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“The People of the Gun win, once again.” – Laura

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  1. Let’s just say that sometimes, no matter how hard you try, sense prevails over phobia and hysteria…

  2. People are talking. We are talking about mental health in America. We are talking about arming more law abiding citizens. We are talking about how places like DC, and Chicago, which have restrictive gun laws have high gun related crime.
    Just saying disarm your citizens isn’t an option here in America.

    • “Just saying disarm your citizens isn’t an option here in America.”

      Not yet. And not without LOTS of American blood being shed by Americans.

  3. Damn right.

    Hey Laura, go look up the history of gun control in America and who it targeted (and still targets), and don’t drink anything hot while doing so.

  4. Michael Bloomberg:
    “During the next president’s term, if we do nothing, 48,000 people will be murdered with guns — nearly as many Americans who were killed during a decade of fighting in Vietnam.”

    See what happens when an armed person crosses boundaries and disrespects the space of someone who is armed with an AK47 or a gun? No more Vietnams for America. No more American citizens unable to buy and carry guns for their own defense in movie theaters and offices.

  5. Meanwhile, in Laura’s gun free paradise of Chicago, more American’s died than in the war zone of Afghanistan.

    What a dope.

  6. People with guns have always won and always will…sooo…umm…go buy a freakin gun if you wanna be a winner?

  7. Sad.
    “almost as easy as buying popcorn.” Betcha she has NEVER tried to purchase a gun, let alone one where she lives. Also, Bloomberg and his Bloomberg Press will never be unbiased especially when it comes to firearms… So much for that source.

    • Well, if you’re buying popcorn with butter on it in New York City (home of the Assault Sodas with the High Capacity Cups ban), you probably do need to fill out paperwork and have a background check done so that old Bloomy feels your medical record allows you to consume it without any ill effects.

      • Bloomberg is locking up baby formula so yes, I believe that there probably is a regulation scheme for hot buttered popcorn.

      • “Assault Sodas”…LOL!
        I love it. Totally gonna use that one with my more statist friends and acquaintances.

  8. Get used to it, lady. And despite your utterly brainless, emotion-based, reactionary position on firearms, I hope someday your life will be saved by someone who values the 2nd Amendment more than you. Somebody has to clean hotel rooms.

    And by the way, the body count is up to 13 now. Try to keep up.

    • Personally, if I’m with someone I know hates guns (like this lunatic), I’d refuse to use my “evil” guns to protect them. I wouldn’t want to dishonor them by causing them to spend the rest of their life being tormented by the thought that my evil gun allowed them to live – better for them to die a clean death (in their eyes) than to be associated with such an evil object.

  9. In America, acquiring a lethal assault rifle is almost as easy as picking up a buttered popcorn at the movies. The communities of Aurora, Columbine, Virginia Tech, Northern Illinois University and Chicago’s South and West sides know that.

    The only one of those shooting which had a “assault rifle” was Aurora. They are essentially non-exisitant in crime stats for Chicago as well.

    • Assault rifle is a military term, and only applies to intermediate caliber guns with select fire capabilities. Legally registered machineguns have been used twice in murders since the NFA of 1934. Holmes used a semi-automatic AR-15 rifle, which was not an assault rifle.

      Assault weapon is a political term, which applies to any gun that looks scary.

  10. The people who are doing the vast, overwhelming majority of gun homicides in this country are NOT “mentally ill”. Mass shootings are so rare as to be but a blip on the horizon. No, the vast majority of gun homicides in the US are black on black gang crimes, or street crimes. Black on black, black on white, and hispanic on hispanic.

    But hard-working black people are also the main targets of black criminals. It takes far less effort to victimize someone in your own neighborhood than to venture to the white neighborhoods. That being said, I don’t understand why so many gun control advocates are black. Why disarm the law-abiding among your own people? Surely they must realize that the gangstas who plague their communities aren’t buying guns at Cabelas. They’re getting guns the same way felons ALWAYS get guns—on the black market.

    • Honestly, I think we need to find a way to compel the FBI / CDC / other alphabet soup agencies to start tracking what percentage of homicides by weapon are gang on gang violence. I really think if we could say “90% of 10,000 deaths involving guns were gang members killing each other and helping to clean up our streets”, you’d have far fewer people being upset about it.

      • Great point but I think the anti’s would then argue that thug 1 would not have shot thug 2 if access to guns was not so easy. Families would wail in front of the eager MSM about their good little thugs were victims of the prevalence guns.

        As always the anti’s believe access to guns is the problem. They also believe that the reason Chicago, NYC and DC violent crime with guns is so high is because of guns from other areas. Nothing new there. Their same old argument.

  11. I haven’t even read her article yet and I already feel compelled to comment. Of course the people with guns win. And if almost every competent citizen were armed, the citizens would always win!

  12. People of the Gun? Really? Sounds like some newly coined Indian sobriquet for the colonists. Where the hell do they come up with stuff? I understand in her fevered little lefty mind it is meant to be a term of derision for the “Other,” but it sounds sorta cool. I mean if your gonna be an “Other” you might as well have a cool nickname.

    “We are the People of the Gun. And we shall prevail!! FREEDOM!”

    • I kind of like my new title “People of the Gun”. Sounds more unified than simple gun owners. So much more dramatic too. Those other people, the “People Without Gun”, sound a little deprived.

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