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“We proposed sensible measures such as […] a ban on illegal trafficking and straw purchases…” — Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D) in an NPR interview aired on 10/04/2015.

Yes, if we rally together we can ban already-illegal activities! Note that his talking points on new gun control suggestions are identical to. . .

what we’re hearing from the rest of the Bloomberg trickle-down field, including Clinton. Apparently they all received the same, updated playbook. Probably enclosed along with a generous donation.


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  1. Ban what’s already illegal? God damn. I wonder if there is a connection between states no longer mandating jobs for retards pumping gas and the rise of the retard as politician.

    Once jobs to be proud of: cop, lawyer, senator, are now jobs that make others feel sorry for your disability.

  2. I have yet to hear a politician say this:

    The only way to 100% eliminate casualties is denial of entry. If the turd can’t get in, the innocents won’t get dead.

    How many trillions of dollars spent trying to stabilize a region of the middle East that doesn’t want to be stabilized, and we can’t find the money to build some frakking fences?

  3. I have a”sensible gun control measure” leave me the hell alone, then start thinking about how to remove firearms from the people who are already prohibited from possessing them. I know that would be harder but that is where 90% or so of “gun crime” comes from.

    • If you agree that the government ( any government) has the authority to determine who has the right to exercise their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms, how do you keep your name off that list?

  4. There are no loopholes. A right delayed is a right denied.

    The usage of “common sense” makes me cringe.

  5. I got 2min in and couldn’t finish it.

    “Gaps” in the current law?? Yeah we call that FREEDOM.

    You clearly see the underlying assumption, even under all the political double-speak – He believes that the state should regulate every aspect of human life. There should be no “Gaps” in regulation in his world.

    How utterly repulsive and ignorant. These people really could actually do a great amount to reduce crime if they decided to get even HALFWAY informed on the topic.

    • yes similar to a awe shoved into your ear but necessary to understand its delivery.

      To state gun control is the responsibility of the voters. To build grass roots to defeat the NRA at its own game is political delusion of the highest form. To chastise voters for representives failing to enact legislation the majority does not want is without merit.

  6. I think we, like, need to, like, make people, like, be nice. Yeah, we like need a law to make it illegal to, like, break the law. And that NRA thing, that doesn’t let, like, Congress make illegal laws, like, ya know.

    This is the level of intellect you can expect from the average NRA listener.

        • It’s always amazing that the council doesn’t just roll its collective eyes, and that someone in the audience claps at the end.

      • yep, NPR listener, what comes from typing on the stupid tablet while the wife is trying to get my attention about some fluff or other….

    • I hope you mean *NPR* listener. I happen to be an NRA member and assume speeches and campaign promises made by politicians are 97.5% bullsh!t until proven otherwise.

      • ya, I am a member too….distracted typing. Decades ago I use to listen to those NPR folks but they drifter further left, and I discovered guns and then the NRA. That started me thinking about what other lies I had accepted from the Democrat Party. I pulled my brother and then my dad to the right as I went that way and shooting was what lead the way.

    • I am sorry but did you misspeak/type? Yo meant Anti-NRA? (you will notice the lack of the word “like” in the first two sentences. This is not a fluke I really do not enjoy the word “LIKE” used as a pause or separation in a comment. I am an NRA/NRA BA member. So I passed through the “Valley” but did not get infected by the speech/type pause line. I will confess to a few “UMM’s” now and then or a few “you know” but I really try to “un-like” as much as possible, as often as I can.
      I come from the South, below the Mason-Dixon line and have to remember that a lot of folks up North or out West tend to be of the mind that us’n folks down heah do tend to speak a bit diffent than y’all! But that does not mean we are a bit slow or uneducated, it is the local patois or speech pattern. (Had an english teacher that taught us the difference between “flow” (the water flow’s) and “flowa” (what you stand on)! At least that is better than today where English is a second language!
      Thanks y’all
      Yours in service
      James Acerra

      • sorry….the /sarc button was pushed but distracted typing kicked in when the wife walks up and refused to stop talking while I was finishing the typing. Sometimes she who demands attention is going to get it, regardless of what I am doing.

  7. Wow. There are so many laws on the books the lawmakers don’t even know when an issue does not need to be made illegal because it already is!

    That coupled with the fact that these people aren’t very smart to begin with.

    Or perhaps there is a plan behind this – if the one law isn’t working well enough, then another law might suddenly start working?

    This is absurd, these idiots should require training sessions and certification before they are allowed to participate in the lawmaking process. And for that matter we should look to imitate Texas and have these jerks meet infrequently to do this lawmaking stuff, like perhaps a 3 month period once every 5 years. There are plenty of laws, we don’t need more of them.

    All laws should have a sunset on them – that would make a good amendment for an article V action. If the law is that important then make them revisit the issue and pass it again at every one of these sessions we allow them each 5 years,

    Can you imagine how prosperous and productive our society could be if we were rid of these pesky lawmakers (and I mean rid of their work product – not rid of them personally).

