Having never spent any significant time in either Alabama or Georgia, I was not quite prepared for just how pretty this part of the world is. And the food is just out of this world. When you decide to come hunting with JagerPro, be sure to budget a couple extra days in the area to see the sights. And also eat fried things.

At this point, all I’ve done is show up, watch people get checked out on the gear, and set my stuff down. Oh, and I drove forty miles to find the internet so I could post this story and pictures. The cabin we’re staying in is somewhat remote, but the beds are soft enough, the AC is cold, and the company is spectacular.

For those who read my preview, you know that I’m in southern Georgia getting geared up for a thermal hog hunting experience. As I sit in a diner writing this while other guys are out hunting, I’m kicking myself for not popping the extra dollars to hunt for two days. Unfortunately, an extra night costs about what a new M1 Garand costs at the CMP just up the road. Decisions had to be made.

Now that I’ve been in country for a few hours, I’m prepared to let loose with some of my first impressions. First off, southern hospitality is not just some silly saying. The two guides I met have been just awesome. These are clearly some good hearted guys who are here to have fun and help out wherever they can.

Second, this outfit has some seriously cool toys. That funky scope you see mounted on that very slick AR-10 is a top of the line thermal optic system. I didn’t get a chance to look through it or fire off any rounds during the zeroing session, but the guys who hunted last night said it was absolutely next level. One of them just dropped several thousand dollars on a night vision spotting scope that he said doesn’t hold up against the gear he used last night.

Needless to say, I’m incredibly excited. One of the guides told me that the average distance he’s been hunting from have been in the neighborhood of 50-75 yards with some as close as 20! I’m sure glad I spent the extra money for the Silent Stalk boots. I’m headed back to the sticks now, but stay tuned for more updates later in the week.


    • Based on their website, the lodge facilities are between Albany and Columbus. I assume their hunting is in that vicinity as well.

  1. I am also in GA for work this week. Alas, my work does not invole silenced weapons and night-vision scopes. *sigh*

  2. “Having never spent any significant time in either Alabama or Georgia, I was not quite prepared for just how pretty this part of the world is …”

    I have to admit, my impressions of Georgia are somewhat biased by the fact that my one summer there was spent at the Army’s Ft. Benning Infantry School. Rain, mosquitos, chiggers, C-rats, wait-a-minute vines and 4am “off yer ass and on yer feet!” wake up calls. (These conditions were somewhat mitigated by the really neat weapons we got to play with.)

    However, I did spend some time visiting and hunting with an Army buddy from Mississippi, and I can vouch for the hospitality and good hunting in the South.


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