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Two White Women Forced To Close Burrito Shop Because Of “Cultural Appropriation,” the headline at reports. No really. The fact that Kali Wilgus and Liz Connelly (above) admitted that they”stole” recipes during a Mexican holiday has led to the demise of their enterprise. It gets worse . . .

It’s a trend. Here’s the intro to a Google doc that lists Portland, Oregon restaurants that are “guilty” of cultural appropriation:

White business owners wield economic and “cultural capital” advantages over POC [people of color] business owners, so they are “punching down” by appropriating cuisines from people who are disadvantaged in comparison.

A Vietnamese person opening a Japanese restaurant does not have the same impact as a non-Hispanic white person opening a Mexican restaurant.

Healthy cultural exchange can and does occur when the playing field is relatively even, but appropriation is a demonstration of power that perpetuates inequities.

Here be dragons. Because this kind of mindless knee-jerk reverse racism is already part of the civilian disarmament industrial complex’s canon.

We know that gun control laws target law-abiding Americans of all colors, creeds and sexual orientation. Gun control advocates see things exactly backwards. The antis contend that the “gun violence” that plagues people of color is the direct result of “easy access” to legally purchased guns “leaking” to criminals. And who do they think buys these guns in the first place? White people!

Rather than working to make guns available to economically challenged minorities — thank you Texas for reducing (if not eliminating) the LTC licensing fee — the far-left sees gun control as an ideal way to help “POC” overcome deadly “institutional racism.”

My father, a Jew, arrived in the U.S. with $20 to his name. He recounted many tales of anti-semitism during his life in The Land of the Free, prejudice from academics, bankers, employers, real estate brokers and neighbors. He overcame, without once relying on equal opportunity/anti-discrimination or affirmative action legislation.

I’m not saying that such legislation is wrong. The Civil Rights Act and other legal protections for minorities are fair and just. But I am saying the battle for equality is best fought on the ground on an individual basis. In schools, churches, city hall and wherever else such prejudice occurs. But especially the marketplace. That’s where people of all backgrounds meet to share common interests.

I’ll never forget watching New England Yankees standing side-by-side with Portuguese immigrants to buy fish as it came off the boat in our local harbor. Helping each other. Exchanging recipes. Learning to respect each other’s culture.

Nor will I forget the multi-cultural atmosphere at the Massachusetts gun range near my home in Rhode Island. Where Americans of every stripe mixed and mingled to practice the fine art of armed self-defense. Or just have fun.

The left — so busy attacking “white privilege” and promoting gun control — should visit. They might then see that shared gun rights underpin the safety and economic opportunities that make this country great. For all its people.

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  1. I read the explanation of ” cultural appropriation ” in the article and I did not get it
    Since white people have more power than Mexican people in America, then white people cant open Mexican restaurants
    The conclusion does not logically follow from the premise
    Won’t the market place determine who has the best Mexican food?

    • It’s worse than that. These two are “accused” of “stealing” tortilla recipes from Mexican women…wait for it…in Mexico. How white women selling burritos in Portland (using their own ideas for fillings, which included french fries) causes a financial impact to a “poor brown woman” in Mexico selling tortillas, tacos and burritos is beyond logical explanation. Some of their recipes were given to them by these Mexican women, others they “appropriated” by watching the final product being made.

      The whole “white privilege” thing is based on the assumption that simply because you have a white skin, you are “privileged” and have power and advantages which people of color do not. I guess they never visited my town. We have a lot of high school grads and dropouts who are unemployed or minimally employed, and the welfare rolls are dominated by “people of no color.”

      • The argument, as I understand it, is that the two women benefit from eased access to capital, whether through inhereted/gifted wealth or small business loans. Addisitionally, they benefit from a perception of $something that facilitates their business efforts.

        Mexicans in Mexico do not enjoy access to the US market and thus are deprived of their share of any profits derived from their recipes. Copyright law surrounding recipes is, unfortunately, lost on many.

        While it is tragic that a Mexican or American of Mexican heritage might encounter difficulties obtaining access to the market, we are better served by ensuring that there is equal access to the opportunity to market wares. We are not better served by shunning quality products inspired, based, or copied from another simply based on the color of skin. But, I suppose I’m preaching to the choir.

        • The whole premise behind this crap is exactly what is common in ALL of the food businesses. It doesn’t matter the color of the person or where the recipe comes from, all food service businesses use recipes they got from someone else, some may have paid for them but most are just commonly used. All this is is closing a business because the complainers hate whites who take an idea and do something with it! This is what is killing this country — the thought that because you are some other color than white (which isn’t even a color), you have a right to prevent whites from succeeding!

