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“Pro-gun activists are worried about losing their guns and moms are worried about losing their children. You tell me who’s going to win.” – Shannon Watts, Founder, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America quoted in The new leaders on gun safety in 2013? Moms [via]

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  1. Ladies, can you PLEASE organize the Moms for Gun Ownership to Protect Their Children group already and shut these people up….

    • Why put it on just the ladies? Why not start “Gun Owners for Protecting Children”, or something along those lines?

      • Because in our society, “Moms” are imbued with wisdom, caring, etc, that males (supposedly) can’t understand or possess.

        The antis know what they’re doing, which is why they’re using a group of “Moms” for maximum PR effect.

        • Exactly. You fight fire with fire. Apples to apples. You counter moms with moms. It’s the most effective weapon against the shenanigan Alinsky tactics non-sense they use. It’s still the truth, and the truth is our best weapon, it’s just focused and honed for the specific attack.

      • There are a couple of them that formed on Facebook last year and they even had an across-the-country range day in September. They had a lot of states that participated. I had a horse show that day or I would have been there.

        The main one I am thinking of is called 1 Million Moms Against Gun Control.

        The problem is that we don’t get the sympathetic media coverage that MDA does. That would be a good way to counter them, though. For sure.

    • How is it so difficult for these anti-2A whackos to understand that EVERY person who successfully defends themselves with a firearm IS SOMEBODY’S CHILD!?

  2. When it comes to Gay Marriage the libs like to say ” well if your against it don’t marry a gay person”.

    So we need to tell these same libs “well if you don’t like guns, don’t buy a gun!”

    • Before I was kicked off Democratic Underground (yet again), I used to make the point that being pro-choice in general was a goodthing, and illustrated the point by saying that we should be pro-choice as regards gun ownership.

      The general reaction to that was “How dare you make that analogy, you gun fetishist! Ban him, moderators!”

      Which they did.

      • Thus demonstrating one of the hallmarks of Liberalism – intolerance. And an inability to even entertain a discussion, lest they realize they might need to adjust their worldview even slightly.

        • For an in-depth analysis of why Progressives inevitably strike out against or banish dissidents read “Ameritopia” by Mark Levine

        • Robespierre was guillotined for not being liberal enough. Liberalism is a mental disorder. Maybe that’s why so many liberals self medicate.

      • The irony being that they are all for the freedom to choose to kill innocent, unarmed children in the womb, but against the freedom to choose to kill armed, rapists, thieves and murders attacking law abiding innocent adults…..

        • I have absolutely noticed the same thing, EagleScout.

          And I have to disagree with you, Rich – it should be illegal to murder someone no matter where they’re located.

        • “And I have to disagree with you, Rich – it should be illegal to murder someone no matter where they’re located.”

          Well, actually, it’s impossible for you to even know that the fetus is there unless you do a vivisection or force her to undergo a TSA body scan or full-on vaginal probe.

          Well, not legally or morally.

          But you fetus-fetishists apparently don’t believe women are human beings, but some kind of incubator or brood mare for your personal use.

          If you’re “pro life,” howcome you’re not demanding an end to all the wars being perpetrated by your messiah?

        • “So Jesus is out there starting and fighting wars. You really lost me there.”

          Of course not. He ascended (well, most of him did) two millennia ago. But an awful lot of the ones who pay lip service to him seem to have no problem doing so.

        • Lost me again. Can’t think of a single war being fought in the name of Jesus but I could probably name a butt load of wars being fought in the name of Islam and big Mo.

        • I don’t know what else the excuse is for the War on Islam that the US administration is waging (illegally by US and international law, immorally, and unconstitutionally) as we speak.

        • The difference is we are fighting a defensive war and they are fighting a religion driven crusade war. Our politicians an many americans refuse to accept this.
          And yes I have been to the middle east many times over the last 25 years. Our cultures are incompatible. If they were to leave us alone there wouldn’t be a problem.

        • “The difference is we are fighting a defensive war ”

          That’s morally equivalent to breaking into someone’s house and shooting the homeowner, then claiming “self-defense.”

