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In an effort to attempt to rescue his hopes for re-election and a possible future Presidential campaign, Governor Cuomo is now trying to distance himself from the SAFE Act that he was so instrumental in passing. According to a article, Cuomo is trying to shift blame for the shoddily worded law to Mayor Bloomberg and the Brady Campaign, saying that they drafted most of the legislation and he didn’t read it. Just like the rest of the NY Legislature didn’t read it before it was hastily crammed down the throats of New Yorkers . . .

“Much of what’s in the law was drafted by people connected to Mayor Bloomberg and the Brady Center, not by the governor’s staff,” the (Cuomo administration) source said. “That’s why there are so many problems with it.’’

Before the massive backlash against the bill began, Cuomo was trying to use the SAFE Act to bolster his Democratic credentials. It looked like he was trying to position himself to be a frontrunner for the 2016 nomination, building himself up as the new Democratic poster boy. But instead of the public rallying to his side, his popularity numbers have taken a nosedive and the largest protests ever recorded in Albany formed against his prized legislation.

Seeing the writing on the wall, it’s now apparently time to distance himself from this steaming pile.

Which raises the question: did Cuomo and the Assembly take the bill’s language directly from the Brady Campaign? And then ram it through under a “message of necessity” without letting anyone read it? [ED: don’t exaggerate: they had twenty-minutes to read the bill.]

If a law drafted by the NRA was enacted, the papers would be crying bloody murder. Instead, since one of their approved special interest groups apparently helped draft the legislation, not a single peep has been heard. Hooray for the state-controlled media.

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  1. Failing.. I imagine that so long as the pro-2A crowd keeps up the pressure on politicians and continues the education campaign the fallout toward gun grabbers is going to be immense, everyone is tired of their BS twisted stats and facts that keep getting found out.. no credibility left

    • Yes, I can’t wait until the next election comes around. I know a lot of gun owners chomping at the bit. Basically, ALL 100 million of them.

      • And Their Families – And even people for Gun Control Laws but Against Dictatorship Rulings without Debate…I`ve been hearing them as well

    • Perhaps if these scum ball dirty Politicians like Cuomo, Feinstein, etc…found themselves arrested by that large crowd and made the example to other dirty Politicians who keep thinking it’s okay to pass UN Constitutional Legislation in DIRECT VIOLATION of their OATH OF OFFICE to DEFEND the Constitution and Bill of Rights, then this country might not even be in the shape it is in.

      Instead, and because, We The People of this once great nation have allowed these type of tyrannical acting individuals to continue in office for so long– they now think they can do as they please! Despite the overwhelming outcry against such legislation, these treasonous acting sobs pass that legislation ANYWAY!

      When the so-called “elected” officials no longer represent the very people who put them in office, and who no longer defend this countries ultimate “law of the Land”, the one law in which ALL other laws must FIRST pass muster with before being “placed on the books”, the United States Constitution!

      How dare these treasonous acting politicians think we are not paying attention to who is for the people and who is leading the people down a very slippery tyrannical slope!

      We also know which Main Stream News Outlets are feeding the People a crock of crap! Hence, we no longer pay attention to their Propaganda Machines of BS and weapons of manipulation being used against the people of this nation!



      AND AS SUCH, it is OUR DUTY TO DEFEND OURSELVES, AND to arrest them all and kindly escort their sorry butts out the door and right into one of their very own INTERNMENT and RESETTLEMENT CAMPS these same baboons have established for the people of this nation!

      • By “LARGE CROWD” I mean the THOUSANDS of American’s that showed up in Albany NY to PROTEST CUOMO’s BS Gun Grabbing Law…
        Watch the Video at: Ten Thousand NY Patriots @ infowarsDOTcom. Didn’t hear much about this or even see this HUGE crowd there from the Main Stream News Propaganda Networks.

    • So he is copping to negligence (if he didn’t read the bill he rammed through) rather than incompetence in writing the bill. Either way, he is admitting to not doing his damn job.

      • And the folks he was letting write the legislation weren’t exactly bi-partisan organizations. What did he think they were going come up with?… actual legislation that would accomplish something? think again cuomo.

