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Pesident Obama displays his mad shogun skillz (courtesy

“The power of NRA and the gun lobby in Congress is formidable. And you know, we’re going to keep chipping away at this, but until you get intense public demands for this, it’s probably not going to happen because some special interests and lobbyists in Washington are really, really strong and their membership feels very intensely about the issue. Whereas the general public is concerned about it, but doesn’t make it their top priority.” – President Obama [via]

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    • Actually he’s right – people are concerned. We’re concerned a vocal minority will get stupid gun control laws passed, so we’re out buying now while we still can.

    • True.
      He respects them as an adversary that has helped deny him any victories and many defeats. He understands their strength in the legislative process.
      He didn’t say he likes any of them.

  1. If you read between the lines here, it is a call to action for whiny liberals to be more vocal and obstinate in their opposition to the 2nd amendment. Exxxxxxcellennnnnt…..

    • Either that or a pre-emptive white flag, acknowledging that the majority of people who actually put some time and thought into the issue are more for rights than for restrictions, firearms-wise.

  2. ” we’re going to keep chipping away at this, but until you get intense public demands for this, it’s probably not going to happen ”

    Cue the false flag 😀

  3. Just hearing his voice on the TV makes me wanna puke. I can’t believe that many Americans were THAT stupid to vote for this Commie..TWICE…God help us

    • That’s what happens when the other side fails to put up decent candidates and get out the vote. Bummer’s first race was a walk-on because McCain put on an anemic campaign. In the second, just a one percent swing of the vote in Florida alone would have caused him to lose and our side couldn’t get that done.

      Things haven’t changed on our side. That’s why I fear even worse in the next election.

      • Scott Walker, Ted Cruz, and / or Rand Paul would scorch Hillary so badly in a policy debate that it might set off smoke detectors. Worse, Scott Walker can actually run on his record of balancing the WI economy, expanding 2A rights, and standing up to the liberal progressive unions.

        To the thinking world, the only advantage that Hrod has is her gender. Her record is terrible, and she’s been caught in a multitude of lies. If Hillary wins in 2016, the fault will lie with the low information voters in the inner cities. Or possibly voter fraud.

        • I’m also optimistic about how the GOP field is shaping up next year, so long as Jeb eventually gets booed out of contention. The three you mentioned all have great potential (as well as pro-2A bonafides), and I especially think Rand Paul’s message will connect with a lot of non-GOP voters. All Hilary can do is promise to bring back the 90’s and point out that she is female. Like you said she’s got nothing and Obama is just going to continue ruining the democrat party’s reputation.

        • “Like you said she’s got nothing…

          Obama didn’t have anything either. I think it’s more apt to say Hillary does have something– A whole lot of documented baggage. Obama won on the premise of being a blank slate preaching lies, with a huge racial handicap for good measure (That’s the handicap you give to amateures, not the disability handicap).

          Hillary is not that same unknown quantity and while the press seems ready to embrace the gender angle, I don’t think it’s going to overcome her past. The romance the press had with making Obama their legacy (Look at me! I reported on the first black president’s election!) just isn’t there. She’ll fail or get tossed overboard when the first viable liberal canidate comes along.

          That said, Obama shouldn’t have won the first two either, so i’m taking no chances. I got a list of stuff to buy before 2016 rolls around.

      • Absolutely dead nuts on, banging nails. This alone is why we’re in a graveyard spiral into a collective social construct.

        Republicans have no clue and seized by a myopic idea that hard work leads to success. Democrats have shown sucess is achievable via systematic redistribution of earnings (note I did not say wealth).

        Our current political class pulls from the lawyer industry, who’s sole purpose is redistribution of wealth, not grow a healthy economic sustainable engine. A lawyer never builds finished goods but along with legislators build laws that continues to fleece business and finally trickles to the working class..

      • Taking our ball and going home on Election Day is not a viable strategy. I acknowledge that it’s happening and I agree as to why it’s happening. I’m just saying it isn’t working. It only results in even worse occupants of the White House.

        If Republicans and mythical moderates are so soured on the general election candidates, then they need to get involved at the primary and pre-primary stages to pick better ones. NOW!

        What are they doing, right now, to support better candidates? Volunteered? Donated? Shown up at rallies? Posted comments on every newspaper board or other blog they can to talk up their candidate? Do they even vite in the primaries (whuch have even more abysmal turnout than general elections)?