    The laws they produce are corruption filled, deceptive and designed only to fatten their wallets, not designed to serve out society.

    If there is anything we need to control in our society it’s the state. That’s what the constitution was all about, from cover to cover – a document designed to protect we-the-people from them, and since day one all these despicible men have worked day and night to defeat it.

    It’s enough already.

    • What do statists enjoy more: making laws to control people or exempting themselves from said laws? See: Obama and Obamacare.

      • “What do statists enjoy more: making laws to control people or exempting themselves from said laws?”


        Next question?


    • Any piece of legislation, in and of itself, has no ability to stop criminals from being criminals. More laws simply multiply that effect exponentially, as in zero times zero is still zero.

      The only thing that is accomplished by legislation is to codify what is consider to be anti-social behavior. From that point the only effect the legislation CAN have is in how it is enforced and the severity of the penalties for violating it and getting caught. It is a cost-benefit analysis every criminal does before every crime, IMO – what are the chances of getting away with this and if I don’t, how much will it cost me?

      You want effective anti crime, anti “gun violence” legislation? Make it easier for the average citizen who is present at the time the crime is committed to enact a draconian penalty before the criminal ever gets near the revolving door supposed criminal justice system.

      Since it has been documented that the majority of violent crimes in any area are committed by an identifiable and relatively small group of miscreants I would suggest targeting (literally) these individuals and actually putting them in prison. Along with all their other prison issue supplies I would give each one a 5-shot snubbie revolver with the cylinder welded shut so it could not be reloaded. If they shoot at each other, who cares? If they use up their 5 shots before their term is up, who cares? If they shoot at a guard, good luck with that.

      You cannot take away a natural right to self defense, only occasionally attempt to limit the tools available to exercise it. I say give them a tool that will be a benefit to society, then leave them alone.

  8. Did you guys also miss the part in Obama’s bs after UCC where he suggested that murder and assault aught to be made illegal?

    “So the notion … our Constitution prohibits any modest regulation of how we use a deadly weapon…”

    Note he didn’t say have, or who can have, deadly weapons, he said USE, like what the murderer did was somehow not already illegal.

    • But he taught constitutional law. I know this because the New York Times is contractually obligated to bring it up every time he does something unconstitutional.

  9. Wow! How do you respond to that? In my youth, people would have described Richard Blumenthal as “slow”.

    • What are you doing Dave? You do not need another gun and more ammo. Please Dave do not buy more guns. But, like so many others here, this seems to cause me to go buy another gun, or more ammo, or magazines.

    • Blumenthal: We want to close that “72 hour” loophole.
      “Objective” NPR reporter: “There are a lot of other loopholes, too…”
      They don’t even pretend very well, do they?

      • Wouldn’t that be lovely? Add “universal background checks” and get rid of the law that says if the National Instant [Criminal Background] Check System takes more than 72 hours to respond then things proceed as though the buyer passed the check, and you’ve completely eradicated the right to purchase a firearm. All the Feds would have to do is have some sort of IT problem with the NICS system and suddenly there would be no legal way for anyone to purchase or transfer or gift a firearm. It’s ridiculous (and worse) for elected representatives to suggest passing a law that would have the power to indefinitely prevent (“delay”) any citizen from exercising an enumerated civil right. Imagine the outcry if the right wing tried to pass an abortion “cooling off period” and said you can only have an abortion after a successful background check, and there is NO requirement for this background check to be done in any sort of timely fashion whatsoever. In fact, maybe abortion background checks should take 9 months to complete. But hey, we aren’t infringing upon rights! We’re just ensuring that checks are put in place. Sure. Yup.

  10. Now that Eliot Spitzer has been outed, Blumenthal is the next guy I expect to see under the headline “Politician Caught with $2000 A Night Hooker.”

  11. Perhaps it is time politicians were treated like any other criminal.

    How to you tell if a politician is lying?
    A: their mouth is open and their lips are moving.

    But there is something much worse than a politician. It is the bureaucrat. At least politicians have to be elected.

  12. Every time an anti-gunner says something morbidly stupid, I build a half dozen more 80% receivers into 100% receivers.

    It’s kinda like that “angel gets it’s wings” thing, but sexier.

    • Yeah every time I see an ignorant tirade on how ars and aks are baby killing nightmare monsters I get that much closer to buying one, haha. Or pre-ordering a ghost-gunner.

  13. Not only are they trying to ban stuff that is already illegal, if you point out the lack of enforcement of the currently illegal you are ridiculed.

    But hey. We gotta _do_ *something* right?

  14. America first which means defending the Constitution and the “Bill of Rights”. You now have a choice so put your money where your mouth is and vote veteran. No double standards put DC politicians on Obamacare and SS.Thanks for your support and vote. Pass the word.

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