      • Reminds me of The Sum of All Fears. The Russian president or whatever was blamed for the some evil deed and he took the blame saying ” it’s better to appear guilty than impotent.

        • “In any situation, the best thing you can do is the right thing; the next best thing you can do is the wrong thing; the worst thing you can do is nothing”
          – Theodore Roosevelt

      • How many times are we going to believe that BS lie that they have not read any bill before passing it? Indeed, ALL are guilty and acting in Violation of their OATH of Office who participate in any way shape or form of either writing that legislation, not allowing anyone time to read it, or FAILING TO READ THE DARN THING! What BS. Surely they are ALL Incompetent then for failing to read and passing ANY bill before doing so and need to be “removed” from office immediately! And the BILL Immediately thrown out!

    • He is sync, perfectly, with the others at the Progressive Minuette. The National Healthcare Bill was jammed through also. Pelosi hadn’t read that one, why should this next-to-be-annointed-One read it?

  2. This should be pushed come election time. An ad should be run in NY asking, “Do you want an administration who makes the laws or do you want an administration who has special interest make the laws” Or, something to that affect. This seems like it could effectively be used against him to get him out of Albany or make it soooo damn close he will think twice.

    Sadly, not ready bills is par for the course these days — see Obamacare!

      • Indeed, both parties do it, but Obamacare is a tax increase shitstorm of epic proportions. The Republicans gave us the Patriot Act, but BHO kept and increased it.

      • We are talking about Cuomo’s incompetence. I hope you aren’t arguing that his incompetence is excusable because others have also been incompetent? A decent parent teaches their kids early on cut that kind of crap. I’m sorry if I am being harsher than you deserve, but I am sick to my marrow of Alinsky arguments of this type that we wouldn’t accept from a five year old.

        • 1) I never said it was excusable. That’s your assumption. That wasn’t my point at all.
          2) It’s not incompetent. It’s corrupt. The fact that the American voter gets to choose between a candidate from “the super corrupt party” and one from “the less corrupt party” at election time is an issue that merits a national discussion (which will never happen).

        • Fair enough, I take it back. I didn’t know your intent. I agree. In discussions with lefties, they play the “Bush did it” card eventually, to which I say, “yeah, Bush was an a-hole in some ways too, but we are not talking about him at the moment.” At which point they usually pause a full couple of seconds as if they were caught off guard. As if they are having trouble understanding that the conversation is about right vs. wrong instead of GOP vs. DNC.

          And one might argue that he was both incompetent (in not knowing the content) and corrupt (in rushing it through). I think I erred on the side of politeness, but Cuomo may well have proven (yet again) that lazy and crooked and not mutually exclusive.

    • So Cuomo is going to run on the platform “I was too stupid or too lazy to read the bill, but I signed it anyway because I was getting a lot of money from the Bloomburg political machine.”

      • Those at the “top”, with the very few exceptions, are there because they have catered to the same group at the very tip top working for the establishment of a NWO. They are all in bed together.

        Hence, you have the presidents before passing unpopular legislation, whether we want it or not, then the next one in office further expands that same legislation and then passes more of his own…each building upon the blocks laid down before him. You NEVER see them “repeal” or “remove” unpopular law. Quite the contrary. Why? Because they are all working for the same goals, in secret. They are a “brotherhood” to themselves and serve NO country.

        Hence the UN whom they serve has established that no nation in the New World Order will have National Sovereignty. These people, as Bush Sr. stated on Sept. 11, before his son, “W” continued on…stated, “We WILL have a NWO, whether you want it or not, whether by Consent or CONQUEST!”

        Now, if you have been paying attention, you will note, Obama’s private citizen army he stated in 2008 he wanted has become a reality as they are destroying and de-funding the DOD….DHS has now purchased nearly 2 BILLION rounds of AMMO to be used DOMESTICALLY as they have no war powers and are only used DOMESTICALLY.

        See the powerful Article: Retired Army Captain WARNS of DHS recent Acquisitions “Bold Threat of WAR” Against the American People.