          If the administration weren’t sending troops half-way across the world to invade sovereign countries, then the soldiers wouldn’t have to “defend” themselves, would they?

        • Your not making much sense here. Islam attacked us first and has since its inception. Take them out in their country and not ours.

        • I never name called. You are apparently what used to be called a peacenik. And as such you don’t believe in self defense of yourself or your nation for any reason including the impending death or enslavement of your family. History has many examples of that. What you are seeing currently is a bunch of democrats and rinos using the situation for their own politic gain. To increase their power base. Our soldiers lives are being wasted because once the dems and rino’s felt safe enough to oppose the war they turned it into a modern day Vietnam. This is just another war once started or military was not allowed to win.

        • ?This is just another war once started”

          “just another war?” What exactly is this “just another war” supposed to accomplish? Where’s the mission statement? Most importantly, where is the Congressional declaration of war? How will you know if you’ve “won?” Exterminate every human being who doesn’t knuckle under to your One World Government?

          Mass murder by remote control is NOT “defense.”

        • Your losing me again Rich. I’m not a one world gov’t person. And as I recall the last time congress declared war was WW2 and it was also the last one we were allowed to win. Its also the last time anyone bothered with establishing what constituted victory. Remember that AF General that was in charge of Desert Shield before Stormin Norman? Someone asked him what the US was going to do and he basically stated we were going to kick saddams ass back to bagdad then take him out. For saying we would actually fight to conquer Iraq he was relieved of command and forced to retire. As far as mass murder goes where do you get you info? Mother Jones? Politicians are as adverse to risk as they are to taking responsibility so remote control combat is attractive. You do realize when we hit a major terrorist and they claim we killed x number of women and children were killed attending a wedding its a lie. Few women even in the ME carry RPGs and AKs to weddings.

        • “Your losing me again Rich”

          OK, I’ll try to use little words.

          First, let me be sure I’m yammering at the right person. You’re pro-war, right?

        • Let me use small words.
          I used to be on the sharp end of the spear as they say in the military. No one opposes war more than the people who will have to engage in war. Its easy to get killed in a violent way. I am not pro war but I am not opposed to it when its required. When it is required, the military has to be allowed to do their job and leave .
          There will always be bad people on both sides doing bad things that have nothing to do with war, however, the military of the US goes out of its way to not inflict noncombatant casualties.
          AND I love people like you who has never been in harms way condemn remote control warfare. You are never at risk. You pontificate (oops big word sorry) about how smart you are and how terrible we are etc etc etc but your basically clueless. You kind of remind me of Chamberlin when dealing with Hitler. Just an example of how doing nothing usually means something worse happens later.

        • So, in other words, you’re advocating remote-control mass murder of innocent bystanders because you’re afraid that one day somebody might attack you?

        • Rich, Either youre just trying to be silly or youre losing your reading comprehension. Its always better to kill the enemy a long way away before he has the chance to kill you. In thefirst Gulf war our tanks were popping saddams at 3000-5000 meters awaywhile the absolute best tanks saddam had, T-72M’s, could engage only to 1700 meters. The tanks are completely computerized and you would probably concider that killing by remote control. As Patton said “War is Hell”. But when its needed its needed. Reagan said “No country was ever attacked because it was to strong.” And we wouldnt be in this current war if it wasnt for carter and clinton.

        • ” Its always better to kill the enemy a long way away”

          Ah, the truth comes out. You’re nothing but a murderer. Go to hell and die, in that order.

        • @Rich

          So does that mean when you stick your pecker in a woman it becomes her property?


        • “Rich – your ignorance never ceases to amaze me.”

          Ignorance of what? The fact that you believe that women are chattel property?

          A woman’s body is her own property, as is whatever is inside of it. To compel her to use her body for your personal or religious purposes is nothing less than slavery.

        • “We agree on many things but this isn’t one of them.”

          You’re right. I I will never condone chattel slavery. In Genesis 2:7 of the Bible, it is reported that:
          “Then the LORD God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.”

          In other words, Breath equals Life.

          Or are you saying that God is wrong?

        • “So does that mean when you stick your pecker in a woman it becomes her property?”

          Ever been married?

