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When it comes to gun rights and gun control, most Americans are neither capable of nor interested in “reason.” When they hear terms like “assault weapons,” “universal background checks” and “high-capacity magazines” they cannot or will not consider what those terms do and do not mean. Whether it’s due to a lack of interest, education or intellect, both the detail and the wider implications of gun control are all but completely lost on the voting public. For example . . .

In the last presidential debate, Hillary Clinton portrayed the Heller decision as the simple upending of a safe storage law — putting children at risk! — rather than a historic affirmation of Americans’ individual right to keep and bear arms. True to form, reflecting the ignorance of his audience, Mr. Trump failed to take her to task. Post-facto, fact checkers cried, well, whispered, foul. Who heard them?

According to, some 22,889,000 Americans sat down and watched NBC, ABC or CBS evening news last week. Did any of the news nets take Ms. Clinton to task for the “I support the Second Amendment but reject the Heller decision” cognitive dissonance? Not on air, no. Equally, how many of the remaining 327 million Americans know anything about Heller or gun rights or what Ms. Clinton’s debate”gaffe” reveals about her lack of respect for the Constitution? Look! Kardashians!

It should come as no surprise to anyone that Hillary “It Takes A Village to Raise a Child” Clinton and her supporters are irredeemably, illogically anti-gun. They define “gun violence” (and every other ill you can name) as a social problem. You know; an epidemic. In which case “gun violence” can only be solved by collective action. More specifically, government intervention. “Gun safety” legislation.

To reject gun control, voters would have to abandon the idea that government is their friend. They’d have to see through the lie that their “friend” is ready, willing and able to protect them and their loved ones from criminals, crazies, terrorists and tyrants. They’d have to understand that the government’s only real loyalty is to itself and accept responsibility for their own safety.

That’s scary stuff! Swallowing the proverbial red pill turns government from a loving caregiver into a sinister manipulator. Red pill takers awake naked and exposed in a world that ain’t that pretty at all. Once they get over the shock, they’re on the road to embracing limited government, personal responsibility and individual liberty. Including gun rights. No wonder Hillary Clinton has such a hard time even paying lip service to gun rights.

Anyway, good luck setting anti-gun voters on the ballistic road to Damascus. Slapping a pro-gun bumper sticker on your car or putting a firearm into a newbie’s hands is a lot easier than convincing an inexperienced anti to man-up and quit trying to protect the defenseless by legislative fiat.

Unfortunately, tens of millions of no- to low-information voters are quickly and easily distracted by the bright shiny objects civilian disarmament jihadis dangle in front of them. Specifically, the empty promise of increased public safety via gun control. I hope we never get to the point where seeing is disbelieving. Where economic collapse or outright tyranny reveals the truth about gun control. But I fear we will.

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  1. I shouldn’t have to spend my time convincing retards not to lock me up for the crime of not being a retard.
    That’s basically government/politics/elections/law in the US today.
    Can’t win a witch hunt and the people love witch hunts. Best you can do is find them another witch to go after so you can get a break.

  2. Our problem is that there is no single gun culture, There are several and they are often at war with each other. Until we get our act together we will be at a disadvantage because gun banners have one objective to sell — ban Guns.

    • Several gun cultures, and they’re at war with each other? What the hell are you talking about? Gun owners are pretty heavily fact ionized, yes (AK vs AR, .45 vs 9mm, Glock vs 1911, etc), but not in the political sense. There are the Fudds, who are as much out enemies as the dems. But that’s about it.

      • Gun ownership supporters are like the Taliban; believe everything exactly as I do, or you are a detestable d-bag. Eat dirt and die.

        That the sort of unity you are talking about?

        Have you been reading this blog long?

  3. RF, next time please have a ‘trigger warning’ before showing that vid of a gun being destroyed. 🙂

  4. “On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.”

    — H.L. Mencken

    “Every nation gets the government it deserves.”

    — Joseph de Maistre

    Two true prophets.

