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“Democrats to their detriment and disgrace have ignored the gun issue because they wrongly viewed it as a lost cause — faulty thinking that has hurt them in energizing their base, and contributed to additional bloodshed in our streets. President Obama has seen first-hand the payback for bold leadership in supporting gay marriage. Since the year 2000, some 1.2 million families representing almost 3 million voters have been affected by gun violence. These families along with a majority of Americans will support a leader that pushes forward on common-sense gun control measures for the good of their party and the public good.”  – Ralph Fascitelli of Washington Ceasefire

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  1. When this moron is willing to let us have identical restrictions on the First Amendment as he proposes for the Second Amendment, then we’ll talk.

  2. “…for the good of their party…”
    I seem to remember reading that phrase in a book, somewhere.

  3. That’s quite a bit of gun-grabber creative mathematical conjecture and projection based loosely on grand gun-shooting totals without logically separating out sub-categories. Far more families and individuals will support a leader who respects their RKBA especially people whose guns have protected them and theirs. The public is generally not well-informed about the details of most social and political issues. However, the public has been exposed to decades of gun-grabber thinking and actions so feel-good phrases such as “common-sense gun control” have less and less of a persuasive meaning to the average citizen. Americans increasingly support CSGR ‘common-sense gun rights’.

    • from the link above:
      ‘Speak up, Democrats, on gun control’
      ‘Democrats incorrectly fear that gun control is a poisonous issue to push. The NRA’s clout is less than it seems.’

      Huh? In this case, the gun-grabbers are claiming that the NRA’s clout is less than believed? The same gun-grabbers who constantly demonize the NRA’s allegedly massive clout, influence, power, and intimidation for affecting US gun laws and spreading lies through American society? Last week and before that it was a premise or a standard claimed principle by the gun-grabbers claiming the opposite. Ralph Fascitelli, just like gun-grabber expat Mikey from Italy, needs to take some testosterone injections.

      • If the NRA’s clout is all that keeps gun control from spreading, then gun owners and the 2nd Amendment are in serious trouble.

        The NRA doesn’t own guns, *people* do. Even if the NRA could buy its own laws, it can’t vote. What the Democratic party should rightly fear is that their constituents are paying attention to the Constitution.

        Washington Ceasefire is their name? Bet you a buck they’re from the nest of crime and politics (where the Constitution doesn’t apply). The state of WA, which is actually part of America and has fairly sane gun laws (and–surprise–lots of Democrats), wouldn’t put up with those clowns.

        • I’ll take that buck (and use it to buy a fourth of a latte). Nope, they’re from the West Coast Washington. We just ignore them.

  4. I’m an OFWG. Does that make me amongst the majority in America? If so then I can say, No, we don’t support more gun control. Quite the opposite actually. Less is better.

  5. Where is Joe McCarthy when we really need him ? /sarcasm off
    But, seriously, where are all these Progressive Socialist/Marxists coming from? Why do all these people want to trash the Foundations of the Republic and surrender Liberty? Have we become so weak and craven that freedom is no longer preferable to societal slavery and a false sense of “public safety”?

  6. Maybe us OFWG’s need to come up with someone from our ranks who can run for POTUS.
    At least then we would have a better chance of being safer for a few more years!!

  7. Maybe he should ask the Syrians how they like not having guns to protect themselves. It would be great research for him to go there and live for a while. Get to see how people live in totalitarian governments. Liberals seem to like them so well.

  8. Do you really believe in that “Red Scare” bullshit? Do you really believe that McCarthy was as paranoid and delusional as the liberal media claimed he was? Do you actually believe the drivel that passes for history textbooks that discredit McCarthy? C’mon, man, that was all just a fourth estate/fifth column hatchet job. It was done because McCarthy was getting way too close.

    • It’s funny that the media / academics scream about how McCarthy was a lunatic when the declassified files from the Venona Project showed he was right about Soviet spies in the US government. The worst part is, the government knew he was right but threw him under the bus in their typical games.

  9. He pretty much lost me. Sure you can count up the numbers, and make a big scene, but honestly people like those on the east coast now, are wishing they had guns to protect themselves. Sometimes it takes a tragedy to make people understand that we are not nuts. We are realists.

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