“What I believe is that the vast majority of gun nuts, especially those who think they have to carry a gun while in public, and I know or have known many, are mostly older white guys, racists, who are afraid of a list of imaginary boogie men: blacks – especially black teenage boys in hoodies and sagging pants – surely they are all ‘street corner gangsters;’ Hispanics – surely they are all illegals and wetbacks; white teenage boys in hoodies and sagging jeans, white trash, communists, Democrats, women (of all races), etc.” – Bill Mason, Letter: Guns: Defense or persona?Leavenworth Times


  1. “What I believe…” followed by the litany of every unsubstantiated bias jostling around inside Bill Mason’s head.

    • Right, but if you carry a gun, you must be a bigot. The ironic thing is, someone that stupid could never see the irony.

      • He’s a bigot calling people bigots. That pretty much sums up modern American relations.

  2. It’s when the “imaginary boogie men” start bashing your head into a sidewalk that really makes you look like a racist by pulling your piece.

  3. Thank-you Mr. Mason for putting into words all those storms that have been jumbling around inside my brain for so long. Now I understand why I’m a gun guy.

  4. So the numbers of young women strapping on firearms are a statistical anomaly?
    Quite frankly I can’t afford to be a gun nut:yet this mixed race ccw holder still makes time to strap on daily.

    Anti gun people of this racist charachter disgust me.Such people have no business commenting on the creed and responsibility of exercising the RKBA.

    • “What I believe is that the vast majority of gun nuts… are mostly older white guys…who are afraid of…women.”

      If you knew my mother, you’d understand… 🙂

  5. What I believe is that the vast majority of anti-gun folks, especially those who uncritically swallow leftwing media propaganda, and I have known many, are mostly urban hipster wannabes, a-holes, who are afraid of an imaginary list of bogeymen: rural whites who own guns and have more than one child – surely they must all be racists who fantasize about dragging black people behind their trucks; Suburbanites – surely they’re all SUV-driving, cell phone talking mindless consumers. Women who take care of themselves without government assistance, men who don’t use hair product or pay $200 for distressed jeans, boys who aren’t properly ashamed of their gender, etc.

    Man it was painful trying to approximate Mr. Mason’s bad grammar…

  6. I find it funny that people on both sides of the Trayvon shooting use the following disclaimer, “I/we will never know exactly what happened that night.”

    Then they proceed to tell us exactly what happened that night.

    I thought the small penis/carrying a gun comparison was a bit unimaginative. It does beg the question, what is a woman carrying a gun compensating for? Perhaps she is compensating for the small penis of the man who is trying to attack her?

    • When the day comes that donkey slapping an attacker ends the assault, I guess we can all quit carrying.

    • Well, that’s what happens when a so-called “journalist” tries to write about that which he knows nothing about.

  7. The Hell just happened?

    I feel more dumber now after reading that there articul.

    Am I the only one who had to read that like four times to even figure out what he was trying to say? Ignoring the actual content of the “article”, exactly how many sentences is that rolled into one?

    • I actually read it as well – he doesn’t have a single fact in there and actually flat out makes shit up and tries to pass it as fact multiple times. I’m surprised he doesn’t work for the NY Times with that type of journalistic integrity.

    • Holy Cay-Rap. I just read was on the other side of the link. Can you say “Projection”? And, of course, more fantastic grammar and punctuation.

      “Guns create impressions, an atmosphere of power, strength, security, aggressiveness, sex – with sex possibly being the strongest. Might be just me, but I also think a whole bunch of psychologists, believe guys with a fixation on guns have a sexual hang-up, probably a small penis complex. They compensate for their complex by surrounding themselves with guns: carrying a gun, touching, playing with, repeated caressing and cleaning, shooting, and showing their gun. They can walk up to a woman and say “want to see or touch my big gun; or if with a crowd of the guys in a bar say: “alright guys, lay’em out on the edge of a pool table and see who has the big one!”

      Something tells me this is what he imagines himself doing if he had guns.

      • A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity.

        -Sigmund Freud

  8. My first thought was who is Bill Mason, and why should I or anyone else care what he believes? But I went and read his entire letter to the editor, and I see a man that lives in greater fear than most anyone I know. It was also a little disturbing how much he dedicated to his perceived sexuality of weapons, me thinks he might want to see someone professional to talk about that.

    • I noticed that too.

      “They compensate for their complex by surrounding themselves with guns: carrying a gun, touching, playing with, repeated caressing and cleaning, shooting, and showing their gun.”

