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“Let’s get down to it, Mike Bloomberg, Mayor of New York City, there’s a level of anti-Semitism in this thing directed towards Bloomberg.” – Mike Barnicle, Morning Joe, MSNBC

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    • No, your racist if you disagree with a minority, of any political stripe.

      Besides, liberals are a mojo ritzy. ;p

      • WTF does “a mojo ritzy” mean? Is this something only intended for your cognoscente cohorts?

        • It’s what the spelling “Czech cur” did to “majority.”

          “Mojo ritzy” was sufficiently silly that I felt compelled to leave it as was.

  1. Michael Bloomberg is Jewish? So were the Kapos. your background means nothing. Your appearance and personal preferences mean nothing. Your actions towards your fellow sovereign human beings are everything.

      • Kapos were essentially turn-coat Jews used by the nazis to round up and process other Jews for/at concentration camps.

        • Of course, not all of them were Jews, many were the type of people we keep in “protective custody” these days. But a lot of folks whitewash the fact that in every genocide, even one as flagrant as the holocaust, there are always collaborators.

          Heck, the whole reason Liberator pistols never got off the ground was because Chucky the Gaul didn’t want to have possible contenders for his desired post-war position. As a result plenty of people died who didn’t need to, and Charles de Gaulle essentially became a collaborator.

        • Judas goats. Look it up. Too bad for Judas; he only did what Jesus asked him to do. One day the whole world will realize this; Biblical scholarship will prove it.

          I DID NOT WRITE “Jewdas goats.

  2. Takes a bite of matzoh. A sip of Passover coffee and grimaces at the taste.

    I’m sorry, what was that again?

  3. anytime I have to look at Al Sharpton, I want to puke. What was the question again? Let’s continue to drive NBC out of business.

  4. A paradox: These red neck anti-semites Barnicle mentions are amongst Israel’s strongest defenders while the liberal gun grabbers are amongst the most vocal voices against Israel’s right to defend its self.

    And Barnicle said it to one of our most ecumenical and tolerant voices of reason, the Reverend Al Sharpton, well known for his tolerance of those of the Hebrew faith and white conservatives males of any faith whatsoever.

  5. So we are racist now? Well…I guess i am, I dislike people who try to take away or limit my rights.

  6. Gun rights advocates are anti-Semites?!?!? Quite the opposite.

    I wish I had a dollar for every time someone referenced (rightly) the plight of Jews in Nazi Germany and how we can never let disarmament and democide happen in the United States.

    • I wish I had a dollar ever time someone wrongly implied the Nazi’s were all about gun control when in fact they severely lessened the restrictions imposed by the previous Weimar Republic. Or that Jews were victims of democide when in fact they were not citizens of the Reich; see the Nuremberg Laws of 1935.

      • Sorry guys, that was inappropriate. Sometimes I lash out because I don’t have the money to pay for the medicine required to combat my rampant coprophagia; being a fluffer just doesn’t pay as well as it used to. I’m not really a Nazi, I’m just confused. Sexually. I will try to deal with my myriad scatalogical issues and try to be a more uplifting presence in the community.


  7. So if I disagree with anything Al Sharpton and his fellow fools say then it must be due my anti-**whatever** tendencies. I think the scariest thing to Al Sharpton is the mere notion that gun owners/gun rights advocates are regular people.

  8. Keep on, a-holes. The more you push it, the less America buys it. This current wave of leftism may finally be receding.

    • +1

      Seems like a lot of people are gradually beginning to see what they’re all about, and those people are realizing that maybe Big Brother doesn’t always know best. Hallelujah!

    • Yup. Lets not make a fuss here and alert any of the clueless programmers to the obvious – any independent thinker regardless of skin color will quickly turn away from the worn-out con man Rev Al and any self respecting woman regardless of whose bed she shares is going to tire of the increasingly hysterical Madcow claiming to speak for her too.

      That voter isnt going to say squat about it at work for fear of being branded non-PC but is likely lurking here for gun reviews where to get ammo and training vids…and I say Welcome!

  9. Hey! Just like there’s a lot of anti-Semitism directed towards Dianne Feinstein! They want to pull this USC 1983 BS, how about Constitutional Rights violations? They always pull this BS, it’s their trump card, and Trump is pissed!

  10. Y’know, ’bout thirty years ago, long before I escaped from California, the son of the neighbor returned home following a nine month stint as a guest of the county.

    Within a day one of my windows, in which my can had been sunning, shattered and a pellet hit the opposite wall. From outside, I heard J.O. Harris (the aforementioned son) telling someone “I’m gonna kill that cat.”

    I went over to talk to the neighbor and Ruth, the mother, opened the door. I started to say “We have to talk about J.O…” and she interrupted, hands on hips and in this Aunt Esther manner said “I can tell by yo body language you don’t like him ’cause he’s black,” her empty head plunging toward me to punctuate that last.

    Racist body language? What can one say to such idiocy? I turned on my heel, went home and called the local constabulary; they were quite happy to remove the offending party.

    That incident taught me to look very closely at any assertion of racism and give it a good sniff. This assertion by the Bloombergnagnians would stink in space.

    Russ, Russian Jewish Welsh Lokota Kansan American

    • Russ, Russian Jewish Welsh Lokota Kansan American
      When did Jewish become a race/nationality instead of a religion? Dont you mean Semitic?

