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“Nobody cares about you. You are the product of your former slave masters. You are not as bad as you are acting. You ain’t manufacturing no guns, but you got some. Stop the killing.” – Louis Farrakhan in a New York address on black-on-black violence.

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      • Sorry, that was poorly written.
        A large amount of inner city violence is a black on black problem. Mostly a gang problem, at that, but largely intraracial.

        • Edit button didn’t save my edit. Anyway, let’s try this again.

          It seems that the majority of all crime, see >50%, is intraracial.

          As for the victim bit, pound sand sir. As long as people just try to be a victim, a large majority of the self reliant crowd won’t give two sh!ts about them anyway.

          Sorry, I’ll quit posting until I wake up.

        • I very rarely agree with Mr. Farrakhan, but this seems to be a fine rhetorical statement: I believe he is telling his audience, even if you are screwed, you have the free will to act better than you are. Even if others do not care about you, you can care about yourself. To me, this is the opposite of people being victims; Farrakhan tells his audience to work to be better.

        • karlb: I rarely agree with Farrakhan either, and although this may seem to be a sensible statement, my experience tells me that if Farrakhan says something I agree with, it’s because it was taken out of context.

        • “Black on Black” violence is a symptom, NOT the problem.
          It is a consequence of bad economic policy and a decades old drug war. Treat the disease, not the symptoms.

  1. Go ahead Louie and reinforce the belief that society hates blacks and slavery is the root cause of all the woe in the black community. It serves you so well to foster all that anger.

  2. “Stop the killing”. Yes, please. The only part of the above quote I agree with. Everything else is racist psycho-babble used to rile the black community up.

    • “Stop the killing”. Yes, please. The only part of the above quote I agree with. Everything else is racist psycho-babble used to rile the black community up in order to raise money”

      added something for ya

  3. “You are not as bad as you are acting.”

    Your actions are a direct result of who you are. Want to change the perception? Change your actions instead of making excuses for lack of character. Hanging on to hate from decades past will only hold you back. Your community will also hold you back unless you remove yourself from it. Envy often causes that community to revert to the crab mentality.

    There’s an old parable about crabs in a bucket.

    If you put a crab in a bucket and it can climb out of that bucket, it will climb out. But if you put 2 crabs in the bucket, when one of the crabs tries to climb out, the other will pull it back in. Neither will ever escape. It doesn’t matter that it’s possible to escape, the crabs will hold each other back from doing so.
    *Borrowed from

  4. “Nobody cares about you. You are the product of your former slave masters.”

    Its not your fault, it is always someone elses fault. Really? at some point you have to take responsibility of your own life!

    Thinking like a victim serves nobody and serves nobody except these so called leaders to keep their power by making believe only they can help.

    This is a general theme of the Democratic Party which I hate the most.

  5. “Young black and Hispanic men die at such an alarming rate due to gun violence; something needs to click inside them so they know that it is safer for them not to have a gun than to own a gun.”

    How does the gun create the violence? The medium used to present the violence cannot be held accountable. The problem with the Grand Poobah’s statement is the strongly held belief in those communities that they are not responsible for their actions but are instead “the product of your former slave masters”.


    • That’s why I fully support public funding to take any black person who wants to blame white people for the actions of black people and ship them over to Africa.

  6. Not to be needlessly contrary but I interpret the statement “nobody cares about you” a little differently. That’s not a call for more state programs but for people in the inner city to take control of their own lives. It’s explicitly black nationalist in the vein of ‘this is the white man’s government and they don’t care about you so you have to start taking care of yourselves.’
    On that note Louis Farrakhan is a worm. The Nation of Islam murdered Malcolm X around the time he realized 1) they were a cult and 2) not all white people are evil and that racism=racism=racism.

    • Mr. Farrakhan has proclaimed president Obama to be a murderer for the death of Quadafi in Libia. Mr. Farrakhan also counts the psychotic president of Iran as a close friend. If he has “found” religion, it sure does not seem like a friendly one. I too am amazed that this guy can still attract an audience. I thought every one figured out that this guy was a nitwit long ago.

  7. This plea comes from the same group where white murders were needed to advance in the FOI. Body parts sent to Chicago for registration. Yuk….anyone interested just google ZEBRA MURDERS.

  8. A race-baiting victim-enabling money-grubbing hate-mongering sociopath in the spotlight? Just another day in modern America.

    This guy is to the 1st Amendment what armed murderers are to the 2nd. His continued existence is a mockery to the natural urge of good men to destroy evil.

  9. Interesting comment.
    I think we need to break it down a bit, as it is double sided.
    “Nobody cares about you.”
    Oh woes me, gosh maybe your right, and I have to take responsibility for their own lives?
    “You are the product of your former slave masters.”
    Well not exactly. You are a few generations removed from slavery the last time I checked. This is just an excuse.
    “You are not as bad as you are acting.”
    Well yes. I like to see good in everyone. The fact is acting like the stereo type and acting badly is isn’t right. You are better than that, so pull up your big boy pants and start being a responsible citizen in your community.
    Imagine if folks worked together for the better good of their community? This is everyone, not just blacks, or Latinos, but every city, and town across this nation.
    It takes a village, which is an old saying but it is true. When our community bands together to help one another you don’t need to government. You are helping your fellow man through good works, and you become self reliant.
    “You ain’t manufacturing no guns, but you got some.”
    Uhm WTF? Ok yeah we know gang bangers have guns, nothing new, but what does the manufacture of firearms have to do with it?
    “Stop the killing.”
    This should be stated on it’s own with no precursors, provisos, or anything else. The point is the majority of the violent crime is isolated to specific areas, and they are killing each other. Sometimes it spreads to outside a demographic, but overall it is isolated. So yeah stop the killing…
    Create that village, bond towards making your homes and lives better. Sure the economy sucks, and there are no jobs, but if you take pride and responsibility in your lives and your neighborhoods, then things will improve. Not because of some government program or entitlement but because you stood up and decided that your community is worth saving, and you and your families, and friends would make it better.

    I am Sanchanim and I approve this message. 🙂

    • “You are the product of your former slave masters.”

      That also ignores that there have been large numbers of African immagrants in to the US who have no ties at all to the previous system of domestic slavery.

      • and many of those I have met do not exhibit this poor me attitude – they came here to build a better life and have more in common with white middle class than ghetto punks.

  10. I grew up in the ghetto and many of my fellow hoods wound up in prison. Funny thing is they said prison wasn’t a shock because it was no different than the ghetto. I left the ghetto like a smart man should, but the rest of them get caught up by turds like the Farrakhan. People like Farrakhan exploit poor, uneducated people just the same as Imams do with muslims. The only difference is Farrakhan wants to get votes, and Imams want martyrs.


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