  2. The longer I observe, the more truer the statement, “Liberalism is a mental disease”.

  3. This is even more ridiculous than the tomahawk AR armorer’s tool.

    Which itself, I suppose, is an example.of cultural appropriation and should be banned at once! /sarc. /(actually no sarc, it’s a stupid tool and a lawsuit generation machine.)

  4. Culture appropriation is just another form of identity politics played by the left to keep human beings divided every way possible. The left doesn’t want the American Melting Pot. When people finally come together and these artificial barriers put up come down the people we have given power to will lose it. The people should vote based on their economic needs. That’s it. When that happened the elite lose their power. Right now people on both sides vote against their own well being based artificially created voting blocks.

    • What’s especially interesting about “cultural appropriation” claims is that it appears to be highly selective. White people-of-privilege can apparently commit acts of cultural appropriation while less privileged people-of-color cannot. This explains a recent video where an indignant black college professor, ignoring the fact that she was attractively attired in western-designed clothes, accused a blonde student who chose to wear his hair in dreadlocks of cultural appropriation. The irony of the interaction was completely lost on her, of course.

      • Garrison Hall, she also said it while speaking English. If I was that white kid, I would have thrown all that right back at her.

      • Yep. It’s what some people call a positional good. The whole SJW scheme is nothing but a power play for its adherents. It puts them in a position of power, where they get to lord it over everyone who isn’t as privileged as they are. (Ironic that privilege is their excuse.)

        If full-on fascism ever gets to the US, these are the people who will make it happen. They’ll be goosestepping with vigor and glee, turning their neighbors in to the morality police, and packing undesirables off to re-education camps with no second thoughts. Hell, just look at them — they can’t wait for their chance even now, when freedom still technically holds sway.

    • Norinco Jay my friend you hit the nail on the head. The lefts ideology is one of victimhood and division of Americans.

  5. Why they should order Taco Bell to close! Remind me never to visit Portland…

  6. It’s Portland, Oregon, nuff said.

    One of the bastions of social justice. Charges of cultural appropriation aren’t YET enforceable, but give them time.

  7. It is just pure white self-loathing-virtue-signaling. Participants in ‘white knight’ category of the Oppression Olympics get extra points – though they all get a participation trophy.

    The ladies stole nothing, they borrowed a little knowledge and refined the flavor on their own. This is how food has moved around the world for the last 200+ years. SOP in the biz, everyone expects it, and as I said before, other than the El Bulli level cutting edge of molecular gastronomy, there hasn’t been a new food in the last 50+ years. It’s all a play on, derivative of, riff on, deconstruction of, something that’s been around for a long time.

  8. Portland has real problems like an ever increasing homeless population, but let’s force business to close because they make food that originates from non white people.

  9. ‘The Civil Rights Act and other legal protections for minorities are fair and just.’

    And completely unconstitutional, at least coming from the federal government.

      • The 14th Amendment does not give the federal government authority to ban individuals from discriminating against other individuals, and to my knowledge has never been used to justify the Civil Rights Act. The justification for it’s constitutionality is the commerce clause, which grants the federal government the authority to regulate interstate trade. In it’s original intent the commerce clause was meant to prevent New Jersey from enacting a tariff on goods from Connecticut. The federal government has the authority to regulate the states, not private business under the commerce clause. Of course progressive judges have been undermining the Constitution for a century now so the federal government gets to do pretty much whatever they want to do.

        • You are right. I was thinking about civil rights actions under 42 USC section 1983–but that is only for claims against public entities and employees. It gets its authority under the 14th Amendment due process clause.

        • True, I was only referring to Tittle II and VII. The rest was probably totally appropriate use of federal authority.

    • If it’s unconstitutional for the federal government, it’s generally unconstitutional for individual states.

      The Civil Rights Act was a travesty of epic proportions that went out of its way to brute-force a solution to a, by then, diminishing problem. You can’t legislate social norms. People who think otherwise are delusional or homicidal.

  10. Amazingly, the same sort of restrictions that disenfranchise people of color when it comes to voting somehow benefit them when applied to purchasing guns.

  11. SJW: Rant about appropriation.

    RF: “Here be dragons”.

    Beautiful. Keep up the good work 🙂

  12. I’m all in favor of eliminating cultural appropriation !
    Therefore, let’s take back all vaccines and medical advances given to any 3rd World Country in the past 150 years.

      • Oh God, please not another lunatic anti vaxer. It’s been wonderful seeing all those wonderful diseases making a comeback.

        • Yeah, funny how all these diseases are “coming back” despite record vaccination coverage worldwide.

        • I’m totally cool with the anti vaxers. I infect hope their numbers grow. Then, they’ll all die and I’ll be immune, to rummage through the wasteland looking for interesting trinkets.