        It’s all valuable and doable. Vast swaths of the populace are sitting around bitching, but doing nothing to change anything. They’re forfeiting the fight and failing this country.

        • I’ve donated about $1,000 to Scott Walker. I wish I could do more, given the big money the left is throwing around to support big unions and anti-gun bills.

        • It’s a little hard to believe in grass roots activism after the farce that was the convention last cycle. The GOP insiders used every trick they could to keep Ron Paul’s name out of the hall including cutting the microphones and changing the rules regarding the number of states that must be carried to be on the ticket, on the floor with a teleprompted voice vote. It was a scam that proved what a lot of people suspected already. Our candidate will be selected for you. If you think that the GOP is going to put up someone like Rand Paul or Walker you are a sucker. They are a threat to the power structure on the left as well as the right. Those guys are just window dressing for another moderate like Bush. Maybe if we are lucky one will get the VP spot but that’s it. That is all.

      • I get 2008 – Bush Fatigue, McCain being a douche, the financial crisis, etc. So yeah – I don’t like it, but I get it.

        I really don’t get 2012 – Sure Romney was not the slickest candidate, but he was a very competant man, with a strong record of real accomplishments, and a pretty moderate worldview. I really don’t get it – unless the American electorate has really and structurally moved that far to the left. In which case we’re screwed.

        • I really don’t get it – unless the American electorate has really and structurally moved that far to the left. In which case we’re screwed.

          The country is sinking in a sea of Leftist ideology pumped out created by a dominant leftist media, TV, news, music, arts, movies, and education system from grade school through grad school. We’ve survived for the past 50 years on the momentum and money we built up from the previous 200 years or so. We’ve reached the tipping point where 50%+ of the people have realized they can steal other peoples wages simply by voting Leftist.

          Yeah we’re screwed.

        • Actuall, moved to the right. Problem is our vote gets split between moderates and conservatives while the left has solidarity of candidate support. Many disillusioned republicans opt out of voting because their candidate did not get picked while democrats all vote even if the candidate was not their preferred choice. It makes a difference. If we don’t vote, we cannot win! Period!!

        • You guys realize both parties are owned by the same people right? Why do you think that regardless of who gets elected the USA gets more and more socialist.

    • The problem is that most people who inhabit this country now aren’t “Americans.” Being American is more than some piece of paper, it’s a state of mind, and the majority of Americans today wouldn’t know the meaning of freedom if it was spelled out for them.

      • That’s the real issue. When my grandparents immigrated here closing in on 100 years ago from Mexico, they integrated into America. Yes, they kept their ethnic heritage, but in the same way Italian, Irish, Poles, German immigrants did. They were Americans first.

        Today there is a conscious effort to keep people segregated. Too avoid the melting pot, as it were. I believe Obsma and Co. fear these people adopting the American culture as much as they need them here to sustain their own power.

        It’s reaaly sad in one respect. People come here to be free only to find themselves subjected to an even more insidious form of servitude.

  4. The Republic is finished. Today a President sworn to lead all, publicly marginalized a minority who live this countrys’ founding principle and natural rights.

    • Sadly yes it is finished. When our leaders don’t reapect the natural rIghts of citizens and actively try to infringe on them we are doomed. This is not new but it is gaining support from under education hordes.

    • Please tell me how a center right wall street worshipper like Obama will kill this country unlike our previous center right wall street worshipper president named bush, or the one who was the same names Clinton or Reagan.

      We have had tons of presidents against our best interests and the ones who cared about this county all where one term impeached or shot in head in the past 50 years.

      • So just like the usual libtard argument you condone acts against the natural rights of U.S. citizens by stating all presidents have been bad? You might want to lay off the company kool-aid and stop voting for “change”.

  5. No, he is actually being HONEST in this case.

    Except the left’s “chipping away” has been an abject failure for years now. I LOVE IT when they blow millions of bloomberg’s money, and fall flat on their respective arse.

  6. Isn’t it amazing how the man wants so desperately to make a deal with Iran that will lead to them getting nuclear weapons, but is just as desperate to disarm our own citizens?

    Maybe he would be okay if the NRA was anti-Israel Instead of pro-American.