        • The justifiable portions of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars (if you agree there were any!) were over in less than a year. Since then we’ve been interfering in another country’s choices, and we should have LEFT. Regardless of all that, you have no right whatsoever to tell a woman what she can or cannot do with her own body. Especially if you are a man or a post menopausal woman. BTW, the USSC said exactly that 40-odd years ago, if you disagree the constitutional amendment process awaits your attention.

          You don’t playa da game, you no makea da rules, remember?

  3. I’m worried about losing the right to defend myself, my wife, and my children. I know responsibility is a dirty word to Ms Watts, but I take my responsibility for my family’s safety more seriously than she does hers. I don’t want my wife’s life changed forever because some thug decided she is a great target for the knockout game.

    • Unfortunately, someone who’s all to willing to sell everybody’s
      rights (including her own) for 15 minutes in the limelight won’t
      ever understand.

        • And there you have it – gun-related videos for money. Every week, no doubt. Probably daily, now that Bloomie isn’t distracted by destroying NYC any more.

  4. I kind of get the sense she’s ready to build a human catapult and start slinging people into the side of the NRA building.

      • let’s start a charter school at the NRA HQ and call it the Charlton Heston Memorial School for Urban Youth. That will stoke the fires

    • MAIGs beware! The NRA long ago acquired the cow trebuchet featured in “Monty Python and The Holy Grail” & is prepared to reply in kind if the headquarters building is attacked by human siege engines.

  5. Imagine the horror you’d see in her eyes if she were ever to realize that her goals, if realized, would result in many more dead and injured children, parents and grandparents…

    • I don’t think she’d have the reaction you’d expect. I don’t think this is truly about doing something for safety’s sake to her.

    • ^^ you said it so I don’t have to. Thanks. She’s the reason for the saying, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

      • Accidents are the leading cause of death for American children, stuff like falling out of trees and windows, eating the stuff left unsecured under the sink, trying to climb the bookshelf and pulling it down on top of them, drowning in the pool or tub, etc.

      • Careful, Rich. In the US and the world at large, the psychopathic killer has an awful lot of friends, judging between them is tough.

  6. I’m already a cranky mom due to a hangover, and I say to hell with these women.

    Yesterday my sister and I and our husbands took our teenagers shooting to ring in the new year. I had borrowed some pumpkins from a community garden compost pile; BIL had brought some tannerite. Some assembly required and then the kids had huge fun blowing up the pumpkins using various rifles. It was quite festive, as were the after dinner fireworks we’d bought for the kids to set off. Our kids were very aware that not everyone gets to do these things, and they appreciate their freedom. I like to think that Ms Watts would have collapsed in full on conniptions if she’d been with us.

  7. Since pro-Second Amendment people have kids and use their guns to protect them, I’d say the guys and gals with guns win.

  8. Well so far shannon we are winning! Not go back to your hole that you crawled out from and realize your nothing but a lying hack.

  9. At 2:26, SW says “we have a mass shooting every day”! WTF?

    Maybe she is a physicist. Since bullets have mass, some mass is shot every day.

  10. She is only in it for her “Sugar Daddy’s” money. I wonder how she feels knowing that Bloomburg owns her lock stock and barrel? I wonder how her husband feels?

      • we should blame Shannon for the couple carjacked in the mall in NJ where the husband died defending his wife from 4 utes . . . . Yep, it is all Shannon’s fault.

        • That’s actually a good idea. Unfortunately, no one could get any airplay in the mainstream to get out that message.

  11. She says that as if pro-gun activists and moms are mutually exclusive. 100% of the moms in my family ARE pro-gun.

    Go away and take your dishonest, control-mongering, anti-constitutional, elitist, no-integrity, end-justifies-means, irrational paranoia with you.

  12. Although I hate to drive traffic to their pitiful website (I suspect TTAG has more hits daily), MSNBC just gave us the proverbial ammo, namely, “By the one year anniversary of [Newton], 745 children had been killed by guns.” Ok, maybe it is me, but since we know the death rate for “children” is less than 150 with guns (which is still too high), where did they get the higher number? Oh yeah, they count 18 – 24 yr olds as children!