        • The problem is that dumbasses like these guys don’t just die off, they infect others. First, there are some people who can’t be vaccinated due to age. Then there’s the fact that vaccines are good but not perfect; most have better than 95% efficacy. That’s just dandy if you have herd immunity; the chances of one errant host being able to spread it to someone else is tiny, and it quickly peters out. But the less people vaccinated you have, the more holes you open up.

          If not for anti-vaxxers we would have taken out polio completely the way we got rid of smallpox. Luckily it’s still confined to a few countries where a lot of people think vaccines are the devil’s work (or specifically that vaccines cause AIDs)

        • Way too much dumbf@#ckery to respond to these by iPhone. I’ll leave a simple statement that is factual, and not opinion. Vaccines role in reducing smallpox and polio is doubtful when you actually know some history. Most if not all infectious diseases we vaccinated for last century, as well as many we did not vaccinate for, were in steady decline in both incidence and mortality prior to mass vaccine campaigns. The current vaccine schedule has NEVER been tested for safety as administered. The vaccine safety studies we do have are either epidemiological, which are are notoriously prone to author bias and manipulation, not to
          Mention nearly all of these epidemiological studies compare vaccinated groups against other vaccinated groups. The other vaccine safety studies, controlled clinical trials, rarerly if ever use a true placebo, and again compare vaccinated groups to other vaccinated groups. So all of you vaccine cheerleaders keep up your Pom-poms, the truth is getting out and you are not getting the horse back in the barn again.

          • The controlled clinical trials rarerly if ever use a true placebo

            That’s a fair point. Who is going to sign up for that trial? I mean sure, you’re furthering the pursuit of science, which is great. But the downside is you may end up with polio. Thanks for your contribution.

          • Its Waco’s like Pg2 that would also claim outhouses do not spread diseases and that washing your hands is foolish and does not spread germs.

        • @Matt, there is more than a large enough population of totally non-vaccinate people to do a a large scale comparative study of health outcomes against the vaccinated population. Has never been done. wonder why?

        • Pg2 is one of those that has an ax to grind about vaccines. His opinion is a helpful reminder that facts don’t matter to some people. Just like there will always be those who have an irrational fear of guns, there is also many who have an irrational fear of medical advancement.

        • @Joe, you do realize how stupid what you’re saying sounds? No axe with vaccines, get as many as you like if that’s your thing. My interest is in preserving individual freedoms, gun ownership and the right to make your own medical/health care decisions among those freedoms. BTW, interesting how you make a generic reference to “facts” without actually stating any.

          • Sorry Genius but you absolutely do not have the right to your own wacko decisions regarding everyone else’s health. When people do not get vaccinated they spread disease and enough wacko’s are not vaccinated the disease may mutate and spread new strains that even endanger people who have been vaccinated against the original disease. Even the White Pioneers discovered how valuable vaccine’s were with their primitive vaccinations against small pox. With polio children were dying by the tens of thousands before vaccines practically wiped out the disease, ditto for measles and many other diseases.

        • “No axe with vaccines,”

          Nah, you just happened to pounce in less than an hour on a random comment about another subject that mentioned vaccines in passing as an example.

        • @Ad, that’s funny stuff. Geniuses like yourself should understand temporal relationship is always coincidence, at least when vaccines causing brain damage and SIDS are involved. My axe is with the hypocrites like yourself who on one hand allegedly believe in the principles of of individual freedoms this country was founded on, including the 2nd Amendment, and at the same time cheer-lead for a North Korean style Government controlled medical delivery system.

        • PG2, stop trying to teach a pig to sing. Vaxxers are no different than libtards, they “feel” that vaccines are a good thing, even though the “science” is bunk. Jenner would be rolling over in his grave, since only pus-diseases were intended to be “innoculated” against.

          Interesting sidenote re: cultural appropriation, Native Americans actually came up with innoculations. “Cultural appropriation” is how knowledge spreads.

          Anyway. As a medical doctor, it’s a losing battle to go against the massive funding and propaganda push that is used by the medical industrial complex. Those of us actually on the front lines, who have done the research, can say unequivocally that vaccines are worthless, and in fact violate the Hippocratic oath.

          And forcing “immunizations…” I’ll let the irony of that notion sink in.

          You are free to choose to put poisons in your own bodies, and those of your children. But I strongly advise against trying to force the same on me and mine. And we shall see whose genes are still around in a hundred years.

        • Agree and thanks. Not looking to compete against a soon to be $100 Billion vaccine industry’s propaganda campaign, but exposing the egregious hypocrisy and the massive cognitive dissonance of some gun owners has been an eye opener. The whole point isn’t whether or not these products are safe, or even effective(you and I both know they are not), it’s that a surprising number of people with a seemingly solid understanding/appreciation of the Constitution and foundations of individual liberty this country was founded on have been so successfully socially engineered/conditioned for decades that they unconditionally, without critical thought or question, support forced medical tyranny.