      But especially this:
      “They can walk up to a woman and say “want to see or touch my big gun; or if with a crowd of the guys in a bar say: “alright guys, lay’em out on the edge of a pool table and see who has the big one!”

      I think that one right there sums up the entire piece. It’s everything that’s wrong with antis. Hyperbole, projection, generalizations, flat out making sh!t up. Something tells me this is what he imagines he’d do if he had guns.

  9. “What I believe is that the vast majority of gun nuts”

    This line is straight out of the gun control advocates playbook. Make an unsubstantiated claim. Use derogatory terms. And then liberal use of the race card.

    Bravo old school print troll. Bravo!

  10. I thought gun-owners were white-trash according to Billy Mason types?

    Classic psy-ops otherwise. Trying to isolate older gun-owners from women, teenagers, and those of differing economic status. Armed homos would be a boon.

  11. The nice thing about rights in the United States is, there’s no limit to who they can apply to! So even if some racist is walking the streets with a gun legally (somehow managing to retain position as one of the most law abiding cross-sections of the country), so are other people–even the various shades of folks they are supposedly so scared of. Which is exactly why people afraid of racists with guns should arm themselves, rather than try to pass laws and hope racists obey them.

  12. Isn’t it racist to paint such a large demographic with a broad brush? Just sayin’

  13. Hot damn, I’m practically blinded by all the psychological self-projection in that paragraph. Typical emotionally and mentally damaged/immature anti who puts his own deep-rooted fears and frustrations onto others.

    I’m willing to bet he’s never “known” any real gun person, has only seen them walking past and immediately put his childish labels onto them.

    Of course, this guy also proves that the true enemies of the Constitution and law-abiding citizens are not boogeymen, but very, very real and apparently write letter to the Leavenworth Times.

  14. Oh wow, all this time I thought I was open carrying for self defense. I didn’t know it was to make up for being a bigot, racist, hoodie phobic, gun toting yahoo with a small penis. Well okay, I knew about the last part, but seriously where does this wanker get off painting me with this brush. He doesn’t know me. I don’t care about the color of a person’s skin. Black doesn’t put me on alert. I don’t care about people that talk with a Hispanic accent, though I do believe any foreigner in this country should be here legally, I don’t assume they’re all wetbacks. To me a hoodie isn’t as much a fashion statement as it is practical. Keeps the rain off the dome and your ears warm when it’s cold. Baggy pants worn around the bottom of your ass, well I have to admit, I really don’t like the style, but my disdain doesn’t extend far enough to murder someone for intentionally looking like an idiot.

    What bothers me about this Mason guy is that he thinks that just because I (legally) own and carry a gun I must have some sort of nefarious intent or mental defect. Nothing could be further from the truth. The very last thing on Earth I want to do is shoot someone. It doesn’t matter what color their skin is or their nationality or anything. I’m perfectly content to go through my life with never having to pull the trigger. What I am concerned with is self defense. My mindset is, I’d rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it. I’m a big guy. It’s more physically comfortable, (not mentally comfortable), for me to open carry. If I could hide it and still have it accessible I would, but I’ve tried just about everything and nothing has worked.

    I’m also of the mindset that if I’m going to be walking around in public with a loaded gun, I have to take that responsibility extremely seriously. To say the least, I do the things I’m supposed to do to be safe in public. This guy Mason doesn’t know me and he doesn’t know what I go through to protect myself from harm while insuring the public is protected from me wildly shooting without a damn good reason. He’s way out of line. Talk about penis envy.

  15. Mason is sore because paranoid, delusional low IQ mental patients like him aren’t allowed to carry.

  16. “white guys, racists, who are afraid of a list of imaginary boogie men”

    Sounds like a room full of CONservative RepubliCONs to me. Check out Faux News, the sky is falling every day.

  17. I left my native Kansas more than 40 years ago, before the state took a hard right, politically. Even so, I cannot remember or imagine anyone with such anti gun sentiments as Mr. Mason. Responsible gun ownership is part of the DNA sequence of a Kansan.

     He must be a very lonely man, not to mention a knucklehead.

  18. especially black teenage boys in hoodies and sagging pants
    …with skittles and iced tea!
    Democrats,- a very dangerous group!
    women (of all races), Look out now!

    Ah, well, the family on the beach with the ordnance look like they are having a good time!

  19. Gee Mr. Mason, stereotype much? Liberals are all about race and classification of such. It’s how they see the world and decide to divide up the goodies, risk, and taxes. Self defense issues are no different.

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