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Yes, there really are still gun owners in California (despite the state government’s best efforts). Millions of them, in fact. And if they’re interested in a California-compliant AR platform rifle, Radian Weapons wants them to know their Model 1 is now available. Here’s their press release . . .


Finally, the acclaimed Radian Model 1 and its patented Ambidextrous Dual Action Control (ADAC) technology is available to the citizens of California.  The California Compliant Model 1comes with a SilencerCo ASR compensator or a Dead Air Armament compensator, a Shark Fin pistol grip, and a non-adjustable Magpul stock.

The Model 1 has fully integrated ambidextrous controls. The patented ADAC system allows for the user to lock the bolt in the rearward position by drawing the bolt to the rear using the industry-leading Raptor charging handle and depressing the magazine release button. This patented feature gives the operator unmatched functionality among AR-15 style rifles.

Every Model 1 is assembled by hand, one at a time, by a trained gunsmith who inspects, test fires, and cleans the weapon to personally guarantee it meets the most rigid quality standards.  No detail has gone overlooked, which is why the Model 1, like every Radian product, is guaranteed for life.

Rifle Features:

  • California Compliant Shark-Fin pistol grip
  • Non-adjustable Magpul CTR, STR, or SL buttstock
  • Muzzle brake/compensator
  • Designed & manufactured in the USA
  • Upper receiver, lower receiver, and hand guard cerakoted together for perfect color match
  • Weight: 6.0 – 8.0 lbs depending on configuration

Firearm transfers must be done through a Federally Licensed FFL dealer, and California transfer must be completed at a registered CA DOJ California Firearms Dealer.


  • California Compliant Shark-Fin Pistol Grip
  • Non-adjustable Magpul CTR, STR, or SL Buttstock
  • Muzzle brake/compensator
  • Designed & Manufactured in the USA
  • Upper Receiver, Lower Receiver, and Hand Guard Cerakoted together for perfect color match
  • Weight: 6.0 – 8.0 lbs Depending on Configuration


  • Sub-MOA Accuracy Guarantee w/ Black Hills Match Grade Ammunition
  • Billet Machined 7075-T6 Upper Receiver w/ M4 Feed Ramps
  • Proprietary Extended Aluminum Hand Guard w/ Magpul M-LOK® Modular Mounting System and Integrated Upper/Hand Guard Stainless Steel Anti-Rotation Pin
  • Match Grade 416R Stainless Steel Barrel w/ Polished Crown and Feed Ramps, Chambered in .223 Wylde/5.56 NATO or 300 BLK, Threaded ½ x 28 (.223) or 5/8 x 24 (300 BLK)
  • Enhanced Black Nitride M16 Bolt Carrier Group
  • Lightweight Forward Assist
  • Radian Raptor-SD™ Suppressor-Optimized Ambidextrous Charging Handle
  • Direct Impingement Gas System
  • 14.5” 300 BLK: Pistol-Length
  • 14.5” & 16″ 5.56: Mid-Length
  • 17.5” 5.56: Intermediate-Length
  • SilencerCo® ASR™ Compensator or Dead Air Compensator


  • Billet Machined 7075-T6 Lower Receiver w/ Integral Trigger Guard and Flared Magazine Well
  • A-DAC™ Ambidextrous Dual-Action Control Right Side Bolt Hold Open Feature
  • Ambidextrous Right & Left Side Magazine and Bolt Release Buttons
  • Radian Talon™ Modular Ambidextrous 45°/90° Safety Selector
  • ATC AR Gold Match Grade Trigger
  • 6-Position Milspec Receiver Extension w/ QD End Plate and a H2 Carbine Buffer
  • Shark-Fin Pistol Grip Pistol Grip and Pinned Magpul Stock, USGI 10 Round Magazine

MSRP starts at $2595

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  1. I have a CA compliant AR. It’s called the Mosin Nagant 91-30. And since the std known as CA is spreading a lot of other folks will soon have the chance to own this modern marvel.

    • California isn’t spreading at all. I live out east and when I was a boy California was talked about like it was all the rage. If you were a teenage kid, you fantasized about going there. Nowadays all you here is about how no one should go there and we should be pushing the laws of other places in the opposite direction. California passes ammo restrictions, West Virginia passes constituional carry. Going completely opposite directions.

      • California’s disease definitely is spreading. Just ask Oregon and Washington.

        California has a larger population than Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, and Nevada combined.

        Even a small net out-migration, percentage-wise, is enough to tip the balance of a smaller state. The more unlivable California gets, the more Californians show up in neighboring states to fuck things up.

        • They’ve taken over Nevada, too. Vegas and Reno are full of CA busybodies. They moved here to get away from their high cost of living and suffocating government, but vote for everything that will raise the cost of living and reduce individual liberty. They are bringing all of their problems with them.

      • The California STD is absolutely spreading and it is dangerous to think that it can not reach your state. California has lost a lot of the classical Hollywood appeal in many peoples perception. But the disease which is the laws in CA is absolutely spreading. WA, OR, NV, CO, and now even AZ are experiencing the californification of their demographics and voting patterns.

        • It’s funny because I think of many of those places as having always been “California Lite,” hahahaha. Washington has always been crammed full of liberals, even back in the ’80s. Colorado has a particular mindset that encourages Cali-type thinking and has going back to the 1960s. People who think CO was conservative before are kidding themselves about the mindset of many people there. They have always agreed on many things between the two. So many of these cited states are yes, starting to have CA influences, but think on it for a second – AZ always had McCain, going back forever, and he was ALWAYS a closeted Democrat, going back FOREVER. But he kept being elected, by the people of AZ. These places shared a great deal in the mindset with CA and that is why CA people consider them “acceptable” for habitation.