        DHS, Obama’s private army, has also acquired new Paper Targets via LET INC of American Gun Owners, young pregnant women, CHILDREN etc..all in “residential settings” to Practice Target Shooting AT. If you are not concerned, your are NOT paying attention. To their way of thinking, it’s out with the “old world” and in with their Marxist Monarchy New World Order. Hence they want Americans unarmed to make the “fundamental change” much easier for them to accomplish! As they tank the economy, and as threats of war with whoever the heck is next in their books to help create the chaos…they expect the American people of all peoples to be most “pizzed” and are preparing to apparently take them on if all the weapons of war the Domestic DHS has acquired are any sign of what’s to come.

  3. Let this serve as evidence to any who would work with Bloomberg or the Brady campaign, they are ideological extremists willing to put you out there to be burned to advance their agenda. They don’t have friends, they have fuel.

  4. wow. I can only say wow – Cuomo throws Bloomberg under the bus. I bet that the Bloomberg ads will have the opposite of the intended effect and galvanize people against what ever Bloomberg is for.

    • We are actually seeing that IN New York City already. His soda ban seemed ridiculous to many on the left too. These ads are the 1st. Amendment in action; it allows an idiot to show his true self widely. Rights are NOT selective (and he HATES that) Really, he can not understand how anyone could disagree with him and he doesn’t understand the audience he is trying to sway. His message will actually help us in the end.

      • Bloomberg is an impotent little man. He is miserable and wants everyone to feel his pain.

      • Personally, I WANT Bloomberg to spend more money on his anti-gun ads. As Scalia said, gun control WILL come before the SCOTUS soon and given how previous cases have gone, odds are it will go badly for Bloomerg and Co. I want that psychotic wannabe tyrant to blow his entire fortune on fighting against our rights so that he’ll end up living on the streets.

      • Banning “Soda” shows how stupid and ridiculous and CONTROLLING this New Marxist Agenda really is! So much so, that even the left wing Democrats are waking up to the real agenda behind all the nonsense…these political stooges are getting sloppy and in too big a hurry to fully implement their real agenda.

  5. I have little doubt that Cuomo’s allegation that Brady/Bloomberg wrote most of the language, and that he himself was unfamiliar with it, will weigh sorely against him in the pending judicial process challenging the emergency waiver of the 3-day reading process.

    • “And why did you declare an emergency waiver of the three-day bill reading period, Governor?”
      “Because, Your Honor, guns are used in killings everyday. If I could save just one life….”
      “And how would the bill have stopped such criminality, Governor?”
      “I’m not sure, Your Honor. I didn’t read the proposed bill that was enacted on an emergency basis. Somebody else wrote it. I was just doing a favor for some friends.”
      “And, Governor Cuomo, was this doing of favors an emergency.”

  6. What’s even more sad is that “I didn’t actually read the bill” seems like a viable excuse. What the hell is the point of elected officials if they don’t even read the bills that they are signing?

    • No kidding, the next bill could be one to “Round up and Indefinitely Detain American Citizens in Internment Camps”. Oh wait…that’s already been done. NDAA anyone…passed in the DARK OF NIGHT….NEW YEARS EVE 2011.

  7. He’s claiming incompetence and throwing an ally under the bus. The best part is that this is the only thing that he can do.

  8. “… Cuomo is trying to shift blame for the shoddily worded law to Mayor Bloomberg and the Brady Campaign, saying that they drafted most of the legislation and he didn’t read it.”

    Which is worse? Cuomo advocated for and signed legislation that violates the New York State and United States Constitutions … or he advocated for and signed legislation that he did not read?

    How do these clowns ever get to political office?!?!?!?

    • They give out party favors, much like during Mardi Gras. There is, I think, more than trillion of these party favors in boxes up in some DC warehouse.

      • I believe its more like Circus and Bread and Cuomo is the chief clown because he has the big red nose.

    • Either way you look at it, you should see Cuomo desperately trying to save his political career. He looks bad either way though in my book.

      When he signed it, he approved and took responsibility for whatever it said, whether it was what he thought it was or not.

      New Yorkers, PLEASE hold this guy and the rest of the state legislature that voted FOR the SAFE Act responsible: for passing something they never read, and/or the mere fact it was arbitrary and unconstitutional.

  9. The media isn’t state controlled. Don’t believe me? Watch what they do the next time someone with an “R” after their name is President.

