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“…(E)ven if Secretary of State Clinton signs onto the Arms Trade Treaty on our country’s behalf, two-thirds of the Senate must vote in favor of it before it’s approved. This treaty would require 67 votes to make it past the Senate, which is extremely unlikely to happen. As of now, 58 senators have already signed onto letters directly opposing the treaty, and I’m one of them. In fact, yet another letter opposing the treaty is currently being circulated around the Senate. I’ll be signing on, as will an expected 60-plus other senators. So, the treaty isn’t a threat to either American autonomy or the Second Amendment — because the Senate largely stands against it, and we’re the gatekeepers on this one.” – Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson

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  1. Kind of jumping the gun there, Senator. You don’t even know what it says and you are already politicing. Shouldn’t our elected representatives at least have a clue what they’re talking about before they pile on the band wagon to be agin it?

    • He’s not politicking too much, he’s retiring. Thankfully. (I say that as a Nebraskan) He’s got an overly large head with incredibly plastic looking hair, and he runs here as a conservative, reasonable democrat, but once he’s in DC, it’s another story. Sorry about the comments on his head and hair, but I met him once, and it was truly amazing.

    • I’d rather they jump the gun as opposed to passing it to find out what it say ala Comrade Pelosi

        • If everything is peachy keen and above board with this treaty why is there no draft copy available at this late stage unless the U.N. is hiding something. It’s a United Nations sponsored agreement with support from every two bit, piss ant gun grabber faction on the planet, what more do you need to know?

  2. While I commend Mr. Nelson for his work on this to make sure the hill stands united and apposed to the Proposed UN treaty, one not look to far to figure out how the Obama administration works.

    If a treaty is actually put together and voted on, right now we don’t even have any proposed text regarding the treaty. Obama might not be able to get away with an executive order implementing any treaty or ban which would piss off everyone on the hill across the board. He might try though.

    One thing he could do is implement commerce trade executive orders which would essentially castrate and impede trade of firearms locally. They could also enact executive orders required the shell casing stamping and other ridiculousness that would get everyone’s panties in a bunch. The only hope we have is to not have any vote by the UN until after November, have Romney in place and pretty much have him tell our folks to veto it.

    • I don’t think Romney is as much a noble champion of gun rights as you seem to think he is. I guess we’ll see though. I’m not holding my breath.

      • It doesn’t matter so much whether he’s a ‘noble champion,’ so long as he isn’t the foe that Obama and cronies are.

        • Why are we assuming he’s not a foe? Everything in his record says he’s exactly like Obama.

      • romney may not be a champ. but with gop in the oval office it removes some of the power people lik boxer, feinstein and pelosi have. with a majority in the house, the oval office and parity in the senate the gop is less likely to damage gun owners than the dems. and i’ve made clear to the gop that they will only continue to have this ofwg’s support if they return the favor. and the gop can’t afford to take even 1 ofwg for granted. the numbers are too tight.

      • Sadly, I agree with Henry. While Romney may be better than Obama in some ways, we need a strong Congress to make sure Romney doesn’t cave on a lot of things – big government, 2A, etc.

        • This I agree. Without a strong Congress regardless of who is president we are in trouble, and I mean that in a general sense, not just 2A.
          We could have bozo the clown president but unless our local and federal government is weighted to protect specifically 2A issue we will hit issues. To that end it makes your state and local constituents all that more important.
          So get out there and vote folks!

    • We already have trade orders out the wazoo, yet there is no slow down in the amount of private firearms trade–I’m sure the manufacturers would have told us if those orders had. The US is the largest arms seller on the planet. The intent of the treaty is to try to slow down the gun runners and the supporters of international terrorism, i.e., the blackmarket and certain nation states (read Iran, North Korea) that are shipping arms to non-nation states for use in war/terrorism.

  3. Romney is not a great champion of gun rights, but has a more laissez-faire attitude, leaving it up to the states. On the other hand, I don’t think he would veto any law strengthening gun rights.
    One thing I am reasonably certain of, though. Romney would not invoke imperial decrees [executive orders] to circumvent and/or violate laws and the Constitution as certain occupants of the White House have been known to do. [I’m still anticipating the invocation of martial law before the election, but then, I make pessimists look cheerful in comparison].

    • Not to worry, there will be no need for martial law. Obama will beat Romney like an ugly red headed step child 🙂

  4. I seem to recall the Senate saying that they wouldn’t Pass the NDAA as well.

    Whether or not our Guv’ment signs onto the UN Small Arms Treaty does nothing to my God Given Inalienable Rights, one of which is the Right to Bear Arms!

    I care not what course others may take; but as for me, Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!!!

    • There is no such thing as an act of congress that cannot be repealed by subsequent legislation. There is nothing in the Constitution that prohibits the Congress from doing so. Happens all the time.

      The author of that site seems to confuse the opinions of various persons with the meaning, intent, and effect of laws. Just because Dan’l Webster said it does not make it so. There can’t be a draft of citizens to fight wars oversees? Umhmm. Tell that to the millions of draftees who served in WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and and and. There was a draft in the Civil War as well, yet no constitutional infirmity in such a law canbe found. (I don’t know if there was one in WWI–there were a lot of volunteers for that one too.)

  5. Our supreme emperor in chief has already shown that he cares little to nil for the proper process of governmental checks and balances. The voting public has proven their utter stupidity and gullibility, and their unworthiness to inherit the responsibilities of being American. Our SCOTUS has shown that it’s a tool of political activism and perhaps the greatest threat to American liberty, given its power. If Obama or the Supreme Court Traito–er, Justices want something bad enough, they’ll make it happen, screw law.

    Proper Americans just have to prove that they want liberty bad enough.

  6. “…we have to sign it before we know what’s in it”. Nancy Pelosi. Or something to that effect.

    • Uh huh. In that case, there was a document in existence, just a rather lengthy one. Coupla thousand pages, I seem to recall. Not exactly light bed time reading. And there was a time deadline because of all the fighting that went on as to what the bill would and would not include. I think Congress had a pretty good idea what it was they were voting on.

      • I’ll go on the record as an opponent of “we have to sign (ratify) it before we know what’s in it.”. That garbage didn’t fool me the first time, and it sure as hell won’t fool me now.

      • The Patriot Act is a whole different animal. I personally haven’t done enough research on it to see if the costs outweighs the benefits.

      • Sadly, they knew exactly what they were doing. There was no end to the publicity urging them not to vote for it, but yet the vote was overwhelming. Both this and its original version are the greatest attacks on personal freedom in the history of this country, far worse that FDR’s internment orders.

  7. I thought that Dana Barrett was the Gatekeeper and Louis was the Keymaster. Does Vinz Clortho know about this?

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