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“Thank God I was not on the property at the time of this attempted break in. I am an avid hunter and marksman and I will not hesitate to shoot anyone who has myself or family in fear for our lives. I take the invasion of my personal space very seriously regardless of who you are.” – Kid Rock in Man Arrested in Burglary Attempt of Kid Rock Home [at]    (h/t cavm 02)

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    • When you start letting the anti’s shame you into silence, they have won.

      The only way to retain a right is to exercise it and publicize it.

      Good for him doing us all a favor here.

      • I don’t care about the antis, but prosecutors if he ever does have to defend himself or family is a different story.

        “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, if you look at Mr Ritchie ‘s well published statements about shooting someone. He says he is a hunter, in this case he hunted the poor aspiring rapper who was turning his life around.”

        • Hah…I don’t know. I mean normally public statements like this would definately be something to raise your eyebrow at legally speaking but I don’t think this is inflammatory. I mean he’s just saying if someone invades his home, he will kill them.

          If anything, I would take that as “ladies and gentlemen of the jury, Mr. Ritchie gave FAIR WARNING that home intruders will not be spared should they invade his home and pose a threat to his family. The deceased chose to do so anyway. I rest my case.”

          IANAL so….that’s just my thinking. Take it for what it’s worth.

        • “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, if you look at Mr Ritchie ‘s well published statements…”

          “And ladies and gentlemen, let me share with you the entirety of several statements the prosecution might be referring to. As you can see, repeatedly, consistently, Mr. Rock also says only if he or his family are reasonably in fear for their lives. Mr. Rock is a celebrity, and we will introduce evidence of assaults on celebrities by stalkers, deranged fans, and people looking for some publicity.”

          You don’t want to say anything stupid, but it’s also important to remember that every trial has two sets of lawyers. Remember the simple competence of Zimmerman’s team vs. the flailing, self-righteous prosecution.

      • +100

        If they’ve as much as got you thinking about speaking the truth to tyranny or clamming up for your own good, THEY’VE ALREADY WON.

  1. Do so many posts on TTAG need to be part of an “Edition”?

    Another post for the “Overused Literary Devices” Edition.

  2. His quote was near perfect except he should have mentioned carrying a gun as well. Thanks God. Doesn’t want to shoot anyone. Will shoot if necessary. Hopefully the burglar isn’t some obsessed fan who will come looking for him while he’s out making groceries.

  3. I’m pretty sure these comments will be used against him in a court of law if he ever has to defend himself during a home invasion. RF has it right when he says to STFU and call your lawyer before saying anything to anyone. Nothing good will happen by bragging about what you will or might do during a DGU. Keep it simple and keep your mouth shut.

    • I think it was great that he said what he did. Sounds like he was advertising a willingness to defend himself and his family, but has no desire to take a life. Plus, it is a celebrity who is in favor of firearms and DGU so that helps our side. I think it is dumb that celebs have so much clout in our society, but that isn’t going to change any time soon. I chalk this up as a win.

    • Eh, they’re going to use ANYTHING and EVERYTHING against you in court if you own a gun anyway. Hell, they don’t even need you to “say” it, they’ll just hit up that big-ass data center and audio-edit from your library of phone conversations a “real” incriminating comment or two. And the jury will buy it, because Obama said they can’t do that.

  4. There is nothing wrong with a celebrity speaking his or her mind. If they actually have a mind that is, not some stupid vaporous retort.
    Most folks who carry do not and should not obviously advertise it to the public.
    Ive been a carrier for almost 30 years.
    My family knows it. My friends and co-works do too.
    They also know Im not getting involved in their affairs if someone feels I should.
    If it doesn’t affect me and my family directly.
    Take the money, take the product.. Im not playing hero.
    I wont do a dang thing unless that person were to threaten me or mine.
    Those around me constantly know I carry. It has saved me from many an otherwise embarrassing time or having to explain something to others.

  5. When I first heard this guy’s music I was surprised. I had only heard the “Cowboy Baby” song and thought he was a white rapper like Eminem. He opened up for Lynard Skynard about five years ago and I went with my son to the show. I was impressed how good he really was as a musician. Lately I’ve been more impressed with his opinions and the courage to speak his mind. Guys like Ted Nugent and Kid Rock are needed these days to counter the overwhelming leftist agenda of most of Hollywood and the entertainment world.