        • Bad news, Utah is now heading left as well… maybe slow, but things that would have been unthinkable years ago are slowly bubbling to the surface (reading the comments on local news sites during the election season and seeing the election referrendum results)… can we vote CA out and ask them to fill out visas if they come to work or visit?

    • Ditto. I went way over on my build, and it still only cost 30% of this rifle. Even if I put on a fancy comp (who puts a brake on an AR15?) and a better trigger, I still would be pretty close to a grand, and that includes the optic. I not e this rifle has not BUIS or optic despite the price.

    • And little tiny T-rex arms too. It’s idiotic that anyone in this day and age pins adjustable stocks in place for “compliance,” when there are so many better options like the MOE fixed carbine stock and fixed rifle stock, and the Cavalry C1 stock that has been around for over a decade.

      • Hey, what is the point supposed to be with that grip? Is the idea somehow to force us to only own guns which are impossible to shoot?

  2. What are the “millions of gun owners” doing in CA? The legislators are neutering the very guns that are covered by the 2A (suitable for militia use)!

    • There’s million of gun owners, but there’s millions CA liberal 1 each types with the urge to control everyone else’s life, plus millions of free stuff voters. There’s just not enough gun owners left in CA to make a difference at the polls, and the ones that can (like me) are actively leaving the state.

      • Hey, you know how some countries have “coalition” governments, where in order to get a majority several different factions agree to cooperate? Why don’t we gunowners seek a coalition with the “free stuff” faction, in return for their support for firearms freedom, we could support their demand for free firearms! It’s win-win!!!

  3. I wonder at the Radian Raptor-SD Suppressor-Optimized Ambidextrous Charging Handle and ASR or dead air brakes, can you have a silencer in CA? I mean you could buy this model and use it in another state I guess but I don’t know that a CA resident would be looking for these features in a CA compliant model. Or maybe threaded barrels are not allowed so a threaded comp gives you options, like sticking one of those flash can gas redirectors on it?

    • Nope, no suppressors. Threaded barrels are OK, since you need them to mount a compensator/brake. (Just not a dreaded “flash hider.”)

    • I wondered at that. Exactly how do you optimize a charging handle for use with a suppressor? I really need to know, because I think I must be doing it wrong. See, my suppressor is on the complete opposite end of the gun, don’t see how a charging handle mod could affect the suppressor, at all.

  4. You’re asking for it if you buy this in the “Socialist State of California”. That is unless you relish a late night or early morning visit by the Goon Squad. I mean rationalize it, where will you shoot it. Gone are the days of going out to a secluded spot in California to shoot the damned thing without somebody dropping a dime on your ass. 5 minutes you’d be surrounded by 50 men in swat tactical gear locked and loaded with 50 red dots on your forehead. LMFAO.

    • We actually have some great ranges out this way. I live in Los Angeles and there are indeed millions of us patriotic gun owners here. In the Los Angeles area alone there is 3 great outdoor ranges and 10 indoor ranges. We are simply outnumbered by the hoards of leftists and can’t leave for one reason or another. As much as we want to. I have a business I’ve built here over the last 20 years and it’s not portable.

    • Also, San Bernardino and Kern county have thousands of acres of BLM land that is completely legal to shoot on, as long as you follow the simple rules.
      Angeles Shooting Ranges is also nice. As is A Place To Shoot out by Castaic and Piru just further west of that.
      While our legislators are awful gun grabbers, dont believe everyone that says the state has no active gun culture.

    • Actual pistol grips on rifles are banned, so these have a flat piece of material which prevent wrapping your hand completely around it.

  5. Honestly, why bother with these “California” ARs.

    Min-14, SKS, SU-16, and the Fightlite SCR.

    Also, you are limited to 10 rounds, so a M1 or M1a starts to look good.


  7. That’s nice. I will tell you what, the more I use a .410 the better I like it. I think it’s about perfect for shooting critters and snakes.. Just shot a possum( murdered one of my own yup) it was on the porch eating up the cat food, it and an other one but he got away, I can’t afford to feed the cats, coons, and possums. Anyway when I went out there to feed the cats there they was up on the porch, I ran back in to get one of my “grab me quick guns” and play out the scenario.On the porch, close by the door, dark, bad eyes. Rifle , no bullet probably go through and hit my house, pistol, eh probably miss and hit the house, 12 gauge to loud some pellets probably hit the house. That 410 does the trick….I used to get a buck fifty for possum hides, the one that got away was big, might have got two dollars for it.

  8. That gun is maybe the only reason I feel anything for most gun owning Kalifonians. That is too butt ugly and expensive to even bother with. Same feeling for New Yurkers. Their compliant guns also are sad looking even funny to look at. But if one must have a 223 and has the funds for it………………..I just feel for both of these poor folks.

  9. We need to petition White House (that was popular under Obama) to nuke California and kill off the spread of Communism.
    They are sending hundreds of Millions to other states to spread it. $60 Millions for Beto O’ Rouke the fake Mexican didn’t come from Texas alone, not even close.

  10. Take any AR from anywhere in the country with all the evil features you want. Hell, build your own for $500.

    Pin the magazine and load it with Bear Flag Defense / Mean Arms speed loader through the ejection port.


    You don’t need to spend $2,500.

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