Quote of the Day: Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics Edition


“A lot of the debate around guns has more to do with the culture, do you like or hate guns, and how do you interpret the Second Amendment. What’s important here is that a bill is introduced that is based on a foundation of scientific research showing this will save lives.” – Daniel Webster, director of the (Bloomberg-funded) Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research in Connecticut’s strict gun law linked to large homicide drop [at cnn.com]


  1. avatar Brentondadams says:

    It’s amazing that Bloomberg can buy research while pushing legislation at the same time.

    The brazenness is startling. How could something so crudely transparent ever hope to survive?

    Is Bloomberg just throwing Hail Marys or is this supposed to be a new strategy?

    He bought a school, he bought law makers, he bought media, and he will still fail. Or is he playing an incredibly long game?

    1. avatar Indiana Tom says:

      Da Komrade. Komrade Bolshevik Blooomberg is in Marxist Leninist Statist thought to bring forth socialist results in utopia over long time. The komrade Roosevelts had same objective as other Soviet Socialist Statists in Kapitalist running dog USA. USA must become Union of Soviet Socialist States for utopian paradise.

    2. avatar FedUp says:

      If you review Johns Hopkins’ history, they don’t need to be bribed to take anti gun positions.

    3. avatar Grindstone says:

      Bloomberg is by far not the first to buy supporting research for legislation.

    4. avatar Taylor TX says:

      He will be playing the long game for however long he has the money to do it, until his last breath i imagine.

      1. avatar Joe R. says:

        Has he or his campaign taken even $0.01 of foreign money to overthrow our Constitution? There’s a name for that.

    5. avatar Pieslapper says:

      There’s nothing amazing, it’s the same shenanigans being used to control us with “global warming”, “climate change”, or whatever they change the name to next week. Pseudo science and bad statistics manipulated to drum up a false crisis that “we must act now” to stop, that results in more incremental loss of freedom and liberty.

  2. avatar Indiana Tom says:

    . What’s important here is that a bill is introduced that is based on a foundation of scientific research . This is the wonder of Soviet Scientific Socialism; all Soviet Socialist State policies are scientific! A Marxist Leninist utopia awaits. Workerz of the World unite for the Bolshevik Revolution. Come Komrade!

    1. avatar ThomasR says:

      And if you don’t agree with their “scientifically” based theories, you must be clinically insane.

      1. avatar A. C. says:

        That’s right. That’s why the Soviets were putting their most widely known political protesters, the ones they couldn’t afford to simply execute due to world opinion, into mental hospitals. Also, the drugs that were used probably caused more pain and suffering than ten years in a Siberian labor camp.

  3. avatar Tom W. says:

    Thankfully, to a larger extent, people see Bloomberg as a Nanny State wannabe dictator. Seems his war on salt, large sodas, and smoking has subsided due to being unable to bully a bought and paid for NYC City Council. But with “Guns”, it’s a liberal “emotional/feely” issue that gets Lib Universities, groups like MAIG, etc,.. to hang around, get support from the MSM, and otherwise piss pro-gun folks off.
    Let him keep burning through his money. And let’s keep handing him defeats. There’s a lot of panties in a bunch in Texas this morning.

    1. avatar Brentondadams says:

      I’ve seen them come and go. He better leave a PILE of money when he dies because I predict his crusade won’t out live him in any effective way for long.

      1. avatar FedUp says:

        I’ve got two words for you “Joyce Foundation”.
        It’s the socialist gift that keeps on giving, for all eternity.
        It was set up as a charitable organization in 1948. After Beatrice Joyce Kean died in 1972 the board decided it could make more of a difference legislatively than by giving money to community health organizations. By the time she was dead ten years, her private charity was a full fledged subversive organization.
        As of December 2014, the Foundation has more than $950 million in assets.