    WE NEED TO DISCREDIT THEM AND THEIR MATH! If 18 is a child and worthy of their stats, then we should have a news release going out, calling attention to their bs and then calling on the US gov’t to stop using children to prosecute their wars arount the world since child armies are a big no-no at the UN. Then we should call on the UN Security Council to condemn the US for using child armies. Again, point the fingers back at MDA and MAIG. Call attention that if they keep using these sorry stats and the media keeps sucking it up, then it must be true! Make a mockery of them so no one takes them seriously. Then, let’s get some hearings going in the House. Make Shannon appear. Ask her under oath. Force her to dance and sweat under threat of perjury of Congress. Yes, let’s have some fun in 2014.

    • They discredit themselves every time they bring out numbers.
      What we need are more people that understand math; and
      thanks to most modern educational programs (including
      college degrees) that number is quickly dwindling.

  13. Wow, that’s a poor comparison. How about this; they want to take away our guns (and rights) because they’re fearful, we want to take away their kids because they’re poor parents. It’s not true but at least it’s equal. Maybe if we actually did try to take away their kids they’d understand where we’re coming from and why we will do whatever it takes to continue to win.

    • Speak for yourself Fred, I don’t want anything to do with her spoiled rotten, self-entitled, progressive brain-washed kids. She can have them.

      But that’s the difference I guess between her kind and mine. She wants access to my kids to further spread her liberal ideology, but won’t allow her own to hear my side. Ever. She’s teaching her kids not to listen and consider their philosophies to be superior, in all ways. Whereas I am teaching mine to listen, think critically and weigh all sides equally, no matter how stupid. Unfortunately, in this day and age, it seems like the masses just want someone to do their thinking for them. SW and her disciples are exceedingly good at stepping up and doing just that. Which is why, no matter what, she remains and will likely always remain relevant.

      • Oh, no, no, no , no. We want all things to be equal so we wouldn’t take and raise their children, the state would take them and decide what to do with them later. In the long run that’s all part of their glorious utopia anyway, it’s just a few steps down the road. In this case I wouldn’t condone completely equal actions, I am anti-run-kids-over-with-a-steamroller, and anti-melt-children-into-bricks.

        I was taught with the understanding that I made my own decisions and my parents would support me so I needed to think for myself. Today it seems kids are never allowed to touch the stove to learn it’s hot, fall down in rubber-cushioned play pens, and generally are coddled as much as possible. Must be terrible in a world where everything is evil and unspeakable.

  14. In response to her question, “I’m worried about losing both.”

    1. “Gun Free Zones” are target rich environments for those with mental health problems that are hell-bent on killing anyone for any un-related reason. The want their 15 minutes of fame; dead or alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Those that create “Gun Free Zones” have both a moral and legal responsibility to ensure those “Gun Free Zones” are secure from those “Individuals” that want to kill anyone for any reason.

    2. Once the 2nd amendment is nullified and our guns are confiscated there will be nothing left to protect the 1st amendment. Once the 1st amendment is nullified we will be controlled by tyrannical dictators and will descend into anarchy.

    Unfortunately, Shannon Watts and the “Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America” are only looking at today instead of the future. Remember, she and her organization are the creators and proponents of “Gun Free Zones” when they convince a shop owner to make their area a “Gun Free Zone”. She forgets that she has not provided any security for those Zones. She just walks away taking all of the credit while leaving the shop owner to take all of the liability. Therefore, she and her organization should be held liable for any vial actions taken against anyone within those Zones.

    If I were a lawyer I would start a “Class Action” lawsuit against her and her organization for creating a “Target Rich Environment” without any security. Relying on LLEOs to arrive within 3 – 12 minutes is not enough.

  15. I wish Shannon spent half as much time actually being a mother as she does being the civilian disarmament movement’s main b!itch.

    In a few years, I suspect her kids will be wishing the same thing.