    What they are is a profession that hires and fires based on ideological grounds, which has resulted in the entire profession being filled with liberals.

    Their guy happens to be in office, so they are providing cover. As soon as their guy is out of office, they’ll go back to actually doing their job, which is helping hold government accountable.

    • Excuse me, I don’t recall the “liberal” controlled media bashing Bush/Cheney, et al, for all of their lies, or the Wall Street thieves that almost brought down this country – and still might. Cuomo is an idiot, as are most politicians whether Rep or Dem. Sadly, today’s mainstream media is beholden to and fearful of both parties. Why? Not because they’re “liberal” but because most are owned and controlled by big corporations.

      • The people that run or own these corporations are radical progressives. They may not have exposed every lie by Bush but there is an obvious difference in the way Obama and any person with an R are covered.

      • or the Wall Street thieves that almost brought down this country – and still might

        See, this is the kind of biased media crap he was talking about. Read up on the facts (such as the Community Reinvestment Act started by Carter and strengthened by Clinton) and you’ll see that it was the Democrats view that “Everyone should own a home, even if they can’t afford it!” that cause the housing bubble (seriously, Clinton’s strengthening of the CRA was exactly when the housing bubble started). Their regulations forced banks to make risky loans because otherwise “Those mean bankers won’t let poor people buy a house!” (because the banks knew they could never repay the loan).

        Blame the people who created the mess, not the unwilling people forced to follow the law.

    • IF they don’t get too busy making up crap to blame government for. (While GW was no saint, remember a CBS anchor, IIRC, made up crap about his military performance.)

  10. Say, doesn’t this open the door for those lawsuits to prevail? Cuomo claimed that the criteria for determining legislation to be an emergency (and bypass the three day wait for legislation) is solely up to the governor. Well how can the governor possibly make any determination about legislation that he did not read?

    • Because when a person is party to an agenda-their sole purpose is to support the agenda,without ever questioning it. Lies, half truths, inconsistencies-these have no importance. Furthermore “I did not write it” is political cover.

  11. If the people of New York are to lazy to go out and exploit
    These commies for what they are, then New York will reap what it sows.
    There is a lot of work to do, with all the bleeding hearts in New York they better get moving

  12. So lovely to see them squirm, still a ways to go though. Even with this abomination repealed or drastically modified, we still have other illegal laws to battle.

    I have a feeling that this could be the “High Water Mark” of the grabbers. Baring any other sickening attacks, both public and court opinions are turning our way. Much depends on the elections of 2014. With all our efforts, and God willing, we will prevail.

  13. Better watch out, Obama will stop at nothing. Next up on his list is to kill maybe 100 kids this time…eyes and ears open everybody!

  14. Like a skunk who swears up and down he hates the smell of skunks….

    It amuses me to witness the liberals turn on themselves like starving, rabid dogs. I shall now microwave some popcorn and set up some lawn chairs. Bring the drinks and let’s watch.

  15. Oh wait, Cuomo deserves a pass because the intent of the New York SAFE act is fine … the problem is that it is shoddily worded.

    And back to my original point, Cuomo wants a pass because either he did not actually read the legislation … or because the intent is fine but it is shoddily worded.

    Again, how do these clowns get into office?

  16. Cuomo – “it’s not my fault”
    Reality – “Yer sittin’ in the big chair, that means it IS your fault”

  17. As the governor, you are responsible for everything that happens or fails to happen. You failed in reading the law and put your name to paper. Therefore you endorsed the law therefore owning it.

    • You’re thinking like someone who has been through a military command school. Politicians don’t think like that.

  18. We’ve gone from the I’m too dumb to know what I’m doing defense to the I can’t read defense. What next?

  19. The Governor of NY and Mayor of NYC are always at each other’s throats regardless of which party they belong to. The reason that Bloomberg refused the initial request for the National Guard by the Staten Island Borough President during Sandy was that the Guard is controlled from Albany and does not report to the Mayor. Bloomberg wasn’t going to let Cuomo run relief operations in his City. It is not surprising that Bloomberg would also try to deflect anger over the SAFE Act to Cuomo since it weakens a bitter rival.

    • Ah, the acrid smell of power politics. To borrow a phrase, I just love the smell of napalm in the morning.