        Over time, the Foundation’s mission has evolved while maintaining its focus on public policies that benefit the Great Lakes community. For the first quarter century of its work, the Foundation awarded grants to health organizations and hospitals. Currently, the Foundation’s grant making focuses on education, employment, the environment, gun violence, democracy, and culture.
        – See more at: http://www.joycefdn.org/about/our-history/

        Now imagine what the JF would look like as a political force if it had the funding of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. I’m somewhat frightened of what the Gates foundation might be doing in 50 years.
        Bloomberg is a lot more wealthy than Kean was. And if he wants to commit his money to leaving a mark after he’s dead, he’ll set up something like the Joyce Foundation from the beginning, it won’t have to be hijacked by communist organizers.

        1. avatar Brentondadams says:

          That’s what I was thinking. But remember when Brady was the big dog? It wasn’t that long ago. Remember bloombergs maig fiasco? My point is some groups are worse than others. Joyce is a bur in the blanket, funding crackpot orgs like csgv etc…

          Money brings all the kooks out of the wood work, that inevitable. I worry when they get power too

        2. avatar neiowa says:

          Might notice that Joyce, and Ford, and McArther (and Clinton Crime Family) etc etc “Foundations” are run by nonproductive idle progtard marxists and are NOT part of the evil 1% that must be taxed into oblivion.

  4. avatar tom w a glock says:

    The man is an ignorant panty-waist. Why would anyone listen to his prevarications? Oh, because ‘science’. Got it.

    1. avatar Gov. William J. Le Petomane says:

      Hmm… I always thought it was panty-waste.

      1. avatar Ing says:

        Pantywaist (an old-fashioned insult implying that the target is a cross-dresser and/or gay). Although he probably also is a waste of panties; Caitlyn Jenner wears them better.

    2. avatar AndyNC says:

      This isn’t “science”, it’s statistics, albeit questionable.

    1. avatar dlj95118 says:

      …thank you for that link; bookmarked.

  5. avatar Chip in Florida says:

    Hmmm…… A “reported” 40% of firearms are bought without a background check.

    According to the article above, a “reported” 40% decrease in violent crimes because of Gun Control.

    I guess it is easier to simply update an old report compared to doing all that boring research stuff to make a new report.

    1. avatar dh34 says:

      Well using Bloomberg/MDA/NotEverytown logic, it can be said that a “reported” 40% in firearms purchased without a background check have resulted in a 40% reduction in “reported” violence.

      A correllation can be made between just about anything if you spin enough.

  6. avatar actionphysicalman says:

    Dr. Weisel is the greatest wrestler in the world.

  7. avatar Canon says:

    Rather than whining from our team, what I’d like to see is a point by point rebuttal from someone far more knowledgeable than me on how the CNN article and John Hopkins report is wrong (which I assume it is).

    1. avatar 7SigmaEvent says:

      This might be the most important response the people of the gun can give. We need to fight fire with fire, not rhetoric. Where’s John Lott?

    2. avatar neiowa says:

      If you want to match wits with a moron then you have to be as stupid as they.

  8. avatar Gov. William J. Le Petomane says:

    Anyone with an agenda can get a ‘scientific’ study made by a ‘university’ that confirms their bias. That probably makes me anti-science for saying that, but at least I don’t have to go through life worrying about anthropogenic global warming.

    1. avatar AndyNC says:

      No, by itself it’s just an accurate observation. But you follow it up removing any doubt of your scientific illiteracy.

      1. avatar Gov. William J. Le Petomane says:

        I take it you think that because I’m not worried about AGW that I’m scientifically illiterate. However I think you’re missing out on a few of the scientific facts. Like the fact that the carbon we’re pulling out of the ground used to be in the air. In fact before man came along the atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide were at the lowest levels since complex multi-cellular life appeared on the planet. You’re probably also missing the fact that 20,000 years ago sea level was 390 feet below present day. I live in Iowa. 20,000 years ago there wasn’t a single living organism in the entire state. It was one big ice cube a mile thick. Now we feed the world and there’s still enough room for a couple million deer. What an ecological disaster! Or that half a million years ago Greenland was covered by a forest, not a glacier. You’re probably also missing the fact that plants grow faster and produce more food when atmospheric CO2 is higher. Or the fact that there has been no warming over the last 18 years.