        • @cisco, not sure how your late comments were sandwiched between earlier comments, but wrong, it is my right to make my decisions, tough shit for you. The evidence is growing that vaccines are causing some of these viruses to mutate, you have your facts backwards. You’re either here intentionally lying, or you have no idea what you’re talking about.

        • @cisco, Also, you DO realize what you said is exactly what the anti-gun snowflakes say about your rights to own a gun? Well done snowflake.

  13. Robert, “reverse racism” doesn’t exist. Similarly “reverse discrimination” doesn’t exist, either. Racism is racism and discrimination is discrimination regardless of the social position/race of the person or persons committing the act. To label something “reverse” reduces the effect and significance of an onerous and insulting act.

    • The only socially acceptable form of racism in the 21st century is against the very white people who more or less created the concept of an egalitarian society in the first place.

    • Well said. I read the article a couple days ago about these women. Cultural appropriation os the dumbest thing ive heard yet.
      Liberalism is truly a mental disorder.

  14. “The Civil Rights Act and other legal protections for minorities are fair and just.” No, Title II of the The Civil Rights Act of 1964 is neither. I doubt that all of the “other legal protections” are either.

  15. Does this mean that any restaurant that sells Hungarian, Greek, Italian, French, German or Russian food (whatever the English make is not food) can be owned only by people whose ancestors came from those countries? What about people of mixed ancestry? If you are half white and half Mexican, can you serve Mexican food, or does y our “whiteness” preclude you from doing so?

    My father was born and raised in a backwoods town in Pennsylvania, where, he said, you worked for the lumber company, the power company, or the train company—or you left town. He was dirt poor after his father was disabled in an accident, and it was only because of the GI bill that he was able to afford college and medical school. His “privilege” earned him nothing. Only his own hard work.

    • Does this mean that any restaurant that sells Hungarian, Greek, Italian, French, German or Russian food (whatever the English make is not food) can be owned only by people whose ancestors came from those countries?

      No, because by and large the nationalities you listed are “white” and thus already gifted with the privileges that pertain thereto.

      If you are half white and half Mexican, can you serve Mexican food, or does y our “whiteness” preclude you from doing so?

      That depends, do you look Mexican? Do you have a hispanic-sounding name? Do you have an accent? I believe the current SJW rules mean you have to tick two out of three boxes to qualify.

      • So cultural appropriation is only “bad” if it is “brown” people whose culture is appropriated. So it is OK for a Japanese to run a French haute cuisine restaurant, and South Koreans to run any restaurant of any ethnicity that they please. We just have to ignore the empires created by all the other races on the face of the globe, focusing solely on “European colonialism.” No need to talk about the Ottomans. Or the Carthaginians. Or the Chinese Great emperors. Or the Assyrians for that matter, or the Persians. Or the Muslim invaders of India. Shall we talk about the British suppression of the Irish, both here and in the North East? Or the oppression of the Eastern Europeans and Italians by the Irish, now the mayors and aldermen? OK then.

        The point is that these protests are anhistorical. And that you can’t turn back the clock by engaging in racism.

        • So cultural appropriation is only “bad” if it is “brown” people whose culture is appropriated.

          And if the appropriators are white. Now you’re getting it.

      • Matt – If the SJW’s had their way and the owners of the restaurant were Anglo and Hispanic, their best-selling item would be a hot dog wrapped in a tortilla, then deep-fried. Actually, that sounds pretty good. After all,, the big fad of “fusion” cooking depends on “cultural appropriation”, does it not?.

    • @Mark N.:

      If you are half white and half Mexican, can you serve Mexican food, or does y our “whiteness” preclude you from doing so?

      White-ish heteroethnics can serve Mexican food but they have to use Velveeta and ketchup.

      • Hahahaha!
        I have real problem though: I love creole cooking. what is Creole cooking? It is kind of like asking what is a Creole, since Creoles today are a mix of French Arcadians, Indians and blacks (and anyone else who married in). So can we all eat c=creole since white people are involved in its roots? Or barred because they appropriated Indian spices? Who knows?

    • They would have to use flour tortillas, white bread, pork, white meat from turkeys & chicken, garbanzo, and great northern beans, and black eyed peas. (although that last one might be questioned by Al Sharpton). Also, no whole eggs. Only the egg whites, lest someone accuse them of disenfranchising Orientals. And no red beans and rice, only rice. And NO brown rice!

  16. Anybody been to a pizza joint in NYC lately?? The only thing Italian about them is the names of the dishes on the menu. The people who run them now are all HISPANIC!!!