    • @Ralph: I don’t know how much you know about Joseph de Maistre, whom you quote. He was an opponent of Republicanism, Protestantism, and what we know as the Liberal tradition—John Locke and the American Revolution. He believed that the foundations of a good society resided in “Papacy, King, and Hangman’s Noose. ” Absolute monarchy was his preferred mode of governance. He was the intellectual heir to dictators Franco of Spain , Salazar of Portugal, and Peron of Argentina. You can bet Maistre wouldn’t want the ordinary people to bear arms. Be careful what you wish for.

      • I didn’t “wish for” anything. I quoted a completely apt statement written by de Maistre, which is undeniably true. Nations do get the governments that they deserve.

        The US is going to get the government it deserves, and it’s going to get it right up the @ss.

        BTW, Mencken was no charmer either, but he too was right.

    • Indeed. Once again, thanks Trumpkins – your insistence on nominating him in the primaries (with a paltry 1/3 of the vote) has resulted in guaranteeing the election to the most unelectable, most despised democrat in history.

      Even the beloved “metadata” is predicting Trump gets slaughtered at the ballot box. Right now the polls, the prediction markets, the pundits, the politicians, the public, past Presidents, and PreData’s metadata are all agreed – Hillary’s got it in the bag.

      What’s worse, the Senate is looking increasingly likely to go D as well (a 68% chance the democrats gain control). If things stay the way they are, it’ll be D 52, R 48. You wanna stop that, you Pennsylvanians had better get out and vote Toomey, and you Nevadans need to get on board with Joe Heck, and in Missouri you’d better vote too. Those are the three races that the Republicans have the best chance of winning. They’re not great chances, Missouri’s only got a 43% chance, but — R’s gotta win all three to retain control of the Senate.

      Otherwise, Trump will have lost the presidency and the Senate together. ANY other candidate would have beaten Hillary. ANY ONE. All Cruz or Rubio or Walker would have had to do is — SHUT THE HELL UP. They could literally have not said a word the entire campaign season, and won in a landslide, because the press would have talked about nothing but Wikileaks non-stop. But Trump keeps picking fights with women, and tanking further.

      And yes, his behavior with/towards women is what did him in. PreData shows that the metadata tanked when the Billy Bush/Access Hollywood tapes came out, and it’s been all downhill for the Trumpaloompa since.

      At this point, about the only thing that can stop a Hillary coronation will be absolute documented proof of widespread voter fraud at the ballot boxes. The Project Veritas tape gave some hope of that, until it was revealed that Trump’s campaign basically hired them to make that video, so that sucked the credibility out of it.

      Trump will not be elected, that much is painfully obvious. The only way to stop Hillary will be to prove voter fraud between Nov. 8 and Dec. 19 (when the Electoral College meets), so that the Electors cannot in good faith cast their ballots for Hillary. Project Veritas raised some questions about what the D’s “might” do. But there will need to be absolute proof of what they DID do, in order to stop this travesty.

      • Clearly the Republican party establishment failed to field a candidate the Republican party members were willing to support.

        Why do you blame the party members for rejecting what they perceived as worse choices? (Based on the outcome of the primaries.) Does the blame not lie, instead, with an establishment leadership far out of touch with the party’s members?

        • Yes and no. Part of the problem was a horribly crowded field and people who absolutely refused to drop out until long after the writing was on the wall. This torpedoed the remaining contenders until it was something like Rubio 20% Cruz 22%, Kasich 12% with Trump sitting on “top” with an underwhelming 33%. If it had been Trump versus only one other candidate, they’d probably have had 56% to his 33% and the entire situation would be different.

          Trump’s ability to damage himself and his campaign, to sabotage his own chances of success, however, has been astounding. He is ruining his name, his businesses, the Republican brand, damaging the Republican down-ballot races. He’s somehow alienated large chunks of the military and been outright offensive to women, blacks, latinos, and others. He’s insulted and demeaned his fellow Republicans (although their own conduct has been less than stellar)

          In fact, it’s almost as if the Democrats *wanted* it to be Trump because literally any other candidate could have beaten Hillary.