        Of course you’ve got those awesome computer models.

  9. avatar DickDanger says:

    Is this the same study that used the total horse shit tag line of “We IMAGINE that there would be more deaths if this law wasn’t passed”.

    1. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

      I “imagined” me with Shannon, for a long weekend in Vegas, too. It didn’t happen

      1. avatar Chip in Florida says:

        You should commission a study to strengthen the support of your imagination.

  10. avatar Khan says:

    Get tired of these clowns trying to pretend their subjective non-sense is scientific. More often than not it leads to a biased, and baseless conclusion of “if you own a gun your risk for gun-related negative effects are increased
    “; yes, and if you own a pool your risk for drowning increases significantly over someone without a pool and if you have electricity in your home, your risk for being electrocuted increases significantly over someone who has no electricity in their home, it doesn’t mean you WILL end up drowning or being electrocuted. It’s specious non-sense that doesn’t factor any form of individual responsibility. And what is the obsession with “gun violence”? I guess they’d be ok with people running around and stabbing each other or beating each other to death, since addressing “gun violence” only addresses less than half the violence that exists. People need to stop trashing science though, this is NOT science, recognize that.

  11. avatar Bob108 says:

    These folks have told so many lies in the past, I do not have to read their report to know it is a lie. But let me offer these bozos an actual fact: They may win a few battles here and there, but in the end, they are going to lose. As long as I breath, I will never stop fighting for my rights. It is a duty of every citizen in the US to protect these freedoms for future generation, and I, like many, take that duty seriously. And that is why I know that, one way or another, these people will lose.

  12. avatar the ruester says:

    Well, senator McCarthy “expected” a complete communist takeover within 50 years. I guess the fact it didn’t happen means the blacklists and inquisitions were effective, right? RIGHT? Meanwhile, liberal economic policies were “expected” to lift blacks out of poverty…

  13. avatar fedlaw says:

    Lest anyone forget what Mr. Bloomberg is:

    Anti Gun Mayor Bloomberg Takes Armed Security Detail to Bermuda, Where Guns Are Outlawed


  14. avatar JSF01 says:

    “My completly biased study proves exactly what I set out to prove”

  15. avatar Anonymous says:

    Mr. Daniel Webster… and soft drink whipping bloomberg…

    1) Safety is not more important than freedom.

    2) Our government is a government of the people (it isn’t really, but it should be). We the people don’t want to be force-fed your garbage. If you hate freedom, there are plenty of Marxists countries in Europe that would be great for both you and “don’t drink that soft-drink!” bloomberg.

    3) We do like guns. I don’t want to go through fees, transfers, 4473 forms, background checks, waiting periods, magazine limitations, and getting arrested and imprisoned for not following one of a great many minor details in firearms law – to buy a product I enjoy. Not just for firearms – but for all products that I purchase.

    4) Personal responsibility. You and bloomy think that we as a nation, a collective, need to govern by statistics, ever progressing towards a better future where everyone is ignorantly happy, no one dies by violence (certainly not by a gun anyways), and everyone lives as long as possible. This sounds great… kind of… in theory, but I am not an ant in an ant farm. I am not a statistic, a metric, or a value on a chart. I am a real person – with rights. Yep. I am in-fact not responsible for the statistics on the chart. Most importantly, I am not responsible for the actions of other people. “Enabling” is a term you guys have created in attempts to smudge the lines of personal responsibility. We are not interested in your collectivist marxist ideas.

    5) Since you and soft-drink bloomberg will indefinitely seek nanny state legislation reducing my freedoms through the use of 51% over the 49%, I feel the need to remind you that 51% is not more important than 49%. If you don’t believe me, ask a resident of former “Yugoslavia.” They can tell you all about irreconcilable differences. Tolerance is the key to maintain a country filled with different people. Stop trying to take our freedoms away.

  16. avatar Lotek says:

    The safety you have requested is now mandatory. Fun fact Dr Hopkins was a heroin addict that had to ” maintain ” every day.