    • As it should be. White people have no right to their own culture, because whiteness is corrupt, evil, and oppressive. Therefore, all corrupt, evil, and oppressive “white” enterprises will henceforth be run by brown people. Who will behave exactly like white people did in the same position (humans aren’t so different, after all), but it will be Good because brown people will be doing it.

      Besides, you know that all those brown people are only making a decent living cooking Italian food because white people oppressed them into it.

  17. But the burrito is an invention of the 49er’s.
    Not the crappy football team. Early prospectors were thought to have made ‘to go’ versions of tacos for long days on the digs. The tortillas used for tacos tend to fall apart and plastic wrap/foil wasn’t invented just yet. The solution was a gringo tortilla made from flour.

    Who’s appropriating whose culture?

    • So the burrito is a fusion version of a pasty. Or is it a Mex-american version of a pierogi? Or a large ravioli? Or possibly a huge wonton if there were Chinese in Cali at the time. The mind boggles at the cultural appropriations inherent in the burrito. Anyone else getting hungry?

  18. Most of the rest of the world would benefit if they “appropriated” much of the traditional Western cultures values. These consist of things like the Protestant work ethic and our emphasis on personal freedom, combined with taking responsibility for our successes as well as failures. Also, our appreciation for a good education and respect for science and technology. Our support for personal freedoms like the second amendment and freedom of speech. and finally, our still vibrant and ongoing commitment as a Christian Nation to the Christ and his message, (especially compared to Western Europe), that frees us from the lies of Satan and his minions, otherwise known as Communists/ marxists and all of his mutated progressive spawn.

    • Did you have a nice, long vacation in another dimension or galaxy? Almost none of that applies to Americans these days, and most certainly not to any politicians. They may make the noises, but their actions say that they don’t understand or believe in any of it.

      • Lol! Don’t give up hope MamaLiberty! I don’t know if you are Christian, but as Revelations predicts, it is darkest before the dawn, and when all seems lost, it is the season of the Christ’s return, and all will be set right. I’m not saying that this is exactly that time as only one knows the precise time, but when 75% of the people in the US still claim to be Christian, and Christianity is still the largest demographic in the world, and is one of the fastest growing beliefs in places like Africa and China, welll, I have hope, and a faith that the promise made two thousand years ago, will be still be fulfilled.

        But that’s just me, and the one flying this particular plane. 🙂

        • Ah, Thomas… I studied religion, even comparative religion, for more than 50 years. Eventually I had to admit to myself that the more I studied, the less I believed any of it. I studied history too, and found that religion ranks right alongside coercive, dominating governments of all sorts. Even the religious abandon the velvet glove eventually. Both are concerned ultimately with control over other human beings.

          I choose integrity, self government, and self defense. I think that’s what the creator intended.

        • I understand. I grew up as an agnostic leaning more athiest libertarian/progressive on the west coast in the Bay Area. I found the belief by many humans in some form of higher power as an aberration and a delusional aspect of the human psyche. Actually, to be blunt, I thought people that believed in a higher power to be fools. Until I had my own transcendent experience with this same higher power back in 1988.

          In this experience, I came to know that there is no separation of self from the universe, that time; past, present and future is happening right now, and that the universe is guided by an intelligence that is fueled by unconditional love.

          I explored this connection initially through American Indian teachings, only later, being guided to the Christ. But without this experience, this gift, I would still believe as you. So for me, it is the truth. “I was once blind, but now I see.”

          The fact that beliefs by people, whether by those that believe in a higher power, or by those that only believe in human derived thought, have been used through history, as “useful idiots” to commit mass murder, and to assert control over other’s; (the most recent example by godless Communists as the primary source of the most recent “useful idiots” for such an endeavor) is just showing the need for more wisdom by human beings, whether you believe in G-d, or not.

        • Go Mama! As my father put it, religion seeks to control the human fear of the unknown. An article I read yesterday said that the human brain abhors randomness, disorder and chaos, and thus imputes order to the disordered. Hence, religion is a means of organizing and explaining the awful randomness of our petty little lives; it simply says “it is the will of the god(s).” And by speaking to the god(s), especially through the priests of the temple, people can find order, hope, and freedom from fear. Powerful forces indeed, manipulated for millennia by the priesthood to its own ends. What a fantasy “heaven” is: your life really really sucks, but if you are good and sinless, you shall live in the House of the Lord forever where everything will be rainbows and lollipops. What is this, bribery to lead a moral life? Give me a break. I don’t need a bribe to seek to act morally, nor do I need a priest to tell me what is moral and what is not, especially when those things change over the years and centuries. They, being human, don’t know any more that I do on the subject, and so many are greedy hypocrites that I must necessarily discount their opinions.

