some take out. The governor never dials a phone.

  9. What a POS. I agree about not limiting evil to dumbocrats. Where I live ( Illinois ) we have equal opportunity corruption.

  10. Hickenlooer refused to meet with the Sheriffs, refused to meet with me and other Second Amendment advocates and refused to meet with a committee represented the vast majority of the shooting sports in Colorado. At the same time Bloomberg had at least 2 (and according to some reports 3) full-time paid antigun lobbyists with an open door to Hickenlooper’s office.

    According to my sources in Denver, Hickenlooper and Senate President John Morse, who was one of the politicians recalled after the debacle, had regular, even daily, meetings with the Bloomberg lobbyists. The laws that were passed were drafted by Bloomberg’s shills…we know this because the legal language in the bills was consistent with New York, rather than Colorado, law. Dave Kopel also had “boilerplate” created by Bloomberg and used in the language of the Colorado bills.

    Many of the Sheriffs and other advocates, including myself, were told we could not testify before the Colorado Senate on the grounds that we did not qualify as “experts.” Instead, a procession of Bloo,berg shills spoke, including 3 “executives” from an organization called “Hunters Against Semiauto Weapons,” or something of the sort. We could find no record of the existence of such an organization.

    Additionally, Bloomberg’s organization brought in a retired BATFE agent who identified himself as an “operator,” then testified that BATFE agents were not issued ANY firearms with magazine with a capacity of more than 15 rounds…hmmmmm, since their SWAT guys are issued M4s.

    The overwhelming question is what Bloomberg offered John Hickenlooper to sell out the State of Colorado. It’s no secret that Hickenlooer had national aspirations before he completely self-destructed. Exploratory planning for a Presidential run is expensive…do the math.

    Michael B

    • Thanks Mr Bane for your service to the voters in CO, and for the rest of us 2A rights folk in the US. CO citizens and Sheriffs there created a key watershed moment, that put Democrats nationwide back on their heels, and reminded us all that grass-roots effort works.

      Enjoy your blog and books, too.

  11. Apparently our politicians have read 1984 and have learned “doublespeak” quite well.

    • Modern Politicians treat 1984 like 18th century Royalty treated Machiavelli’s “the Prince”. What was meant to be a satirical warning of things to come, is treated like an instruction manual.

  12. A good product is popular and always sells itself.

    A lemon (such as gun control and large soda control legislation) is unattractive and just sits; it must be marketed and sold through leverage, deception and fraud.

    Here there is a conspiracy of leverage, deception and lies to perpetuate a fraud on the voters of CO in order to further an anti-gun agenda at the behest Bloomberg and State Democrats for their own ‘political benefit’.

    In some ways it has backfired, but it isn’t over yet.

  13. Question: did Chickenpooper run afoul of any state lobbying disclosure laws if he didn’t address his BFF’s people comings and goings?? Hmmmm . . . .

  14. Hickenpooper is a two faced fraud and always has been, with gun control and his stand on other items in CO. I’m an east coast transplant, now here in CO, and saw through his BS immediately. I don’t know how he’s in office (of course you can say that about a lot of politicians). I for one will be voting against him in Nov.

    Like a lot of people I’ve met out here, he’s very similar. Afraid of conflict, passive aggressive, so he agrees with whatever group or person is standing in front of him at the time. That’s not leadership.

    … and yes I resorted to name calling.

    • He’s in office in large part due to the Charlie Foxtrot with the opposing candidate(s) in the last election.

  15. I think this governors action (and the Colorado recalled and forced to resign representative) is a perfect example of of an opportunity to let the politicians know that 2nd amendment rights is another political third-rail. It’s going to be important for people to get involved in their local politics this election season (show up or organize rallies, ask embarrassing questions where they need to take a position at town halls, letters to editor, etc)

  16. Pro-pot anti-gun governor. If this is the wave of the future for states then we are in big trouble. I wonder how much cash this liberal hippie got from Bloomberg during that first anti-gun cash giveaway he did? How much since?

  17. Pro-pot anti-gun governor. I wonder if this is the wave of the future? If so we are in big trouble. I wonder how much cash this liberal hippie got from Bloomberg during the first anti-gun cash giveaway? How much since? We all know lobbying and bribes(favors) rules our political system, the NRA is a lobby of millions of us trying to protect our rights even when they seem to falter in the fight, there is just as much money if not more for the other side. If we let governors like this and billionaire cronies like Bloomberg to exist and behave in this manner they will win. Something needs to be done.

  18. Doesnt the Code of the West say that a Man says what he means, means what he says?

    Sounds like the Gov is city slicker liberal politician, who does it for the greater good of all us ordinary dependent folks…. Thanks sir!

  19. Morse, Giron and Hudak got what was coming to them, and now it’s time for The Hick to get his. But even if he’s re-elected (he has a double-digit lead in some polls), Coloradans can make things very uncomfortable for The Hick if Republicans take over one or both houses of the General Assembly.

    Vote early and vote often.

    • I hope and pray that the governor ends up retired living in a decrepit single wide trailer with a leaky roof in a poorly maintained park where the neighbors repeatedly vandalize his car, and steal his mail, and leave burning bags full of dog poop on his front porch whenever they aren’t cooking meth. I hope his drinking water will be contaminated, and that his toilet backs up weekly all over his creaky, rotting floor. And most importantly, I hope Bloomburg is his next door neighbor, and that the pair of them manage to insult the biker babes that live across the street where the grow house is. Now if I could just find a magic lamp to rub………

      • I’m sure there’s a rocking chair and a spot by a nice warm fire waiting for Hickenlooper in MAIG headquarters if the governor thing doesn’t pan out. Primaries have been going surprisingly well nationwide for those of a liberty minded persuasion. Texas I’m especially proud of 🙂 . Disappointed about Cornyn, Mitch, and Graham keeping their jobs, but Boehner’s capos have taken some big hits.

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