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“The issue of guns is hugely important to the Democratic base. And that matters, especially considering that Biden is by all accounts weighing a run for president in 2016. Regardless of whether tighter gun laws — most notably expanded background checks — are passed by Congress during Obama’s presidency, if Biden is seen as the guy who never gave up on a topic that moves the Democratic base, it would only help his chances heading into a primary campaign.” – Sean Sullivan in Why Joe Biden is talking about guns [at]

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  1. Help his chances in a primary?? Maybe, I dont know what these people think like.
    Help him win the general? Nope.

    • If Biden runs, i will personally vote for him in the democratic primary. The GOP could run a bale of hay and win that contest.

  2. This is possibly the dumbest pundit I’ve ever heard comment on this. Biden is pushing this because he’s already damaged goods and has nothing to lose. He’s got as much chance of becoming president as Dick Cheney.


  3. Biden is pushing this because if he can get this through, it proves he can break the conservative base and that the country is moving to the left. . . . he is damaged goods, but so is Clinton.

  4. I think Biden is a true believer that guns are bad and that more guns means more crime.

    I don’t think he’s evil or dumb enough to run for President. The Democrats are probably sunk in 2016, because everyone is so mad at the system that we’ll get a big switch again…and nothing will change. Biden might be the perfect throwaway candidate though, like Romney was.

    At least Republicans leave my guns alone.

    • Just wait ’till Obamacare goes down in huge flames and the implementation of it causes massive national headache, expense, frustration, confusion, etc. It’s going to be a total sh*t show. …and then adding insurance stuff to your tax returns… oh man, people are going to be pissed. When it starts costing people more and more and more for their insurance for a program that was supposed to make it cheaper…

      Yeah, elections are going to be interesting.

  5. Don’t trust republicans unless they come out unequivocally in support of our rights. Never take your eyes off a democrat, never turn your back on a republican. Better safe than sorry.

    • And that matters, especially considering that Biden is by all accounts weighing a run for president in 2016.


      If the Republicans lose with Joe Biden at the top of the D ticket, it’ll be time to start a third party with a founding rule: anyone who held office with an (R) after their name is eligible for nomination by the party.

  6. “Hugely important to the democratic base”, I wonder about that; every editorial written for online news papers supporting gun control has twenty to thirty replies completely destroying the so called logic of the writer to one person actually agreeing with more gun control; if the news paper site hadn’t already disabled the comments section.

    There are exceptions where many people comment supporting more gun control, like huffpost and the NYT, but those exceptions are rare.

    • I was wondering about the “hugely important” comment as well. When only 3 people show up to a pro-gun control rally in California, it tends to demonstrate the relative importance of the subject.

    • Hmmm.

      I’m a registered Democrat, although I vote for as many Republicans as Democrats. In Kansas, they’re really more similar than not.

      Gun control – as it is being enacted and proposed – is hugely important to me. Were a volcano going off next door, a mile-wide asteroid headed our way or the Black Death making the rounds, that’d be hugely important to me as well, and in the same way.

      Unfortunately, just as the Republicans have some real wing nuts who are basically America’s Taliban, the Democrats have theirs who are basically would-be Mussolinis.

      Polarization and positive feedback. Not good.

      • I’ve yet to see a republican beheading anyone in a public square. Or did I miss the news that day?

        • Yeah, I just read that the person that sent the ricin letters to the congress men was an anti gun nut trying to set up her estranged husband, who is a gun owner, as the fall guy.

          Typical, the ones that actually commit the violence are liberal/ progressives or Muslims. And they both believe the ends justify the means. Funny that.

        • As in attempting to subjugate women, force their religious views into law, serious B.S.

          Granted, our Taliban is nicer than theirs.

        • Force their religious views on others? Which religious views would that be? Thou shalt not murder? Thou shalt not steal? Or is the state of Kansas enforcing sabbath laws now?

          Personally I wouldn’t think you’d have to be a religious person to believe that all humans have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and deserve equal protection under the law.

          Yes, there was that one guy who killed George Tiller, but then Kermit Gosnell had to waive his right to appeal to avoid the death penalty for doing the exact same thing the state of Kansas refused to prosecute Tiller for.

  7. So, once again, it has nothing to do about “the children”, or saving lives or stopping crime. It is about political aspirations. How nice it must be to compromise our right for his political gain.