  7. Ironic how the so-called ‘Commander in Chief’ is so concerned about an armed America (with falling crime rates) but is willing to arm various Islamic factions in the ME and North Africa, many of whom are sworn enemies of everything Western. Why are those ‘freedom fighters’ entitled to stand up against a tyrannical government but the American people aren’t?
    He’s also apparently OK with a nuclear armed Iran since his much ballyhooed negotiations will, in his own words, result in a break out time of zero.
    Simply put…this person is clearly opposed to everything America once stood for.

    • Don’t forget he also helped arm violent Mexican cartels, further enabling them to terrorize innocent Mexicans. .gov is cool with brutal murderers having guns, and will even go out of its way to help them attain them, but law-abiding Americans? Nah.

    • I will admit, I voted for the guy in 2008. I thought the “he’s a Muslim!” shouters were insane and laughable.

      Now I don’t understand how anyone can not see where his loyalties obviously lie, and if he’s not a Muslim himself behind closed doors, his sympathies lie with them over western culture and Christian society – I say this even as an atheist.

      The guy spent a significant portion of his life being raised in the Islamic world, went to Islamic school, etc. I don’t know why I didn’t see it back then, but millions of Americans still don’t. The president prefers Muslims and their culture over our own, and will do whatever he can to give them more power.

      • Well you’re to be commended for your Obama realization.

        Now for that wild atheism idea….which non-scientific position do you hold about the world?….
        1) The world has always existed
        2) The world(aka something) started from nothing.

        • Neither. I don’t think I’ve ever heard an atheist hold the claim that the world was created from “nothing.” Not really interested in getting into that discussion, though.

          Could the world and universe have been created by a supreme being? I would be arrogant to say that I know the answer to that.

        • Which Non scientific position do you hold, god has always existed, or god came from nothing?

          That argument cuts both ways, for or against god.

          However, I think we can all agree that the arguments about Obama cut both ways against him. If we don’t get a Republican in office this next time around it might be time to look at finding a new nation to live in.

        • @jeff …Could the world and universe have been created by a supreme being? I would be arrogant to say that I know the answer to that.

          You just described an agnostic rather than an atheist. I wouldn’t have brought up the issue if you said you were agnostic.

          @Richard….Which Non scientific position do you hold, god has always existed, or god came from nothing?
          That argument cuts both ways, for or against god.

          No it does not cut both ways. I clearly admit that I have a faith in a God that is Supra-natural which means it is above and beyond science and nature. However since most/all atheists say they are natural science based, I challenge them on how they can hold such a non-science explanation of the world.

        • doesky2, you have a misunderstanding of the terms. Jeff is an agnostic atheist, vs a gnostic atheist.

          You also have a misunderstanding of science.

        • @Grindstone…

          you have a misunderstanding of the terms. Jeff is an agnostic atheist, vs a gnostic atheist.

          You’re more confused than Jeff

          You also have a misunderstanding of science.

          Somebody should tell my employer who has been paying me pretty well for the last 20 years to engineer devices that are almost certainly in you or your kids hands.

        • It is my observation that most agnostics almost never go to church. If you are ambivalent about such an important question it seems rather un-intellectual to shut off one side of the argument.

          …paraphrasing I believe Prager

        • You’re more confused than Jeff

          Yeah, you have no idea what you’re talking about.

          Somebody should tell my employer who has been paying me pretty well for the last 20 years to engineer devices that are almost certainly in you or your kids hands.

          Confirmed you have no idea what you’re talking about. Building electronics does not make you an authority on the origins of the universe. That was the most clumsy argument from authority I’ve ever seen. Go back to tinkering with breadboards, you’re out of your lane.

    • There’s nothing ironic about it at all. During his tenure in office, 10’s of millions of people have bought guns. Let’s be honest here, most of those guns were not bought for hunting or target practice or defending against robbers. The American people has been actively arming itself against its government. Thanks to Obama’s military policies, he has also pushed hundreds of thousands of recently trained soldiers and officers into that public group as well. Moreover, America is showing an increasing willingness to use those arms.

      He has very good reason to be concerned. With somewhere between 120-150 million gun owners, he’s on the wrong side of the largest armed body in the history of the world. I know some Progressives like to brush that off, but obviously the federal government does not. Between arms stockpiling, urban training in US cities, militarization of bureaucratic agencies, disposal of the 4th Amendment and the recent takeover of the internet, I’m starting to believe the government is bracing for a public uprising.

  8. This is the most refreshingly honest statement this president has made in a long, long time.

    Especially this part, “Their membership feels very intensely about the issue.” He gets it. The power of the “gun lobby” is in the fact that its members vote for like-minded candidates and contribute to their campaigns, individually. It’s an inconvenient truth for the left, who normally just talk about the evil NRA like some powerful, non-human monster.