  11. When you’re left with no other arguments, you play the race card.

    I had an African-American roommate in college and we used to get into some heated debates. In these debates, one of the rules was no race baiting, race cards, etc. It’s amazing how constructive a debate we would have when we removed bias from the argument.

    This is why people like Barnicle, Sharpton, etc. will never get it. They think every logical argument that goes counter to their point of view has some hidden racist agenda. I find it hilarious that these guys attacked Romney during the campaign for being an out-of-touch multi-millionaire, but they give a guy like Bloomberg a free pass.

  12. Ah yes. The Reverend Al Sharpton. The Al Sharpton who once said, “If the Jews want to get it on they can pin their yarmulkes back and come to my house.” The Al Sharpton who incited blacks to burn down stores owned by “Diamond Merchants”…one of his euphimisms for Jew. The Al Sharpton who lead a march through Crown Heights chanting, “Kill the Jews!” That Al Sharpton? I guess he is probably an authority on anti-Semitism, along with his buddy, Jesse “Hymie Town” Jackson.

    • Would that be the same Al Sharpton who has been sued repeatedly for debts but pleads poverty and inabitlity to repay debts or current taxes because all of his assets including his suits are held in the name of his church and charitable foundations? Wonder if his MSNBC pay check is made out to him or “The Church of What’s Happening Now”?

      Or is that a different Rev. Al?

  13. According to the media, I must be a self-hating Jew then. Oh wait I’m not. I love my country and my freedom and these go hand in hand with unwaivering support for the 2d Amendment and being Jewish.

  14. By the way, as some of you know, I’m a centrist – socially liberal, fiscally conservative and willing to listen before deciding – but I’m also an inveterate punster, so I couldn’t resist:

    Right Guard eliminates B.O…

    (Anyone quoting the above as “invertebrate punster” will get socked.)

  15. Hey Al, your cobbler called. Your custom fitted jack boots are ready. They wanted to know if the deaths heads and the lighting bolts should go on the buckes or the sides.

    • That’s a Sowilo rune, actually associated with the Sun. Later it was was used to signify Sig – assiciated with the Goddess of victory, but also a Germanic S of sorts.

      Himmler used two of ’em as an Occultish SS, for his Schutzstaffel.

      In this case, they stand for Sharpton the Stupid.

  16. Al Sharpton is recorded on video, during the NYC Crown Heights Riots, for encouraging his sheeple, to attack a Jewish-owned business in what is now a predominately black neighborhood. A black man entered a Jewish owned retail store and shot four or five people: all were Hispanic and Catholic non-Jewish employees.

  17. One man stated there is a degree of Anti-semitism and he was immediately countered by another man who said Bloomberg is seen more as a big-city urban liberal anti-gun mayor than a Jewish one. No real story here.

  18. That’s the state of American political correctness these days. You can only disagree with white, wealthy men without being accused of some nefarious bias.

    • Um, religion aside, Bloomberg is wealthy and white. Oh, there has to be a drop or two of those scattered tribes, but look at the man. Can’t even take white guys to task, unless you are one.

      I frequently ask Muslim-haters why the anti-semitism? Semite refers to a place and language family, supposedly the descendants of Noah’s son Shem.

      Salaam and Shalom are interchangeable. Dislike of Jews is more a religious thing couched as racism. How weird is that?

      So anyway… All us OFWGs with Jewish roots, let’s go!

      Oh, wait: I’m not wealthy, and so must be inspired by class hatred. All you OF wealthy WGs, go to it!

  19. Hey, guys, I think we’re making progress. We used to be baby killers. Now we’re baby-killing anti-Semites. Next week we’ll be baby-killing anti-Semites who leave the toilet seat up.

  20. It’s easy, if your a gun owner that disagrees with our “betters”, you’re a racist, redneck, wanna be John wayne, compenstaing for a small package, just really secretly wanting to shoot someone, living in fear and paranoia gun fetishist.

    Facts, history and experience that shows the anti-gun people to be incorrect in everything they believe is simply propaganda put out by the NRA and gun manufacturers.

    Remember, emotions are what matters, not logic.

  21. If Mike was Irish, Congress would immediately ban all guns.

    And he would be the loser for it – people wouldn’t be able to destroy large quantities of oversized soda cups using assault rifles with 30-round magazines loaded with armor-piercing bullets.

  22. Just as I was saying yesterday. Progressives are the most racist out of any group. They will put a label on any and everything they can. They see race when no one else is even thinking about it. I am sure shawn agrees with these guys, don’t be surprised if he (shawn) starts referring to everyone on here as anti-semites.

  23. While disgusted, I’m not surprised that, when finding themselves on the losing side, they start claiming racism or anti-semitism.

    Who the hell cares if Mike is jewish, when he’s trampling the rights of law-abiding people?

  24. Until I heard dip-$h!+ “Barnacle” refer to his religious affiliation, it never even crossed my mind.

    Personally, I don’t care if he’s a Jew, Christian, atheist, or Gay — I don’t find it appropriate for the mayor of New York to operate as if he’s the President of the United States. I find it to be offensive in the highest degree. I didn’t vote for him and he does not legally represent me in any manner or fashion as a citizen of the USA and a resident of VA. He can freely represent his constituents all he wants. Just leave me (and the rest of America) the hell alone.

  25. Soros was not a Capo. His father bought a false Christian identity. Soros was junior war criminal.

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