        • @Cadeyrn I think it is pretty much a fact the media wanted Trump to be the nominee. Remember how much free air time they would give him during the primaries? Trump would trash his opponents and make up lies about them and the media went along with it. I think they knew he would lose and they had a bunch of dirt on him. Why didn’t they come out with all these videos and woman last year? They just so happen to find them not right before the election? I don’t buy that. The sad thing is all the idiots that fell for Trump as being the savior of our country. If you go to breitbart these people are delusional and still think he is going to win in a landslide.

        • If there were such a thing as a “Monster Vote”, that could indeed change the outcome. But is there? If there was, where were they when Romney lost to the easily-as-despised Barack Obama?

          It is estimated that there are 47 million non-college-educated whites out there who just didn’t bother to vote in 2012. And Romney lost by 5 million votes. So if just 10% of the “Monster Vote” had come out… they could have turned that election around.

          Yet they didn’t. And even if they do — who says they’ll vote overwhelmingly for Trump? There was no sign of a “Monster Vote” in the Primaries; Trump won what he won while getting only around 35% of the vote, which also reflects proportionately on his polling numbers in the general election. If a whole lot of new voters come into the election, who’s to say that they won’t vote 48% Hillary/42% Trump like everyone else in the country seems to be doing?

          Then again, it all depends on where these “Monster Vote” people live, too. If they all live in states Trump’s already winning, then they’re meaningless in terms of actually influencing the election. There are only a few states that actually matter in this election (or, basically, any presidential election anymore), the rest of the states are basically taken for granted: as in, Trump will never, under any circumstances, win New York or California or New Jersey, so if there’s a ton of Monster Voters in those states, there’s just about no chance that they’ll affect the election.

          For those who believe that there is legitimacy to the “Monster Vote” theory, you’d better hope that they show up in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, Arizona, Maine, Iowa, and Nevada – at least. Those are the states that Trump is losing, that he has the best chance of collecting enough electoral votes in. The current predictions are Hillary 339, Trump 198, so he’s going to need a tremendous amount of help.

          Actually, those of you who actually want Trump as the President should be doing a lot more than hoping, you should be organizing and rallying and bringing out the Monster Voters in those states. Because this unverified, undocumented, unproven “Monster Vote” is the only thing that can swing the tide now to seeing Trump getting elected. If they don’t come out in droves, in the states that matter, then Hillary will be elected.

        • Romney didn’t win because he listened to the GOP and courted the Hispanic vote who overwhelmingly vote democrat. If he go just 4% more of the white vote he would have won.

          Difference this cycle is four fold. Illegal Immigration, Clinton Foundation, and Obama Care. OC exchanges are failing, affordable healthcare no longer exist. Clinton Foundation, pay to play. And the propaganda of media. Illegals subsidized by Federal & State governments. Without illegal immigration & democrat voter fraud they would not win a Federal election. The media is outted as a Clinton propaganda machine.

          I believe we are witness to reforming of the GOP because the people have had enough of government selectively enforcing laws so states can suck the federal tit.

          • One would hope, but cockroaches are the oldest living creatures on the planet, unchanged since creation.

        • I believe that you’re correct in that we’re seeing the re-forming of the GOP, if not the end of it entirely.

          But the items you just listed are not evidence of a monster vote. They’re reasons that certain people are riled up, yes, but then again people listen to Alex Jones and get riled up about a lot of things that, in the end, don’t change the outcome. Not everyone knows or cares about those things. As MouseGun said, lots and lots of these folks are getting their news from Facebook, and Facebook filters what they see. There are probably whole swaths of the population who don’t watch CNN, who have never heard of Podesta, and who have only heard their friends say “Trump is a rapist!#@!@#” and that’s what they’re making their decision based off of.

          At this point Hillary would probably have to be videotaped eating dead fetuses in order to lose the election. Although, if she was, that’s the kind of thing that would go viral and those facebookers would see it.

        • Romney never courted the Hispanic vote. He completely ignored it. That is part of the reason why it went something like 80% for Obama in that election instead of the more traditional 60% for the Democrat.