          So no, tom. Before the Christians came and slaughtered the Indians, this was not a Christian nation. No more so is it today, with people of every religious persuasion, and those with no religious persuasion. they have the same rights, privileges and responsibilities as every Christian, and except for the criminal class, much the same morality. There are good people, and there are bad people. Let’s leave it at that and keep religion out of it.

        • Mama & Mark, there’s plenty of us here, we just (generally) let the “religious” go off on their tangents. as long as, they don’t claim truly insane nonsense, like we we founded as Christian Nation, or Judeo-Christian “values” are all good, or silly stuff the Bible directly contradicts.

          Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?

          Attributed to Epicurus, but somewhat disputed, regardless the questions remain valid.

          More importantly, to paraphrase Hitchens, homo sapiens has been here for 200,000 years, at least. For most of that time, people lived about 25 years, dying from all sorts of illness, and their teeth. Heaven stands idly by. Then 4.000 years ago heaven says, “that’s enough” and appears to a primitive tribe in a mostly illiterate backwater. God could appear to the Chinese, who had writing and a civilization, but nope, God picks a bunch of primitives in a desert. Yup…

          “Religion was invented when the first con-man met the first sucker.” – Mark Twain

        • Yeah Mark N, like I said, I once believed as you and MamaLiiberty do now, and if not for that direct experience of the existence of said higher power, I would still believe as I once did. I had no conscious desire to be shown that my comfortable, settled and ultimately arrogant perspective about the universe, was in fact, wrong. Just as a blind man from birth could never really understand at a gut level of the beauty of a rainbow, a gorgeous sunset or of the incredible nebulas in space, you, or MamLiberty, would never truly understand the soul and mind transforming experience of being touched by the finger of G-d. I can only hope that you might be given that same gift.

        • <>

          Sounds more optimistic than H.P. Lovecraft’s prediction:

          “…the secret priests would take great Cthulhu from His tomb to revive His subjects and resume His rule of earth. The time would be easy to know, for then mankind would have become as the Great Old Ones; free and wild and beyond good and evil, with laws and morals thrown aside and all men shouting and killing and revelling in joy.”

        • “as Revelations predicts, it is darkest before the dawn, and when all seems lost, it is the season of the Christ’s return”

          Sounds better than Lovecraft’s prediction:

          “. . . the secret priests would take great Cthulhu from His tomb to revive His subjects and resume His rule of earth. The time would be easy to know, for then mankind would have become as the Great Old Ones; free and wild and beyond good and evil, with laws and morals thrown aside and all men shouting and killing and revelling in joy.”

      • I don’t know how to explain this to people any better than this. The path to knowing the Lord requires you to learn to listen to His voice. Once you have that experience there can be no question about whether or not the Lord exists. He does exist and, if you allow him to, he will come into your life. I sometimes think, for many people anyway, that “studying” religion without first knowing the Lord can create such cognitive dissonance that they lose that critical ability to listen. I wish I could explain things better than this, but I can’t. I just don’t have the words.

        • Yep. It’s like trying tell someone about the power and wonder of Beethoven, by showing that person, that t is deaf from birth, a sheet of a Beethoven’s symphony.

      • “God could appear to the Chinese, who had writing and a civilization, but nope, God picks a bunch of primitives in a desert. Yup…”

        That would make sense i suppose if the people of China 4000 years ago were a culture of atheists.

  19. I’m glad I’m mostly Armenian and Hungarian. I get all that white privelege, like spending the last 15 years working in unsafe, low paying agricultural and industrial jobs, and I can still make stir fry without being a racist. I can also claim to be Middle Eastern, Asian, and a victim of genocide!

  20. I could care less where or who made my taco at Taco Bell.
    I know its no Mexican that for sure. And if the tacos over at Chipotle taste belter and its made by a black person. Then by the reasoning of this article.
    All Chipotles should be closed.
    Ive personally never seen a Mexican serving, let alone working in one near me yet.

  21. I wonder if anyone in Portland ever noticed that anyone can purchase cookbooks from around the world – just about anywhere. Probably bookstores in Portland sell them too. Idiots.

  22. Only a Mexican restaurant in Oregon could ever hope to stay open. Down here in the south west some white people tried to open a “Mexican restaurant” it closed down after a few months because it was aweful. I say that the market will decide what is “culturly appropriate” Go into most any decent restaurant arround here and you will find Koreans and Mexicans behind the grill no matter what kind restaurant it is.

    • Haha, it’s the same here in NW WA. Best Mexican food comes from the taco wagons in the farm towns, not from restaurants in the cities.