    • I will also add, the general public does not care because they do not see guns as being as big a problem as his ideology makes it out to be, in their mind things like the economy and jobs are far more important. Having just paid my taxes, I would say deal with economy you jackass of a president.

      • To the general class of people (gun muggles) guns are seldom an issue. Except on TV or in movies most will never see or hear one unless they go looking.

        For the political class guns in the hands of the people, especially their political opposition, are ALWAYS a problem, for obvious reasons.

        This, at the most basic level, was the reason for the Second Amendment.

  9. Translation: there’s 6 million-plus organized citizens who feel very strongly about this, and little to no support from the general public for more gun control. If we want to ban anything we’re going to need a couple more really ugly mass-shootings because statist billionare plutocrat money alone just isn’t getting the job done.

  10. … some special interests and lobbyists in Washington are really, really strong and their membership feels very intensely about the issue.

    So close and yet so far. Of course the reality is that most people in the United States actually like firearms — and a great many of them vote accordingly.

  11. Obama is living on fantasy island where he thinks his dictator views are actually shared by the public.

  12. Just keep pushing ahead on the State level and winning in court. Use the police abuse scandals to make more inroads into the black community. And never ever pass up the chance to call our “gun rights” what it really is one of our “civil rights.”

  13. Special interests like a billionaire funded astro-turf group that publishes articles with figures and claims of dubious provenance? Or does he mean an organization that is made up of ordinary Americans from all walks of life who wants their wishes and rights respected?

  14. The NRA’s biggest weakness is it’s lack of diversity. The gun controllers hammer on this urban-rural theme (“urban areas have special needs”) and even put it in legal briefs. Republicans like Ben Carson (and even gun rights activists) repeat it. As in: ‘“If you get my part of the world, the southern Appalachian Mountains and west Texas and places like this, guns are just part of our culture. I talk to friends who live in urban environments, and they are good people and their culture says guns are a bad thing. It is because their culture is different than mine.” (see here:

    Minorities in urban areas need self-protection as much as, perhaps more than, people in rural areas. Especially from the thug dealer down the street or the junkie on the cell phone 2 cash plan. Los Angeles and D.C. can restrict carry because Urban Areas Have Special Needs, even the gun rights activists say so! And, the judges buy it.

    Have you seen the police response time in cities?

    The NRA needs to look like the slice of America that deserves self protection, not the slice of America that hunts deer. I have never once seen a deer or four-legged predator in Baltimore, but when I go there I anticipate being attacked nonetheless.

    • I tell people that any gun control effort aimed at inner cities is a racist attempt to keep guns away from blacks and Hispanics.

      • I consider myself very pro-gun-rights, but even I think some members of the NRA leadership are tools. I can only imagine what other people think. Not everyone has the stomach to hold their nose and effect change from within, and we should not expect people to do that. I see a lot of minorities at the range. I just don’t think they will join an organization if they think leadership is not looking out for them.

  15. “But the power of NRA and the gun lobby in Congress is formidable,” Obama said. “And you know, we’re going to keep chipping away at this, but until you get intense public demands for this, it’s probably not going to happen because some special interests and lobbyists in Washington are really, really strong and their membership feels very intensely about the issue. Whereas the general public is concerned about it, but doesn’t make it their top priority.”

    Gee, how is that recent polls show that 63% of the “general public” now feels you are safer with a gun in your home, when 15 years ago 51% felt that you were less safe? And how does the lying SOS explain the huge surge in gun sales and concealed carry permit holders since he took office? Maybe the “general public” is more concerned about Obama taking their guns and their liberty with one of his Executive Orders.

    And as a proud member of the eeeevil NRA “gun lobby”, I continue to experience schadenfreude whenever the Bamster starts whining about his “heartbreak” over his inability to shove gun control through even the Democrat Senate in 2013. BWAAAHAHAHAHA!

  16. Has any written law, in-and-of-itself ever actually prevented anyone able and willing to do so from perpetrating a criminal act?

    And what exactly has been the actual outcome of members in the Federal Congress passing the Gun Free Schools and Gun Free School Zones Acts? And legislators in the various States either complying with these Acts or having similar State laws?