  16. They have as much right to be there as you do ,Starbucks or anywhere else they want to be that is legally allowed by law.Starbucks will not do anything if you carry there,Personnally I never liked their basic coffee or their overpriced hot chocolate.
    You may not like the Constitution ,but it’s the Constitution ,
    Since you know zip about firearms ,NO ONE respects you as you are uneducated on the topic you campaign against.I ,for one,wouldn’t want a lawyer defending me who has not been to law school.Show us your credentials on firearms,or your degree in criminology or something other than’I don’t like’ to give us a basis of respect for someone who knows NOTHING about the Law, The Constitution ,our history regarding firearms,The Tyranny NAZI Germany imposed on it’s people started by gun registration ( which is where you are headed). Something?Yah that’s what I thought
    I know,let’s ask the Holocost survivors what they think of your
    plans and see if they think The ‘Moms Demand Action’ in1939 Germany had an affect on Hitler as he would gladly agree with your organization.No mass shootings there,Ya know come to think of it the Nazi’s had great gun control idea’s and look how we’ll it worked for them!
    So now that we’re done with that topic,let’s talk Nuclear Science as I know nothing about it and I would just love to give you my opinion ,is that OK?

  17. I try not to hate people, but this is just straight up immoral. It’s dishonest. If you have pro gun on one side you have anti-gun on the other. Not “moms.” She is straight up trying to play peope’s emotions. That’s her whole game, not just her end game.

    Luckily we can either use reason, or fight fire with fire. She’s wrong to think that she’s the only one who can play off heart strings.

      • Unfortunately that’s what to many woman base their opinion and decisions on – feelings. Drove a female LT crazy once. Revoked her right to speak until she could tell me what she knew cause I didn’t give a shit about what she felt.

  18. When you boil it all down here is the difference between pro-gun and anti-gun groups. We might not agree with anti-gun groups but we will fight for there freedoms that let them exist. Something anti-gun groups can never understand. I can’t tell you how many friends and family I’ve help change there views on gun rights by simply saying I don’t agree but I would defend your right to think that way. And I am always very polite and respectful when talking. It catches them off guard and opens the door to educate them. I always offer to let them go to the shooting range for free, so they can at least say they fired a gun and are still anti-gun. All the friends and family i’ve taken to the range have told me they never realized pro-gun folks were so polite and welcoming. They also all figure out pretty quickly 10rd mags vs 15rd mags don’t make a difference nor does a semi-auto “Assault Rifles” or semi-auto “Hunting Rifles”. I can’t tell you how many times I hear “Assault rifles and hunting rifles are the same other then the way they look?” Yup!

  19. While I do not advocate violence or coercion through force, Ms. Watts needs to study history a little bit. Pretty much the people with guns always win. That’s why they have guns, and only morons voluntarily disarm themselves.

    I also hate how she implies that we people of the Gun do not want to protect.children. I take offense to that.

  20. I’m quite confident there are more mothers who own firearms to protect their children than there are moms who are members of Illegally Demanded Mayoral Mothery Gun Action.

    • I tend to agree with you. The key is for them to get the same sort of coverage that the MDA gets.

      Tall order with the leftist-controlled media.

  21. I know this is preaching to the choir for the TTAG regulars so this is for the (formerly) indoctrinated by the progressive/liberal/left among new readers who may be reading here as a New Years resolution to LEARN ABOUT GUNS.

    Ms Watts is a professional PR hack who sockpuppeted Mothers Against Guns with Bloomberg funding until outed by TTAG readers who did the simple due diligence ANY journalist could using google.

    • I guess it goes without saying that MSNBC is not a news organization…

      And PS: I’m in support of whatever Robt and editors decide as to content. As they say in Texas:
      This ain’t his first rodeo…

      • And if you are invited to your neighbors BBQ and drink the free beer its not considered polite to pi$$ on the fire…

  22. Classic liberal false dichotomy. “You can have your guns or you can have your kids. You can’t have both.” This is how they always frame the argument.

    Andrew Breitbart called it the “dog whistle”.

  23. Did anyone else notice the “new reporter” referred to MDA as a “gun safety advocacy group”. He seems to be implying that people who support gun rights are not for “gun safety”. When will they stop playing word games and call them what they are…. GUN CONTROL ADVOCACY GROUPS.

