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“It caused great interest. Visitors drove for hours just to kiss the rifle. At that moment, we began to understand what we had done.” – Viggo Olsson, VO Gun & Rifle Maker Sweden [via]

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  1. Can anyone explain to me the function of the funky blade sight? What are those notches/steps just past the blade itself? Elevation adjustments? I’m a peep-sight/ghost ring guy.

  2. An example of the ostentatious flouting of the extreme wealth and opulence held by the super rich elites over the starving proletariat masses.

    American Foreign Aid: taxing the collapsing American middle-class and giving their money to the growing rich in a poor country.

    • It’s a Swedish company, baby. “Starving masses” are hard to come by there. Yah might as well rant at the Sistine Chapel because you can’t afford to buy it.

        • Yeah, you have the right idea. I was poking fun at how the elites of the world whether the leaders of capitalist countries or those still living in monarchy dominated countries still live a life of pleasure off of the turmoil of the people they rule over who are usually politically and/or economically oppressed.

  3. OMG!!! I don’t know if I could bring myself to shoot it. I mean I am sure it is great, but look at the wood work, and the metal engraving! The box isn’t to shabby either!
    Truly a work of art! There is that old saying if you have to ask how much it costs you probably can’t afford it!!!

  4. Just looked up the price for the VO Falcon Edition.

    $820,000.00 USD!!!!

    Uhm I can’t see trudging anywhere carrying almost a million dollars in my hands!
    Oh I guess that is why the employees pose with the rifles wearing white gloves!!!

  5. There are some much cheaper Blasers that are pretty awesome as well–if you consider $25,000 to be “cheap.”

    • It all depends on your pay grade. In my work I sometimes get a glimpse into the lives if the rich (if not necessarily famous) and it can be a bit of a shock to see how wealthy some are. As long as they’re hirin’ I’m not complanin’.

  6. a) I asked in the feedback/survey for some “nice guns.” Thank you!

    OK RF, this is a bit over the top of “nice” – if you had stopped at $100K, I’d still give you full credit and thanks. 😉

    This… this is a rifle that’s a bit over the top even for my taste. But it is very, very nice. And it’s a bolt take-down, which as a gunsmith I can tell you shows that the gunmaker knows his chops about machining. The plates at the takedown interface are very nicely jeweled. Very, very nicely done.

    b) For those folks who say “No sane person would drag this through the brush for hunting…” you’re probably right. What you have to understand is that at some point in the price and artistry scale, these high-end custom guns, while fully functional, become works of art which are collected, not shot.

    The fine gun collector market at this price level is very slow moving, but the highest quality guns always find a home, and they hold their value and increase well over time. In the last 10 years, goldbugs like to point out how much you’d have made if only you’d been 100% in gold… which is a foolish and risky investing strategy. So is sinking all your money into highly collectable guns.

    But if you’re well off and you keep some of your money in “best guns” that you can afford… it is not a shabby investment at all when viewed over 10+ years. You don’t have to buy guns in the $100K+ range. You can buy guns in the $1K to $2K range (now), which would have been $600 to $800 a decade ago. Example: if I’d received approval from the Boss and had done what I had wanted to do years ago and bought a dozen M1-D Garands back when they were about $1K and sat on them until now… I’d have basically doubled to tripled my money in 10+ years.

    RF – well done on the “nice gun” front. I’ll send you suggestions from time to time to look at… especially really nice guns done here in the US. BTW, TTAG’ers – US bespoke rifles of highest quality workmanship go for far too cheap prices compared to the European gun makers. The same level of workmanship you see for $10K to $15K in a US rifle will set you back at least $50K from a European gunmaker.

    This rifle carries a price tag that’s somewhat outlandish even by European standards – I’ve seen rifles as nice as this (different them, execution, etc – but “as nice”) from Hartmann und Weiss in Germany that were $100K and under.

    Just something to keep in mind if TTAG’ers ever want a custom rifle.

  7. in my poor youth i dreamed of a custom rifle built on the 98 mauser action and chambered for the 7mm mauser round. it had been so long i had forgotten about it until just now.

    i’m sure i must have gotten the inspiration from reading of bell or capstick or one of their peers. now i’m going to have to make a “bucket list” that’s firearms related.

    • yeah, then it get’s pissed when it catches you with that ar15. it files for divorce and get’s custody of the cartridges. and the judge makes you move out of the gun safe and pay support and alimony.

  8. I actually thought that this level of craftsmanship didn’t exist anymore, so I am overjoyed at seeing this rifle. I can’t afford it, never will be able to, but I’m glad that these exist. A rifle like this is beautiful to behold, and always will be. I realize most here prefer the modern black rifles, and for most purposes, they excel, but a classic bolt action engraved at this level has a look and feel that no AK or AR variant can have, at least to my eyes and hands.

  9. It is a beautiful rifle. I could not own a rifle too pretty to shoot. It would be like owning boots too pretty to walk in.

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