        • Few observations. Pace of rallies and the turnout Trump produces. As much as the GOP hates Trump they cannot deny results nor the comparison to Hillary’s staged town hall ‘meetings”.

          I call it 3c’s, 3m’s and T – throughput. Castle Coin & Conscience…Motivation, Math & Money. Only six things needed to change throughput. Trump is inside the DNC’s decision loop using language never heard before in an election cycle. Illegals, rapist rigging elections, H1B’s, Americans required to train, jobs farmed overseas or south of the border, foreign replacements, RNC demanding signed support of the nomination. Two books Adios America and Clinton Cash have done more to outline the needs of the UniParty and the pay for play Clinton Foundation. The whole metric of calling elections is based on both bases and courting independents. What’s changed is the amount of new registrations Trump is pulling in. Americans are a fair bunch and when 30% of their 401k is gutted, told what to think and that their skin color automatically makes them a racist. They observe the IRS auditing political groups, policies that create ISIS, a president that bows to a Saudi King, and lies to the people. Enough is enough and tipping point where people who never participated in elections register to vote.

          Here’s a better explanation.

        • Romney had rallies just as big as Trumps so basing how many attend a rally is not proof of anything. Besides 12k at a rally in cities that have millions of people does not mean anything. Trump supporters love to say he set the record for the most votes in the primaries but they fail to mention he also set the record for the most votes against him with over 16 million. Trump is almost as hated as Hillary and that was before all these tapes surfaced.

          • “…they fail to mention he also set the record for the most votes against him with over 16 million.”

            Specious argument. The same can be said of everyone of the 17 candidates…the majority of primary voters voted against each one. I am sure that if any other primary candidate had won with Trump’s numbers, the result would be touted as a “mandate”, even though the majority of voters voted against the winner.

        • It really does not matter how many candidates there were because the fact is he did not win by getting the majority of the votes. Having 17 people actually helped him win the nomination because those 16 million would not have went to him but to whoever he was running against. A lot of people that will be voting for Trump are not voting for him but against Hillary.

        • “My guy” didn’t lose, our country lost. The Trumpeters racked up wins in the early contests when there were 17 candidates so that Trump needed only a small plurality of votes to win those delegates. By the time the field was winnowed down to three or four, Trump had amassed an unsurmountable lead.

          So a few Trumpkins managed to band together and force the Great Pumpkin on all of us, even though we told you, over and over, that he was the one candidate who could not win the general election. That he was the only candidate who could lose to Hillary Clinton. And the Trumpkins jammed their fingers in their ears and pranced around chanting “burn it down, burn it down.”

          And because of them, we got Trump in the general — and he did exactly what everyone said he would do, he flamed out and burned his supporters and imploded.

          That’s all just history. None of that makes any of us “liberal progtards”.

        • What’s especially amazing is how beatable Hillary was and how Trump was not getting annihilated until very recently in spite of all the stuff he has said. It shows how much he has blown it due to his inability to control himself. If he had acted more presidential and committed to actually learning about policy, he would have likely surpassed her in the polls, or it would be a dead tie. It isn’t so much that Hillary is even beating Trump, it’s just that he’s losing to her. He was given an almost gift-wrapped candidate and proceeded to sabotage his own campaign.

      • Such a ray of sunshine. I guess your glass is half empty?

        So, the RNC’s plan to keep Trump from winning gave him the nomination? Are they that dumb, is Trump that smart, or did those rascally Dem’s bamboozle them again?

        We need a viable 3rd party so the D’s and R’s can just admit they are all the party of big government suck. Then we will be right back to two parties again!

        • I find it curious that so many people (such as @Truth) complain about how many voters did not choose Trump, noting that ALL the others combined had the majority. Yet, the same can be said about every other candidate. Posed against all the other candidates, each of them got pitiful support. Why is this Trump’s fault?

        • I never said any of this was Trump’s fault. I’m blaming the Trump supporters, those who plug their ears and close their eyes and accept every atrocity and outrage he commits and still egg him on. It is they who have cost us this election.

