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Here in The Lone Star State, Constitutional Carry is in development hell. HB 375′s sitting in the Homeland Security Committee, waiting for a vote to send it on its way. If CC somehow manages to make it to Governor Abbott’s desk, no small credit will be due Rachel Malone.

Ms. Malone is the founder/director 0f Texas Firearms Freedom “dedicated to making activism accessible for the everyday Texan.” Ipso facto. Malone’s org managed to marshal some 165 Texans to take a day off work to testify on behalf of Constitutional Carry. And activated thousands more via the Internet.

Ms. Malone also earns a TTAG tip of the hat for being a genuine gun gal: an inveterate open carrier and professional firearms instructor (who kicked this author’s butt in a revolver shooting competition at The Range at Austin).

The fact that Ms. Malone is a music teacher who plays piano and violin at the highest level (Rachmaninov Piano Concerto Number 3 anyone?) may not inform her lobbying efforts. But I reckon her crusade for constitutional carry is music to the ears of anyone who values firearms freedom.

Rachel Malone, TTAG’s Gun Hero of the Day.

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  1. Huh, and a music teacher too.

    Makes me wonder what note the sound of lead hitting Hickok45’s metal gong is, caliber-wise.

  2. As a listener to the Polite Society podcast I now you are doing great things when not at the show. Keep up the great work!!

  3. I don’t believe it. Everyone knows that to win hearts and minds and improve gun rights, you have to occupy restaurants while carrying black rifles. Hasn’t anyone told her that?

    • You could really use a new meme… isn’t that one getting a bit old and tattered?

      Anyway, I’m wondering why nobody in the picture seems to be paying any attention to their surroundings. Why do so many people seem to want to spend their entire life looking at a tiny screen?

      But yes indeed. Kudos to the lady. She proves that open carry isn’t really that difficult for a woman. I have no problems with it either.

      • “Why do so many people seem to want to spend their entire life looking at a tiny screen? ”

        It will be a short spell before I attain your vintage, Mamma Liberty, but I can tell you this – It can be *very* addictive.

        Like *easily* crash your car or walk off a cliff and *die* addictive. I caution my 20 something nieces and the one good out of the two nephews this on a regular basis, and it pisses them off.

        (The other nephew, I love telling the little twerp what a special snowflake he is…)

      • I suspect that photo was taken during some kind of legislative meeting or other, which would mean their surroundings are lethally dull and lifeless. Other than bureaucratic nonsense and time-wasting grandstanding, there ain’t much to pay attention to in a windowless government meeting room…

        • Could seem to be dull and lifeless in lots of places, Stinkeye. Indulging in “condition white” is not a good thing there, because there is no place where the risk of attack is zero. The gun is more or less useless if you never see the attack coming. And if you don’t practice situational awareness everywhere, you might not be paying attention when it really counts.

          But hey… each to his or her own. 🙂

      • Well, since everybody seems to care so much…..

        I was 100% aware of Robert taking the picture, and literally what was going through my mind was: “If that picture gets posted anywhere, I am going to have a stream of comments about how I was absorbed with my phone.”

        I was actually posting live updates on the constitutional carry hearing (no instagram or snapchat, sorry). It was a good day.

        Be aware, stay safe, see ya down the road.

        • That’s great, Rachel. Sorry to leap to a wrong conclusion, but it’s really hard to tell in a picture. 🙂 I see so many folks – including family members – who spend much of their life in condition white… usually with their eyes glued to those little screens. I don’t have one myself, and don’t understand the attraction, just glad you’re not one of them.

          And I had no intention of being snide, Susan. Just concerned. I am a firearms and self defense instructor, and one of the hardest things to teach is situational awareness. Many agree that it is important, but if a student comes into class with one of those phones, I know I have an almost hopeless and thankless task to actually get them to internalize and practice it. Add that awareness to the need for OC gun retention, and I hope you can see that there is a lot of room for concern.

  4. Well Done Rachel Malone! It’s clear your excellence shows itself in multiple areas.
    Please free us from the tyranny of Austin hippies.
    I will check out your podcast.

  5. Rachel Malone is the real deal. She is one of my friends and a hero. I don’t get my feathers ruffled when I read snide comments about her because I know her heart. She is dedicated and determined. She teaches women how to properly use firearms and defend their lives.


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