    • actually, Cuomo better hope Bloomberg’s people don’t strike back and pull out the email traffic showing who said what to whom. Now that will be entertaining

      @TTAG – you guys ever heard of FOIA requests?? You are the media

      • “You ARE the Media”….Newsflash…no, the MSM are the ministry of manipulation…aka Department of BS and so forth. Hence they can NEVER tell the People the truth. That is NOT their job. And Hence, O and other’s have tried to place restraints on the Internment (SOPA) and ANY way the people can discover the actual truth wherein they do not have to rely on the BS Media.

        If you have watched the Brit Piers Morgan lately, it’s laughable how EVERY NIGHT on his show the Puppet Owned douche bag who hasn’t an independent intelligent thought in his brain apparently- CONTINUALLY Brings up Sandy Hook and Gun Control like the owned baboon he is!

        He is told to keep that rhetoric coming so the public hears it enough (you know the saying-if you tell a lie over and over enough then it becomes truth, NOT) and so Piers can try and try to convince (read manipulate brainwash) the people to go to sleep and allow the politicians to incrementally wipe out ALL Rights, Liberties and Private Property.

        That is the goal for their NWO in their own words. No National Sovereignty, no Private Property, and damn well if they have their way and can “connive” enough, you will not have ANY guns at all. And of course, there are Internment Camps for the rest who refuse to allow the country to be “fundamentally changed” from chaos to the new world order. It’s on your Federal Dollars…the agenda in your face.

  20. Admitting that he didn’t read it before he led the charge in getting it passed is worse, in my estimation,than simply being the front man for this flawed legislation. This says volumes about this man’s lack of a work ethic. This guy is the worst kind of silver-spoon elitist scum.

  21. Sounds like grounds for a recall campaign for incompetence/failing to do his job. When’s he up for re-election? If it’s more than one year I’d go the recall campaign route. But that’s just the opinion of one southerner, it’s not like northerners ever come down here and try to tell us how to do things better, (tongue planted firmly in cheek).

  22. I believe the technical term for what the Gov is doing is “Tap Dancing.”
    You wanted it.
    You signed it.
    It’s yours, baby.

  23. The Brady Center does seem to offer help with drafting new gun laws. I read at some point, probably in Denver Post, that the failed inane bill in Colorado, which would have allowed lawsuits against gun shops, manufacturers, and owners who were not “careful” enough selling assault weapons that were later used in crime, was drafted with the aid of Brady lawyers. They needed to get around the Federal law prohibiting such lawsuits, so they came up with some tortuous and probably wrong but somewhat clever way to do that.

    I also have a suspicion that they have been involved with helping anti-gun cities to explore loopholes in State preemption laws in various places, but this is just my hunch.

  24. Really, it’s not Barackus that worries me, as much as I don’t like his policies or his lack of professionalism, I don’t believe he has the tyrannical nature some people ascribe to him.

    What worries me is 2016 and the prospect that a true despot like Cuomo, Bloomberg or Attilary could be elected POTUS. Some will say that could never happen, but let’s not forgot those same people said Barackus would never get re-elected either. While I could never envision Obama sending out federal troops to confiscate guns and in the process launch a second American Rebellion that would send the entire world into chaos, I fear an ego-maniac with a severe case of little man syndrome (Bloomberg) or feminist ambition (Hillary) would have no such qualms in showing the world how “tough” they are by taking a war to the streets of America to further an agenda.

    Don’t fall into the trap of thinking things will necessarily get better in 2016.

    • Don’t forget another BUSH is wanting to put his peas in the pot….Lord Help us….but no, they are ALL wanting this Order out of CHAOS that THEY CREATE….it’s on the Fed. Reserve Notes you use everyday…..THAT is the Agenda…and they have INCREMENTALLY ushered it upon us. CHAOS….leads to their designed NWO. All of this is connected. There are those “inside” working at the top echelons promoting it, and some trying to stop it…there is war be waged behind the scenes that we are not being shown. Sound like Crooked CONS-Aspiring in the background…You BET! Not a theory…the Cons are definitely conspiring to implement this Change.