          Trump cannot win, and never could win. A small band of fiercely-devoted sycophants pushed him over the top in early contests and racked up a big delegate lead that conventional, saner candidates could not overcome. That’s true. But in their glee and delight at burning the system down, these Trumpeters refused to see that Trump is the one candidate that could not beat Hillary. Every early poll showed it. Even Cruz and especially Kasich polled better against Hillary in a general election matchup. But instead of behaving maturely and wisely, the Trumpkins chanted louder and cheered him on to making outrageous statements, and the result is that we’re now two weeks away from President-elect Hillary Clinton.

          I know there are a few that are hiding within the walls of Breitbart and Drudge who still cling to the notion that Trump will “win in the biggest landslide that this country’s ever seen.” But for those who have eyes to see, even Trump’s own campaign manager has admitted that they’re losing. And the metadata shows Hillary crushing Trump.

          This was all preventable. This was the most-beatable Democratic candidate ever. But the die-hard Trumpers banded together and a small minority forced this orange atrocity on us, so here we are.

          My big question: will they learn their lesson? Or will they deny all evidence and scream of conspiracies? I guess we’ll find out 15 days from now.

          • The political system is playing-out the way it was designed. The person who gets the majority of votes wins. “Qualificaitons” have very little to do with it. Who cares who has the most whatever experience? If you, the candidate, reflect my opinions and beliefs, I get to vote for you, regardless of “how much ‘better’ any other candidate is”. Blaming a “small group” is foolishness, and the kind of thinking that got people to reject “business as usual” (Dole, McCain, Romney, Bush, Bush. Blame the politicians who are professional at losing elections. The list above are all “moderates” (Demoncrat Lite), interested in amassing the same power the Demoncrats crave, just with a nicer appearance. Trump is the symbol of the anger at “the usual suspects”. BTW, none of the other Republican candidates have the stones to fight back, against the array of Demoncrat thugs and media. If not Trump, I would rather the Rebups simply announce they were taking a knee in this election, and not even put up a candidate for president.

        • Well, generally it looks like you got your wish. The Republican party doesn’t have any actual candidate that represents the party; and Trump isn’t waging a viable candidacy, so yeah, pretty much the Republicans are sitting this one out.

          Which means we will get Hillary. Lord help us all.

    • I’m not sure it was the “plain folk” that put Obama/Biden in the White House. Or might put the Dowager Empress. The pseudointellectual aristocracy perhaps.

  5. Mr. Trump will speak in Gettysburg , Pa. shortly. That ” New Birth Of Freedom ” spoken of by Lincoln is now under threat not by State vs. State disputes , but by out of control Federal usurpation. It should never have been needed to have SCOTUS affirm Heller , the words are plain and clear in the Second Amendment … ( But not to Washington DC.)

      • In their defense, they get hung up on the precatory militia clause. A couple days ago, I read a Harvard Con Law prof arguing just that, and that Heller/McDonald were wrongly decided as a result. Never mind that the Supreme Court explained what a precatory clause is used for, and the historical basis for their decision.

      • Its not about guns. People, what ever America was, it is now gone. Thanks to Democrats this government has thrown blacks under the bus and now get ready Hispanics, its your turn.

        And now Hispanics, having been placed in big sanctuary cities under the same Democrat model of community development are facing the same situation. The Pew Hispanic Center Study Between Two Worlds reported in 2009: “Young Hispanic females have the highest rates of teen parenthood of any major racial or ethnic group in the country.” And that “about one in four Hispanic females (26%) becomes a mother by age 19. This compares with a rate of 22% among young black females, 11% among young white females.”

        There is a high correlation between single motherhood, poverty and poor education. “The high school dropout rate among Latino youths (17%) is nearly three times as high as it is among white youths (6%) and nearly double the rate among blacks (9%). These figures are for the entire nation, not just sanctuary cities. And more than half Mexican-heritage young Latinos had experience with gangs (56%) than Latinos of other Hispanic national origins.

  6. Millennial here. Can’t speak for the older generations of my area, but i assure you that in middle America, my generation gets most of its “news” from Fakebook. It’s quite saddening, really.