    Could it not be said in essence, that such laws made it illegal or unlawful for those who would have done so otherwise to keep on their person a Firearm for their defense and as circumstances required defense of others?

    What reasonable person could possibly argue that teachers willing to sacrifice themselves in defense of others against psychopathic murderers would not have used a Firearm in righteous defense, had they not been unarmed-by-law?

    Is it true or not, that there are verifiable circumstances in which a single person using a Firearm in defense has stopped a potential murderer? And also instances in which it was only necessary that the perpetrator be made aware of the presence of an armed defender?

    In view of actual events and circumstances, what rational excuse can be offered by any ‘authorities’ in any school to continue to deny qualified teachers from carrying a Firearm on their person concealed for defense of themselves and others?

    If a teacher in any school who is willing, able and qualified to carry a Firearm isn’t considered responsible enough to be trusted to do so on school grounds, then how can such a person be considered responsible enough to be trusted as a teacher?

  17. Yeah the NRA(us!) is formidable. There’s a whole lot less passion on the other side. More like finger wagging. Now we have to stop the hildebeast. The only major repub I would abstain from is the fat one from NJ…

  18. Obama may not have given up on Gun Control, but I have given up on him 1. telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. 2. Given up on Obama not keeping the US in perpetual war. 3. Given up on any positive and real “Hope and Change” from him.

    I could go on, it really isn’t that hard.

  19. Obama is the biggest friend the NRA’s ever had. Thanks to his blatant disregard for the Constitution, staggering disdain for American values, and hostility towards freedom, many Americans are starting to wake up to the fact that government is not their friend and in fact has the capability to be their worst enemy. The tyrants of American history aren’t just ghosts in textbooks anymore.

  20. “ …you know, we’re going to keep chipping away at this, but … it’s probably not going to happen because … their membership feels very intensely about the issue.”

    1 – LS above has it right: “Once again, remember to replace the code “gun lobby” with the actual text “the people” to reveal the truth.”

    In general, edit to remove the prevarications & fill out vague claims with more concrete facts to see what’s really being said.

    So, the quote becomes: “We, who of late have been found to be a minority among voters, state administrations, federal and state legislators, and the courts, are going to keep chipping away at this (interesting word choices, “keep”, “chipping away” – ed), outside of honestly passing laws, or similar, but we’re probably not going to get the bans and restrictions we want because pushing 100 million citizens, in 30-ish million households, legally owning guns, feel otherwise, and act on their preference.

    Its like they thought this was their country, and the government there to enact their preferences vs. the other way around.

    1.1 If you are inclined, accurately summarize what you find when you pull out the buried meaning.

    Me and my coalition, a minority, are gonna find a way to do what we want to eliminate civilian gun ownership (except for criminals) one way or another over the expressed preferences of the people we in principal represent.

    It’s a two-fer. Honest citizens either get disarmed, making themselves more at risk from criminals, or become criminals themselves by staying armed.

    2 – Politics on a gun information site. I recall a couple commenter declarations of “I’m out!” declaring that this site has become political.

    The problem isn’t politics, but a political consequence of this administration and it’s party’s positions on the subject of civilian gun ownership. You’d expect people on a gun interest site to maybe object to “regulations” and laws that limit their hobby, safety, and personal rights, on top of the constant stream of vitriol that’s gone on for years now.

    The gun folks might stop dinging this president and his party if they ever stopped their relentless run at the issue that brings the gun folks together – guns.

  21. “The power of NRA and the gun lobby in Congress is formidable. And you know, we’re going to keep chipping away at this…”

    Funny how you didn’t have this problem with pushing executive action on illegal immigration. Come on, Obama. Go for it. Use that executive action stick you constantly threaten to beat your opposition with. Don’t pussy out. All it takes is a stroke of your executive pen and you can outlaw guns just like you legalized several million illegals, right? Gun Control is the other holy grail behind healthcare. Imagine that legacy! You’ve got this.

    Or is there something else stopping you?
    Guns, maybe?

  22. That’s right Obama and that’s how it’s going to stay! We who support our God given right to defend ourselves, our loved ones, and what we have worked hard to earn will never relent to you or the blind sheep that follow you and you’re type. It is obvious by the support for the 2nd being witnessed in the state assemblies throughout the nation who are passing more and more legislation protecting our gun rights. Just remember it is not the NRA or all the other 2nd Amendment lobbying group’s you liberals need to fear, but the millions of Americans who make up these organizations, and will not give in…ever!

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