  8. Hmm. Let me break it down:

    1. Guns are important to Democrats (yes and no).
    2. Biden may run in 2016 (bring it, double barrel).
    3. So gun control will be good for a primary (try it and see!)

    A moderate Republican who supports the Bill of Rights could sweep up in 2016, and I certainly hope one does. A Rand Paul ticket would be awesome.

    • I don’t see a moderate getting nominated, what with the primary usually being about who can out-Christian whom and get the far right in a lather.

      Pity; I’d vote for him.

      The best political bumper sticker I ever saw read:

      I miss Ike. Hell, I even miss Harry!

      • Russ, I have to disagree with you on this one. The establishment Republicans keep running their “moderate” guy by means of attrition, and the moderate guy keeps getting clobbered. Too many R’s worry about what the D’s think and vote for weak candidates hoping to steal some voters.

        It ain’t gonna work. Mitt wasn’t a bad guy, but let’s face it, no conservative out there was yelling “Romney, f!ck yeah!” when he got the nomination, and very few Dems were about to jump on a Suit’s bandwagon.

        It’s time the Republican party goes bold and runs a Rand Paul or Ted Cruz.

        Sure, Rick Perry is a bit slow, but I’d rather have a slow president that left my paycheck and my guns alone than an Ivy League president who tries his damndest to take both away.

        • By moderate, I don’t mean wishy-washy.

          I’d vote Paul or Cruz in a heartbeat. By moderate, I mean working for the whole U.S.

          A Wall Streat insider or a Statist doesn’t; they each dislike different portions of the Bill of Rights.

          Someone who respects it all, understands that the Constitution trumps the Bible – at least while at work – and trusts us to be grown-ups is my idea of moderate.

          Oh, wait – do we disagree?

    • Keep trying the moderate and see where it gets you. That’s what has been put forth in the last two elections to no avail.

  9. I don’t think Democrats seem particularly enamores with Biden, anyway. Even back when I was an Obama supporter, Biden was the crazy, slightly dumb uncle that couldn’t keep his foot out of his mouth, but he came with the package.

  10. If the Democrats continue to alienate moderates, they will have a tough time winning in 2016 no matter what candidate they choose.

    The Republicans have been pushing away Latinos, and the Democrats are pushing away pro-gun liberals. Plenty of stupidity to go around in DC that’s for sure.

    The Libertarians have my votes during the next go round. They are as close as you can get to a socially liberal, fiscally conservative, pro-gun party.

  11. As far as the dems go, our former Secretary of State is the favorite, whether she decides to run or not. So there’s that…

    • Yeah, it’s probably Hillary’s turn. Unless a charismatic minority without the baggage shows up. It helps to sound like a sunday morning preacher when giving speeches, and Hillary doesn’t quite have that down.

  12. Besides, everyone knows the gun issue is a hot button no one wants to touch during campaigns and election years. Been that way a long time. Politicians still have to get elected in this country (at least for now) and they know Americans don’t like it when you bring up gun regulations. Political career suicide.


  13. The man doesn’t lie. Gun control is hugely important to to a segment of the Democratic Party’s base.

    The major media organizations are part of the DNC’s base, and gun control is of vital importance to editors, columnists and reporters.

    Other people who aren’t part of the shrinking number of ink-stained wretches? Nowhere near as much.

    But if a DNC candidate wants the press to be a bunch of fawning bootlickers as they have been for Obama, the candidate had better have some minority or feminist credentials, or else if the candidate is a white male (to the extent that Joe Hairplugs is), then they’d better mouth all the right words on gun control.

  14. Civilian disarmament is an essential element of Democrat orthodoxy, comparable to raising taxes and federal control of everything.

    The Democrats have nothing for me. Nothing. And I have nothing for that party but contempt.

    • It may be a critical part of their orthodoxy, but it’s just one of their things. It’s just one of many many things they are passionate about. They have many things they are passionate about. Sure, in the immediate aftermath of a mass shooting involving photogenic upper middle class white people, the opposition can be counted on to muster mass support. However when the next big story hits, the opposition goes back to chasing the “Banksters” or saving the whales, or stopping global warming, or ending the oppression of student loans, or …

  15. Biden is too old, silly and white to run for president. The next democratic nominee will be other than Caucasian. It is a winning formula they won’t abandon.


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