  6. “Where u at Rock, where u at?… you hear the sound of a shotgun cocked & realize your F%cked… I’ll put my arm around you neck like we’re cool, then I’ll break it… you better duck for cover when I reach in my coat…”

    Be carefull of the company you keep…

    He is cut from much the same cloth as the “gang-bangers” we so often use as ideological pin-ups for those we point towards as causing the majority of Big-City social issue of gun violence.

    Can people change? Yup.

    But Wisdom gives discernment of white-washing as well…

  7. I think in an over abundance of caution we’ve swung the pendulum a little to far into the ‘safety’ zone. From his statement one can infer only that Mr. Ritchie states that he wishes to avoid conflict and intends to obey the law. A little less reaction with the knee perhaps. If wishing out loud not to be in a conflict with another person and indicating that one will take lawful steps to defend oneself results in conviction for a crime we are living in one very seriously oppressive place.

    The only indictment here would be from lefty Hollywood types since ‘Kid’ just loudly and publicly admitted that he hunts and shoots.

    I say Kudos to him for his honesty and bravery and further for being one of those rare celebrities who’s capable of saying something intelligent, articulate and apparently honest.

    A tough crowd in here no doubt. Let’s spew a little more venom on the anti’s and spare it for someone like Mr. Ritchie who certainly appears to be one of us.

  8. “I will not hesitate to shoot anyone who has myself or family in fear for our lives.”

    That’s pretty close to the standard for the use of deadly force in one’s home. Note he didn’t say that he’d shoot somebody who tried to steal his stuff. I’d say he’s on solid legal grounds, which makes me think that Kid Rock’s had some training. Maybe he is an avid hunter and marksman after all.

        • Despite his checkered past, Rock came from an upper-middle class family (his father owned several auto dealerships) and he was an active Mitt Romney supporter. Go figure.

        • Pretty sure Ritchie and Mit are not currently chillin’ by the pool, yo. But I could be wrong. As far as rednecky White dudes adopting and adapting a predominately Black style of music, that is unprecedented and amazing. Imagine if Elvis had done that!

          That said, I appreciate that he says “Thank God I was not on the property at the time of this attempted break in.” Much better than saying “I wish I had been there to smoke that asshole…” I have no patience for the “I just hope someone tries to break into my house” crowd. If you are actually hoping to kill another human being, you are sick.

  9. Did you all see the security camera pics? This trespasser idiot was on crutches hobbling around for who knows what. Security cameras seemed to be all over. Most cameras are designed to be a highly visible deterrent, but not for this guy. I think this guy has some mental issues that are worthy of a mandatory psychiatric evaluation. Kid Rock, like everyone, has the right to defend life and limb, but in this case, self-restraint might be the order of the day. Shooting, and or killing, someone with mental problems could be a big problem. Unless my life was being seriously threatened, I would feel awful if I shot and killed a mentally deficient person over a simple trespassing violation or minor property damage.

    • KR was clear that he took intrusion in his private space seriously. That is not the same as saying he intends to shoot every intruder under all circumstances. As for shooting someone afflicted with mental illness, there is a good argument that you will not be forced to shoot anyone who does NOT have a mental illness, whether substance abuse, sociopath characteristics, or other. Such is life. The healthy people are leading health lives, whatever their lot in life.

  10. Said it before and I’ll say it again: I can’t stand Kid Rock’s music or his deplorable habit of sampling good music to ruin in his songs, but otherwise he’s a pretty cool dude.

    • He pays royalties on the samples, so it’s legit. And I’m pretty sure he won’t ruin those “perfectly good” songs if you don’t listen. KnowwhatImean, Vern?

      • Did you really just use sneer quotes to describe the music samplers exploit? Do you not understand that without good songs to steal, samplers have no job?

        I don’t give a flying flock if he pays royalties or not; it’s still plagiarism. If he can’t make music without taking someone else’s, he’s not a musician; he’s a talentless hack. If you want to support talentless hacks, go nuts, but I’ll always prefer artists that can create their own work.

        I already said he’s otherwise a good guy, but I’m not the least bit flexible about how much I hate his music, so why not be happy with what you can get, Mr. Worrell?


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