    1. avatar actionphysicalman says:

      Not sure that that is fun. Seems like he was a decent fellow.

      1. avatar Lotek says:

        He knew how to party. Sounds fun to me. All facts are fun.

  17. avatar doesky2 says:

    I’m gonna keep it simple…..

    What a bunch of big fat fucking liars.

  18. avatar gsnyder says:

    Scientific study doesn’t mean fact. It means someone assembled a pile of information, came to some sort of conclusion, and referenced their statements. It’s an opinion paper. Science is a continuously evolving product. If anything, one of the strengths of science is it is not nailed down.

    1. avatar AndyNC says:

      I think people are getting “statistical” and “scientific” mixed up. Properly applied, statistical analysis is a powerful tool often used in science. But as we all know, stats can be “massaged” to produce the desired results.
      Just because statistics can be misused does NOT mean that science as a whole is invalid, as some here seem to think. That like saying, “Humans often lie. Therefore, all of human endeavor and achievement is a lie.”

  19. avatar Dev says:

    “Although Webster said he would like to study the effect of gun laws in other states, that research is not practical. Most states passed meaningful gun laws, such as laws requiring background checks, long ago, “frankly before I was born,” and it would be hard to know how those laws were enforced back then, and how society responded to them, he explained. In addition, information from death certificates was less readily available from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention before 1980, he said. ”

    So he is cherry picking results to prove his theory. Poor science!

  20. avatar Accur81 says:

    It looks like the article cannot be commented on – at least not in the mobile version. That’s par for the course regarding most lying POS anti-gunners.

    Otherwise, if someone could post:


    as a response, I’d be much obliged.

  21. avatar geoffb5 says:

    What has been done is a variation on the “Curley Effect” to the higher education establishment. A filtering out first the professors so that more and more are left aligned and then filtering the students at the graduate level so that the ones getting higher degrees, and thus being hired into positions of power in government-industry-NGOs-foundations are more and more on the left.

    This is why the foundations change once the founder passes. Those available, with higher degrees in administration of organizations, have been indoctrinated and filtered so that most will be on the left and will then push that agenda from any position they are hired into. And once in a position they in turn hire those who have the same ideology as their underlings. Before too long the entire organization is in lockstep ideologically, though diverse in those things which count under the law.

  22. avatar VivaLaSatire says:

    It’s better than what the pro-ammosexual republican trailer park trash want.

    Thier precious progun laws didnt stop one of thier own from committing a NRA-sponsored act of terrorism agaist texas police and another incident at a mall in ohio.

    Remember, The only way to stop a badguy with a gun is with sensible laws.

    Not the ones passed by gun nuts that believe the world is 4000 years old.

    1. avatar Accur81 says:

      Interesting. So if I’m facing a gunman – whether the rare Republican, but usually a left leaning psychopath – you think some laws on a piece of parchment or pixels on a computer screen will be more useful than an AR-15 or a Sig P226.

      When’s the last time you’ve actually won a fight?

      1. avatar actionphysicalman says:

        Does VivaLaSatire really sound like someone who can be reasoned with to you? I am not even sure if they are being facetious or not. Is there anybody who thinks the world is 4000 (rather than =>6000 or so) years old even?

      2. avatar lotek says:

        yes words on paper are more deadly than any bullet. Hitler killed millions w/o personally firing a round.Besides an AR is a wimp round

  23. avatar DaveL says:

    So, basically they’re crediting a particular gun law with the same crime drop that has already been attributed to:

    – legalized abortion
    – mandatory minimum sentences
    – an aging population
    – New police information systems
    – “broken windows” policing
    – environmental lead mitigation
    – etc., etc.

  24. avatar BlueBronco says:

    Biologists don’t look at most ad hoc sociology and psychology studies to be biological sciences.

  25. avatar Former Water Walker says:

    How come strict.stupid gun laws never worked in Chiraq?

  26. avatar Karl Peterson says:

    The blooming idiots money didn’t buy anyone in my home state of Maine!…constitutionsl carry bitchez!

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