  24. whenever I see Shannon, I start to think: dirty sanchez. Sorry – I know Robert is gonna take this down and admonish me, but I really think she needs to get laid. John Watts ain’t handling it at home.

    • We should organize a travelling chorale to serenade her at public appearances with “You’ve lost that loving feeling” by the Righteous Brothers.

  25. Look at this anti-gun/anti-NRA garbage that I just found

    Especially frustrating/interesting is this brainwashing tidbit from their site:

    Whenever you hear ANYTHING about guns that seems appealing, reasonable or factual KNOW IT IS PROBABLY NOT TRUE. For the facts contact us at: [email protected]

    *edit more outlandish craziness from their site:

    “3. Create Fear, Maximize Sales to Criminals
    Fact: The Criminal market = 25% of the gun industry’s annual sales.*
    The NRA fights to protect this market share,
    They must defeat any law that would make it harder for criminals to get guns e.g. laws to stop gun trafficking, close the gun show loophole, etc.
    “You need a gun with you at all times to protect you from armed criminals.””

  26. Ah, the classic logical fallacy of the false choice. In Shannon’s world, you must choose between the lives of children and the ownership of guns. Bullsh!t. This fallacy is easily exposed by the fact that Sidwell friends, the school where Obama’s children attend, has a staff of 12 armed guards and an additional armed Secret Service contingent. Apparently, the mission of those guns is to safeguard the children. The presence of those firearms in close proximity to children, some of which Shannon would likely call assault weapons, doesn’t seem to be disputed or discouraged by any of her ilk.

    • But that’s how elitists work, tell you what’s good for you and then do the opposite themselves. Especially elitists who don’t pay for said protection because they are, special.

  27. from the website –

    “Any sane gun law will lead to the government being able to take your guns away.”

    We all know this at TTAG but why is it some member of our society hate their freedom so much? Do they honestly think life was good in the Soviet Union, in the Third Reich? In Cuba or North Korea? WTF, I will never understand this logic.

  28. These moms that are worried about guns seem to be the type that would be worrying about drugs. How’s that whole drug war thing working out for us? I’ve even seen accounts of the D.A.R.E. program turning on kids to drugs because they have received more information about the effects of them and this made them not only more curious but less likely to accidentally overdose.

  29. In most years six or seven “children” die in school shootings. I use the quotation marks because 16 year old gang members are considered children. That just happens to be the same number of children who typically die in school bus accidents in a year. The federal government recently passed a law require buses to be equipped with seat belts. School buses have been exempted from the law. Where’s the outrage?

  30. *begin sarc*

    People of the gun! These Mothers who Demand Gun Action from Illegal Mayors must be stopped! The battle will be long, the sacrifice great, but in the end…their utter annihilation will be assured!

    The plan is fool proof…simple, and guaranteed. Only procreate with 2A approved personages! It is our job to spawn a master race of gun loving children! These children will be suckled on the breast of liberty and know the fruitful bounty that is FREEDOM!

    Stop giving the enemy ammunition which feeds their machine. Without anti gun children, no anti gun mothers. Without anti gun mothers no Mothers Demand Illegal Gun Action from Mayors!

    Lets all do our duty, for ‘Merica!

    *end sarc*

  31. What we need are some common sense regulation on mothering. Nearly all of the “children” counted in murder stats ended up that way because of bad mothering.

  32. Yet again, the Clown Militia bending over backwards to help the gun control movement.

    Folks: If you EVER think it’s a good idea to go to a restaurant with a bunch of rifles, do the rest of us a favor and go back to playing Dungeons and Dragons or Chutes and Ladders or whatever else it is that you idiots do. You’re not doing anyone any favors.

    Urban Dictionary nails it:

    • Thanks for the definition nnjj. Urban Dictionary always helps this (semi) old guy. I’m 100% 2A, but there IS a time and place. Good intentions can pave the road to the wrong place.

  33. So I have done a little research between two topics on which I am very impassioned: Guns and circumcision.

    Here’s an interesting little set of tidbits.

    Moms against guns will say they have stats that over 100 children a year are killed with guns.
    Interestingly, over 100 children a year are also killed by circumcision.

