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“If Issa really wants to save U.S. and Mexican lives, he should convene hearings on banning the sale of high-powered weapons. I think Holder would be happy to testify.” – Eugene Robinson, Gun walking investigation aims at political targets,

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  1. Ill sum up his opinion: “Issa’s investigation is a partisan witch-hunt, and I accept the administration’s statements at face value, because I want to.”

    Hint- If you’re gonna call partisan bull$hit, don’t engage in partisan bull$hit while doing it.

    • Sorry, but look at the picture of the douchebag – I think it’s pretty safe to say why he’s covering for Obama and Holder.

  2. Additionally, I’m sick and tired of hearing this “election year grandstanding” BS. This investigation began when it did because CBP AGENT BRIAN TERRY WAS KILLED IN 2010.

    For the slow-witted, this might also explain why the investigation didn’t begin during the Bush administration. If Agent Terry had been killed before Nov 08, I think we can safely assume house democrats would have had their own “witch hunt”.

    • Seems the ATF and DEA are the only agencies that can get away with crimes and civil rights violations if the party that favors them are in charge. If the agency involved was the DEA, the Dems would be all over it. ATF, not so much. Same applies here, I doubt Issa would care if it was the DEA. My basic view is this: DEA gets a blanket pass from the Republicans because they are supposed to hate drugs, and be tough on crime and “hard on drugs”. ATF gets a blanket pass from the Democrats because they are supposed to hate guns and doing anything will be viewed by the progressive talking heads as being “stooges for the NRA.”

      • You may very well be right. The way I look at it is that as I live in a world of compromises, I just have to be happy with someone investigating something. True honesty and integrity in government is something I’m a little too old and weary to ever expect. All I can hope at this point is that when someone in government f**ks up royally, as is the case here, that the other side will happily grind their axe until the someone in question finally has to answer for it.

        I have turned my back on both parties because of hypocrisies that I just could no longer tolerate. I just have to try to take wins where I can get them.

    • @Mike S: Thank you. I’ve been jumping up and down on this for weeks now.

      “This is just an election year witch hunt.”

      “It wasn’t an election year when your guy(s) lied to Congress more than a year ago, jackass.”

  3. Another member of the Amen Chorus has been heard from. Hey, Eugene, if it’s your mission to kiss Obama/Holder ass, just say so and stop with the alibis. They just make you look like a fool.

  4. Wonder how this partisan bozo would feel… if thru stupid government blunders his son was killed!!!! Guess just let things go unchecked so it can happen again!!! REALLY?????

  5. I am starting to think that liberal media are basically trolling Americans. I find it hard to fathom there are soo many people that believe regulating or banning weapons will create a United State of Bunnies, Unicorns, and Rainbows.

  6. That is seriously the dumbest thing I have ever heard from anyone.
    Ok next to Nancy’s slurred speech she made the other day.

    • Read his next column.

      My local cage-liner used to run his column (it still might). I have yet to read anything he wrote that impressed me.

  7. Eugene Robinson is obsessed with race and racial solidarity. Whenever the local paper publishes one of his editorials I just go to the next page.

  8. Eugene Robinson is a partisan racist who is insisting this is a ‘witch hunt’ against Holder yet contradicting Holder’s own resistance to legally comply with a Congressional investigation with the baseless claim that Holder would welcome an investigation… which he is resisting.

  9. Robinson makes the leap that F&F put out there. Only problem is the program was uncovered. Don’t think for one second the program didn’t go EXACTLY as designed. They wanted to lose track of those guns. No, they NEEDED to lose them so morons like Robinson can throw this logic out there and some people would buy it.

  10. A hearing on banning “high-powered” weapons? Just curious, but I didn’t see any tactical nukes for sale at the last gun show I attended. A more relevant, if equally useless, hearing would be on the subject of Mexico eliminating corruption and north-bound smuggling.

  11. Eugene thinks “Holder would be happy to testify” about banning high powered weapons? Does that mean it’s a bad thing when high-powered weapons are used to kill innocent people? So would it be a really bad thing if someone knew the weapons would be used that way, and actually helped see to it that they were?

    He’s probably wrong about how happy Holder would be to testify.

  12. P.S. Most of the weapons the drug cartels have didn’t come from F&F. They either came into Mexico from countries other than the USA, or they were given to the Mexican police and military and then walked when the user went AWOL. The 2000+ weapons from F&F were a trickle compared to the flood of weapons from other sources.

    So “If Issa really wants to save U.S. and Mexican lives, he should convene hearings on banning the sale of high-powered weapons” …to the Mexican police and military. And it makes no sense at all to disarm the main enemy of the cartels, now does it? Eugene Robinson is either an idiot to propose such a stupid argument, or he thinks the public is so stupid that they will accept a stupid argument like that.

  13. Or we could just end this ridiculous ‘war on drugs’ which has turned into a program that provides price supports for the thugs in the USA, Mexico, and the rest of Latin America who deal them, spurred gang violence in every country, and is often used as a ready excuse to infringe upon the civil liberties of citizens of every one of those nations.

  14. I know I’m a stupid guy and all that but wouldn’t it have been easier to give all the documents last year as requested so this wouldn’t be an election year issue? Unless, of course, those documents implied criminal wrongdoing at the highest levels.
    That would be a problem.
    As to not selling guns as a solution, here is half a peace sign on that.

  15. How about a ban on the ATF handing out “high powered weapons” to the mexican cartels?

  16. LOL!
    You guys kill me.
    I always love to hear my friends on the Right get all high and mighty.
    It stinks of the feral hypocrisy so prevalent on the right these days.
    Isn’t there a vagina you guys can go bother.
    Thanks for playing Mike S. and others.
    Thanks for waging your own Fast and Feckless campaign.

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