    • As a side note, am I the only who’s already worrying what’s going to come after the Clinton White House?

      • If history is any guide, you should see a substantial reversal after 12 continuous years of the same party controlling the White House. In the last 100 years, Democrats have controlled the white house 52 years, Republicans 48 years. It’s pretty uncommon for the same party to hold it more than 12 years. Three terms in a row has only happened once since 1950 (Reagan/Bush I).

        So the pendulum swings in American politics, and you can expect that it’ll probably come swinging back pretty fiercely after Hillary’s first term.

  7. An excellent point. I can’t help but role my eyes when someone says the Democrats are the only ones who are “disconnected” from the people. The fact that Trump got the nomination is a clear sign that the people were getting tired of what the Republicans thought everybody wanted.

  8. Translated: Lying liar lies.

    There is no doubt that HRC believes in the obligation of the State to provide her with elite armed security at all times. However, she likely knows that this was not the intent of the Second. But, the intent of the Second is not important to her.

  9. Huh — this is how the article started in the email I got:

    “The “debate” over guns in America is a culture war. On one side we have people who consider a gun a symbol of personal responsibility, independence and liberty. On the other side, we have people who consider a gun a symbol of lawlessness, ignorance and social intransigence. The pro-gun side works hard to counter the….”

    I wanted to know where that sentence was going, but apparently the whole piece got rewritten!

    I was also wondering just where in that spectrum the sort of people who were out hunting after dusk, pegged me with their spotlight, and shot at me from the back of their pickup belong, because they make perfect poster examples of guns being “symbol[s] of lawlessness, ignorance and social intransigence”.

  10. Growing up in anti-gun paradise, that isn’t quite perfect just yet because we own so many guns as a state, I know exactly what beasts like Hillary think about guns; a public/private policy if you will, about her feelings on the issues of guns, gun violence, and our civil rights as a people.

    Very simply, she will combat gun violence, irrespective of the myriad ways guns are used by our citizens, be they criminally, negligently, or lawfully, through a process of removing our ability to exercise our 2nd Amendment right in any meaningful way, but she will continue to say that she believes in it while she is destroying it.

    Hugs to you all, as we slide faster and faster down this slippery slope of a country. I think I see a tunnel at the end of the light.

  11. Come January Hillary is gonna give it to you good via a universal strap on. You are all gonna be her bitch. There is not gonna be a revolution or anything else like it. People are too comfortable in they’re homes and with they’re families. The second amendment will be gone and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. The few people who actually try to defend the constitution will be killed or jailed. The military will not revolt. Local LEO’s will not revolt. Fantasyland is over folks. We no longer live in a free democratic republic. Get used to it. Freedom was good while it lasted.

    • “The few people who actually try to defend the constitution will be killed or jailed.” True…the measure is how many we take with us.

      • It wont matter how many we “take with us”…….it wont be be enough and it will be the pawns……not the leaders. George Orwell was right……he was just a few years off. HRC probably does not believe she is the architect of big brother but she is none the less. Farewell bill of rights.

        • Clinton (all of them) and the like know precisely what they are doing. The arrogance is so overwhelming; they are the smartest people on the planet, wherever they are. NOTE: as smart as they are, Clintons trail well behind so many of their donors (probably why Clintons are so arrogant – resentment they are not the wealthiest of all).

          Never presume any of these people “don’t know what they are doing”. Evil has a mind, that mind has a host (many, actually). That host never rests.

    • Be definition we are living under a tyrannical government already. They are not held accountable like citizens are. They didn’t even charge that EPA employee for he spill over here in CO and NM. If a citizen did that or a corporation the government would put them out of business and someone would be in jail.

  12. At this point the Democrats are displaying all the major symptoms of Totalitarianism.
    Any “rights” you think you have are contingent upon the Democrats gaining enough power to control, revoke or infringe them.

    HilLIARy’s mischaracterization of the Heller Decision is just her exercising the totalitarian meme, “The Truth is what the Leader says it is because the Leader cannot be wrong.”

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