  23. My question is this: If cultural appropriation is wrong in this instance, why is it ok when the left wants to do it? Such as, Canada and England (well, actually the majority of the rest of the world) have a culture of the law abiding populace being unarmed and subject to the whims of the unlawful, why should we then appropriate that culture?

  24. This is why I love combat sports. You don’t run into any of this kind of stupidity.

    Two people meet as equals and fight as equals. One person wins and the other person learns. Race, sexual orientation, religion, socioeconomic status and the rest all go out the window because it’s a test of skill. No one whines that they lost because of some social construct, they just want to know how you negated their defense.

    Iron sharpens iron. SJW tomfuckery benefits no one.

    Go find a useful hobby or take up something you’re not good at and improve yourself. Don’t spend your time tearing down what others have built. No one likes “that guy”.

  25. As all who live in Oregon know the show Portlandia is not comedy, it’s a documentary.

    • Personally, I always thought it was a bit too tame to be a documentary, but that’s just me.

  26. I read the linked article and a large amounts of the comments. It is my conclusion that something needs to be added to the water to sterilize these idiots, because I sure as hell don’t want them breeding.

  27. Who knew segregation and red-lining would someday become weapons of “tolerance” and “inclusion”?

    This nonsense just supports my theory that this wholly constructed push for “diversity” is just a bunch of white people who want to be served by brown people. Who needs a plantation when the whole of society is screaming for segregating minorities so that they may better dance for whitey, cook for whitey, work for whitey and of course sleep with whitey.

    Put down that burrito cracker! I want the Mexican to serve me. It’ll be a great selfie opportunity. #diversity.

  28. This story made me angry when I read it, but then it made me sad.

    It made me angry because these assholes have nothing better to do than invent problems.

    Then it made me sad, because think about how these women felt. To see your ideas, your hard work, and your investment go up in flames just because some raging douchebag want to try to make a point.

    I can hear the tears… “Why are you doing this to us? We just want to make tacos! People like tacos!”

    In a perfect world, those that incited this bullshit would see their lives firebombed for no reason than because someone was bored. Maybe then they’d find something more productive to do.

  29. Hmm… why doesn’t anyone “appropriate” whining, unproductive, envious, and resentful behavior?

    Oh, that’s right: because those are not ways to generate anything that the world wants or needs.

    The sooner people start ignoring such individuals and giving them no time, attention or heed, the sooner they will all go away.

  30. The progressives are tainting everything… Life is becoming putrid and rancid from their ideology.

  31. From time to time, I used to eat at a world-famous (and now gone) Jewish restaurant in New York called “Ratner’s.”

    The head cook was a rather large black man.

    What a culturally-appropriating bastard he was!

  32. Maybe I missed it but I did not find a statement that said they were forced to close because their business was illegal.

    I do know in the past U.S. firms and even the U.S. Government has been sued and lost when copying manufactured goods and not paid a royalty to the foreign country that either invented the product and in some cases was still producing it. If I remember correctly Mauser sued Springfield Armory for patent infringement when they started to produce the 1903 Springfield Rifle but I believe WWI then prevented Mauser from ever collecting on the law suit.

    Even U.S. companies often steal another companies product and start manufacturing it and nothing happens to them at all unless the original company sues the copycat company. In the meantime you sell as much of your off brand product as you can before the courts force you to stop doing it and if the original company wants compensation you simply tell them to drop that part of the law suit or you will drag it out in court for as long as you can and make millions more before its all settled.

    Did you know that in the food industry you can steal any food manufacturing machinery you want to and reproduce it and use it in your own company as long as you do not sell your copy cat machinery to someone else. That should be illegal as well but it is not.

    • “Maybe I missed it but I did not find a statement that said they were forced to close because their business was illegal.”

      Your failure to find such a statement is likely due to the fact that such a claim was never made.

      Try actually reading the article and RF’s musings on that article for the content they contain rather than what you’d like to insert.

    • <>

      Because it was not. At best, the case involves theft of trade secrets (generally a tort, and only a crime if other laws were broken to get the information). In this case, their industrial espionage did not extend beyond looking into unsecured kitchens, and they apparently did NOT get the secret because they couldn’t replicate the food without experimenting to figure it out for themselves.


      Because patent infringement is a tort, not a crime; that’s how the law is set up.


      No. Legally, using a patented machine without license is still patent infringement. From a practical view, it’s harder to get evidence because the machine is hidden in the infringer’s factory instead of out on the market for all to see, but if the pantentee can get the evidence, they can sue.

      And, if the technology is not patented or the patent has expired, anyone is free to copy it, and human progress marches onward.

  33. Ate at an “Italian” restaraunt in Miami. Menus were in Spanish. The wait staff didn’t even speak English. But that’s okay cause Italians are white privileged incarnate right?