  25. Bloomberg is no threat. He has no appeal outside of NYC even with Democrats. Cuomo is dangerous but again I think he will fail outside of New York State. Hillary is an enigma. She probably had a stroke and is likely to have another one by 2016. She was annointed the next President in 2005 but lost the nomination to some unknown frist term Senator, I just can’t remember his name right now. I’d worry about Maryland’s Martin O’Malley if I were you.

  26. Is it really better to be a politician that lets lobbyist groups and mayors push him around than to be a politician who took a gut reaction to a horrible event too far?

    Seems if he just admitted to getting carried away then took steps to rectify the SAFE Act stupidity he could save some face.

    The tactic he is using of “they made me do it!” just makes him look worse.

  27. Call me old fashioned but it would seem an issue regarding a constitutional right deserves more than twenty minutes of thought- and I mean after they’ve taken all the time it takes to read the legislation.

  28. So this A$$haT admits publicly to using a “message of necessity” to get a bill passed that neither he or anyone on his staff contributed to, or even read? How is he still in Office…how is he not in jail?!

    • My Thoughts exactly! It is Horribly Criminal! Crimes against the people of this nation and a Direct VIOLATION of HIS OATH OF OFFICE. CUOMO should be charged and tried in court for this crap!

  29. My political beliefs most likely vary from the majority on this forum….but I can’t wait to vote in the next election, just to be part of the voice that says “ENOUGH ALREADY!”

  30. At the end of the day, the big question is whether any further changes to NY SAFE Act are likely, or whether we get a bit of schadenfreude here and nothing else. There is a ton of really bad provisions in it besides the magazine restrictions, and even these have been only partially reversed.

  31. Good post Nick.

    “Much of what’s in the law was drafted by people connected to Mayor Bloomberg and the Brady Center, not by the governor’s staff,” the (Cuomo administration) source said. “That’s why there are so many problems with it.’’

    — That is too funny. I’m glad I wasn’t eating when I read that excuse.

  32. Shows haw bad this country is becoming when evil fascist cant even wright there own laws only King Dingbat Mike of Bloombergia dose.

  33. Convenient, this — now that’s law, and all.

    “Just help me get it signed into law, and then you can ‘disavow’ all suport for it, heh heh’ heh.. hoo.

  34. Would the last AMERICAN PLEASE BRING THE FLAG, WHEN LEAVING NY!! These politians think they make the rules, arent they employed by the people for the people!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There just making bullshit up as it comes! Hey asshats, gun violence is at 3.2%, hasnt bin that low since 1962!!! So my question is wheres all this violence, oohhh Chicago, and NY..Dont they have the most restrictive gun laws already in place??? YES THEY DO!! Sounds like you just LOST!! Blamming responsible gun owners for the acts of a few mentaly impaired people, is like blaming Ford for making the car a drunk driver runs you over with!! Instead of the drunk behind the wheel! These politicans need to be replaced, QUICKLY!!!! How many times is Obama going to break his oath of office before charges are brought to him!! Impeechment time AMERICA!! Get this Post America president where he belongs, behind bars!!

  35. Many People forget that there are really 2 parts to New York. Most of Upstate moderate to conservative (Red). The county I live in is about as conservative as it gets. All the counties in upstate have passed or in the process of passing resolutions against the NYSAFE act. Even Albany county. Downstate is the liberal bastion. Unfortunately they have the population there. I think the Gov is feeling the pressure and now is looking for a way to blame someone else. He’s looking at reelection and not liking what is happening to his popularity (diving).

  36. What is this, high school debate class? Teacher, it’s not fair that other guy won because I didn’t bother to read the argument I was presenting?

    How is not reading important legislation in any way better than trying to pass unconstitutional legislation?

    You fail on both counts Cuomo and your bid for the White House is now history and you will now be known as the moron that endangered the lives of thousands of New York citizens. Good riddance.

    • I am a New Yorker who really couldn’t care less about gun legislation. Although, I would prefer that the neighbors I have living in my building don’t own an M-16s. In any case, the NY Safe Act surely has not endangered my life any more than it has made it safer.

  37. Cuomo can’t have it both ways. First he’s the champion of the SAFE Act and wants to take all the credit. He spouts ” common sense, common sense”, yet he doesn’t have the common sense to read it himself. Then when it’s a Flop, he want’s to point the finger and throw others under the bus like it wasn’t his fault.

