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“Piers, thank you. You have been wonderful. Thank you so much for your help. It is uphill all the way.” – Senator Diane Feinstein [via]

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    • Randy, we really need to talk about you drinking a gallon of primo scotch in one hour that early in the day as the only way I see you believing that, is in a near death comotose condition of drinking something like those two from beyond coyote ugly to being cute!

    • Cute couple…just think of the OFFSPRING!!!

      …and they moved to Canada and lived happily ever after.

  1. I won’t watch now, but I’ll save it in case I need to empty the contents of my stomach for any reason.

    • I believe you should hand this in to your local poison control center in case someone ingests a toxic substance and does not have any ipicac handy.

  2. That’s a good Piers. Now sit Piers. Rollover Piers. Fetch Piers. Speak Piers. Looks like difi has found a new lap dog!

  3. This is encouraging. It’s nice to watch them squirm.

    Disclaimer: I only say this in a compassionate, safety oriented, doing it for the children sort of way. I’m not a heartless pro-gun guy or anything. It’s not like I said I want them tortured and killed; I just like to watch them squirm and fail.

  4. I can see these 2 walking off to Liberalandia to found a new and better society, hopefully followed by many more of their ilk. Let’s face it, we’re just not worthy of these superior creatures and we’ll just have to make do without their guidance.

  5. Ugh…Dan, why? I checked the site this morning and the first two faces I see belong to Dumb(Piers) and Dumberer(Feinstein). Not how I wanted to start out my morning…

    You couldnt post a pic one of Robert’s Israeli supermodels???

  6. I think they should hold hands and walk the beach in the UK gun free paradise as the sun sets and preferably fall off a pier together.

  7. Be aware of the language gun-grabbers use and don’t let them define the fight. Statements lies like “these guns don’t belong on our streets” is one of the ways they control the argument.

    My guns aren’t on the “street,” they are in my safe. And when not in my safe they are may be on my hip or in a case, or even in my hands at the range. But I don’t gang bang and I have a job so I don’t spend any time “on the street.”

    • +1
      When I think about a gun in a safe or secured in a holster, I think of generally peaceful situations in a variety of environments.

      When I think about a gun in the streets or on the street, I think of a gun laying by itself, able to be picked up by a child, or a gun that is visible/drawn while standing near/in the street. A drawn gun near/in the street usually means a violent situation is occurring or will soon occur.

  8. Well I must say, how quite refreshing to see two fools congratulating themselves on their foolishness.

    • We’re fortunate, aren’t we, that DiFi associated herself with approbation of Piers’ BS? It only diminishes her persona, and the credibility with the general public. That’s definitely a plus. The mass public doesn’t even like Piers on non-gun issues.

  9. There is a quote from the series Firefly in the episode ” shindig” that perfectly describes pierce Morgan. ” a sad little king of a sad little hill”

  10. Pierced Organ and Miss Feind-swine, wonder which is closer to growing a pair? Hint; it ain’t Pierced…. Lyanne Feinstein prolly has her hand up his arse moving his mouth as usual. WTF, who in hell keeps voting that miserable bitch back into office?

  11. Hmmm, reading the sidebar ads and who appears? Wreck it Ralph! Love that…I bet our Ralph would enjoy a bit of wrecking in NY and DC these days.

    Then a speedo ad! So I click on it (you know, show support for the site here )popup blocker makes me “allow” and then no more speedo site, “Flo” is back selling insurance, yuck!

    • Ah I know how to force pedophiles to promise to stop their evil ways, make them watch Piers & Feinstein getting the nasty on if they dont as that would turn even their stomachs!

  12. Fact is-these two deserve each other far more than this country deserve either of the two. Since they both are of the mind that the European Firearm platform is the best, they should take themselves there, and walk together unarmed, hand in hand, and rely on the “pros” when the proverbial hits the fan. 10 to 1 being victimized will give them a new perspective…… wait, they need not worry………pro bodyguards will protect them. The Elite will never see things through anything other than elite eyes……..

  13. Wish I was close enough to Feinstein to test the theory on whether throwing a bucket of water on her would make that wicked with of the west melt like Dorothy did!

    Probably would wash off about 12 lbs of makeup based on that video, UUUGGGGHHH!

  14. SATAN: “YO! BEELZEBUB! Lookin’ GOOD today!”

    BEELZEBUB: “YO! SATAN! You’re looking sharp today yourself!”

    • Never thought the Devil could be so drunk as to hit that, but hey, anything is possible

  15. This is great actually. What better way to discredit her already terrible ideas than having her affirm (yet again) her poor choice in allies for her misguided cause?

  16. Didn’t any of you like the way the Police Chief of Milwaukee slapped Lindsey Graham down? I thought that was a highlight. Even Senators do what you guys do, repeat nonsensical things you’ve heard, like the lack of prosecutions of those who fail a background check somehow means the background check system fails. As the Chief pointed out, the background check system worked perfectly in identifying and denying those people. Did you notice how the slick politician/gun rights supporter tried to go on quickly and get that bullshit on the record unchallenged? That’s how you guys do it, double-talk, twisted interpretations, trickery. What else have you got?

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