    That doesn’t sound like white priviladge to me. I don’t ever hear Italians blaming any problems they might have today on how their families had been treated In the past.

    I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if those two girls have fairly liberal leanings and are, at some level, SJWs themselves. As we’ve seen many times, liberals will destroy their own.

  34. I saw this last week, and commented at how petty and wimpy it was to freak out over a burrito stand and launch a massive Twitter storm, instead of trying to address real problems like housing costs, or health care. Apparently it’s easier to attack soft targets over trivial imagined slights rather than trying to fix something that takes more effort and won’t produce instant gratification. Besides, the Portland area is full of Mexican owned Mexican restaurants, most of whom probably neither noticed nor cared making the “outrage” even more fake.

  35. How come the US is supposed to be this big melting pot of cultures, until white people are involved?

    Why does it seem like the goal of social justice is to make white people second class citizens?

    People just want social justice for themselves and not for anyone else.
    But the sjws make for funny dumbass youtube videos. They have already proven that they aren’t the brightest bulbs since they like to play in traffic.

    • Oh, no, everyone is supposed to play in their separate little safespaces now. No intermingling, no cultural exchange, just hiding in your assigned place. These white girls should stick to their pot roasts and sauerkraut.

  36. I’m so old, I can remember when [Northern] Democrats were AGAINST Jim Crow…

  37. Progressives: “Our evil capitalist patriarchy is oppressing women! We need more women entrepreneurs with access to wealth and power!”

    *Two white women open a successful burrito stand.*

    Progressives: “That’s racist! Those evil capitalist women are appropriating the culture of non-white people in order gain access to wealth and power! Shut them down!”

    This is why we can’t have nice things…

  38. “Because this kind of mindless knee-jerk reverse blatant racism is already part of the civilian disarmament industrial complex’s canon.”

    There. Fixed it for you.

  39. Sigh..
    . . So because these ladies did product research.. and specified [credited the general sources] they are horrible people. So claiming to destroy their attempt at a livelihood, counts as creditable Coup Waving the bloody..

    Err… figurative bloody scalp as Trophy to show the winners goodness as a Real person.

    . . My only problem is this if these persons are attempting to wave this bloody scalp.. isn’t this also cultural appropriation.

    . . I am partially Deutsche [german], but if they are going to steal the habit of Scalping their enemies, shouldn’t they at least credit the Dutch [sounds similar] whose habit of paying a bounty on wild predators that threatened the settlements.. including First Nation’s natives, who they taught the the habit to, by example?

    . . So if I want to wave the figurative “bloody scalp” of these Cultural Appropriation Warriors, having caught them figuratively guilty of Cultural Appropriation, I wave their figurative C/A Scalp.

    . . Should I credit the Dutch.. influence.. or the transfer to the First Nations.. or just hide behind a lot of words and hope no one notices.

    . . +++X;B=3~<

  40. This horseshit is laughable. Half of the nation has sunken into mass delusion, or trance, or whatever the hell this is. It’s like towns in Europe in the middle ages that would go mad from ergot contamination of their wheat supply. Historians will write about this peculiar period in America, but one wonders who the historians will be.

  41. Unmitigated idiocy. I hope that all of the whineriffic serial offendees raising the mindless furor realize that their own ‘noble’ food preferences like soy products, quinoa, kombucha, and all the other hip and trendy ‘alt foods’ etc., are all unforgivably culturally appropriated, worse than any burrito, and decide that accelerated terminal self-starvation is the only morally acceptable path for themselves.

  42. Attention to POC of the world, stop using our penicillin and other antibiotics. Also we want all our improved strains of food crops back. oh wait THAT would be racist.

  43. So, of whom do I ask permission to sit in my local “café”, drinking an “espresso” made from a blend of South American and African coffee beans, roasted in the U.S., brewed by a white kid from New Zealand, while eating a “taco” with pulled pork and cole slaw on it prepared by a girl who’s ethnicity I don’t know but she has black hair. I need to know because that is what I am doing right now. Oh, there is also a red-head working here – not sure if she plays a role in this or not.

  44. Cultural Appropriation is based on a myth that “a culture”, which is not a legal entity like a person, can claim
    ownership in anything.
    A culture can not patent, copyright, or trademark anything.

    Yet I don’t understand how these two industrious women were forced to close their business.
    If somebody came to their own business, their own property and told them to shut it down,
    How come somebody didn’t get shot?
    how come somebody didn’t die?

    Because if I have a legitimate business benefiting my community and making me a profit,
    and you come to tell me to shutdown my business,
    you better come with the force of arms.

    Kinda reminds me of the Rodney King riots, when the rioters
    thought they could go shutdown the Asian business and
    got a lesson they never forgot.

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