    You can’t have it both ways, the only thing he’s shown us is how incompetent he is. If he can’t properly create laws, or run his state with full responsibility. Then how does he expect to lead a nation? I hope he doesn’t run for President.

  38. Not reading a law before you sign it ranks you all up there as stupid and reckless. VOTE THEM ALL OUT!

  39. As other people have said, that this just shows that he did not read or fully understand what he signed into law, so this is a derelict of duty. So why would his sheeple want to re-elect him or even consider him for president ??? What an idiot !!!

  40. Is Cuomo a frigging idiot? “…ban rifles that have such a capacity that they have no real use in hunting or for sportsmen…” I may have read a different Constitution and Bill of Rights than his copy, but I don’t remember the Second Amendment wording being “Hunting, being necessary to the feeding of a free nation, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” WTF is he talking about? He is an idiot if he thinks the right to bear arms is just for hunting or just for “sportsmen”. All these “innocent, defenseless people” that were killed (and he is making these laws because of), SHOULD HAVE BEEN ARMED. That one factor alone would have severely reduced the number of deaths. “… being necessary to the security of a free State” means just that – guns are necessary for security, not the LACK of guns.

  41. What a lying, cocksucker, piece of shit he is!
    HE is responsible for the stupidity of the NY-(UN)Safe act and people better remember that when election time comes around.

    My apology for the language but people like Gov. Homo really irk me with their backhanded and lying ways.

  42. Hmm, I have no strong feelings either way on gun control, simply because people will have too many of them whether they are controlled or not. However, Nick’s post is somewhat misleading. It comes from a review of an NY Post article that never even quoted the governor, but an unnamed “source” from the Cuomo administration. And I suppose that could be anybody.

    And in terms of special interest groups drafting legislation, Nick should be aware that this practice happens all the time. The NRA itself has drafted legislation in a number of states, as have oil companies, tobacco companies, banks, and even a few liberal interest groups. It’s OK to have opinions, but back them up with facts, not misleading spin…

  43. This law is a joke. Rushed through with no public debate under the need of necessity, only to be told by Cuomo later that his staff had been working on it for weeks, and weeks; and now, this?! Do not think for one moment that if 54 out of 62 counties had supported this unSAFE Act, instead of passing resolutions to REPEAL it – instead of blaming Nanny Bloomberg and admitting that he, like all the politicians who voted for this infringement on the Second Amendment DIDN’T READ IT before voting – Cuomo would be saying he wrote it all by himself. Pathetic.

  44. I wasn’t about to listen to that full video. I stopped after 6 seconds when he said ‘my fellow COMRADES’.

    one (_|_) hole blaming another BIGGER (_|_) hole!!

    who elected these clowns into office !! WHO! MONSANTO? the ILLUMINATI? conspiracy theories seem more plausible and make more sense then today’s governing masses…HAHAHA!! OMG!

  46. besides continuing the outcry against the SAFE Act it’s about time to organize an effort to impeach Comrad Cuomo. it won’t get rid of him but it should at least end his political aspirations for future office.

  47. Ah Governor Cuomo…..getting nervous about your political future? You shouldn’t have treaded on the 2 Amendment! I like the hacker group ‘Anonymous’ motto: WE DO NOT FORGIVE! WE DO NOT FORGET! It seems to apply here.

  48. Ah Governor Cuomo…..getting nervous about your political future? You shouldn’t have treaded on the 2nd Amendment! I like the hacker group ‘Anonymous’ motto: WE DO NOT FORGIVE! WE DO NOT FORGET! It seems to apply here.

  49. Ah Governor Cuomo…..getting nervous about your political future? You shouldn’t have treaded on the 2nd Amendment! I like the hacker group ‘Anonymous’ motto: “We Do Not Forgive! We Do Not Forget!” It seems to apply here.

  50. Lots of non-gun owners see the writing on the wall after this was passed in the middle of the night so the press and government body could not react until 2 days later. Did they really think a law that literally disarmed NYS Police was a good thing? I’m not a New Yorker according to my Governor anyway, elect him out move away to a tax friendly state is the plan.

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