    (Note that circumcision is elective and so the deaths are very preventable by simply not performing them; also note that people are paid to do these procedures and that killing a child with circumcision is not a crime.)

    Circumcision kills children. Yet the argument for circumcision is that “yes but circumcision can save lives!! it prevents penile cancer!” (it doesn’t, but that’s the argument they use.)

    So what they are saying is that it is WORTH IT to kill 100 male babies a year in order to prevent some unknown number of adult deaths from penile cancer.

    Now I don’t want to say nor will I say that allowing children to die is ever “worth it” but just to point out that you can use the “if it saves JUST ONE CHILD’S LIFE!” argument against them.

    1. Guns save lives. Some untold numbers of children’s lives are saved with the defensive use of a gun. It is still sad that 100 children a year die “by gun” – but you cannot discount the much larger number who are saved “by gun” by focusing only on the unfortunate few.

    2. If they persist in the “if it saves one child’s life!” argument and say that the children who are saved “don’t matter” bring up the circumcision argument. people circumcise their children electively to prevent adult penile cancer. No one knows how many lives are saved by circumcision yet we can say for certain that 100 children’s lives are lost in order to save those unknown number of lives later.

    3. So, really every gun control person should also be against circumcision. If they are for gun control and for circumcision you now have them in a direct hypocritical position and can point it out.

    Just something I have been thinking about.

    • Mina,
      Its obvious from articles on abortions I’ve been reading that these women don’t really care about the kids its just a way of getting drama in their life. Its 100 boys dying from circumcision but girls are also dying in school shootings. So lets approve of something that only kills boys.

    • I’d like to see a study done on the correlation between convicted rapists and circumcision. Circumcision is absolutely barbaric, and is a way of claiming that the mutilators are wiser than God, who gave us a foreskin.

      I just recently realized that a foreskin also makes intercourse more pleasant for the female (or at least less traumatic) – the tip of the foreskin spreads, spreading the labia such that dry skin pushes on dry skin, and glans encounters mucus membrane without ever having to contact air.

      But Mother Nature never gives us more than we can handle – it is entirely possible to repair the circumcision mutilation, albeit it might take a year or so:

    • I’d like a new rule on debating guns. Stop trying to earn points by bringing up another controversial issue. No more abortion tirades, no more gay marriage, no more freakin’ Obamacare. Nobody gets convinced and other people just get alienated…

  34. Uh………Miss MacFly…….MacFly! Guns and defense of children are not mutually exclusive. We want our guns so that, among other things, we can effectively protect our children. Duh.

  35. Somehow I don’t imagine Ms. Watts volunteering to be on the front lines of the fight if it were to come down to it.

      • “Wrong she will take a gun an KILL you if you don’t allow her to take yours away willingly.”

        No, people of her ilk would never touch one of those icky things. They just send the jackbooted minions of their lord and master to do their dirty work for them.

        • Rich you are very correct. Hitler never personally killed anyone. He sent others to do the dirty work.

  36. Die and go to hell? Before or after the bad guys whack you? I love liberals. If people don’t believe just like you then they have to die. Quite the intolerant Bigot aren’t you. Neither I or anyone else on this site will volunteer to protect someone who wont protect themselves or their family and wishes death on the very people who protect your right to spout drivel..

    BTW The Bible says “Thou shalt not MURDER” not Thou shalt not kill. There is a major difference. You have accused me of something I have never done. I’m sure you know what bad Karma is and all of your bad Karma will come back to you.

      • “No, people who act like you, advocating preemptive murder, deserve to die.”

        Youre really not very smart are you. Guess if someone is trying to kill you then you don’t believe in defending yourself until he slides the knife in between your ribs. Pitiful. Youre lucky that there is medication out there to help you with your problem.

        Sincerly hope you take your medication and get better.

  37. See the money MADD rakes in?
    That’s a group I wish I was in!
    I am a mom and a mom I am
    That is what it stands for in MADD the “M”!
    So I can get my cause and rake it in!
    I can lie and twist the truth and make up stats,
    Guns I will attack and say that’s that
    That that is the cause no I don’t stutter
    I am a sacred cow to many just call me mudder.


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