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That’s a badge of honor we’d wear with particular pride. Well, we would, but The Godfather probably hasn’t read many of our gun reviews, let alone some of the fan mail we’ve written for his feckless police commissioner. Anyway, that’s the title of this article by Katie Kieffer running at It’s yet another takedown of Hizzoner’s latest brainstorm, the one he says will finally strike a blow against the city’s horrific crime problem. You may have read about it here already — more roadblocks thrown up to discourage gun retailers from doing business and, you know, selling guns to law abiding residents in the City of Big Shoulders. Because that will keep guns out of gangbangers’ and other criminals’ hands. So…more of the same. But you knew that.

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  1. I wonder if there are enough readers here who’d be willing to crowdsource a Chicago gun store.

    If so, as a former Chicagoland resident, I’d seriously consider pitching in in the 100-1000 range.

    A suggested name: Chicago Violin Company.

  2. Chicago; the blue model ship on the first class journey to Perdition. When Chicago finally implodes on the treacherous shoals of fiscal reality, it will make Detroit look like Mad Max’s Disneyland. Please pass the sweet and sour shrimp.

  3. Tiny Dancer hates anything that he doesn’t control. If he’s not the world’s most egocentric excuse for a human being, he’s in the top five.

    • Worse than former NY mayor Bloomberg? And I often wonder where these guys went to “mayor” school? Seems like they perceive themselves as crown princes instead of being servants of the people.

  4. Robert,
    Shouldn’t you send a note about capitalizing the name correctly? Or at least telling them to link to your site?

  5. Having done nothing more than fly to Chicago and drive back once, and then drive though Chicago on my way east, I can only convey this random thought, “what a shit hole” The other thought; “if they start nuclear war, nuke that place first”

  6. I wonder how Rahm is going to address all those “open carry demonstrators” in Chicago’s South Side.

  7. Funny – I haven’t seen Shannon hosting any MDA rallies on the south side. Rahm should encourage her to come. For the children(TM).

    • I’d pay money to watch her walk around the south side of Chicago, say from 35th and Michigan to 42nd and Michigan. Hey, it’s only seven blocks, what could happen? He He He He…..

  8. I wonder if perhaps it hasn’t occurred to The Godfather that the subjects of his city could simply use their right of travel and go somewhere else, buy a gun, and bring it back. I really wonder, anytime I buy a gun, new or used, it’s only an art object until I see it shoot and feed for a bit, so a day trip is pretty common when I buy a gun, the shop, the camaraderie, then the range. Then again I’m the sort of weirdo who spends 6 hours in a gun shop and then goes to dinner with the owners and principle employees. (No really, that’s what I did tonight, but in was in pursuit of a business deal, so not too weird, right?)

  9. Well since Emanuel means”God with us” maybe rahm thinks he’s a tiny little god. BTW I live a bit south of Chicago and I do not think it would be worth the extraordinary BS involved in establishing a gun store or range.

  10. Il Doge was sitting at my desk a few weeks ago when I came to work early. I politely asked him to leave. He’s shorter than I thought.

    Perhaps we could send all the gun stores betamax recorders that way they have the tape but no one could ever see it.


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