“The State of Oklahoma hereby recognizes any valid concealed carry weapons permit or license issued by another state.” – Oklahoma statute regarding  CCW reciprocity, updated yesterday to include out-of-state residents from states that do not require concealed carry permits (Alaska, Arizona, Vermont and Wyoming).


  1. Being from OK, I find it odd that now Arizona (and other non
    permit state) residents can walk around carrying in my
    neighborhood, but I can’t carry in my own state without a permit.

    • Being from AZ, I find it just as strange. I approve, but it’s weird
      that in your state I have greater freedom to exercise my rights in
      OK then an OK resident.

    • As an Okie I agree that it is a shame that I have to get permission
      from my State to carry while a guest from Arizona does not. My only
      hope is that this is a step in the right direction. Of course, I
      would also like to see OKC get their collective acts together
      regarding SB 1733 (open carry).

    • Sounds like you now have a pretty convincing argument to bring
      before your state legislature in support of OK Constitutional

  2. mikeb’s dream of helpless civilians in a police-nanny state
    dystopia is slowly imploding state by state.

    • Don’t get too excited. It’ll all turn around in Obama’s second term.

      The problem here is not that OK is too strict or that AZ is too lenient. The problem is that the concept of Constitutional Carry itself is absurd. The fact that it’s gained some support doesn’t change the fact.

      The absurdity is in the fact that too many people have proven themselves to be unfit and incapable of exercising this supposed right responsibly.

      Loughner was one of you best shining examples. Is it not absurd that OK is now inviting folks like that to come on over for a visit?

  3. Wyoming is really light green. Residents may carry without permit.
    Everyone else needs a permit recognized by the state.

  4. Blood will run in the streets! It’ll be like the wild west! Just
    like every other state that’s incorporated looser gun restrictions!
    Oh, wait…

  5. OK has implemented the National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act of
    2011 (HR-822) in their state. If a few more states did this, maybe
    the Senate will get the message that they should pass the Senate
    Bill that is the mirror of HR-822. ( I forget the SB-#### for the

    • North Carolina made the first step last year by simplifying the
      reciprocity requirement to: “A valid concealed handgun permit or
      license issued by another state is valid in North Carolina.” I’d be
      surprised if the issue of Constitutional carry states even crossed
      the legislator’s minds. That will be something for them to work on
      next session along with restaurant or bar carry, fixing loopholes
      in the park carry statute that counties and towns are abusing,
      correcting the CHP application issuance time limit…

  6. I’ve carried concealed in every state in the lower 48 and even in
    the District of Corruption itself. Not once have I been asked to
    show a permit of any kind. Haven’t had to shoot anybody either.

    • Haven’t had to shoot anybody either. Which is why you’ve
      never been asked to show a permit. Chicken and egg.

  7. A win for liberty but a fail for not adopting Constitutional Carry
    for it’s own residents. Pretty hypocritical, Oklahoma!

    • South Dakota adopted Constitutional Carry only to have the law
      vetoed by its sellout governor. New Hampshire was ready to adopt
      Con Carry but some sellout members of its legislature felt it would
      be disrespectful to the memory of a murdered cop — and if you can
      follow that twisted logic, you’re a better man than I am. Maybe the
      OK legislature has read the tea leaves and decided to save Con
      Carry for another day.

      • Good point. Though as I said to Cellude, I think they’ve set
        themselves up pretty nicely for a very strong argument for Con
        Carry. I wouldn’t think Okies could long stand Arizonians (?)
        carrying in OK without a permit while Okies are still required to
        be permitted.

  8. Oklahoma already honors all other states permit/licenses. See Law Below. They have added that states that allow permitless carry can carry in OK with just their state issued ID. That would be Vermont. But that would also be Alaska, Arizona and Wyoming as they allow their residents to carry without a permit/license from the state. All the other states don’t allow carry for their residents without a permit/license so they would have to have a permit/license from their state to carry in OK. §21-1290.26. Reciprocal agreement authority. RECIPROCAL AGREEMENT AUTHORITY The State of Oklahoma hereby recognizes any valid concealed carry weapons permit or license issued by another state. Any person entering this state in possession of a firearm authorized for concealed carry upon the authority and license of another state is authorized to continue to carry a concealed firearm and license in this state; provided the license from the other state remains valid. The firearm must be carried fully concealed from detection and view, and upon coming in contact with any peace officer of this state, the person must disclose the fact that he or she is in possession of a concealed firearm pursuant to a valid concealed carry weapons permit or license issued in another state. Any person who is twenty-one (21) years of age or older having a valid firearm license from another state may apply for a concealed handgun license in this state immediately upon establishing a residence in this state. Added by Laws 1996, c. 191, § 20, emerg. eff. May 16, 1996. Amended by Laws 1998, c. 286, § 7, eff. July 1, 1998; Laws 2003, c. 465, § 9, eff. July 1, 2003.

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